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    1. "There is an international warrant for his arrest

    2. not certain that our warrant was destroyed with his ship

    3. Warrant cards are shown

    4. before the King himself, I’ll warrant! I has all I

    5. Within seconds the door was opened by a tall, stooped, gray haired man sporting the uniform and flashes of a warrant officer class 1

    6. The warrant officer nodded

    7. The warrant officer waved Nate into the room

    8. Nathaniel marched into the center of the room and came crashing to attention in front of the warrant officer and the brigadier

    9. ’ He saluted again and followed warrant officer Clarkson out of the room

    10. The warrant officer left, closing the door behind him as he did

    11. Warrant officer Clarkson, who was sitting on Nate’s left side, offered the marine a glass of wine

    12. I do not, however, pretend to warrant either the greatness of the sum, or the shortness of the time

    13. It’s rare that anything is urgent enough to warrant a phone call

    14. It is not thirty years ago since Mr Cameron of Lochiel, a gentleman of Lochaber in Scotland, without any legal warrant whatever, not being what was then called a lord of regality, nor even a tenant in chief, but a vassal of the Duke of Argyll, and with out being so much as a justice of peace, used, notwithstanding, to exercise the highest criminal jurisdictions over his own people

    15. It was late enough to warrant a meal and drink in any case, and it would be the most likely place to start

    16. To dream that a warrant is being served on you indicates that you will be involved in some important matter or decision

    17. Consider the type of warrant that is being serves

    18. If it is a search warrant, then you need to take a second look at your motives and actions

    19. If it is an arrest warrant, then you need to stop what you are doing and take a different course of action

    20. I have no great faith in political arithmetic, and I mean not to warrant the exactness of either of these computations

    21. He’ll get my probable cause and transmit a warrant for an officer of the Court to search the Library’s databank

    22. In the single article of linen alone, the consumption of those colonies amounts, it is said (but I do not pretend to warrant the quantity ), to more than three millions sterling a-year

    23. I have with me a warrant to search your premises

    24. ’ He replaced the warrant into his pocket

    25. The poor man – who had been spilling out his heart about his troubled upbringing – had only a few seconds to leave after she’d been buzzed by Jannson to warn her they were there by executive warrant

    26. We have an international warrant for the apprehension of Mr

    27. detained under legal warrant upon any criminal charge, we are not aware of any ground upon which they can properly be prevented from going on shore and disposing of themselves as they think, and we cannot advise her Majesty’s government to assume or exercise the power of keeping them under any kind of restraint

    28. “What?” They didn’t have a warrant, and they hadn’t mentioned anything about that! I

    29. Lieutenant Howard said, “I realized I couldn’t enter ‘The Green Frog’ without a warrant, so I was trying to get one when Joe raced into the parking lot and told me what was

    30. It is said one was actually used at Arnhem and certainly I know off at least one older warrant officer who first jumped at Arnhem in 1944

    31. Chief Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson, the chief and pilot of a helicopter crew, stopped the massacre and rescued the remaining 200 villagers

    32. “Did they have a warrant? A piece of paper?”

    33. She had an outstanding warrant for failure to pay restitution charges for a DWI, which had occurred three years before when she

    34. With its green space of heavenly environment, that charming country city holds a warrant for new emotions

    35. �What if we issue a warrant for his arrest and charge him with his wife's murder, stating that we have discovered his fingerprints in the car and plane rentals

    36. �Inform Charlie and Jerry to retrieve an arrest warrant from the D

    37. "We have a warrant for your arrest, Senator Lena Schmidt

    38. Gordon Edward with drug smuggling? Where would you have gone for a warrant to investigate further? You two were out of your minds

    39. The Director of OIJ, for example, and the judge you would go to for a warrant, they all receive Gordon’s money, and plenty of it

    40. ” Gordon had his doubts, but he restrained himself; the previous report which someone had deemed important enough to warrant a report similarly delivered in person had been of a barroom brawl

    41. Colling asked her if she had told them about himself, and when she said she had never, to the best of her knowledge, spoken of him, what should have come as a relief was in fact painful, as he supposed that she had not thought him important enough to warrant betrayal

