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Telecasting in a sentence | telecasting example sentences

  1. Then the efforts were made to enter the live telecasting studio but it was too locked from inside.
  2. Helicopters of ZBN and other News channels were flying above in the air and telecasting these live scenes to entire world.
  3. Cameramen were recording observer comments with their cameras on the sets while from inside the control room Imran’s CD was actually being telecasting on air over the world.
  4. Twenty-four hours before the release, there had been an intense debate amongst news channel heads whether we should be telecasting the manifesto release live while voting was on, since it might be seen as a violation of the election code.

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1. The telecast has been destroyed.
2. You sent the telecast to Amber? he said.
3. They tried to keep us from making the telecast.
4. The morning after the show was telecast, he resigned.
5. Five minutes later, I saw the rally was being telecast.
6. Put the guy in a cage with a rogue chimp and telecast it.
8. The telecast has been destroyed along with the production company.
9. The truth has to be told, but the telecast may not have the results we hope for.
10. A few minutes into the interview, I was getting frantic signals to cut the live telecast.
11. The telecast came to an end and Adrian was surrounded by female fans wanting his autograph.
12. But in other news channels also the same breaking news of the dead body of a woman was telecast.
13. In order to telecast destruction of Green House live cameras were installed all around the house as well.
14. Our public defence—this was a news-worthy event that had to be telecast in viewer and national interest.
15. According to the reports I have been hearing, our initial telecast received 37% in TNS ratings last Saturday.
16. On the night we telecast the sting, he rang up and warned me, ‘I will deal with you and Arun Jaitley for doing this to me.
17. The telecast has been viewed over 200,000 times within the last few hours and segments are already being picked up by the news.
18. The next morning, every news channel showed the telecast live even though I think we were all aware we were flirting with the election law.
19. The fact is, the decision when and how to telecast a sensitive story is an editorial prerogative based on sound legal and journalistic advice.
20. Importantly, the very night of our testimony, we did telecast the tapes in a three-hour-long programme without editing out any relevant information.
21. The BJP leaders who had organized the sting were getting increasingly impatient—they wanted us to telecast the tapes immediately while the vote was on.
22. While reading the news paper headlines and reports, and watching the TV news channels live telecast and the file videos, I was very contented and satisfied.
23. As the telecast was being done in one corner of the Squad Room, everyone in the room stopped or slowed down to witness the event that was occurring before the cameras.
24. And in these TV channels, only the same old movies and programmes were repeating every day; there was nothing new, only those TV soaps of extra- marital affairs mega serials and typical Saas- Bahu serials were telecast, which not only corrupt our mind and heart, but also our pure souls and morals.

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