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Vow in a sentence | vow example sentences

  1. And he made a vow.
  2. I took a holy vow.
  3. It was an elven vow.
  4. I vow that to you now.
  5. With this vow we parted.

  6. But Queequeg vowed a vow.
  7. But with me—I repeat my vow.
  8. You may not be bound by the vow.
  9. Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If.
  10. I make that sworn vow to you now.
  11. They’re a tired old Lot, I vow.
  12. I have taken a vow not to kill.
  13. The shock jock’s vow of silence.
  14. It was then that we formed our vow.
  15. Makes us wear them and take a vow.

  16. The vow she had made flashed into.
  17. It is not a clover at all, but a vow.
  18. This promise is our refuge vow, and is.
  19. Why did you placed that vow so highly?
  20. Yet in spite of this your vow was binding.
  21. But I shall evidently never fulfil my vow.
  22. I have taken a vow never to fight again.
  23. With this ring, I vow to love you endlessly.
  24. That it went hand in hand even with the vow.
  25. Torn asunder, we became the crippled vow of.

  26. When he awoke, Jacob made a vow saying that.
  27. Why, said Iseult, that was a good vow.
  28. His comrades believed that his vow was fulfilled.
  29. However, I vow to only hold teron for one hour.
  30. Caris had not meant it to be a vow of eternal love.
  31. Unless you can make a terrible vow, only then.
  32. Since they take the vow of poverty, they probably.
  33. To me (at that time in my life), a wedding vow was.
  34. At least that was one vow Edward had managed to keep.
  35. I will not loose control in front of this man, I vow.
  36. She made a sacred vow, if God her prayer would allow:.
  37. The Bodhisattva Vow a practical guide to helping others.
  38. And I vow before Allah that I, too, will do this deed.
  39. He renewed his vow to himself to earn her love in return.
  40. I’d think it’s because it’s the Marking of a vow.
  41. Moreover, our strange vow of frankness bound us together.
  42. I made him vow loyalty to me but it was not freely given.
  43. He said, I vow to protect your son throughout his life.
  44. I vow before Allah that I will do this deed, Al said.
  45. Make a vow to stamp out stress and start loving life again.
  46. Here we are! Kholi said with a vow of relief in his voice.
  47. I rememberf -1 the vow I made to Lizaveta Makarovna to reform.
  48. Oh, something concerning an eternal vow and a stack of Bibles.
  49. Bodhisattva’s vow and sincerely practise the six perfections.
  50. How can Third Sister use the vow of yesteryear to fault me?
  51. Sobriety, solitude, and poverty—the vow of the knights of old.
  52. That is why the Missionaries of Charity take the vow of poverty.
  53. Was it a vow of repentance that had just escaped from this man's.
  54. I heard her voice was a year and a half ago when I saw her vow to.
  55. She smiled to herself as she remembered Kate's vow to marry David.
  56. Greed, hatred and ignorance arise endlessly; I vow to abandon them.
  57. Their eyes spoke a greeting, a promise, and a vow all in a moment.
  58. Vow: A solemn promise; as the vows of unchangeable love and fidelity.
  59. No doubt he would think that such behaviour conflicted with his vow.
  60. I made a vow to myself to consummate this marriage only when we had.
  61. A man vows, and yet will not cast away the means of breaking his vow.
  62. I realised when I went through your teaching, that I made an inner vow.
  63. Aye, and say'st the men have vow'd thy vow; say'st all of us are Ahabs.
  64. And even those children proudly bore the Marking of the vow of justice.
  65. Was it possible? Could she do the job? What about her vow to become a.
  66. What happened to the vow of secrecy? Matthew whispered in his ear.
  67. They admit that the number of beings is infinite, and yet they vow not.
  68. Gāndhiji used to observe ‘maoun vrat’ — a vow not to talk on Mondays.
  69. Unless he returns from wherever you have sent him, I vow before all those.
  70. He was speaking to the novices of his community about the vow of stability.
  71. I will not turn back on that vow now simply because it has become difficult.
