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Adhere en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Were we to adhere to Dr.
  2. They can adhere to constant.
  3. It will adhere to the surface.
  4. The same concept and we adhere to.
  5. Masks firmly adhere to their faces.
  6. So adhere to what is revealed to you.
  7. Roxy has to adhere to her traditions.
  8. Commandments they purport to adhere to.
  9. Who will adhere to him that abandons himself!.
  10. And you will not marry me! You adhere to that.
  11. Even the hospital has to adhere to the officials.
  12. We adhere to the religions of greed and selfishness.
  13. But, I have a standard policy that I must adhere to.
  14. As a business owner, you must adhere to all labor laws.
  15. That’s when it’s most important we adhere to them.
  16. Most young Iranians do not adhere to the Islamic faith.
  17. Many opportunities existed for me to adhere to my dreams.
  18. Precisely, and many religions still adhere to the policy.
  19. Strictly adhere to all electrical rules and regulations.
  21. Then they begin to adhere to, and associate themselves.
  22. Still, do as I have said and adhere to our original plan.
  23. I call this, the Seykota Standard, and I now adhere to it.
  24. Those who still adhere to it -- and who could in earlier.
  25. It seemed that I had no choice but to adhere to his advice.
  26. Question, shall the Senate adhere to their amendments? 179;.
  27. Lift out of syrup, turning to allow drips to adhere to apple.
  28. If you know what your weaknesses are, then you can adhere to the.
  29. But, if you adhere to this important principle of sales, it will be.
  30. Banks are, therefore, advised to strictly adhere to the guidelines.
  31. Or have We given them a book prior to this one, to which they adhere?
  32. These non monographic waters may not necessarily adhere strictly to the.
  33. To conclude this section, we do not recommend that a company adhere to the.
  34. So in essence these are the things that you should adhere to while presenting.
  35. Scientists sometimes adhere to the old definition of scientific fact.
  36. These fertilized eggs are sticky and will adhere to the needles on the branches.
  37. I have discovered the routine that gives me maximum pleasure and I adhere to it.
  38. It is clear that from the 17thcentury onwards the loyal English colonists adhere to a.
  39. Plus, you have to adhere to the ROTH withdrawal guidelines and have limited investment options.
  40. It can compel citizens to join the armed forces and it can compel them to adhere to military laws.
  41. I could say ‘yes’, but had my doubts that Desiree’ would adhere to his rules and regulations.
  42. It would be enough to adhere to it only within the local system of compared criteria and strategies.
  43. Remove it with diluted lemon or vinegar rinse which will adhere to the unconditioned top of the hair.
  44. Those who adhere to the Scripture, and practice prayer-We will not waste the reward of the reformers.
  45. If they be truly his followers, they ought to adhere to his principles, and attend to his last advice.
  46. A very few take note and adhere, but most they typically don�t and still get beat up even today! �.
  47. Such Muslims are potentially our allies, just as those who do adhere to Shariah are our unalterable foes.
  48. I grimaced at my options, the one rule my father had asked I adhere to, and I may have to break it, some Queen.
  49. He said our jihadist enemies did not adhere to any convention or reason and should not be granted citizen status.
  50. He said he should, by parliamentary practice, have been fully justified in the motion to adhere before insisting.
  51. If they wish to wear them upon their chest, they can be pressed on, and the back of the medal will adhere to them.
  52. Many politicians and business people think they cannot do their job if they adhere to moral and ethical principles.
  53. So it is that while some of us adhere to Shiv, some others cleave to Krishn, and yet others cling to this or that.
  54. We reject your worthless faiths and superstitions and adhere to only the pureness of singularity and science!.
  55. To these principles I firmly adhere, and I press them on the consideration of all English Churchmen in the present day.
  56. He informed the rulers about his plans and even asked all his followers to adhere to the path of truth and non-violence.
  57. Bassett said that his colleague could not always adhere to the principle that it was his duty to ferret out every error.
  58. They are admonished, questioned, threatened, and punished; but they adhere to their resolution, and do not take the oath.
  59. The message was clear, and failure to adhere to it almost decimated the earth and cost most life to be wiped out forever.
  60. The conferees of the two Houses could not agree, and the question now before the Senate is, to adhere to their amendments.
  61. They wanted to be sure that a locums doctor, coming from a foreign country would find out about and adhere to Australian law.
  62. There have always been dark ETs in your galaxy who do not adhere to the tenets of the Alliance which is to do no harm.
  63. Each state has a their own version of UCC and the foreclosure must adhere to the rules and regulations for that particular state.
  64. This is the story of the second betrayal in the Bible after Eve’s neglect to adhere to the word of God and the warning from Adam.
  65. This idea is not science but it is culture and is drummed into our minds like it is one of our living senses we have to adhere too.
  66. Are we to adhere to the embargo forever, sir? I have said, and again say, that a total abandonment of the ocean would be submission.
