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Transport in a sentence

I can transport you both.
It will help transport the.
You transport bodies in them.
Public transport was the answer.
Everyone in the transport knew.
I wonder if it’ll transport us.
It’s got to be their transport.

I’ll get your transport ready.
Yakovs jeep would transport the.
Sure hope he has his own transport.
On the window of a transport agency.
The Transport Chief remained nervous.
The only form of transport we’ve.
A transport truck was coming my way.
I bet it could transport small homes.
I have to show you to the transport.
They said that a transport is coming.
They transport me to familiar places.
Another method of active transport is.
The Tempest could transport them down.
The same they use for organ transport.
They had been damaged during transport.
Smaller groups are easier to transport.
We would have arranged transport for you.
She hoped the homily would transport her.
Pods are the best mode of transport that.
You can transport back and forth like me.
He was in a transport, trembling, panting.
Examples: Island Oil and Transport 8% Notes.
Have you got transport sorted out yet?’.
They reappeared around the second transport.
This wheel could transport the king across.
I got an American Transport lorry over here.
She conceived of a novel means of transport.
It'll save us a load o' money on transport.
If they could get into the transport there.
The Transport Officer continued berating me.
You don’t transport people in body bags.
Such a change would transport warm water to.
Is the Away Team ready for transport?
I dream of transporting the things that I love to a.
I followed the car transporting Alistair to Alexandria.
They will be transporting their stone through your earldom.
It’s vital in transporting nutrients throughout the body.
The other tricky thing about ski-boots is transporting them, if.
It’s transporting, he said, as she was untying the payals.
I am safely aboard the ship transporting the cargo interesting us.
It was an inconspicuous and skilful way of transporting drugs, or.
I think we"ve located the truck that"s been transporting the device.
It's Brazilian and I'm transporting it for a Brazilian, indirectly.
Transporting us to an alternative string-dimension in time and space.
That rules out transporting, Garcia said, and appraised her dress.
He was transporting some jewellery to a Copenhagen auction, or something.
The mood aboard the buses transporting the passengers and crew of Pan Am.
While transporting the casting in a TRUCK, extra care is taken to see that.
The problem was transporting it long distances without the food thawing out.
The wheels on the pavement were smooth, and they were transporting him home.
He thinks that maybe landing on the sun is some kind of transporting method.
A women's group is transporting ammunition boxes to the rear of the hospital.
The pilot of the AC-10 transporting Vice-President Warren answered her at once.
There was also the logistical problem of transporting 1160 people in one shuttle.
He didn’t want the sweat soaked jockstrap that LD was transporting in a gym bag.
Who else would take a job at a hotel transporting the massive potted palms on the.
We don’t travel through them because they are unstable for transporting in galaxies.
We’ve gone through hell and high water transporting these war machines to this place.
Here, Professor Aronnax, are the different dimensions of this boat now transporting you.
If Ritter is with her, he’s guilty of transporting a minor across international lines.
He set his briefcase on a tabletop, removed the flask he was transporting, and read his e-mail.
They both knew of the huge costs of transporting anything to England, it was just not worth it.
The 3,500-ton freighter had an interesting history of transporting items to and from North Korea.
It would be standing room only on the Enterprise and Sutherland, but as Tammas was transporting.
Hill also helped start Japan’s railroad boom around 1900 by transporting Pittsburgh rails for $1.
One car was specifically set aside for the judge to live in, and another for transporting prisoners.
Bother, next time he’d have to remember to be fully dressed before attempting transporting himself.
What I want to know, Mister Hughes, is why someone would be transporting isotome in the first place.
Commodities such as oil and gas would be useless if there was no way of transporting them to consumers.
They were transporting me somewhere other than my destination and using mind powers to make me ignorant.
Two days later, Melvin was joined in his cell by a man arrested for transporting drugs across state lines.
Used to transporting drunks and minor crims they used the same tactics on Mark who appeared to be docile.
If even one exploded, he would end up losing the ship transporting it, along with the two other munitions.
He is to be transported.
The body can be transported.
They could be transported out.
Thus, he was transported here.
With no clue how it transported.
It also transported him with joy.
My father is transported with joy.
I was immediately transported to.
Wade were transported back to the.
All, all, all of it was transported.
I felt transported to another world.
He could similarly be transported up.
They transported the products to long.
They were transported in different cars.
The Dedov fleet had transported 60,000.
They’re being transported by other means.
Of course they have transported a lot of.
It would then be transported to the palace.
Ill be transported directly to the centre.
I've transported him to Earth's far future.
His remains were transported off the field.
I have learned from the women we transported.
Each time Sharon was transported by ambulance.
He and his family will have to be transported.
I was transported back to 1987, I was sixteen.
He transported all the Chosen to various ships.
Finally I was transported by it and lost in it.
Someone, somehow, transported the cash out there.
How would you wish to have them transported?
Poultry is usually transported in the East alive.
The Creatures (which could have been transported.
We entered and were rapidly transported through a.
Once the prisoners had been transported to their.
He transported the animals on the island to safety.
Heather was transported back to the night of the.
The station logs show that someone transported.
And on them, and on the ships, you are transported.
She was alive when the paramedics transported her.
I’ll have it transported right down, he said.
To the sweet transports of genial bed.
As soon as she transports over, give.
Behind them were four mammoth transports.
And the transports swarming with soldiers.
I hope that’s not what I think it transports.
It is He who transports you across land and sea.
The transports were still in harbour fortunately.
Helios transports and people surrounded his house.
Sydney has a pipe that transports sewage way out.
It transports me into a state which is not my own.
LIMO transports and tents, the figure of Jo rose into the.
Troop transports rolled out the opening to the road beyond.
He could have, should have, stayed flying transports in MAC.
At nine thirty the transports were waiting for them, piloted.
A Daybreak Transports bus from the Sante Fe stop would carry.
Then she fell back exhausted, for these transports of vague love.
She wants a man who transports her to a world she’s never known.
Wreckage of troop transports littered the space around the planet.
Ardours, Transports, Ecstasies and the rest of those pathetic terms so.
It transports the animal that secretes it without the animal sticking to it.
He was in constant walkie-talkie contact with the two other troop transports.
P A F ships attacked the landing sites even as the transports were unloading.
Two of the troop transports collided seconds after dropping out of hyperspace.
Their Shields then fail, and Sir Silaran transports that trio elsewhere as well.
This attack causes no damage but instantly transports the target to another place.
The genetic mutations of just twelve transports is enough to put a man in the grave.
There should be plenty of space aboard those twelve transports for all of our wounded.
These are transports; fighter; light; medium and heavy bombardment and reconnaissance.
Unfortunately, the Alliance does not have enough transports or enough homes for everyone.
The anions wander towards the anode and pass an ion-selective membrane which transports the.
Has anybody mentioned that we can call a remote module that transports us back to the ship?
While the port was as busy as ever, it was no longer the civilian transports that went to and fro.
The command jeep actually rolled up last inside one of the transports, to Ingrid’s satisfaction.
Shortly after she had signed with Everette, Hurd started raiding their crystal transports on the Pike.
Then she fell back exhausted, for these transports of vague love wearied her more than great debauchery.
He was then on the bridge of the first of Barrios's transports, and within an hour's steaming from Sulaco.
And the accident that grafted Jay’s space suit to his skin still occurs one out of a thousand transports.
And the USAF is building up to twenty wings and 50-some squadrons of fighters and recce and transports here.
The songs of the fishwomen, in which Napoleon was called Nicolas, were received there with transports of joy.
And for what? So he could blow up some alien transports out of irrational hate? What a stupid, stupid waste!.

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