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Observe en una oración (en ingles)

  1. She did not observe Mr.
  2. As you may observe, Mr.
  3. Learn and observe they did.
  4. I no longer need to observe.
  5. I observe him in the mirror.

  6. Observe that I told no one.
  7. I will observe the exercise.
  8. Observe what you have heard.
  9. I use the time to observe him.
  10. Start to observe the flow of.
  11. When we observe deviation in.
  12. Clare continued to observe her.
  13. I resolved to wait and observe.
  14. It is interesting to observe.
  15. Observe the old Spanish houses.

  16. Observe your sponsor in action.
  17. Surly the capacity to observe.
  18. If you observe stars with a 81.
  19. And choose to observe the Earth.
  20. But I beg you to observe that Mr.
  21. Just keep at it and observe all.
  22. Credit watched the bird observe.
  23. I could not observe any element.
  24. They do nothing else but observe.
  25. One may observe the majority of.

  26. Once more observe the agile grace.
  27. Observe it without reacting to it.
  28. Sit with your guilt and observe it.
  29. How to observe the Shape of Curves.
  30. Observe all of this middle finger.
  31. We observe exactly the same today.
  32. He would take his time to observe.
  33. He will just observe, that’s all.
  34. To observe this discrepancy, note.
  35. The first may observe an attribute.
  36. They’re trained to observe body.
  37. It is the failure to observe this.
  38. The men observe the Rules of Thought.
  39. It creates patterns you can observe.
  40. Everything the NDErs observe while.
  41. She seemed to observe me attentively.
  42. People saw, but they did not observe.
  43. You have only to observe them for a.
  44. The committee would observe, that Mr.
  45. How to observe patterns of behaviors:.
  46. Let’s observe just a few examples:.
  47. An outcome is something we can observe.
  48. They scrupulously observe in addition.
  49. I would observe how he could keep his.
  50. But do you observe the reason of this?
  51. Just observe, and respond…based on a.
  52. Observe the presence of the pile driver.
  53. Orphenn dared not observe anything else.
  54. N ow out of the forest, you observe the.
  55. So, you’re in constant test, observe.
  56. Since that day Aanya started to observe.
  57. Observe the brevity of the Jesus Prayer.
  58. You will wait, stay hidden, and observe.
  59. Observe prices where more volume is done.
  60. By this we cannot but observe that not.
  61. I took particular care to observe that.
  62. Third: the Book of Laws must he observe.
  63. We first observe occupants that require.
  64. What is this call? Sit still and observe.
  65. You need to listen and observe, then be.
  66. Lot of building going on, as you observe.
  67. In this case, we are testing to observe.
  68. Observe the scene of unbelievable mayhem.
  69. And I’m going to observe your reactions.
  70. This is because they do not observe with.
  71. He should observe that all that had been.
  72. As I could readily observe, there really.
  73. Learn to Observe Your Patterns of Behavior.
  74. Morel's small figure seemed not to observe.
  75. The two men began to strictly observe the.
  76. Still failing to observe his treachery, Mr.
  77. The worst is that they do not observe what.
  78. The priest would observe inmates stealing.
  79. I did not observe her at first, nor did Mr.
  80. So observe the end of those who were warned.
  81. Brows furrowed and eyes squinted to observe.
  82. This viewpoint fails to observe the obvious.
  83. Send Allman in to observe what is going on.
  84. What to observe when writing a moving review.
  85. All Israel had been gathered to observe this.
  86. Observe where in your body your inhale begins.
  87. They want to observe you in safety and secrecy.
  88. Let us observe the troll folk from a distance.
  89. You should not think it over, just observe.
  90. From his hideaway he would observe life below.
  91. Observe that irritable phrase about formality.
  92. Observe the attention to details of dustspecks.
  93. Observe how God delivered his message to Israel.
  94. Kareem began to observe all that was around him.
  95. From what I can observe, without having any.
  96. As far as I could observe, she was capable of.
  97. Observe how the kids interact with one another.
  98. In meantime, we had the possibility to observe.
  99. I went there frequently to observe their habits.
  100. The camp commander will show up soon to observe.
  1. He was observing me with.
  2. As I was observing Maiden.
  3. Tammas sat near by, observing.
  4. The one of a mother observing.
  5. The act of observing cannot be.
  6. I saw that Aspen was observing me.
  7. Only by observing the effect of.
  8. Observing the situation for some.
  9. The doctor was there observing her.
  10. He is now behind his body observing.
  11. We’re just observing human nature.
