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Application in a sentence

That has a broad application.
She made a formal application.
Here is the Java application:.
The most popular application of.
Truth is a once only application.
Only theories, but no application.
The online application for these.

Application of thumb hold attempted.
Make the application; create your.
He pul ed up an application on his.
Application of handcuffs is accepted.
The Hello World Application Project.
The first application was performed.
For Example, in this application we.
Handles the state of the application.
Know the purpose of that application.
In regard to amending your application.
The pastor explained the application.
Anyway, I had given him the application.
I’ll give you an application card.
You speculate on its entire application.
The latter means the application of an.
I know my application was a bit late.
When I asked for an application, these.
Pappi still had my application with him.
Application; as you apply, more is given.
The application to trading and investing.
Application of this kind of information.
Direct skin application, either through.
This is the application part of the word.
A very good application: but, pray, go on.
An application is nothing but set of Pages.
Application of vitamin E oil appeared to.
This is to check whether the application.
Twofold Application of Foregoing Principle.
It is her application that needs attention.
Objective Functions and Their Application.
The court did indeed uphold the application.
Attention is steady application of the mind.

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