  67. The way we liked to prepare them is to collect whole sheets of them from the hemlock branches or from the kelp where they also adhere.
  68. Vessels within national waters could be detained and held responsible for oil spills and failure to adhere to ship construction standards.
  69. Many more people in this country and even the world need to adhere to a higher moral and ethical code of conduct and that can start today.
  70. On such men, sir, party spirit may indeed cast its odious filth, but there is a polish in their virtues to which no such slime can adhere.
  71. King's letters; he says, it behooves the British Government to adhere to the principle of natural allegiance wholly, or renounce it wholly.
  72. Even shaking would tell him nothing, for as the plaster was wet it was probable that the pearl would adhere to it—as, in fact, it has done.
  73. But he’d been adamant, and Corrine had, had no choice but to adhere to his wishes -- if she’d wanted to have an interview with him at all.
  74. So you’re saying that Qualsax is much bigger because they don’t have to adhere to rules? For some reason, she thought that was funny.
  75. Some strange details seem to adhere on your brain and I wondered why she did not trim her hair in that region to avoid this distasteful effect.
  76. As a result they must find it difficult to adhere to any clear-cut or fundamental philosophy in arriving at their opinions and recommendations.
  77. The question being then taken that the Senate adhere to their amendments, it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 17, nays 15, as follows:.
  78. Such sayings themselves grow harder and adhere more firmly with age, and it would take many blows with a trowel to clean an old wiseacre of them.
  79. There are four issues here to consider, and the question arises; did Harris adhere to all four, namely, military, industrial, economic, and morale.
  80. And yes," Cambridge cut in, reading her thoughts before she could voice them, "I suppose it would be possible to adhere to your tutor's instructions.
  81. Napoleon merely laid the cross on Lazarev’s breast and, dropping his hand, turned toward Alexander as though sure that the cross would adhere there.
  82. It is not surprising that they would adhere to a statist political philosophy that, although it might tax them highly, would provide physical security.
  83. Napoleon merely laid the cross on Lázarev’s breast and, dropping his hand, turned toward Alexander as though sure that the cross would adhere there.
  84. It is said that at about the age of eighty, the Buddha passed on and instructed his followers to adhere to the way of his teachings and follow no leader.
  85. I know the original text refers to a ‘virtuous wife’ but the principles are the same, and these are principles which we must all strive to adhere to.
  86. The important thing is whether the life principles to which you adhere correspond at all to the very possibility to fulfill exactly this variant of choice.
  87. The peasants are threatened, beaten, and imprisoned, but they adhere to their resolution, and refuse to perform actions contrary to their religious belief.
  88. Ordinarily, he would have simply required the drug company to adhere to stricter prescribing guidelines and print the appropriate warnings about long-term use.
  89. It was immediately obvious to Dusty that he would be expected to stick to the Army code of conduct, adhere to its disciplinary rules, and generally toe the line.
  90. In the United States there is a federal law that requires a manufacturer to adhere to certain specifications for efficiency and the materials used in the toilets.
  91. Because it is a large-cap leader and does not adhere to the Seven-Week Rule, ISRG should only be sold on a 50-day moving average violation, not a 10-day violation.
  92. That said, we should try to adhere to the textbook requirements for double bottoms and tops as much as possible given that they are prone to much misuse and mislabel.
  93. However, since these financial institutions owed their existence to the new-era philosophy, it was natural and perhaps only just that they should adhere closely to it.
  94. Professor Huxley has declared with true insight, that 'those who adhere most closely to facts will be the masters of the future;’—but then it must be all the facts.
  95. He stated it to be the true secret for rendering public credit immortal, and expressed a fervent hope that the Government of the United States would always adhere to it.
  96. The Republicans basically try to adhere to this principle of private property as conservatives, and firmly believe that it is so elementary that there can be no question.
  97. Following the basic principle of option combinations evaluation by criteria, we adhere to the rule that combinations with higher expected profit are preferable to other alternatives.
  98. Nonetheless, it appears much easier and basically much more productive to adhere to value investing standards rather than research department and conventional money manager approaches.
  99. In the execution of His purpose of saving us it has seemed good to the Almighty Lord to adhere to the original lines of the life-system which He designs to immortalise in His own image.
  100. President, the question before the Senate is, to adhere to their amendments made to the bill respecting the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France.