  12. The level 5 self is an observing self.
  13. The dog, observing this treacherous.
  14. The other ship was also observing the.
  15. More than that, God observing the sin.
  16. As I sat there observing, within some.
  17. They stand off at a distance, observing.
  18. Checking there was no one observing, he.
  19. Sally, meanwhile, was observing our lunch.
  20. Observing the situation from a different.
  21. Glacia is among them, observing the drill.
  22. By observing the rings around the planets.
  23. He persisted in observing it and flew back.
  24. Observing her but not hearing her, Steve.
  25. Ziegler had been observing the firefighters.
  26. It’s easily verified by observing their.
  27. Gāndhiji was always observing and analyzing.
  28. That Monk-Key 1 was observing the pictogram.
  29. Jed was there, too, observing the proceedings.
  30. While observing this object, try to be present.
  31. He was observing them as how they were behaving.
  32. Gauging risk by observing the behavior of the.
  33. What is obvious from observing many businesses.
  34. The Gauguin was close, observing Jacob intently.
  35. We have one person who is observing the current.
  36. I enjoyed observing the antics of the youngsters.
  37. Several bands were present observing the band on.
  38. Observing inwardly… and outwardly: with a sense.
  39. The Eye was closely observing it through the sight.
  40. Thorne turned his head both ways, observing the room.
  41. When observing the shape of a pile of stones at dusk.
  42. His eyes paused on a girl who was not observing him.
  43. Most of the squirrels were on treetops observing the.
  44. Meanwhile, even I was also staring and observing him.
  45. And you and the council have been observing our play.
  46. Jay was staggered, but in ear shot, simply observing.
  47. Upon observing the closeness of Samantha and Olin, Mr.
  48. Spock had been observing Tammas as he stared out the.
  49. Observing that they themselves did not touch them, I.
  50. Two stay inside the gunship floating around observing.
  51. The lads spent several more minutes observing the women.
  52. Observing the dynamic and visual Akashic records would.
  53. The instructor walked slowly around the room observing.
  54. They developed an enjoyment observing pain vicariously.
  55. Observing just how small his own part in the struggle.
  56. With the boys observing, listening and taking it all in.
  57. They don’t recognize that the Brain is observing them.
  58. Tom couldn't help observing the quiet manner in which Mr.
  59. He walked in, observing the tall ceiling and large space.
  60. He stopped on observing his error: his cousin flew to him.
  61. They both turned, observing as a waitress approached the.
  62. Calm it by observing any tension within and dissolving it.
  63. I laughed in turn, observing her from the corner of my eye.
  64. With quite an audience observing, I accepted the money, a.
  65. He stopped, on observing his error; his cousin flew to him.
  66. Observing his hesitation, some of the men began to snigger.
  67. Observing the two boys, this was the last thing he expected.
  68. People learn by observing the leaders, imitate, and follow.
  69. For a pleasurable moment, he lingered, observing the fabric.
  70. I have been observing the persecution of Dr Bradshaw on TV.
  71. Neither was the first time that The Book was observing her.
  72. Observing this, the four men advanced cautiously towards it.
  73. Credit realized that he was observing the scene as she spoke.
  74. In fact, once they start observing how they feel, they’ll.
  75. Coreema seemed fascinated as though she was observing it too.
  76. Observing a refrain of activities that suggests a structured.
  77. He much enjoyed observing how a Jew conducted his family life.
  78. A pale blue unicorn stood to one side, observing the activity.
  79. You’re just observing and lending extra oomph to the ritual.
  80. It's true, a trait that I learned through observing my Father.
  81. Clare remained observing them—not without their observing him.
  82. The Patriarch had stopped observing the movement of the armies.
  83. I noticed she was observing my reactions with a certain tension.
  84. Observing the youth’s alarm Stephen decided to force the issue.
  85. The new girl, who I have taken little notice of, is observing me.
  86. He noticed Kitara observing his hands and he let go of the grips.
  87. He spins slowly half way around observing the height of the city.
  88. By observing the averages over five years for the three leading.
  89. What I was observing was the actual deterioration of the city at.
  90. Listening and observing how he works with the press is legendary.
  91. But plainly observing that it was in vain, she sighed and nodded.
  92. But Mei Yinxue and Ye Manqing who was observing by the side knew.
  93. Observing the desires, which spring up in a fl ash, put an end to.
