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Tack in a sentence

He changed tack.
Riley changed tack.
tack by her stalker.
tack the rule of Herod.
She tried another tack.
I’d try another tack.
pace on a northern tack.

Conklin took a new tack.
I tried another tack.
I tried a different tack.
Simon tried another tack.
Philippa changed her tack.
The summoner switched tack.
he by tack of demonstration,.
Mother was changing tack again.
He changed tack and told me.
A change of tack was called for.
Elizabeth tried a different tack.
As a tack, chief, she said.
tack and entered the fray head on.
I'll have to try a different tack.
dropped the tack in the first place.
paused as he prepared to shift tack.
it, the tack sank deep into his flesh.
Caroline ran to the deserted tack room.
and rode a fresh horse with fresh tack.
Sharp as a tack he is, very good mind.
They should sell them in tack stores!.
He was always taking the opposite tack.
The ship sailed on westward, tacking all the way.
how he was sailing with Flynn, tacking back and forth.
What effective thinking requires is tacking back and forth.
Jeff was tacking a new poster to his wall when Rich Runyon burst.
tacking impulses of the mind and the senses, the regulation of the incom-.
The oars were for use in tacking out of creeks and bays, and during calms.
The wind allows what the wind allows, but I will be tacking northeast soon.
"Then why, instead of tacking so frequently, do you not sail nearer the wind?".
Her father had built it a decade before; tacking it up around the Mulberry tree.
lower rated bonds at the top of the business cycle would warrant tacking on four points.
They felt that by taking the path of least resistance, and tacking into the wind, so to speak, you.
He soon saw that the vessel, with the wind dead ahead, was tacking between the Chateau d'If and the tower of Planier.
the deck of the Shenandoah, and as they were tacking about, they had no thought that a dangerous foe was in their midst.
It stretched almost to the ceiling, at least five feet in height, and was delicately stuffed and tacked with bright gold tacking.
At home in the fleet of ice-boats, sailing with the rest and tacking, At home on the hills of Vermont or in the woods of Maine, or the.
Meanwhile, JRA was still tacking on its beloved monthly service charge, which for some mysterious reason had been increased to $45 per.
‘I’ll arrange it,’ and she rushed forward so that the maids who were tacking up her skirt could not move fast enough and a piece of gauze was torn off.
Andrew West, the Hair Guy, was never there, of course, and she would have to punish herself by tacking the minutes she’d wasted onto the end of her workday.
To maintain his heading at an acute angle into the wind, Siri had to be constantly tacking, and it took two days and a night of constant wakefulness to reach the island of Mallorca.
As soon as he had finished tacking up the horses, he found some heavy-duty adhesive tape and, after taking Jai in her baby-sling, May Ling helped him to tape it securely against his chest.
And so, pared down, we fit in here quite nicely, and after a day or two conceded to the suavities of life, such as the tacking up in appropriate places of muslin curtains and the tying of them with bows, I intend to buy a spade and a watering-pot and see what I can do with the garden.
Experience had taught him that a full frontal attack on this hill was liable to failure, so on this occasion he followed his usual plan of making diagonal movements, crossing the road repeatedly from right to left and left to right, after the fashion of a sailing ship tacking against the wind, and halting about every twenty yards to rest and take breath.
tacked to the door.
2] amuró, has tacked.
cover tacked to the partition.
He tacked a cab, peeling off.
Thomas tacked up the picture of.
tacked the spread up over the big window.
The Symbol tacked on that telephone pole.
She tacked the rest of her hair beneath it.
she led Granite, fully tacked, from the barn.
And taxes tacked on everything, even the air and Sun.
Carmen motioned to a letter tacked up on the refrigerator.
numbers tacked to the boards, which indicate the skate size.
my way out, I saw a white envelope tacked to the door with.
blue sheets at a department store and tacked them all over the.
It was late in the shift when Byia tacked to a different subject.
down…highness,’ the last word was tacked on with great effort.
on the walls that looked like it had been tacked up over lath and.
responsiveness, and a few new clauses tacked onto the forthcoming.
expect to see a few dog pelts tacked up on the door of Howie's shed.
Two women tacked a long muslin cloth over the entrance to his room.
You boys have tacked on four hundred more for your own fun and games.
tacked and killed, which is the reason for his upbringing by his uncle.
and, in doing so, stirring whatever isn’t tacked down—such as our.
slave shantytown that looked as if it were tacked on as an afterthought.
A bedsheet tacked over a window turned the afternoon light to marmalade.
The next morning, Ravan spoke to the giant as they tacked the horses out.
Her heels tacked soft across the porch, into the house, into the bedroom.
The admiral changed tacks.
Hands to sheets and tacks.
Jock gets down to the brass tacks.
I was tired and I had a belly full of tacks.
I'd been trying all sorts of tacks for years.
Nevertheless, getting down to brass tacks is different.
Werner tacks across the room and stirs the coals to life.
bedspread and using a few tacks and one of Mick’s hammers she.
Caderl very kindly tacks up Sefir for me and, within the hour, we are setting out.
Film canisters can be used to collect small items such as change, tacks and buttons.
Taoist: The Sailor who skillfully tacks into the wind and uses the energy of opposites to effortlessly.
Arriving in front of Sheriff Tramell's office he stopped the horse and dismounted with a flyer, a small hammer and some tacks in his hand.
However, the vessel and the swimmer insensibly neared one another, and in one of its tacks the tartan bore down within a quarter of a mile of him.
While Wyll and Cheeryup were barely twelve years old, Dorro still valued their insights—both children were sharp as tacks and fine sleuths in their own right.
Picking up the controller from on top of the applicator unit’s shrouding, Fred got down to brass tacks; and began to run the machine back and forth, around and around on the Wheatley’s extensive lawn.
No, what I asked was how come you are here at this precise minute chasing my Harvest Festival poster around my window with a big hammer in your hand balancing on the top of an unstable ladder brandishing a political banner in the other hand, throwing tacks about.
Crystal goblets in the richly ornamented mahogany cabinet, thick Persian carpets, burgundy red leather dining room chairs with brass tacks, silver candlesticks with hallmarks stamped underneath, oil paintings under diminutive wall lamps, paper-thin Meissen porcelain cups with real coffee and cream.
There was less work for the people to do, no outgate in the army for roving and idle spirits, and those who had tacks of the town lands complained of slack markets; indeed, in my own double vocation of the cloth shop and wine cellar, I had a taste and experience of the general declension that would of a necessity ensue, when the great outlay of government and the discharge from public employ drew more and more to an issue.

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