  1. Humility is nothing more than adhering to reality and fully.
  2. France was somewhat more subtle about adhering to the laws but.
  3. Adhering to this view these psychopathic lost souls, with small.
  4. However, there are situations for which adhering to a rule makes sense.
  5. Adhering to this principle ensures minimization of the overfitting risk.
  6. If you live life by adhering to your code of ethics, life becomes easier.
  7. By adhering to the tips mentioned below, you should undoubtedly become a.
  8. As a Brahmin, Shukra’s counsel was always worth listening and adhering to.
  9. Kepler said the space a3, moves T2 in terms of a ratio k adhering to a centre k0.
  10. However faith is simply adhering to a set of truth beyond your current circumstances.
  11. So – what do we find in the twenty-first century? An America that has never stopped adhering.
  12. Adhering to the proper fundamentals of your sport is important no matter what your game or who the player.
  13. All these activities were carried out adhering to the principles of non-violence (ahimsā) and truth (satya).
  14. A trader might, for example, be a trend follower, adhering to the philosophy that the trend is your friend.
  15. A broker executing a spread order is responsible for adhering to any special instructions that accompany the order.
  16. There is also evidence that EGCG actually prevents the viruses from adhering to the walls of the human body cells.
  17. Adhering to this strategy over time is likely to produce outsized returns with a low probability of permanent loss.
  18. This apparition of a man adhering to his bars and dragged screaming across him had apparently filled him with amazement.
  19. The earth in the cart, with which the seed was mixed, was not crushed to powder, but crusted together or adhering in clods.
  20. There certainly was a sting to it, I acknowledged, as I winced against the pain of it adhering to the side of my head behind my ear.
  21. He may pass on to a worse stage; but I should not wonder if he got better in a few days, by adhering to the treatment I have prescribed.
  22. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.
  23. People can and should be held accountable for knowing and adhering to these ‘shared value policies’ the same as they would an attendance policy.
  24. Could it be blood adhering to the hull surface? He could not take a chance that it might be spotted, so he used a bleach soaked cloth to rub it off.
  25. Although it was officially the beginning of fall semester at Harvard, the weather was steadfastly adhering to the rules according to the Roman calendar.
  26. Every word, every prayer, every request was adhering to the delicate fibers of the volume, drawing it a soul that would tie it forever in the world of men.
  27. Those young people not adhering to the statutes herein set forth shall be assigned employment at reasonable rates of hire at the discretion of this Council.
  28. Adhering to the mining field for our examples, we may mention the enormous profits made by zinc producers during the Great War, because of the high price of spelter.
  29. Being raised in the Jewish faith, but not adhering but slightly to their form of godliness, and still living a life of morals; I became dissatisfied with my inner life.
  30. One of the key reasons why people give up yoga quite easily in a short span of time is the confidence that they gain immediately after adhering to the principles of yoga.
  31. Why waste your life on adhering to the code of a forgotten God that offers a fairy tale future in place of enjoying your life the way you were meant to in the here and now.
  32. Amin captured many of the criminals and put them into prison: for they were hardened villains who insisted on adhering to their love of crime, iniquity, plundering and robbery.
  33. But Heine and Price persisted, adhering to their value strategy, and when investment sentiment changed in the 1980s, they had a record of success that investors found appealing.
  34. This impregnation is brought about by means of tubes (POLLEN-TUBES) which issue from the pollen-grains adhering to the stigma, and penetrate through the tissues until they reach the ovary.
  35. A series of laws was promulgated throughout the century to punish Jews for adhering to their faith…and to take away their children from them in order to educate them in true Christian homes.
  36. Rose proved abortive, in consequence of the inadmissible demands made by him, as already stated by me, than the President was openly accused as being the cause of it, by adhering to a mere punctilio.
  37. Plum-pudding is the term bestowed upon certain fragmentary parts of the whale's flesh, here and there adhering to the blanket of blubber, and often participating to a considerable degree in its unctuousness.
  38. We began to roll around the hard floor, she was pulling my hair and in countermeasure I began to pull hers, a bunch of her hair stayed in my hand, I released it and kept on adhering until I got another bunch.
  39. It may seem odd to claim that the greatest investor, ever, has made fortunes by following the humble precept of sticking to his knitting, and surely his superiority stems from more than adhering to this rule.
  40. For instance, Professor Newton sent me the leg of a red-legged partridge (Caccabis rufa) which had been wounded and could not fly, with a ball of hard earth adhering to it, and weighing six and a half ounces.
  41. Given his long-term record and history of adhering to his discipline, there is no doubt that even if he were answerable to shareholders, he would still have stayed away from what has proved to have been a bubble.
  42. Actually, you know what, Fescor said, rethinking the plan, Given the total lack of predictability that Kierd seems to be adhering to, there’s a possibility that those two ships might just be a distraction.
  43. I assured myself that if I kept adhering to these healthy domestic patterns, if I didn’t permit a break in routine, Dolores would conquer her illness and recover enough to realize what a terrible mistake she’d made.
  44. And I found that by adhering to the 'facts' and spirit of that history, in writing the stories, it was easier to visualize (and therefore to present) him as a real flesh-and-blood character rather than a ready-made product.
  45. Firstly, this is so in regard to dealing with devils and adhering to what they say, so that the magician may even seek to be near to them in order to serve and fulfill his aim (where he aims at nothing but spreading indecency and wickedness).
  46. I’d lost control over the rapidly changing state of things though, so adhering to the age old principle of going with the flow, I shot a glancing, pretentiously mildly indifferent look at the both of them before saying even as I stepped inside:.