    42. A warrant was issued for his arrest

    43. ―There is a bench warrant out for his arrest

    44. Ma told me that the police in Maine have a warrant out for your arrest

    45. Their health issues were much more apparent to me now that I knew about the warrant for Adam‘s arrest

    46. There was a warrant out for Adam‘s arrest

    47. Allerton was arrested on an outstanding DLS warrant from Maine

    48. Allerton let the police in and was arrested on a warrant from Maine for contempt of court

    49. On February 28, the judge issued a pick up order for Grace, Lilly and Katherine, and an arrest warrant was issued for Adam

    50. But it certainly didn’t warrant a butter knife to the eye

    1. ‘That’s as may be, Emma, I still don’t think it warranted her being murdered

    2. Abar has warranted: “I shall continue to allow this until its season is due

    3. revealed questions that definitely warranted further

    4. By the time she did the figuring a couple days later, the move was warranted

    5. oligarchic model, with the estate warranted

    6. The sow's statement warranted an answer, and even though Slikit was loath to start a conversation, he felt it might be churlish not to respond

    7. Nevertheless, such morally reprehensible behavior, that should otherwise offend the sensibilities of any civilized nation, requires a sober assessment of what actually occurred and placing this event in its proper perspective; meting appropriate punishment if warranted

    8. This arrest appears to indicate that perhaps there was something which warranted the harassment, although there was insufficient evidence to hold the suspects

    9. Disagreements that lead to violent reactions are as old as Man! And, it would seem that expectations, warranted or not, and grudges make a dangerous load to carry! All sorts of mischief have resulted, including feuds, vendettas, as well as wars, from Man’s belligerent interaction with his brother!

    10. He replied that they only suggested a change or a movement when it was warranted

    11. Everyone treated me with more deference than I felt was warranted

    12. warranted against the four officers

    13. There are many suppliers (both warranted and unwarranted)

    14. So as loudly as was warranted, she announced,

    15. Going the extra mile to ameliorate matters, I also emailed Mickey an apology (though I thought then, and still do, that none was warranted)

    16. His worry was warranted

    17. barely warranted a glance from them

    18. His throat constricted and his skin felt cold, colder even than this winter night warranted

    19. The Marine A-4 jocks found sticking their fingers down their throats a more warranted and suitable response

    20. matter how tenuous, was warranted

    21. He noticed that there were more people around than such a small place warranted

    22. crew – I don’t think is all that warranted

    23. Despite a morning that warranted a good bit of television in the room, Ian stimulated a motivating date with friends, buzzed on his brew, forecasting on a solid start to experience – Janice obliged

    24. She even spotted a cat-box and Tress found herself wondering what possible magic could such an item contain that it warranted a space in Tamar’s armoury? Sorus rummaged through the piles of items talking away to himself, eventually pulling out a long bolt of woven cloth from amongst a pile of banners,

    25. Is the holding of some or other belief warranted?

    26. Only warranted consular officers could issue visas under the law and by department regulation

    27. There’s authority in his voice, command; more command than is warranted for a count, if you ask me

    28. In-depth information on aggravated assault and battery, a more serious subset of the general assault and battery offenses, including general guidelines used by prosecutors to determine when aggravate charges are warranted

    29. BEE was listed as the Managing Director, and Hu Lyang as Director responsible for The Cape, The Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng - this definitely warranted a closer look!

    30. And this admonition is warranted, notwithstanding that Jesus of Nazareth is the only founder of a religion who performed supermaterial acts on earth

    31. Samson Duff was an intruder the mighty swamp warranted to expunge—Joe Billie Bloodtooth had a powerful ally in the ubiquitous River of Grass

    32. Their actions warranted firing squads

    33. Swordsman had been charged with treason for their military activities even though the attacks on Homestead, Eretz and a host of other defenseless planets warranted such charges

    34. Brown brought to live in the electrified chicken yard so that they could enjoy, as he explained it, the dignity that their status warranted and so that they would not suffer from the heat and the mosquitoes and the countless discomforts and privations of the town

    35. The peoples' rage warranted special action

    36. person the benefit of the doubt, when it's warranted

    37. He didn’t throw at the hitter and I felt the response was not warranted

    38. There is no doubt that his actions warranted some kind of response while at the same time it must be considered how he rose to where he was at that time

    39. It was a prized possession, one she loved to display when any occasion warranted it, that she cherished deeply

    40. There must also be some question as to his fidelity in their marriage; whether Faye was able to offer concrete evidence on his indiscretions or not was unclear yet worth pondering and warranted a careful observation of their actions and remarks this evening