  72. This vow is never binding under serious sin, and the formula is as follows:.
  73. I assume control of this situation and I vow that, in a short time, I will no.
  74. The pilot, having fulfilled his vow, was no more seen upon that part of the coast.
  75. But then she remembered Tdeshi's vow to go a year, eighteen weeks, without sleep.
  76. It is vow not to eat certain foods, or fasting on certain days or during a season.
  77. Don’t be stupid, I snapped, forgetting my vow to keep my emotions in check.
  78. Alicia made a vow in her head that this year, distractions would not get in the way.
  79. The stone holds him to that vow, ensuring that he spoke the truth when he swore it.
  80. In the meantime, I did exactly what I had given a vow to do, to save myself for you.
  81. That vow ended as soon as she spotted two very familiar names at the end of the list.
  82. The two situations cause many traders to vow never to touch these instruments again.
  83. A Dashrath promise, named after a vow that Lord Ram’s father had once taken, was an.
  84. There had to be a way she could be honest with him without breaking her vow of silence.
  85. I vow that I will speak the whole truth and nothing, but the truth, and if I should.
  86. It was a vow she saw mirrored in Joel’s eyes, when she chanced to looked over at him.
  87. My hair hanging wet round my shoulders, I sit trying to formulate my thoughts into a vow.
  88. That is my vow and, like all vows that I have taken in this life, I stand by it, forever.
  89. I have, however, kept my childhood vow and never adhered to any of the above perversions.
  90. Despite his vow, a part of him was tired of fighting his attraction to his beautiful wife.
  91. By then it had become an unwritten vow, they wouldn't stop until everything was accomplished.
  92. As priests, we take a vow that we will not covet material wealth and share equally among all.
  93. Though gruff in his exterior deportment, Brother Benedict had taken this vow even as a novice.
  94. Hearing is the invitation to be heard, the vow to listen to whom is speaking, to what is spoken.
  95. We got it because we’ve sworn a binding vow of service to Hilia, or rather to its monarch.
  96. She is the Lost Star of the riddle and without her, I cannot fulfill my vow to the Dragon Horde.
  97. I vow by all the gods that, if you tell me something interesting about Nubia, I'll set you free.
  98. Practicing the way of the Tao does not require a solitary monastic existence, or a vow of poverty.
  99. A Power Day is one full day in which you vow to test your will against the inertia of the universe.
  100. Adem wanted to hold to his vow that he would not kill a man if there was another way to stop them.
  1. I actually shudder at the thought of vowing to.
  2. She watched her husband’s back with hatred vowing to make.
  3. He took my advice, and we made it to the bottom, vowing never to do that again.
  4. Elise remained silent, stubbornly biting her lip and vowing to see it through.
  5. Under his breath he cursed them, vowing they would never see a dime of his money.
  6. Tadeo left the wig shop and Jane a few hours later, vowing to give up women for good.
  7. He went to work vowing that he would have that lay in tomorrow and get some decent rest.
  8. Satisfied with her work, she closed the window again, vowing to air out the room as needed.
  9. Those who were left joined others who went west, vowing to have no more traffic with Europeans.
  10. And he prayed for himself and Phil, vowing that if God would save them, he would serve heaven forever.
  11. Another thing : why should we necessarily part thirstmg for revenge, gnashing our teeth, vowing vengeance, etc.
  12. Roosevelt's response was complicated by his Good Neighbor Policy, vowing to no longer send US troops to Latin America.
  13. Then she showed him a basin containing some sort of broth in it, vowing, to all appearance, that that was all she had.
  14. Quinn was vowing in a low-running whisper that, having sinned in taking her life, he would give her songs life forever.
  15. He washed out his shoes and socks as best he could under the yard tap all the time vowing what he was going to do to Cecil.