  47. However, through his relentless efforts, Officer Mohammad Amin captured many of the criminals and put them into prison: for the most part they were hardened villains who insisted on adhering to their love of crime, iniquity, plundering and robbery.
  48. Jackson reconcile it to himself to say that in adhering to these gross insinuations, he did not intend to give offence? Let me ask you, sir, what else he did, or could intend? For my part, I can see nothing else that he could either rationally intend or expect.
  49. It is always important once you are shaken out of a position by adhering to your stop-loss points that you continue to monitor the stock you have just sold for the right reasons in case it turns around and flashes some sort of buy signal such as a pocket pivot buy point.
  50. The social masses, the very assizes of civilization, the solid group of superposed and adhering interests, the century-old profiles of the ancient French formation, appear and disappear in them every instant, athwart the storm clouds of systems, of passions, and of theories.
  51. She had, as it was her custom, a pronounced cleavage wearing a sleeveless blouse and a skirt in gauzy fabric, adhering to the legs outlining her figure; and my fury would have exploded if I hadn’t seen Leonardo trying to get rid of her stubborn embrace with a grimace of annoyance.
  52. As Samuel signed for the check, Harry rose and in a calculated impulse, placed the respective contracts before each of the gentlemen who quickly accepted and signed them; Harry returned them to the document pouch nestled under his arm as calmly as if adhering to the script of a play.
  53. I wondered what had happened to the plucky girl in her devotion to the cause in which she had enlisted, and several times I could see from the expression of Craig's face that he more and more regretted that he had given in to her and had allowed her to go, instead of adhering to his original plan.
  54. When ducks suddenly emerge from a pond covered with duck-weed, I have twice seen these little plants adhering to their backs; and it has happened to me, in removing a little duck-weed from one aquarium to another, that I have unintentionally stocked the one with fresh-water shells from the other.
  55. For, though himself and boat's crew remained untainted, and though his ship was half a rifle-shot off, and an incorruptible sea and air rolling and flowing between; yet conscientiously adhering to the timid quarantine of the land, he peremptorily refused to come into direct contact with the Pequod.
  56. Almost every year, one or two land-birds are blown across the whole Atlantic Ocean, from North America to the western shores of Ireland and England; but seeds could be transported by these rare wanderers only by one means, namely, by dirt adhering to their feet or beaks, which is in itself a rare accident.
  57. Angry as she was with Edmund for adhering to his own notions, and acting on them in defiance of her (and she had been so angry that they had hardly parted friends at the ball), she could not help thinking of him continually when absent, dwelling on his merit and affection, and longing again for the almost daily meetings they lately had.
  58. Too much stress cannot be laid on the rule that since the Sacred Writings were for the most part the work of men who were commissioned by God in different ways to address the understanding of human beings,—the law shall be observed, in interpreting them, of adhering to the natural and proper meaning of the words which they usually employ.
  59. Instead, the 75% rule assumes that you are diligent and patient enough to enter only trades in which a decent price can be procured—if you enter a limit order adhering to the 75% rule, some of your trades will simply not execute, which you might generally view as a better alternative than entering the position at the worst possible prices.
  60. With such facts before us, can we doubt that the many birds which are annually blown by gales across great spaces of ocean, and which annually migrate—for instance, the millions of quails across the Mediterranean—must occasionally transport a few seeds embedded in dirt adhering to their feet or beaks? But I shall have to recur to this subject.
  61. Sir Charles Lyell informs me that a Dyticus has been caught with an Ancylus (a fresh-water shell like a limpet) firmly adhering to it; and a water-beetle of the same family, a Colymbetes, once flew on board the "Beagle," when forty-five miles distant from the nearest land: how much farther it might have been blown by a favouring gale no one can tell.
  62. He clarified through the verses of the Holy Qur’an that intercession can be achieved only by the believer, and it begins from this world and lasts for him into the afterlife; and that intercession is the binding of one spirit to another, derived from the word ‘couple’, which indicates that a thing binds itself to another, coupling with it and adhering to it.
  63. In stating these facts, and in adhering to them, as my duty imperiously enjoined me to do, in order to repel the frequent charges of ill faith which have been made against His Majesty's Government, I could not imagine that offence would be taken at it by the American Government, as most certainly none could be intended on my part; and this view of the subject has been made known to Mr.
  64. But whom but himself could he blame, if, when common sense demanded only civility and complaisance, she persisted in adhering to the tragic and sentimental? He was provoked that he had not noticed this defect in time to remedy it; yet he had once considered Constance as, perhaps, the completest triumph of his genius! There seemed to be something particularly disenchanting in the atmosphere of that study.
  65. By eternal God! That is the function of the real religious scholar: clarifying the Holy Qur’an, which is the Provider’s declaration for people; teaching them the wisdom of its verses and the lessons hidden behind its stories; instructing them about its laws and commands; and informing them that adhering to It will save them, whereas forsaking It and turning to books that are filled with fabricated sayings will cause them destruction.
