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Send in a sentence

I wil send the A.
He can send m a.
So we send it out.
I will send Olaf in.
I can only send Afu.
But he did send an.
And I send him money.

LORD to send them out.
When you send 2 0 2.
He mashed the Send key.
Why would she send a.
You can send out solo.
You send them an email.
I send a quick reply:.
We send you a tribute.
I could send it to you.
He will send them away.
And he shall send his.
Send the new girl home.
Now to type it and send.
I'd rather send a card.
Send ten more to assist.
John asked Jim to send.
They are warm and send.
Ill send them all back.
Nor did he send me away.
We will send her now.
I will not send you on.
We had to send her home.
Did send a dismal sheen;.
I better send for her.
Okay, I will send him in.
I send off a quick reply.
Even if we can send the.
Send them to the harbour.
Did send a dismal sheen:.
Send them all over their.
Pray that God would send.
You will need to send an.
She was sending me signals.
Kato, I will be sending Mr.
Why is Rooney sending him?
He fired, sending the slugs.
We were sending Tom on a ski.
Sending them across the oceans.
He was sending a message to me.
You don't mention sending that.
The Book is sending us a message.
They were sending a clear message.
J&B started sending lawyers from D.
There’s no sending him anywhere.
The idiot keeps sending letters.
The ME is sending them to the lab.
Sending them to a rough-neck bar.
The Company is sending on this ship.
Chevalier sending Allen away only.
May God be praised for sending her.
And behold, I am sending forth the.
Sending those back to nothing that.
So, he was sending me back to Earth.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to 172.
You take care of sending the traffic.
He will also be sending me mail here.
Spamming is the practice of sending.
They’re sending me to New Jersey.
He's sending him to help the cook.
One by one by one, Jess kept sending.
They were sending out a holding party.
And sending a respectable letter.
Zoe frowned, sending her freckles south.
Now try sending 'er round t'other way.
He remerged sending broad handfuls of.
She will be sending all of her healers.
I smiled after sending the text message.
Magestic is sending me stock market tips.
They're supposed to be sending us there.
That’s the signal you are sending out.
He was sending it to Canada or something.
I sent him to bed.
So I sent Janet in.
I will sent her in.
I sent him my fear.
He sent me a check.
So he sent him out.
But his that sent me.
And He sent me away.
Tell him I sent you.
She sent her power in.
She had sent me away.
I sent the kid home.
So I've sent it again.
She sent him a badly.
And sent to her grave.
Lord has truly sent him.
Tell Girlie I sent you.
Your ship sent this one.
I was sent on the most.
He sent her a sharp look.
Yesterday, I sent to Mr.
I sent him away with a.
He sent down His Spirit.
Alice and Cassie sent me.
Because God had sent him.
He sent her a reply and.
I’ve sent a Helios to.
He sent us to prepare him.
And when they had sent.
God has sent you messages.
I was the last to be sent.
My mother sent the fish.
Someone sent it after you.
Some had been sent off on.
Your aunty Stella sent me.
Again, Van Buren sent Scott.
Little gusts of wind sent.
He never sent Wes a present.
Word has been sent to the.
He was sent to me, Danny.
It sends me to sleep.
Oh! Max sends his love.
She sends you her regard.
Jesus Sends Out the Twelve.
Charity only sends them a.
It sends the wrong message.
Your papa sends his love.
Your mother sends her love.
Sends them to the rightabout.
He sends us daily intelligence.
Or transmitted wave that sends.
She sends her heartfelt thanks.
So when this Ancient sends the.
Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two.
This sends the Dow to new highs.
He sends both of you his regards.
God sends a prophet to warn them.
Sends selected items to the trash.
My lodger sends me into bankruptcy.
Our father sends his best wishes.
The infinity of minus sends to Hell.
This sends him into the water again.
With what God sends, little hostess.
The Captain sends his compliments.
I hope Butterbur sends this promptly.
It sends a thrill through my stomach.
But first the soul sends it a request.
Say, ‘He sends you his compliments.
This sends him crashing into the wall.
He does work all the hours God sends.
Swell, thanks, he sends his regards.
Jay Gould sends his Evening; Mr.
It sends delicious shivers up my spine.
So when Joe sends his horse off to the.
Ah, it's Heaven that sends you here!.
Caliph Haroun al Raschid sends greeting.
He still sends me names of historical.
God sends us to people who are in need.
And that by virtue of the pain he sends.
The infinity of plus sends us to Heaven.

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