  94. We who are creating our lives and the "we" who are observing this.
  95. But there are those observing from above who are here to help you.
  96. He passed it to her without enthusiasm, absently observing her as.
  97. Only at the end did my observing and feeling states come together.
  98. The observing self still believes in its own independent existence.
  99. A cloud of gray matter hovered above them, observing as they slept.
  100. He knew this to be so after years of observing the Bureau chase Mr.
  1. It was observed by L.
  2. It is observed by Mr.
  3. I observed as we rode.
  4. That is what I observed.
  5. It is to be observed, Mr.
  6. That much he had observed.
  7. I have observed his face.
  8. It can be observed in Fig.
  9. It has been observed that.
  10. This was observed in yoga.
  11. He observed it a good while.
  12. He observed me with surprise.
  13. I have also observed their.
  14. Hal observed it for a moment.
  15. She had observed him closely.
  16. The holiday was observed by.
  17. While doing so, he observed M.
  18. We only observed it for a few.
  19. He carefully observed her face.
  20. He too observed the stains in.
  21. And that is good, he observed.
  22. It should be observed, that Mr.
  23. I've often observed that with.
  24. This may be observed as having.
  25. This is observed with two facts.
  26. He has no tongue, Dunk observed.
  27. If anybody had observed that Mr.
  28. He observed Picard watching him.
  29. Kevin observed them as they left.
  30. This can be observed in Figure 4.
  31. Two thoughts are to be observed.
  32. And mandibles, the lady observed.
  33. No men at all could be observed.
  34. Cole observed, that a character.
  35. Jack observed two open and five.
  36. Only two casks, he observed.
  37. Ket observed over their shoulders.
  38. Garcia observed the Borg and was.
  39. And I have observed Doctor Neruds.
  40. Scientists have long observed that.
  41. Philippe also observed their arrival.
  42. Because as Erik correctly observed.
  43. One peculiarity was observed in him.
  44. Thus, the observed confidence that.
  45. The process is observed and recorded.
  46. Only their effects could be observed.
  47. Not much though, Carroll observed.
  48. Roidon observed himself in the mirror.
  49. I observed on this night in June 1969.
  50. Rathos observed the boulder curiously.
  51. The greatest precaution was observed.
  52. He observed all the Jewish festivals.
  53. I have often observed that those who.
  54. There’s no knife, he observed.
  55. And these the attentive maid observed.
  56. Brave chap, observed the Captain.
  57. He observed something resolute in my.
  58. Some authors have observed that many.
  59. Clearly identify what is being observed.
  60. It observed with its hand on its sword.
  61. Her program observed things from many.
  62. The change in size can be observed as.
  63. One prominent Indian leader observed:.
  64. Traditional holidays shall be observed.
  65. Such eff ects can be observed in many.
  66. As observed by Leadbeater, the 3dimen-.
  67. Arrenberg observed his patient carefully.
  68. John withdrew without having observed me.
  69. This is the manner often observed in Dan.
  70. I have observed all the basic courtesies.
  71. That’s not new, is it, I observed.
  72. The killer was also observed exiting the.
  73. This discrepancy can best be observed by.
  74. They observed only four services a day -.
  75. When the breath is observed step by step.
  76. That looks like a grave, he observed.
  77. A quark has never been observed in nature.
  78. I observed it from the angle of the window.
  79. As they observed me, in a sign of things.
  80. I noticed that Aspen observed him intently.
  81. During the meal Tom observed Zach and Will.
  82. They observed the lips but it did not move.
  83. I observed he was hoarse on Thursday night.
  84. He observed the three men as they came to.
  85. However, Longleaf observed another problem.
  86. Have you observed that who forbids;.
  87. A watchman had observed her go and return.
  88. I see the child, observed the minister.
  89. It was a contagious habit, she had observed.
  90. He was looking mighty handsome she observed.
  91. Instead, she observed the others who waited.
  92. Lewis properly observed that ―Democratic.
  93. This can be observed in all aspects of life.
  94. He observed her dreaminess and preoccupation.
  95. Woods had observed it there when she waited.
  96. One could have observed this process on the.
  97. The basic conventions must still be observed.
  98. What she observed and heard from the captain.
  99. That's the Machinma logo, Punk observed.
  100. He observed Surendra’s hair was decreasing.
  1. Yarosh observes that Th e.
  2. The man who observes this tree.
  3. For from His eminence He observes all.
  4. Your mind observes the man and tries to.