  66. As you are aware, the religion of this tribe is about equally divided between the Pagan and Catholic, the former adhering closely to their rites and ceremonies, as for worship and the burial of their dead; and, when standing by, as they render their thanks to the Great Spirit for “our homes,” “our friends,” “our food,” asking His protection “from storms,” “from disease,” and, “when taken into the happy hunting-ground,” to be “found in favor,” etc.
  67. That, in adhering strictly to the obligation we have taken to support the Constitution of the United States, we not only perform a sacred duty to ourselves, but we render a better service to the real and permanent interests of our country than we could possibly render by a departure from that obligation; even though that departure were to avert so serious a calamity as a general bankruptcy—a calamity which, in order to alarm the timid, has been held out as the inevitable consequence of a refusal to renew this charter.
  68. He revealed the reality of intercession, which most of the scholars failed to reach, where they thought it an intercession of unjust mediating through which the noble messenger (cpth) gets whoever he likes out of fire, the matter which incites people to commit sins hoping to be interceded on doomsday, so he clarified through the verses of the Holy Qur’an that intercession is got only by the believer and it begins from this world and lasts for him to the afterlife, and that intercession is binding of a spirit to another, derived from the world (couple), which indicates a thing binds to another and couples with it adhering to it.
  69. He revealed the reality of intercession, which most of the scholars failed to reach, where they thought it an intercession of unjust mediating through which the noble messenger (cpth) gets whoever he likes out of fire, the matter which incites people to commit sins hoping to be interceded on the doomsday, so he clarified through the verses of the Holly Qur'an that intercession is got only by the believer and it begins from this world and lasts for him to the afterlife, and that intercession is binding of a spirit to another, derived from the world (couple), which indicates a thing binds to another and couples with it adhering to it.
  70. Rightly or wrongly, the Hindus have come to believe that the Musalmans are out to multiply themselves with a long-term demographic goal that demonically suits the short-term vote bank politics of the self, or family serving parties! What baffles them is that if checking the country’s population growth is in the national interest, then why do the Congress-led band shies away from encouraging the Musalmans to exercise restraint on the family front? Moreover, the obduracy of the Indian Musalamns in adhering to their personal laws, abandoned even in the Muslim countries, in the Indian secular setting is increasingly earning them the Hindu ill-will in good measure.
  71. Whilst I take pleasure in doing justice to the councils of His Britannic Majesty, which, no longer adhering to the policy which made an abandonment by France of her decrees a prerequisite to a revocation of the British orders, have substituted the amicable course which has issued thus happily, I cannot do less than refer to the proposal heretofore made on the part of the United States, embracing a like restoration of the suspended commerce, as a proof of the spirit of accommodation which has at no time been intermitted, and to the result which now calls for our congratulations, as corroborating the principles by which the public councils have been guided during a period of the most trying embarrassments.
  72. Some gamesome wights will tell you that they have to plant weeds there, they don't grow naturally; that they import Canada thistles; that they have to send beyond seas for a spile to stop a leak in an oil cask; that pieces of wood in Nantucket are carried about like bits of the true cross in Rome; that people there plant toadstools before their houses, to get under the shade in summer time; that one blade of grass makes an oasis, three blades in a day's walk a prairie; that they wear quicksand shoes, something like Laplander snow-shoes; that they are so shut up, belted about, every way inclosed, surrounded, and made an utter island of by the ocean, that to their very chairs and tables small clams will sometimes be found adhering, as to the backs of sea turtles.