    41. short summary, but haste is warranted here in order to review the subject of Eve

    42. The last time he had been to this spot the conditions had not warranted a thorough investigation or search of the vicinity; the scarf had been enough evidence to reach the conclusion of misadventure leading to her death

    43. Quickly weighing the benefits and the disadvantages of involving her in his case, Feltus decided that her reputation as a valuable aide in solving many other mysteries warranted hearing her out, just in the event that she was right

    44. If that was true, her presence in the lobby and the Tower last night were warranted and clarified that issue in his mind, even if it did not completely rule out the possibility of being connected with the murder

    45. Though he admitted that her reluctance to answer such unusual questions not typical of informal conversation was warranted, it was curious that she should take such a self-protective approach to him if she indeed had nothing to hide

    46. Despite the extreme nature it portrayed, he wondered if it had warranted some type of significance or merit? All it once it dawned on him that the nightmare was only a subconscious defense system in his mind's eye, designed to protect him from potential harm; that being Travis Ryman

    47. Our thinking was that he could hear what was going on in real time and call the information in to Jenna as it warranted

    48. Our procession finally arrived at the square, picking up my conch shell, I walked up the steps of the central platform and faced the temple steps, the murmur of the crowd slowly subsided, Yaotl the high priest hadn’t appeared so I stood as tall and immobile as I could, with an air of patience that I did not feel, after a longer wait than decency warranted, Yaotl would have seen our approach many miles away from the vantage of the pyramid temple’s lofty height, the crowd started to murmur and a few voices where loud and beginning to show signs of impatience, I stood quite still trying to assume the same air of nobility and nonchalance that Coatl displayed when faced with a situation, suddenly the villagers fell silent and from a doorway on the second level, the high priest, Yaotl, appeared dressed in his full regalia including the mirror breastplate and broad black stripe across his face, it was said that he could see into the soul of anyone foolish enough to look into the mirror on his chest

    49. That alone warranted a celebratory drink or two

    50. That particular talent warranted more investigation

    1. She had made convincing arguments for warranting further investigation 166

    2. Could we but understand the very purpose of the incarnation of the Son of God was to immortalize man, could man be trained to a condition of perfection warranting it, and that it could not be done in sin, the whole scheme of redemption would instantly become tangible and simple

    3. Some observers argue that REIT returns overstate volatility and equity market correlations in real estate investing, warranting a higher real risk premium for REITs than for private real estate

    1. been the object of any general popular clamour, such as that against general warrants, an

    2. There are warrants out for my arrest too

    3. This makes arrests and search warrants much easier for Mr Criminal cannot run to another county (municipality) and expect not to be arrested

    4. We do know that records and communications of Americans are subject to more spying than ever before, phone records, emails, financial records, even for a time what one checked out of libraries, often done without warrants

    5. He needed to clear himself of any involvement with forging checks especially since he was hiding from Canadian warrants, but he couldn’t take sixty thousand of the casino’s cash without it being noticed and any irregularities in the casino’s balances could cost him his license

    6. They’ve got warrants for our arrest unless we can come up with the fifty red ones, and that isn’t going to happen for a while

    7. Or I’ll be dusting off those old arrest warrants, and you and your mates won’t see daylight in this state again for a long time

    8. “A heated exchange about red paper bags, collecting gold coins, and arrest warrants

    9. He ranted about getting search warrants, but he didn‘t have a leg to stand on

    10. “You have committed every crime that warrants execution among the Dauntless,” says Tobias

    11. Christina laughs, maybe a little harder than my comment warrants, but I appreciate the effort

    12. Surely, by signing the Declaration of Independence, they were signing their own death warrants for treason should they fail—a far cry from the activities of the power-crazed Lenin

    13. Currently over 25,000 arrest warrants are

    14. searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants

    15. because they are valuable and ought to be protected, but what is this moral value that warrants


    17. A truck had been stolen and there was a suspect; however, no evidence could be found by the police who, with search warrants, combed through everything they could lay their hands on

    18. He is not someone who warrants killing for the purpose of protecting society which is supposed to be the alleged primary reason for having the death penalty