  16. She remembered some of the abuses she had suffered at the hands of Hu Lyang, vowing to find a way to escape and destroy him.
  17. As Mistress Tara showed us from the video, she called out to her dead companions vowing she would continue with their mission.
  18. Despite his concerns, Jasper left Los Angeles and headed for his native Kentucky, vowing to return to check in on his children.
  19. He went on to explain that he’d thrown away the password, vowing never to touch the money that Jeffrey Hunter had offered him.
  20. She was a woman of many secrets, I murmured, remembering Samantha’s words, vowing to find out more about what she knew, later.
  21. Some residents fought the plan vehemently, calling in death threats and vowing to tear down the memorial and burn supporters’ homes.
  22. It’s not true, Madeline had told her quickly, snatching up the paper and vowing never to leave it anywhere accessible ever again.
  23. Only the full-haired, blonde CNN newscaster talked on about President Quaid vowing to pull out all stops in detainee interrogations.
  24. We got him out and he stood on dry (?) land, shining with moisture, full of strange oaths and vowing vengeance on the lad who had misdirected him.
  25. He stared mutely at the flames, restrained in the arms of his men, praying that his family had survived and vowing an eternal curse on Raul’s soul.
  26. His five comrades around him however showed no sign of wanting to abandon their gun, so Steve kept feeding clips, vowing not to be the first to leave his mount.
  27. Moreover, before setting out to Vanaprastham, vowing never to return to Delhi, he had entrusted his assets with trusted men in New Delhi for their proper upkeep.
  28. He shook me till my teeth rattled, and pitched me beside Joseph who steadily concluded his supplications and then rose, vowing he would set off for the Grange directly.
  29. Tadeo left Francesca’s house quietly, vowing never to see that mad woman again and, if she ever approached him, to call the police and have her arrested for attempted murder.
  30. After a brief moment of hesitation, I flung myself recklessly back down the way I had come, vowing to myself to avenge Treorna’s suffering, if it was the last thing I ever did.
  31. Eventually, her social circle began learning about her situation as a woman having fled a violent partner, and sympathized, signaling understanding and vowing to help to protect her.
  32. Again and again the plucky little robin attacked any crow that ventured near and in the end the crows gave up and flew away, vowing never again to pick rose petals while a robin was nearby.
  33. He could not take his eyes off the smouldering packet; but it appeared that something new had come to birth in his soul—as though he were vowing to himself that he would bear this trial.
  34. Such a harsh, repressive government has actually perpetuated the existence of pockets of rebellion around the Earth, with rebels vowing to fight to the death rather than submit to Imperium power.
  35. His opponent, LBJ, won the election by vowing not only would he not do that (and risk World War Three), he vowed he would never let American boys go fight a war the Asian boys should be fighting.
  36. A Messmate of the Tar who had been flung from the Bowsprit into the Sea and drown’d, began calling for Cocklyn in an angry Voice, vowing Vengeance, blaming his Friend’s Death upon the First Mate.
  37. I was talking to one young man, and he said that even now, two years after he got married, his people at work are still manifesting over his wife vowing that she would submit to his leadership in marriage.
  38. I swiftly bury all thought of the song in one of the many padlocked boxes in my brain and resume reciting silent poetry, vowing to never think about it again until the king has removed his parasite from my body.
  39. While the war had been over for nearly two years now, the reality was more like a tense armistice than a real peace, with extremist groups in Africa and South Asia vowing revenge on the Spacers League and the Northern Alliance.
  40. And what sort of vows do you think that Emperor was making during all those days on his knees? Stop, I’ll read it to you!’ Then she read me a lot of verses, where it said that the Emperor spent all the time vowing vengeance against the Pope.