  1. They cannot all be adhered to.
  2. Duprina came and adhered to Leonardo.
  3. It is not unpalatable and is adhered.
  4. One says that Constantine adhered to.
  5. This limit will be strictly adhered to.
  6. I always strictly adhered to that no touch policy.
  7. The exact exercise order should also be adhered to.
  8. Mariana, in turn, adhered to one of the demon’s legs.
  9. This law was also adhered to with the crucifixion of Jesus.
  10. I bet the ruling was strictly adhered to through the ages.
  11. I adhered to none of them; I just focused on staying in the boat.
  12. In a preliminary study, overweight individuals who adhered to a.
  13. The criminal adhered exactly, firmly, and clearly to his statement.
  14. This must have an effect, if adhered to, through Spain and Portugal.
  15. This sequence is not, however, necessarily adhered to, but is only a.
  16. One of the conditions that The Boss had adhered to when his offices had.
  17. Although the Well was restored, the final ritual had to be adhered to.
  18. Other princes adhered to this principle, but were not so public about it.
  19. Had I adhered to this principle I could have avoided most of my troubles.
  20. He nearly led us away from our gods, had we not patiently adhered to them.
  21. The Chinese still hold to the same basic values they have always adhered to.
  22. This was the legal form of dress which all women adhered to in previous times.
  23. To facts, as I have become acquainted with them, I have scrupulously adhered.
  24. An example of the inviolable social hierarchy that all adolescents adhered to.
  25. The Greenville Treaty Line was not adhered to by the westward-moving settlers.
  26. The doctrine is only effective if all the following elements are adhered to:-.
  27. This sequence is not, however, necessarily adhered to, but is only a guide, or.
  28. This feeling of gladness never left her, and a strange sense of bliss adhered to her.
  29. Paul was also a Rabbi, who actively sponsored, and vehemently adhered to, the austere.
  30. I have, however, kept my childhood vow and never adhered to any of the above perversions.
  31. I could sense he was annoyed that Dena had not adhered to his warnings from the beginning.
  32. Cameron was just there to inspect and make sure that the gaming laws were being adhered to.
  33. He was already changing the rules he so stridently adhered to in the past by speaking to her.
  34. There were no deaths in the group of 40 cases of atherosclerosis who adhered strictly to the.
  35. Or she imagined it cut into thin, coronal slices, like a deli ham, and adhered to glass slides.
  36. The clear goals and rigid code everyone in it adhered to, fitted perfectly with his personality.
  37. Many of the wedding traditions were adhered to and the celebrations continued late into the night.
  38. If these things are set up properly and adhered to, wealth, over the long term, is just inevitable.
  39. How much it really said if he had understood!—that she adhered with literal exactness to orders.
  40. He then adhered to him like his shadow for nine years, throughout which he was educated as a scholar.
  41. As this latter motive is the more honorable, it ought to be the more scrupulously adhered to and enforced.
  42. And to make time to get through all that lay before him every day, he adhered to the strictest punctuality.
  43. Sheikho always championed the truth and those who adhered to it, and fought against evil and its perpetrators.
  44. What infuriated Ivan more than anything was the aggressive, insolent tone to which Smerdyakov persistently adhered.
  45. I believe almost every measure adopted by the General Government would have had its destined effect if adhered to.
  46. Our rate structure was loosely and unprofessionally defined, and barely adhered to as long as a sale could be made.
  47. Allah adhered the doctorine of monotheism (one God) to wipe out all his standing idols leaving only his black stone.
  48. Unfortunately the scientific method is not adhered to and it is common for tests disproving hypotheses to be ignored.
  49. Jim Boswell’s body fluids have adhered to the hull in the minute surface pits of the sub’s coating, said Max.
  50. There are numerous versions of Tao Te Ching; however, the general principles and guidelines are adhered to in most copies.
  51. He was the most punctual and precise of men, a man who adhered to an unchangeable routine, and habits that lasted for years.
  52. Living in the self-created reality of abstraction, the principle of absolute separation between things is strictly adhered to.
  53. He ensures that scrum theory; principles are adhered and limit the interaction with others (outside team) with team as needed.
  54. The Boy Scouts of America have traditionally adhered to and instilled principles and values in keeping with its (own) stated mission.
  55. Jaggers, you will comprehend, Pip, how rigidly throughout my communication with you, I have always adhered to the strict line of fact.
  56. Mike Biggs may have been a bit obnoxious to me the last time we spoke but at least he was professional and adhered to police procedure.
  57. Yes; I feel now that I was right when I adhered to principle and law, and scorned and crushed the insane promptings of a frenzied moment.
  58. I’ve also heard it said that Thais never take the last bite from the serving bowl but I’m not so sure that custom is adhered to rigidly.
  59. Although I adhered to little of the particulars of the Jewish religion, I did follow, to my shame, the prejudices taught to me from my youth.
  60. For adhered to it involves an absurdity the moment it is tested by the law of antithesis fairly applied—Dobney on Future Punishment, page 197.
  61. It's either a complete mystery or they aren't supposed to be adhered to, and it's just people like the old, you and I that try and follow them all.
  62. In spite of his gentleness he protested with some severity, and, though he ended by joking, he adhered to his int^ention in regard to the foundling.
  63. Her protective suit was charred and blobs of metal adhered to the surface and underneath its skin, she was trembling and shaking but holding it together well.
  64. As he neared Petersburg, Alexey Alexandrovitch not only adhered entirely to his decision, but was even composing in his head the letter he would write to his.
  65. In spite of various very natural temptations to resent and retaliate, Amy adhered to her resolution all the next day, bent on conquering her enemy by kindness.
  66. This deception is so deep within man because of the centuries it’s been adhered too, that so many believe the serpents’ message is truth, we were beguiled.
  67. But if both had gone away, Katerina Ivanovna would have adhered to her resolution, and would have gone on nursing the sick man and sitting by him day and night.
  68. As he neared Petersburg, Alexey Alexandrovitch not only adhered entirely to his decision, but was even composing in his head the letter he would write to his wife.
  69. I have adhered to your diet fanatically, not for my health but in the hope that if I became presentable enough, that wedding ring would disappear from your finger.
  70. While a deficiency judgment may take place, the court will see to it that ‘fair market value’ is adhered to, so the borrower may not have to pay the entire deficit.
