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Tranquilize in a sentence | tranquilize example sentences

  1. If not, you can use your dart guns to tranquilize the kitty.
  2. So that you know, the purpose of the implant is to send messages to your brain in order to tranquilize you, so to speak.
  3. Elinor paid her every quiet and unobtrusive attention in her power; and she would have tried to sooth and tranquilize her still more, had not Marianne entreated her, with all the eagerness of the most nervous irritability, not to speak to her for the world.

  1. By effectively tranquilizing the.
  2. Only the tranquilizing hypo-spray could do that.
  3. Phenothiazines (tranquilizing drugs) are used to combat the effects of LSD.
  4. Suddenly Kirk went limp and fell forward on top of the Leader as one of the guards fired a tranquilizing jolt into him.
  5. Isaac briefly contemplated tranquilizing his wife who could be every bit as violent as her mother and decided against it.
  1. She had to be tranquilized to.
  2. A fadpeding herd, though a runaway collective, is still a herd and hence can be corralled, tranquilized, massacred or led over a cliff by the enforcers of privilege and those who control their actions.

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