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Exercise in a sentence

We can use Exercise 4.
It is not an exercise.
Recall that in Exercise 4.
This was no mere exercise.
Now that that exercise is.
It’s an exercise in will.
He’s out of the exercise.

Now try this exercise again.
It was a focusing exercise.
The exercise was a disaster.
We have over 200 exercise.
I do no exercise at all.
It gave them the exercise.
There was an exercise mat.
I will observe the exercise.
This is an advanced exercise.
He returned to her exercise.
Any form of exercise helps.
He had to exercise his 165.
As in the previous exercise.
This is a nice exercise in.
Writing is a mental exercise.
This exercise is related to.
The beauty of this exercise:.
It was like an army exercise.
See, for example, Exercise 4.
For now, use an exercise book.
In an early exercise, in The.
Rather, you need exercise to.
It is not a muscular exercise.
You need to exercise as much.
Exercise is the key to success.
Put rhythm into your exercise.
Let's think of another exercise.
Exercise #8 — Plan of Action.
Would I exercise the puts? Is.
You have failed the exercise.
My favorite exercise for this.
One School has an exercise of.
Food is magic next to exercise.
Exercising is the best thing.
How to stay committed in exercising.
Exercising without going to the gym.
What Is Your Purpose of Exercising?
We are exercising to get the dividend.
And since exercising is a core part of.
If that happens, don’t stop exercising.
Gradual abuse was his way of exercising.
Exercising always helps her to calm down.
That would include eating and exercising.
How to become more committed in exercising.
I am now exercising more and eating better.
Years ago my mom decided to start exercising.
Exercising will help the brain to stay active.
John is in bed writhing in pain or exercising.
Keep yourself healthy by eating and exercising.
Like exercising, it is beneficial both to the.
Presumably she was exercising the same philosophy.
And since exercising is a core part of boosting.
Exercising is the easiest and most effective way in.
Exercising is an effective and instant stress reliever.
When we can laugh at self within, we are exercising our.
When exercising the body heats up, causing the heart rate.
Competition is exercising a healthy restraining influence.
One of my success statements was related to me exercising.
It also allowed me to start exercising with more intensity.
Volition involves exercising choice to determine an action.
What has happened is that people have been exercising at an.
Suppose that we exercise today instead of exercising tomorrow.
It’s the powers he is exercising that we are interested in.
Most of us have learned what to do when it comes to exercising.
By exercising our free will, we can just be who we want to be.
The best way to stop snoring is through exercising and losing.
His crime is being a Christian and freely exercising his faith.
By exercising the option, the holder of the put can sell at $70.
Exercising does not allow the deposition of extra fat in the body.
Exercising in later years can help improve and maintain our health.
She should be exercising her memory whenever she can, said Anna.
Don’t be angry with me for exercising an old woman’s privilege.
But there are ways and ways of exercising your power, Lammasser.
The feelings that He exercised.
Norah exercised more caution than Piper.
FCRs need to be exercised on a daily basis.
Case 3: Only the 110 put is exercised early.
Case 4: Only the 100 call is exercised early.
There had at first been exercised against M.
Caution should be exercised in using external.
In fact, many at-the-money options are exercised.
He also exercised and practiced his fielding for.
The greatest watchfulness and care to be exercised.
Jindos can live indoors if they’re exercised daily.
Sliding Scale Based on Extent Privilege Is Exercised.
Case 1: Both the 100 and 110 put are exercised early.
You can scarcely conceive the tyranny exercised by.
These tools are exercised at the Command Prompt line.
The expired option, if exercised, is settled in cash.
Intrinsic value: The value of the option if exercised.
Case 2: Both the 100 and 110 call are exercised early.
Of course she didn’t know how regularly he exercised.
This is a place where trial and error can be exercised.
When an option is exercised, SEOCH selects, on a random.
The puts will be exercised the day the dividend is paid.
Case 5: Both the 100 call and 110 put are exercised early.
It sounds like that was the last thing that was exercised.
The Swissy should be moderately exercised on a daily basis.
Inthe papal states the Pope exercised temporal as well as.
One bathed and shaved while the other prayed and exercised.
In order to cultivate the imagination it must be exercised.
The LCLD can live indoors but must be exercised (physically.
The seller will not know whether the option will be exercised.
And note: abilities that cannot be exercised are not abilities.
We rested every fifteen feet and exercised extreme caution as.
The calls will be exercised the day before the dividend is paid.
Sheba can live indoors if adequately exercised, but would prefer.
Options with a European exercise can be exercised only at expiry.
European Option An option that may only be exercised at expiration.
Monarchy and in 1918 the Slovenes exercised self-determination for.
Even if an option is exercised, it is generally not the worst thing.
If the puts are exercised, the trader does no worse than break even.
The power of refunding money was one which had been often exercised.
The Exercises of the day.
Do these exercises in the.
Compare Exercises #3 and #6.
Find out what exercises will.
The Top 3 Rotation Exercises:.
Bank exercises proper care in.
Now, compare Exercises #4 and #5.
The Top 3 Hip Flexion Exercises:.
Do these exercises in the order.
Perform the exercises as a circuit.
Explore other forms of exercises.
Changing exercises is not necessary.
He/she also exercises verbal abuse.
The Top 3 Trunk Flexion Exercises:.
Use the other exercises in this book.
The Top 3 Lateral Flexion Exercises:.
Motherly Love: Exercises in Futility.
You will use it for combat exercises.
Cardio exercises will not only help.
Simply reading the exercises is not.
Mudras are exercises of the advanced.
We will cover exercises to lower the.
An inductive treatise, with exercises.
Must take up Sandow's exercises again.
Just before closing the exercises, Mr.
What Kind of Exercises Should You Do?
And we've started gymnastic exercises.
Relaxation Exercises are indeed basic.
Breathing exercises will be beneficial.
Beth had us doing all these exercises.
The speculative merchant exercises no.
Some teachers invent their own exercises.
Practice the exercises given, with the.
And on the contrary — exercises that.
There are many exercises one can use on.
All of the training exercises that you.
He exercises universal lordship over all.
Must begin again those Sandow's exercises.
There are flexibility exercises, aerobic.
Ground exercises are also the best way to.

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