  1. But Queequeg vowed a vow.
  2. I vowed not to let that.
  3. He vowed to keep a closer.
  4. Jason vowed to find out why.
  5. But the gamers vowed to do.
  6. I vowed to kill the killers.
  7. Gowry vowed never to return.
  8. The four vowed to pray and.
  9. She vowed she'd never marry.
  10. Instead the dragon vowed to.
  11. I vowed never to be that way.
  12. I vowed to myself I would not.
  13. My first and I vowed at that.
  14. Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If.
  15. He vowed that he would find his.
  16. He vowed to make her pay one day.
  17. This was the last time, she vowed.
  18. When you vowed from me and country.
  19. She vowed that she would become a.
  20. Furthermore, I have vowed since to.
  21. I agree to your terms, he vowed.
  22. She vowed to find where everyone had.
  23. And vowed that wedlock’s sacred band.
  24. He vowed to call him as soon as he landed.
  25. She vowed to contact her lawyer on Monday.
  26. They have both vowed to fight to the death.
  27. Through this experience, I vowed never to.
  28. And he vowed to never let me live in peace.
  29. I’ll lose the weight, she vowed silently.
  30. I have vowed to never let any of the horses.
  31. In the second century I vowed that I would.
  32. After that, I vowed to stop watching the news.
  33. Anywhere in this Realm, Ryan, she vowed.
  34. Heartbroken, I vowed never to get another cat.
  35. He vowed that never again would he let her go.
  36. Leon vowed that he must get back to his office.
  37. Never again, I vowed, would I travel by night.
  38. Gough had vowed to look after their interests.
  39. You all deserve the very best, she vowed.
  40. He vowed to avenge her even if she did survive.
  41. He vowed to himself that the first thing he would.
  42. Whatever happens, I will be there, he vowed.
  44. That weekend I told my father what Ernest had vowed.
  45. They can’t handle the truth, I vowed firmly.
  46. I have already vowed to Sue that I shall not gamble.
  47. And each had vowed to wipe the other right off the.
  48. I have vowed never to let myself get that way again.
  49. That was scary, she vowed in no uncertain terms.
  50. No! She vowed to herself that she wouldn't forget him.
  51. An upgrade that GrandGoods vowed to foot the bill for.
  52. Pierre vowed to finish his initial intent with the boy.
  53. I vowed then and there to always love and protect you.
  54. We vowed nothing would split or break our brotherhood.
  55. She vowed that for once she was going to learn how to.
  56. After that, I vowed to stop watching the news.
  57. Besides, she’d vowed to stay alive and preserve her.
  58. She held him tight, and vowed never again to let him go.
  59. She vowed to be his and his alone from that day forward.
  60. In one months time she vowed to win Nolan back from Chloe.
  61. He held her close to him and vowed that he would never let.
  62. I will honor your memory, she vowed, wiping her eyes.
  63. We’re going to get that house, I vowed, whatever it takes.
  64. She had hated Nathalie and vowed never to talk to her again.
  65. I would have kept you safe, vowed Reese in a low voice.
  66. Gandhi left in 1930 for the Dandi March, he vowed never to.
  67. She needn't think she was going to listen in, Rafferty vowed.
  68. It was his dream come true and he vowed to make her his alone.
  69. He vowed to escape from Illium and set about devising a plan.
  70. I will make sure of that, vowed Reese with determination.
  71. I vowed that, come what might, it should be a secret no longer.
  72. I have a special interest in him and have vowed to protect him.
  73. Caris avoided his eye, and vowed to remember her false identity.
  74. Of course I should have vowed eternal love, rapture, and so on.
  75. Korak have vowed to protect the old homestead with their lives.
  76. I cited my broken thumb and illness and vowed never to cut again.
  77. I started dating and vowed to tell the truth, be myself, explore.
  78. Millions of our Andromedian people died and they vowed to return.
  79. El Fuego went sent to the infirmary and he vowed revenge on Loco.
  80. They both vowed that they wanted the wedding to be very different.
  81. It was up to Belver now, and silently he vowed not to let her down.
  82. When the boys were born, Jake vowed to be a man they could respect.
  83. I vowed to always be as honest, as was possible in most situations.