  5. He quickly observes all that is about him.
  6. Does he think that none observes him!.
  7. Does he think that none observes him?!.
  8. Does he not know that Al’lah observes?
  9. TK runs to the bathroom mirror and observes a very.
  10. Balance relies on so many things, he observes.
  11. If the investor observes a state that is conducive to.
  12. And Joel observes that God dwells in His Holy Mountain;.
  13. She observes that Kyoshiro has the same lunch as I have.
  14. A Saint is somebody who observes the boundaries of Al’lah.
  15. Sometimes the priest observes for himself, and sometimes the.
  16. Plasma metaphysics observes that the centre of the magma body.
  17. BIDDY THE CLAP: One immediately observes that he is of patrician lineage.
  18. The writer Muravchik observes that Socialism has a religious fervor to it.
  19. The operator ends the process when he observes the cremation to be complete.
  20. If one observes this ceremony with the sight of the causal body, one sees the.
  21. Music, observes Constant, had lost its power over his disordered spirit.
  22. And, as Teachout observes, in the universities they have both tenure and patience.
  23. Niketas Stethatos observes that compunction begets humility and humility compunction.
  24. Waiter observes guests during meal period, approaches the guests table with a smile.
  25. A speculator, therefore, is a person who observes and acts before [the future] occurs.
  26. His neighbor observes, You know, it's probably better that you can't see this stuff.
  27. There is one Lord, or God, or Supreme Creator that then observes these Creators and 101.
  28. In the middle of the grass one observes an uprooted tree-bole which lies there all verdant.
  29. Most would agree, Gelernter observes, that innocent human life must not be taken unless.
  30. That is not an invitation to invest as soon as the analyst observes a lower LTD/CAP for one.
  31. Buffett observes that the trouble with most people is that they become infected by the mood of Mr.
  32. The 2008 election, Henninger observes, was about a long-term change in America’s idea of itself.
  33. Indeed, if a person observes this fruit and thinks about its pollination and formation, they will be amazed!.
  34. Indeed, if man observes this fruit and thinks of the way of its pollination and formation, he will be mazed!.
  35. Richard sagaciously saw, as Jussieu observes, that this genus should still be retained among the Malpighiaceae.
  36. LITTRÉ, ni, 1°, observes that the instances he quotes are in verse, but that they might be imitated in prose.
  37. Peloponnesians, Thucydides observes, generally left the field in the summer, and returned home to reap the harvest.
  38. He observes and watches over those who assist you and makes any necessary corrections concerning those who assist you.
  39. Periodically he observes those who watch over you, and makes any necessary corrections concerning those who assist you.
  40. What is the ultimate achievement of modern man? A useless creature; that perches on a seat: and observes; without using arms.
  41. The Faustian bargain JFK made, the Bell observes, has smothered government at state and local as well as federal levels.
  42. Using his electrical microscope, Harry observes the cell of the pig sample duplicates as soon as the JF-31 cell combines with it.
  43. He observes, your Gnaphalium is certainly not the luteo-album of Muhlenberg, which may not strictly be a native, but introduced.
  44. The body, however, was but a pompous trifle, and I had for many a day held his observes and admonishments in no very reverential.
  45. Speaker, there is a great rule of human conduct, which he who honestly observes cannot err widely from the path of his sought duty.
  46. There is no necessary clash, no dichotomy between man’s reason and his emotions—provided he observes their proper relationship.
  47. The young monk observes all of this and he nears the woman, but he is incapable of saying even one word of comfort or to offer his help.
  48. Monroe historian Charles Casillo astutely observes, It was part of the schizophrenic, contradictory view she had of herself at the time.
  49. As Professor Hudson soundly observes, 'It was not Christ’s general custom to oppose particular errors by explicit mention and condemnation.
  50. Amir Aczel observes that in quantum mechanics we have to abandon the quotidian ‘either-or’ logic in favour of the new ‘both-and’ logic.
  51. A scientist observes the laws of Nature, experiments in his laboratory, investigates, infers and draws exact conclusions from his observations.
  52. Seated in a corner like an interested student who observes the demonstration of his professor, I followed every step of that remarkable research.
  53. If he observes this universe attentively and studies it carefully, he will feel glorification and awe and derive the advantages of the admonition.
