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    1. If still moving then you have a leak

    2. The most common leak left uncovered was mail, but mail didn't seem to be implemented in this universe

    3. Leak: A well hidden secret of yours will finally be revealed and this will cause negative changes in your life

    4. 'Do you know half our classrooms leak in the rain,' the head said

    5. As time wore on the wood began to rot and the ceiling leak

    6. And it was there, that perhaps as a result of a leak in the roof and subsequent soakings from the late spring and early summer rains, the loft above the stalls, heavy with sodden fodder, gave way over the area in which he was working

    7. Haager had come along and updated his method, by adding a conversion plant that produced electricity, how she’d been worried the old pipes would leak, and finally he closed with the decay the place had under gone in the last few years

    8. in New York on the Ferry? Well, the boat had a leak, hit a rock maybe I don’t

    9. ‘Why do all of your water bottles leak? Are they broken?’

    10. Its usages only got into her horizon because its haste had allowed a small mapping leak in one of its diagnostics

    1. death across the vast expanse of the void, small packages of His thought leaked out

    2. As Smith dreamed and experimented and changed the fabric of time and space, as He formulated infinite varieties of life and death across the vast expanse of the void, small packages of His thought leaked out from beyond the horizon of Smith’s dreaming and drifted through the aeons and along the canals and wires that connect the universal whole

    3. Some of these rogue thoughts leaked into the here and now, drifting all the way out to Smith’s now forgotten song of the Earth

    4. has spilled inside it’s carrier bag and leaked all over the boot

    5. then leaked to the papers, all names and

    6. That halloween lantern of a sun hung high above it and puffs of purple cloud leaked in around the edge

    7. He had to force control so no stray thought leaked out, and then exude just the tiniest suggestion of a whim

    8. The Plague has leaked into the Seventh, and though too weak to feed directly from Lock Core it nourished itself on the Outlands

    9. even a few damp spots where water had leaked through

    10. If she was the rat, she wouldn’t have leaked about that attack and jeopardized her brother, and if she was bugged, the Justicars would know that if they killed her brother their rat would stop functioning as she would be mourning him

    1. Leaking pipes or water faucets will keep the wood moist causing damage to the wood and providing access to the termites

    2. If your tree is leaking sap, this is usually an indication that the tree is under some type of stress and is opened to attack

    3. ' He was pointing to a trickle of muddy water leaking from between two boulders into a mossy puddle moistening the roots of a self-conscious adolescent pine tree

    4. bearing, or the effects of a leaking gasket

    5. While he looked up at those eroded and mossy gates leaking a little trickle of water from twelve feet above, he thought of that lake runner just scudding along before a fair wind up there on Chardovia Lake

    6. Most of them were broken, leaking strange black liquids that Jack nearly tripped over once or twice

    7. Canvas water bags had been hung on some of the vardos and Sam noticed that they all seemed to be leaking

    8. It was hopelessly smashed, demasted, leaking badly

    9. How is the rat even feeding the Justicars with information? Is he leaking it to them directly or is he wired in some way and is doing it without even knowing?

    10. They KNEW where and when we would be every time! The only explanation for that is that there's someone in Men of Midas leaking information to them

    1. Look for leaks

    2. Check for leaks and repair or replace as needed

    3. Information leaks at the edges,

    4. As he made his way through the darkness he kicked various buckets, pots and pans that had been left strategically placed to deal with the many leaks that the roof had sprung during so many years of neglect

    5. This caravan stinks and it leaks and winter’s coming on”

    6. that had been left strategically placed to deal with the many leaks

    7. This caravan stinks and it leaks

    8. and through idleness of the hands the house leaks

    9. He and George excavated a deep cellar and after sealing it against leaks then further insulating bins within it to receive the next summer's supply, decided they would also reuse the initial method as well, though with fewer buoys

    10. After the leaks we’ve had lately, I feel it is

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    Synonyms for "leak"

    leak news leak escape leakage outflow making water passing water wetting leak out loss flow drip dribble trickle puncture crevice chink fissure outlet slip inside information exposure advertisement ooze drool come out transpire

    "leak" definitions

    an accidental hole that allows something (fluid or light etc.) to enter or escape

    soft watery rot in fruits and vegetables caused by fungi

    a euphemism for urination

    the discharge of a fluid from some container

    unauthorized (especially deliberate) disclosure of confidential information

    tell anonymously

    be leaked

    enter or escape as through a hole or crack or fissure

    have an opening that allows light or substances to enter or go out