Oraciones con la palabra "backbreaking"

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Backbreaking en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was backbreaking.
2. Coffee growing is backbreaking work.
3. They don’t put the same backbreaking.
4. This saves you the backbreaking job of weeding.
5. The fear of slaves who were not constantly burdened and laden with backbreaking work was born.
6. Using them to dig is backbreaking work, and it takes several hours to show very little in the way of results.
7. There was a burst of applause and general merriment throughout the cavern, as backbreaking slaps by warriors abounded as they anticipated meeting new females.

8. Arrow straight, the tunnel led up into a backbreaking climb that taxed the horses so we walked beside them and it made our calves ache and my breathing falter.
9. For ten to eleven hours a day, seven days a week, Omori’s enlisted POWs did backbreaking labor at shipyards, railyards, truck-loading stations, a sandpit, and a coalyard.
10. To this date: every elite is not comfortable unless all the masses of their enslaved populations are working every day, hard… at some backbreaking, menial, degrading toil.

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