  84. If he was unable to defeat his craving this time, he vowed he would.
  85. She vowed to not only replace Hillary in the real world, but in fact.
  86. In my rage and grief I vowed I would kill the thing; so I followed it.
  87. All my life I have vowed to look out for Serenor and the people here.
  88. Feeling shame at this overexposure, she vowed that from now on she was.
  89. From this moment on, she vowed to bear her punishment without complaint.
  90. I vowed to commit twelve murders although I think it would be prudent to.
  91. She took her glass, and vowed she would empty it three times that evening.
  92. She shuttered in disgust and vowed silently to never fall into that trap.
  93. Remember I vowed I would never allow someone to have the ability to fire.
  94. She found her own fireside the pleasantest place in the world, she vowed.
  95. And so he vowed to make the fulfillment of her wish the goal of his life.
  96. The children listened in mortal fear and vowed to escape that very night.
  97. He vowed then that he would never marry, for his love had died with Marie.
  98. Eric echoed thanks throughout the realm, and vowed never to forget the Love.
  99. I would, I vowed, continue my seduction of Michael in spite of his rudeness.
  100. Matthew vowed if he got a bike he would love to enter it the following year.
  1. Vows and stuff, you know.
  2. I want to renew our vows.
  3. I would have to renounce my vows.
  4. So vows the Dragon Prince and his.
  5. Bound by strong vows tha t ha d.
  6. So we had a head start on the vows.
  7. And vows will probably be signed:.
  8. They had just completed their vows.
  9. They hear the inflections in the vows.
  10. The play had been Lovers' Vows, and Mr.
  12. With almost all the holy vows of heaven.
  13. The play had been Lovers’ Vows, and Mr.
  14. In rejecting his monastic vows, the Sixth.
  15. The Vows and Commitments of Kadampa Buddhism.
  16. Death was even mentioned in the wedding vows.
  17. She was to be released from her vows as a nun.
  18. I took my vows very seriously, and we're not.
  19. He had stopped asking her to renounce her vows.
  20. Vasudev vows so he could spend his life with her.
  21. I’ve pledged my vows to live with her eternally.
  22. No High Priest has ever broken their sacred vows.
  23. What happened to the military orders’ vows of.
  24. She was released from her vows of poverty and silence.
  25. Godwyn said: What are your three vows, brother?
  26. A knight who remembered his vows, the smith said.
  27. Then she said: I’m thinking of renouncing my vows.
  28. You can read a wonderful chronicle in Vows: the Story.
  29. The number of vows that I have made is akin to eating.
  30. She was the only one up there with me as I took my vows.
  31. Then I thought of the cloister where I had taken my vows.
  32. Almost in all esoteric traditions vows were the strong-.
  33. And vows is made of the best clothing, jewelry and other.
  34. Therefore, one of their vows is that of lifelong celibacy.
  35. They made vows to one another She told him of her sorrows.
  36. Besides, those particular vows were, anyhow, unmentionable.
  37. But when I get married, I intend to take my vows seriously.
  38. His vows are interesting but not of our concern right now.
  39. As we’ll swear in our wedding vows to try to have children.
  40. Priests of Drogu took vows of poverty, they wore simple clothes.
  41. They had all kept their childish vows, and had not told anyone.
  42. They fulfill their vows, and dread a Day whose ill is widespread.
  43. Gift? I sent him home after I’d decided not to renew our vows.
  44. Not a sound could be heard as the couple began their wedding vows.
  45. I sat beside My Pretty Lotus in the temple for the vows that night.
  46. After we said vows to them, my husband presented my daughter with.
  47. If she should renounce her vows, the sentence would be carried out.
  48. After my husband and I said our vows, we recited a separate set of.
  49. We became, what our wedding vows suggested, Two shall become one.
  50. Th e vows that restrict some individual’s functions, for instance.
  51. Vow: A solemn promise; as the vows of unchangeable love and fidelity.
  52. On 14th day after his wife’s death Buwa took the vows of asceticism.
  53. A man vows, and yet will not cast away the means of breaking his vow.