  54. Also interestingly, regarding this film, James Haspiel observes, [In this film] Marilyn is as close to being her off-screen self as she ever was.
  55. Good! Bless you! Now, as there's nothing likètaking time by the fetlock', as Winkle characteristically observes, allow me to present the new member.
  56. In such cases, their guardian angel simply observes their life and works on placing their chosen lessons in their path for them to learn and experience.
  57. Russian mathematician Igor Shafarevich observes in his book The Socialist Phenomenon that socialism has existed throughout history in one form or another.
  58. The Party has survived, Steele observes, only through its having captured black resentment of past white injustice as the chief source of its power.
  59. It observes the stock prices over the past, whether that be a month, a day or even an hour in order to determine the next likely change in the stock price.
  60. It differs only in that it is smaller, attracts fewer tourists, and observes an even slower pace than the tortoise-like march through time observed in Chauita.
  61. At this time the horse seller appears and he observes the horse in harness to the plow and the large extent of plowed acreage and the good farmer resting upon it.
  62. The line work will help the accuracy with which he observes the shapes of masses, and when he comes to light and shade his knowledge of tone values will help him here.
  63. Unlike normal waking awareness which intensely measures the environment, the meditative mind observes but does not carry-out any strong measurements of the environment.
  64. And when you do it, then you begin to feel a clear division of soul and thought: the soul located inside of you and the soul located above the jug that observes the process.
  65. Andrew Ferguson, a senior editor at The Weekly Standard, observes that, while neuroscience can tell us that such things can be done, it cannot say whether they should be done.
  66. Marshall observes, the United States require positively that their seamen who are not British subjects, whether born in America or elsewhere, shall be exempt from impressment.
  67. He observes in a footnote that within the world community, the imposition of the death penalty for crimes committed by mentally retarded offenders is overwhelmingly disapproved.
  68. Mr Hume observes, that in the Saxon times, the fleece was estimated at two-fifths of the value of the whole sheep and that this was much above the proportion of its present estimation.
  69. While the play of the music and colors causes specific psychological reactions in the one who observes it (in the information space of the Self-Consciousness of a particular personality).
  70. With success may come the arrogance of intellect as Berlinski relates, When Richard Dawkins observes that genes ‘created us body and mind’ he is appealing essentially to a magical connection.
  71. The Daily Bell Newswire in an article titled, The Fall of the House of Kennedy, observes that Obama and the Democratic Party are caught in a trap of their own making from which they cannot escape.
  72. Nationally syndicated columnist Michael Barone observes in The Washington Times that, though he basks in the adulation of nearly the entire mainstream media, Obama whines about his coverage on Fox News.
  73. The Self-Consciousness of each Form that observes it and inhabits these multidimensional Levels will always perceive the different-qualitative dynamics of its manifestation in its own fashion, individually.
  74. In his book Not with A Bang But A Whimper: The Politics and Culture of Decline Dalrymple observes that when a population becomes dependent on government for the needs, and even the whims of life, it becomes.
  75. British philosopher Roger Scruton observes in an American Spectator article that there has never been a more effective means of cutting off a whole people from its inheritance of moral and spiritual capital.
  76. Columnist John Derbyshire observes that scientists working in an atmosphere heavily polluted by politics get their heads stuffed with all the sub-Marxist and ethno-masochist flapdoodle of the modern academy.
  77. Froude observes that even in relation to historical facts the attraction of theological opinion is such as to hinder men of the utmost capacity from seeing or admitting what is obvious to all less partial examiners.
  78. This he does once he observes the 200-day moving average of the S&P 500 advance 1 percent from whatever low it makes after the drop of at least 20 percent that has encouraged the growth of a bearish stock market crowd.
  79. If you have believed in Al’lah who dominates the heaven with its constellation and steers all this universe, remember then the Doomsday when you will stand between the Hands of this Grand Creator who observes everything.
  80. Lastly, he has his own fauna, which he observes attentively in the corners; the lady-bird, the death's-head plant-louse, the daddy-long-legs, "the devil," a black insect, which menaces by twisting about its tail armed with two horns.
  81. Since both the RTS and CTS messages contain the Duration/ID value, any other system on the network receiving either one of the two observes the reservation and refrains from trying to transmit its own data during that time interval.
  82. Eric Chevlen, a practitioner of medical oncology and pain medicine, observes that the rigors of the scientific method are seen by the advocates of political correctness to be a devaluation of the values of the feminist movement.
