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Application in a sentence

application as well.
It is the application.
input to an application.
out a credit application.
Any application can be.
One application for £19.
application? Wait and see.

One application will be.
Application of the mantra.
depends on the application.
out the application online.
I selected an application.
Of a practical application.
the application in question.
closing our chat application.
Running the Web Application.
The Web Application Project.
application of concepts for.
topical application of honey.
However, the application of.
That has a broad application.
Filling out loan application.
Here is the Java application:.
She made a formal application.
application to help heal wounds.
application of force compacting.
to the application of technology.
application made by the trustees.
application of the knife by Tanto.
The most popular application of.

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application coating covering lotion diligence