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Soul in a sentence

He was in my soul.
A soul is the sun.
I will obey my soul.
The cry of my soul.
The soul of the sun.
The lover of my soul.
The soul of the sky.

The cry of the soul.
The soul is a very.
My soul was on fire.
Not a soul in sight.
In intimacy of a soul.
Ruth was a good soul.
Take care of my soul.
A flower of the soul.
The soul of the moon.
And the soul wil see.
My soul is there too.
Her soul was her ring.
You are my soul mate.
When a soul from one.
It is part of the soul.
Let us begin with Soul.
One with a pious soul.
The Lover of your soul.
I go there in my soul.
Icy of soul and heart.
The release of a soul.
I think I have a soul.
The very bosom of soul.
Your soul is true life.
As we remove the Soul.
In a wise and calm soul.
You see with your soul.
Then I can save her soul.
Said he was a lost soul.
Sabrina is a lost soul.
So that my soul is seen.
David soul here is not.
The music in whose soul.

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