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Grueling en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was a slow and grueling task.
2. It was grueling but very rewarding.
3. The test was easy after the grueling.
4. It was grueling, boring, and a real killer.
5. After months of grueling litigation, it was.
6. There would be no more grueling training runs.
7. Lately, his most grueling tasks had involved deskwork.

8. It was grueling trundling a newborn on a ship like this.
9. All that grueling work had been done in a raging storm.
10. It was the end of the fifth day, grueling and agonizing.
11. After hours of grueling labor, I finally got the ramp made.
12. The last week had felt like a grueling year to say the least.
13. Thursday was a grueling day for Joseph and the probation office.
14. It was February 25th, 1990, when he underwent the grueling six-.
15. After the grueling divorce, I was able to forgive him because I saw.
16. It is hard, grueling and chal enging, but the results are worth it!.
17. It is a grueling field, where you end up working weekends, and odd hours.
18. It's grueling work and the pay is rotten, considering the hours invested.
19. This route is not as grueling as the one we took before, said Rodnik.
20. I had been soaked in sweat, as if I had just come through a grueling ordeal.
21. The month it took to get here was grueling and there was little food available.
22. After the third practice Sammy sidled up to young Joe Billie after a grueling workout.
23. I didn’t spend a great length of time there and missed out on the grueling summer heat.
24. Cutting your selection down can be a grueling process, but it should also be exciting as.
25. It’s not even close, Dante told me in that first long, grueling session in Riverhead.
26. But the mountain warfare had been so grueling that the Allied units were depleted and exhausted.
27. Admittedly, a lot of in-and-out trading can be psychology grueling for the trader who hates to be wrong.
28. In two grueling four-hour sessions we covered the basics of chart reading, candlesticks, and trend trading.
29. In those twenty five grueling minutes, the physical pain was so incredible it left him breathless at many points.
30. He loved this about her—her fierce determination—but he also feared for her as their exodus had been grueling.
31. The life of a musician – or any artist for that matter – is a grueling one with the travel, concerts and lodging.
32. The hope that her father was still alive was the only thing that had kept her alive this past, particularly grueling month.
33. Except for that grueling ordeal under the Ice Bank at the South Pole, we had never felt better, neither Ned, Conseil, nor I.
34. Charles Chakely and Jezzie had both been willing to trade information about Maggie Rose during the last grueling thirty-six hours.
35. I gave up in a sweat after thirty grueling minutes, but Jill, pumping without pause, went on at a mad pace for the full forty-five.
36. The labor was extremely grueling; according to POW Tom Wade, each man at the Tokyo railyards lifted a total of twenty to thirty tons of material a day.
37. For approximately five hours of grueling patience, tilting his watch and reading the same articles, he sat in various chairs near the baggage carousels.
38. Her crew had faced a grueling, epic battle to keep her afloat, and from the preliminary damage survey, it seemed likely she was beyond repair this time.
39. In 1930 he accompanied Wegener on the grueling journey from Western Station to Eismitte where two scientists, Ernst Sorge and Johannes Georgi, were camped.
40. After hauling up the pots and completing all of the most grueling tasks, the crew had begun to bask in their communal sense of accomplishment and good cheer.
41. We hardly ever stopped, and only to relieve ourselves (me in ditches and behind bushes), and though I thought myself tough as cat gut, the pace was grueling.
42. The same people who obviously had been the architects of both schemes endured grueling questioning yet, to his immense relief, not one revealed his operation.
43. The natural pleas for mercy, felt as though, the pain that he had endured for eight grueling months shifted back to where it belonged, where it was meant to be.
44. The schedules and training inflicted on her by Ravena and Elenir had been nearly twenty-four/seven and extraordinarily grueling since being accepted by the Elf as crew.
45. It was an army-style boot camp for out-of-control kids with a punishing regimen of predawn six-mile runs, grueling calisthenics, tasteless food, and big, bullying boys.
46. Alice had asked me several times about the possibility of meeting Joan, but I kept putting her off because I couldn’t face another grueling trip across the Sonora desert.
47. You have dared to protest against the grueling bondage of institutional religion and to reject the authority of the traditions of record which are now regarded as the word of God.
48. As I pointed out, I may have sung in various choruses, but I never did it solo, played an instrument or was on the road; I thus avoided the grueling concert scene and boredom of endless motels.
49. Meanwhile, after a grueling hour of negotiations that sounded more like demands and capitulations, Frank exited the Best Burgers headquarters to find two pea-green Yugos resting on their sides.
50. They were a practical couple, and when it became obvious that Mel would be late and tired after the grueling drive across the Victoria Bridge, Ed suggested that he take over the duties of homemaking.
51. The challenges of becoming a trader are similar in many ways to those faced by doctors, lawyers, or engineers in that a period of education is followed by a grueling period of apprenticeship and on-the-job training.
52. There could be no doubt about what the gesture signified—Terence Underwood’s grueling, slow suffocation and those final moments when Death approached the unwilling soul that hysterically attempted to escape the end.
53. I could not complain however, as I found the business fascinating and I was having fun, despite the grueling task of enduring life as a rookie broker trying to drum up new accounts and obtain a foothold in the business.
54. He had volunteered a lot more than he should have in the conversation, but he had just finished a grueling day of studying the desert, if anything he was helping his credibility by describing something of the planet he knew.
55. Later, after a grueling three hour debriefing by unidentified black-suited government types who never gave or asked for names, back at his home, they sat unwinding after the most incredible day either of them could ever remember experiencing.
56. It took thirty minutes more of cajoling, threatening, screaming at Marqueza, thirty grueling minutes in which Carroll’s voice turned hoarse and his face red, thirty minutes during which his shirt stuck to his sweaty body, before Isabella Marqueza finally stood and shouted at him.
57. Right, don’t try anything tricky like last time, you’re going in for a hearing, then an indictment, then another hearing, then a formal reading of the latest version of the Treaty of Manderbatt, any new suggestions more than welcome, then a cross hearing, then a formal hearing, then a trial, then a verdict, then a mandatory sentencing, then an even more mandatory re-evaluation of said sentencing, then a mistrial, then a re-trial, then a re-assessment of the whole process under the newest revisions to the Treaty of Manderbatt, then lunch, for us of course, not you; then a grueling 14 day re-enactment of the whole ordeal so far for Kroonum Zoo Legal Wars – Series 19987.

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