    19. others; thus causing the police to issue arrest warrants, and arrest

    20. Warrants had been sent down and signed

    21. Warrants were issued as soon as the informant finished his tale

    22. You should write about whatever you're passionate about and if there are gaps in your knowledge that's okay--that's what research is for! I knew about moving, deployments, and squadron politics, but I had no idea about poison, guns, murder methods, requirements for search warrants, and law enforcement jurisdictions, so there was plenty of stuff I had to learn about to write my mysteries

    23. This warrants further research, but there are so many more pressing matters requiring your attention

    24. We don’t have nearly enough probable cause for wiretap and mail cover warrants

    25. Even though the indictment was fully sealed, that didn’t prevent a law enforcement officer from seeking warrants for an arrest and/or purposes of surveillance

    26. He or she could legally disclose to a judge whatever grand jury information necessary to obtain the warrants and we intended to secure both types for Alistair

    27. We didn’t need the expediency since we had more than enough with the indictment to obtain our warrants through the normal process

    28. 8 Even Herod Antipas experienced a change of heart and, on learning that Jesus was sojourning across the lake in the territory of his brother Philip, sent word to him that, while he had signed warrants for his arrest in Galilee, he had not so authorized his apprehension in Perea, thus indicating that Jesus would not be molested if he remained outside of Galilee; and he communicated this same ruling to the Jews at Jerusalem

    29. ” Durrant was very well connected and his brother-in-law was the circuit judge who oversaw all the warrant applications in Rio Cuarto and he would always be informed of any National Warrants that were within his jurisdiction

    30. Apparently whatever we stirred up out there warrants serious attention,” David said

    31. On the data module are copies of the warrants from three different planets for his arrest for murder

    32. In fact, they issued a hundred warrants that day for officers who had served against the Swordsmen

    33. With search warrants at the ready, the ATF conducted a

    34. 'Not unless the occasion warrants it' I said

    35. “Would you say that this occasion warrants a bottle of Champagne, guys?”

    36. It is a solemn thought that, in framing the constitutions of the new, democratic, independent, African states, we are not drafting a Negro Magna Carta, but are signing a pile of death warrants

    37. complexity of the modern balance sheet warrants an array of footnotes to accompany it

    38. At the same time they imposed their own hypothetical signatures on their own death warrants

    39. They had no idea at all he was involved in this and by running to him for help they signed their own death warrants

    40. They're still holding him, on the basis of some outstanding warrants from New York, and Officer Lyons says they'll formally charge him soon

    41. For us, slavery is an abomination that warrants the death penalty for those who enslave others, while aristocracy and its system of inherited privileges had died away nearly two millenniums ago

    42. Nope, Gitano's in the clear, though we're still holding him on those outstanding warrants

    43. Stalin's own signature is on thousands of death warrants

    44. Star Fleet will have to decide whether the death and destruction in the rescue warrants further investigation, but given Garcia was just one man, and that only two of our officers died in the rescue, and that due to the poorly designed Iotian transporters, I think he will be given considerable leeway

    45. warrants this level of scrutiny,” Garcia said

    46. "Because they are the furthest removed action for a person living the life they are in, at the point of the receipt of the news: becoming world champions in sport at entirely the wrong age, selling everything to launch a business idea, leaving everything they know to cleave a new life in a foreign country where there is no chance of lapsing back into the ways of Blighty, dedicating their lives to a cause which they feel warrants such a sacrifice with the most incredible, world-changing results

    47. “Plus Zeph had several outstanding traffic and failure to appear warrants

    48. ing Sticks also had a clean slate: no outstanding warrants, a good line

    49. She had already been responsible for the deaths of her immediate Family; she couldn’t bear it if she had just inadvertently signed the death warrants of her entire race

    50. I have said this already – but it warrants being said again – you have no

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    Synonyms for "warrant"

    warrant guarantee warrantee warranty countenance endorsement imprimatur indorsement sanction stock-purchase warrant stock warrant assurance pledge certify security guaranty surety authorisation authorization commission license permit certificate order writ chit explain bear out approve authorise authorize justify assure vouch for delegate empower

    "warrant" definitions

    a writ from a court commanding police to perform specified acts

    a type of security issued by a corporation (usually together with a bond or preferred stock) that gives the holder the right to purchase a certain amount of common stock at a stated price

    formal and explicit approval

    a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications

    provide adequate grounds to justify (a certain course of action)

    stand behind and guarantee the quality, accuracy, or condition of