  71. These would include ratio writing, ratio spreading, straddle writing, and naked call writing (but only if the rolling for credits follow-up strategy is adhered to).
  72. Taking a handful of these, she arranged them along the lines of the scarlet letter that decorated the maternal bosom, to which the burrs, as their nature was, tenaciously adhered.
  73. I think I also remember a plastic sticker which was adhered to the back that read Wisdom is knowing when to act, I remember I thought that sounded like something Maya would say.
  74. I should also add that I started out with the notion of using no language but the language in use in the first half of the eighteenth century, and to a large extent, I adhered to that rule.
  75. No matter whether the Pharisees taunted him for a sign, or the watchers at Calvary dared him to come down from the cross, he steadfastly adhered to the decision of this hour on the hillside.
  76. And the soldiers wore the girls’ hats, one a tiny yellow straw boater with a bunch of daisies on the crown, the other a white knitted half-hat to which medallions of blue cellophane adhered.
  77. Moreso, when it is revealed that his sword absorbed so much energy from disrupting the Shields of his foes that it’s hilt melted the scales and skin of the hand that grasped it, and adhered.
  78. Operating from a position of strength, therefore, also necessitates that if one is in a position of weakness, then that position must be corrected immediately so that the principle is adhered to.
  79. Mosquito infestation is relative to what area of the world you are visiting; however, the measures are best adhered to regardless especially if you are visiting within foreign sub-tropical regions.
  80. His original plan had been, as he had said, to refrain from bringing her there for some little while—not to wound their prejudices—feelings—in any way; and for other reasons he had adhered to it.
  81. By reading scripture and other historical books of the age, there is no indication that Peter adhered to the organization or institutionalization of the Church, or the ‘so called church’ in any form.
  82. These principles were possibly not reasonable and not good, but they were of unfailing certainty, and so long as he adhered to them, Vronsky felt that his heart was at peace and he could hold his head up.
  83. Bulstrode, in which he stated that he had resumed his arrangements for quitting Middlemarch, and must remind Lydgate of his previous communications about the Hospital, to the purport of which he still adhered.
  84. Some of the most distinguished philosophers of past and present ages have adhered to this line of thought, without surrendering their faith in God as the Supreme and Everlasting Energy and Life of this universe.
  85. With the Temporal Directive once adhered to more rigorously than the Bible to a priest, the question of even speaking to a human – much less risking any influence or interference – would have been beyond the pale.
  86. It has been uniformly my opinion, sir, and still is, that the embargo ought to be adhered to until a majority of the great body of the people of the United States should prefer war itself to a longer continuance of it.
  87. It was difficult to remind himself that winning a war was not always pretty, but orders were to be adhered to no matter what, the prisoners would deplete the much-needed rations and supplies for their forthcoming campaign.
  88. I know of one subaltern officer in the guards who, in 1891, in Berlin, announced to his superiors that he, as a Christian, could not continue his military service, and in spite of all remonstrances and threats he adhered to his resolution.
  89. If he had adhered throughout his speech to this opinion, the question would have been narrowed to the inquiry, by what means shall commerce be protected? He has asserted the adequacy to this purpose of the naval force which we now possess.
  90. No—she adhered to her declaration that she would never be married again, and in the long valley of her life which looked so flat and empty of waymarks, guidance would come as she walked along the road, and saw her fellow-passengers by the way.
  91. He could have been quite wealthy if he had not adopted a principle to which he had adhered for years of knocking off work early and leaving his office at an hour when other men did not,--the friends were obliged to admit that this, at least, seemed sensible.
  92. As such it would perhaps be advisable to adopt something like the second resolution that is under consideration, which, in addition to the embargo, would amount to a complete non-intercourse—which if systematically adhered to must produce the desired effect.
  93. He thought that the Russian people whose task it was to colonize and cultivate vast tracts of unoccupied land, consciously adhered, till all their land was occupied, to the methods suitable to their purpose, and that their methods were by no means so bad as was generally supposed.
  94. She acknowledged the fact that within the Collett Empire there would be no chance for him as the Corporate policy was biased in favour of the advancement of Female executives – the policy laid down by the late Matriarch, Marie, which was, and would always be, strictly adhered to.
  95. Everything has been spoiled, everything muddled, everybody thought they knew better than I did, and now you come to me! How mend matters? There is nothing to mend! The principles laid down by me must be strictly adhered to, said he, drumming on the table with his bony fingers.
  96. It was considered not inconsistent with an honest compliance with our engagements with France, and seemed to be required by that general principle of policy which is adhered to in all free countries, of allowing sufficient notice to its citizens of the commencement of penalties and forfeitures.
  97. Each country had its own way of counting the years, for a King was likely to declare his ascension to the throne as Year 1, or some great battle as the start of the calendar, but even these year numbers were not strictly adhered to, and even the King’s court in various lands would get confused on the year.
