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Wraith in a sentence

1. When a Wraith lies with a.
2. You would have became a wraith under.
3. I call the wraith who wields such powers.
4. He had just been told to bring the old Wraith.
5. Make him almost a wraith who never really appears other than.
6. It was the wraith of the potential of what all three could be.
7. Wraith can take on the appearance of a corpse for several hours.

8. I was a wretched ghoul held in a pit, a wraith, a rat in a trap.
9. Wraith who had fallen in love with a mortal, which would explain.
10. I began to think wistfully of the police, now plodding over the hills after my wraith.
11. A nuathreen mage wielding the staff of a wraith and possessing the bearing of real experience.
12. Elise pursed her lips, but Joe Billie was gone; vanishing into the thick foliage like a wraith.
13. The Wraith knew perfect Confidence and Peace, whilst the Flesh anguish’d and begg’d for Mercy.
14. The word on the street is, he has recently begun haunting this part of Citadel City like a wraith.
15. Philip, you’re a brute! The tears were falling now, but the wraith of a smile hovered about the corners of Nancy’s mouth.
16. She wanted to collapse on the couch, but whatever wraith had let him out that first time was no longer on hand, and invariably she surrendered.
17. Bob wielded the staff of a wraith, a mage trained in Arbreldin to rein in wayward dominators who’d taken to abusing their immense powers for personal gain.
18. And the Phrygian porter -- Nerissa hadn’t learned his name or his offense -- looked like a wraith, because he was permitted only two hours of sleep a night.
19. He found another elf, a wraith he thought, dressed all in black, black robe, black cloak, black boots, waving his arms about maniacally in his casting motions.
20. Frantic to redeem yet another mistake, Cadman rushed after the group, splashing through the shallow water, retracing the steps of those he’d abandoned to the wraith.
21. I felt like a wraith, like the ghost of a man, a creature of no substance, and although the sound and the rage existed only within me, it was this fevered frenzy that kept me sane.
22. He did not give the complacent wraith any name, but he took her for his heroine and grew quite fond of her, as well he might, for he gifted her with every gift and grace under the sun, and escorted her, unscathed, through trials which would have annihilated any mortal woman.
23. These two letters show you how the one-sided gawking of undead entities… how by using your body and your eyes to see with… they must inhabit your aura to do this: this is the ‘c’ this is the undead e negative energy aura of the undead looking out of your eyes… as a way of avoiding looking at itself, as a way of distracting itself from its own filthy evil and its own true state of existence as a negative wraith of unseen evil.

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