  83. Gilla appears to understand at least in part what I am going through – heaven forefend that she should truly understand! She casually observes a couple of times how unpredictable Berndt is, how he frequently disappears without warning.
  84. As Villefort observes, it is a great act of folly to have left such a man between Corsica, where he was born, and Naples, of which his brother-in-law is king, and face to face with Italy, the sovereignty of which he coveted for his son.
  85. A trader who observes a stock, index or other security trading within a range would typically place a stop order to buy in order to effect an entry into a new (long) position when the price breaks out through the upper bound of the range.
  86. In the previous book he had made the distinction between necessary and unnecessary pleasure, which is repeated by Aristotle, and he now observes that there are a further class of 'wild beast' pleasures, corresponding to Aristotle's (Greek).
  87. To outline and simplify the issue we give the following example: when a viewer watches a magician who is about to stab himself with skewers, he directs his spirit (his conscious self) wholly toward the magician, and questioningly observes to see what will happen.
  88. However, relative to anyone who observes it, the same “Field” may have only a subjective manifestation of Consciousness, the one which will be imposed on the dynamics of this “Field” by an explanation of its properties from the point of view of the Observer.
  89. If, observing himself, man sees that his will is always directed by one and the same law (whether he observes the necessity of taking food, using his brain, or anything else) he cannot recognize this never-varying direction of his will otherwise than as a limitation of it.
  90. Assistant editorial page editor at the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger, observes that in the 2008 election the Democrats’ oft stated intent to change the economic policies of the last eight years of the Bush administration is but a hint of their real intentions.
  91. Recommended in the present example would be to establish four different blocks (you observe in the morning, you observe in the afternoon, your assistant observes in the morning, your assistant observes in the afternoon) and to replicate the experiment separately in each block.
  92. In this letter, the Secretary, speaking of the enormous duties which have been mentioned, observes: If, then, for the revoked decrees, municipal laws, producing the same commercial effect, have been substituted; the mode only, and not the measure, have undergone an alteration.
  93. One observes, however, that zealous Calvinists are often indifferent to the moral credibility of their doctrines, because it is thought that predestination will secure the 'faith, of the elect, and the honest moral difficulties of the non-elect are of no consequence to any one.
  94. Mr Kalm, the Swedish traveller, when he gives an account of the husbandry of some of the English colonies in North America, as he found it in 1749, observes, accordingly, that he can with difficulty discover there the character of the English nation, so well skilled in all the different branches of agriculture.
  95. That great chemist observes, When very small conducting surfaces are used for conveying very large quantities of electricity, they become ignited; and of the different conductors that have been compared, charcoal is most easily heated by electrical discharges,[78] next iron, platina, gold, then copper, and lastly, zinc.
  96. For as God lives and as the Lord Jesus Christ lives and the Holy Spirit the confidence and hope of the elect he who observes in humility with earnest obedience and repining not the ordinances and commands given by God he shall be reckoned and counted in the number of those who are saved by Jesus Christ through whom is there to him glory world without end.
  97. Murray observes, have not as yet been found anywhere except in caves; yet those which inhabit the several caves of Europe and America are distinct; but it is possible that the progenitors of these several species, while they were furnished with eyes, may formerly have ranged over both continents, and then have become extinct, excepting in their present secluded abodes.
  98. Conscience is understood as an (internalized) set of morals and values whose critical references, in whatever manner obtained and (assimilated), must necessarily enhance or diminish an individual‘s sense of guilt or other such feelings and emotions proceeding from that individual‘s private understanding of right and wrong or good and evil; that is to say, how that individual observes (external) events and assimilates the information that it receives.
  99. Rush, with his usual ingenuity, explains the prevalence of this complaint in our sea-ports, by attributing it to the mixture of land and sea air; and in confirmation observes, that those situations which are in the neighbourhood of bays and rivers, where the fresh and salt waters mix their streams together, are more unfavourable to consumptive patients than the seashore, and therefore should be more carefully avoided by them in exchanging city for country air.
  100. A much more sober and judicious writer, Mr Anderson, author of the Historical and Chronological Deduction of Commerce, very justly observes, that upon examining the accounts which Mr Dobbs himself has given for several years together, of their exports and imports, and upon making proper allowances for their extraordinary risk and expense, it does not appear that their profits deserve to be envied, or that they can much, if at all, exceed the ordinary profits of trade.

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