  98. Yes, I can remember raking in money by thousands—but most frequently on the twelve, middle numbers, to which I constantly adhered, and which kept appearing in a sort of regular order—first, three or four times running, and then, after an interval of a couple of rounds, in another break of three or four appearances.
  99. But if the new law of relational love and compassion of, doing to others as you would have them do to you (which we will discuss later), had been acknowledged and adhered to by the societal perpetrators of these activities this abominable treatment and abuse from slavery by one human against another might have been prevented.
  100. To wash his soiled hands with a partially consumed tablet of Barrington's lemonflavoured soap, to which paper still adhered, (bought thirteen hours previously for fourpence and still unpaid for), in fresh cold neverchanging everchanging water and dry them, face and hands, in a long redbordered holland cloth passed over a wooden revolving roller.
  1. He adheres to it.
  2. To whom he more adheres.
  3. Wax adheres to the hair and the skin.
  4. This adheres the sheets to the barrel.
  5. Yet, love adheres to no dogma, nor is it legalistic.
  6. The kiss glows in his heart, but the old man adheres to his idea.
  7. To earn for the body and the mind whatever adheres and goes forward.
  8. What could be more simple then John 3: 16? As long as one adheres to.
  9. A sceptic who adheres to a believer is as simple as the law of complementary colors.
  10. Put another sheet phyllo over cheese, pressing firmly so that it adheres to bottom layer.
  11. I have before mentioned that earth occasionally adheres in some quantity to the feet and beaks of birds.
  12. Then on the part of the envelope to which the flap adheres when it is sealed I placed some iron sulphate.
  13. While classical Aristotelian logic adheres to the law of non-contradiction, superposed logic transcends it.
  14. The salt which adheres to it can make it a sharp cutting edge—a danger both to the raft and to your hands.
  15. Every species has a meticulous set of rules it adheres to when they judge their mate and rules to those exceptions.
  16. But how long she adheres in her decision; then one day her old mother insisted her to get married as soon as possible.
  17. As of cattle and sheep: We forbade them their fat, except what adheres to their backs, or the entrails, or what is mixed with bone.
  18. In fact, the true believer completely adheres to execute Al’lah’s Orders, for Al’lah says: Believers, be true to your obligations.
  19. Jackson had really uttered an unfounded insinuation, he here certainly repeats it, because he adheres to all he had before said, and retracts nothing.
  20. Karma is like the vine that gathers strength through uninterrupted years, and which fastens its tendrils so closely that it is as strong as the structure to which it adheres.
  21. Everyone in the dominating group strictly adheres to that meaning perspective because of the inherent threat of the inner prejudice that the dominating click uses to control those within it.
  22. I know it, sir; a young man, who still adheres to my fallen fortunes, passes a part of his time in a belvidere at the top of the house, in hopes of being the first to announce good news to me; he has informed me of the arrival of this ship.
  23. Socrates’ position was instead revisited by Karl Popper, who strongly adheres to Socratic thinking and invites all thinkers, both philosophers and scientists, to become humble in their thinking and their actions and to not assume absolute positions.
  24. If a stock adheres to the Seven-Week Rule then it is prima facie a stock that tends to hold the 10-day moving average; therefore, once it breaks this moving average, it should be sold because it is now changing character by failing to hold the 10-day line.
  25. This debt generally adheres to one of the following criteria: default rates for the particular debt are in the double digit, more debt is accumulated that what can comfortably be paid back; the interest rates of the obligation are subject to discretionary changes.
  26. This antenna, when touched, transmits a sensation or vibration to a certain membrane which is instantly ruptured; this sets free a spring by which the pollen-mass is shot forth, like an arrow, in the right direction, and adheres by its viscid extremity to the back of the bee.
  27. Although the beaks and feet of birds are generally clean, earth sometimes adheres to them: in one case I removed sixty-one grains, and in another case twenty-two grains of dry argillaceous earth from the foot of a partridge, and in the earth there was a pebble as large as the seed of a vetch.
  28. When the bee, thus provided, flies to another flower, or to the same flower a second time, and is pushed by its comrades into the bucket and then crawls out by the passage, the pollen-mass necessarily comes first into contact with the viscid stigma, and adheres to it, and the flower is fertilised.
  29. The Bible expends one chapter on the final setting of the earth in order as man’s abode, the last of the animal ascending series, the first of the sub-angelic, and two chapters on his loss of eternal life by sin; and then adheres closely to man's work and business under the sun, his history, his destiny, throughout its remaining pages.
  30. The modern field theory that adheres to more materialistic views of the nature of ether designated it by the term “physical vacuum” and began to consider it as the so-called “nonexcited condition of field matter” — the focal point of virtual (it seems to me that it’s better to call them — flaks, that is, no longer “physical” elementary, but superuniversal particles of flaks Fields-Consciousnesses that belong to a resopason with a higher dimension) particles that are constantly “born” for short instants and immediately “disappear”.
  31. What could be more simple then John 3: 16? As long as one adheres to this verse,.

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