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Utilization in a sentence

This is your credit utilization rate from page 28.
Finally, there is utilization of trillion of trillion.
I know because I do it all the time with the utilization of a multi-.
This strategic use of leverage, the utilization of debt with recourse, allows.
Utilization works by pointing out to someone something that is already in their.
This technology allows the utilization of gigantic numbers in small physical space.
Curry, Utilization of Corporate Profits in Prosperity and Depression, Ann Arbor, 1941.

One more thing which I will go over after the next section is the utilization of amino.
In the 1996 Federal Budget, $3,750,000 was added by the Senate for Wood Utilization Research.
The premise of the show is that the FBI is helped in its cases by the creative utilization of.
On an average Ethernet network, the utilization was likely to be somewhere in the 30 to 40 percent range.
Its utilization occurs without the anonymous possession of anybody and without allowing transfer among people.
Refinery utilization: The difference between production capacity, the throughput, and what’s actually produced.
After utilization of those resources, they become available in the market so that other organizations utilize them.
Chia seed used as a food has a long history, development and utilization of them as a health food is in recent years.
It creates the money (Virtual Coin) in agreement with the economic necessities and it destroys automatically after its utilization.
The utilization of this credit can only be utilized in the use of products and services that are offered by the agreed organizations.
The utilization of a network is based on the number of systems connected to it and the amount of data they send and receive over the network.
Utilization of the real chronology of quarterly earnings reports (as provided by many data vendors) may cause fundamental errors in the backtesting.
The main explanation is that further growth is seen as inflationary amidst tight capacity utilization and likely to prompt monetary policy tightening.
Capitalism is concerned with the creation of property, the improvement of property, the protection of property, and the moral utilization of property.
But there were actually more mixed feelings about the fact that utilization didn’t dramatically increase when there were fewer financial impediments.
There is a need for better coordination between the government departments regarding ICT rollout to ensure the optimal utilization of limited resources.
Some assets may be more sensitive to the stage of the business cycle (and the level of resource utilization or slack) than to the economy’s growth rate.
Consequently, this could result in practical application of the statement via utilization of highly correlated criteria for selection of option combinations.
A proper utilization of e-mail marketing allows you to build a subscriber opt-in list from your Web site of people interested in hearing what you have to say.
Power optimization: This feature effectively monitors the server that is being utilized and can power off the server during low levels of resource utilization.
They are, of course, unable to make anything of such efforts, but their actions are distracting to the handlers and tiresome in terms of resource utilization.
With limited budgets and personnel, the USCG has been quite creative in the utilization and modification of the technology used to carry out its responsibilities.
When the utilization increases to approximately 80 percent, the number of collisions increases to the point at which the performance of the network noticeably degrades.
If only 10 layers are used, the number of selected variants ranges from 50 to 100, whereas utilization of 20 layers raises this number sharply (from 110 up to 400 variants).
We elaborated and we presented various budgets with utilization of the organizational resources that already exist and available products in the countries for immediate application.
On other occasions he appeared to act with such fullness of knowledge and wisdom as could be afforded only by the utilization of the superhuman content of his divine consciousness.
The expulsion of toxins for the body does not always need to be performed within the confines of a medical institution via the utilization of highly advanced machineries and methods.
Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries the utilization of the Computational Monetary System that is integrant part of the Systemic Theory of Usuarism.
When expressed as a percentage, the network utilization represents the proportion of the time the network is actually in use—that is, the amount of time that data is actually in transit.
The Process Validation makes everything to happen without the utilization of the possession of the physical money as merchandise and either the product stays in definitive possession of somebody.
They include a summary of weekly supply estimates, crude oil supply, and disposition rates (consumer consumption), as well as production, refinery utilization, and any movement in stock changes.
Brute democracies do not necessarily seek the collective's good, nor even the majority's, but the controlling class's interest: that attractor which governs their acquisition and utilization of the power to rule.
In consequence, when ending with the state of possessions in the productive chain, the Project eliminates the serious problems of lack of capital of the organizations and it avoids scarcity or waste in the utilization of the resources.

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