  54. He wondered if it was someone from Theology testing his marital vows.
  55. Evan had been dreamy-eyed as he stared at her during their vows at St.
  56. I have nothing against these females; it was his marriage and his vows.
  57. You violated your mating vows? Theron asked, his voice deep, hard.
  58. She needed time to convince my father to give up his vows and marry her.
  59. That explains why she was so serious when he helped her with the vows.
  60. That day, she requested that the word obey be omitted from the wedding vows.
  61. The marriage vows we took those years ago still bind us together till this day.
  62. It was in this way that he, and I said vows, and had a very small gay wedding.
  63. Do you know anything of his vows and his powers? I asked interrogatively.
  64. The anticipation in the air was intense as the swearing of the vows approached.
  65. Vows of chastity they had taken as well, but no need, luckily, to mention these.
  66. Beguines are nuns who accept no rules and consider their vows to be temporary.
  67. Anyone who knows the Vatican and Papacy is fully aware of their deceptive vows.
  68. At the same service, six novices took their vows and so became full-fledged monks.
  69. We exchanged our vows and Nathan gave the minister the rings when it was the time.
  70. Lovers’ Vows! in a tone of the greatest amazement, was his only reply to Mr.
  71. It’s your choice whether to wear this and strum it, or not, as you take your vows.
  72. Every time she tried to say her vows, she cracked up and then everyone else did, too.
  73. Nic and I exchanged our vows in Afrikaans and English, according to who was speaking.
  74. Some of them have fulfilled their vows; and some are still waiting, and never wavering.
  75. All this time I thought she was the one who didn’t honor her vows when truly it was I.
  76. My association to Buddhist practice has changed since I have said vows in a gay marriage.
  77. That is my vow and, like all vows that I have taken in this life, I stand by it, forever.
  78. Tom and our relationship when from strength to strength we even renewed our wedding vows.
  79. Could you have them drop by our table after the vows? Maybe I can keep her out of trouble.
  80. The blue refers to fidelity in the marriage and faithfulness to the vows the couple makes.
  81. We had already betrayed our vows on the floor of her father’s house, so we sinned again.
  82. The more vows and promises we have made of better obedience, the greater has our sin been.
  83. Although he’d been hit on countless times, he had always stayed true to his marriage vows.
  84. Talia told me of your thoughts, about letting the binding of your wedding vows affect you.
  85. They stood together and spoke their vows and the sacrament of marriage, giving final consent.
  86. Outrageously bamboozled she had been, and left high and dry alone with those vows of chastity.
  87. Then your sin is all the greater, for you have tempted a weak woman to perjure her holy vows.
  88. In that case, he said, you should renounce your vows, leave the nunnery, and marry me.
  89. If it hadn’t been for me standing in for you, we’d probably still be going over the vows.
  90. At the time of his or her monastic tonsure, the monastic vows to observe the three virtues –.
  91. Wrong is WRONG, whether killing innocent people, or breaking your marital and presidential vows.
  92. Isn’t he about to take his simple vows or first vows, or whatever they call it, very soon?
  93. We are required to give them to the Punishment, and they are not covered by your healers’ vows.
  94. Henri said: But what if we do release her from her vows? How would that solve the problem?
  95. Egan had written an Irish love song for them and sang it to them just before they said their vows.
  96. That in itself can include promises – for those who don’t want to include Gotte in their vows.
  97. There are also Christian orders whose members take severe vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
  98. I was halfway in the hotel before I realized that for all his vows, the man had not recorded my name.
  99. When Talia completed her vows, there was a flash like silent lightning striking right in front of me.
  100. She said he'd come to hate her because he couldn't have her to himself in that life due to her vows.

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