Oraciones con la palabra "gruelling"

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Gruelling en una oración (en ingles)

1. Most died on the long, cold gruelling trip.
2. The males have endured a gruelling winter sea-.
3. Anyway, the injured Zomboid held out for a gruelling.
4. Overcast, it set the mood for a gruelling turn in the saddle.
5. These trips are quite long and gruelling for the animals in.
6. The second list consisted of a gruelling six hour session of.
7. With a gruelling day ahead, she headed off to shower and dress.

8. The final bout of fireworks was a gruelling for both champions.
9. The most gruelling campaign in the history of Indian elections was over.
10. I was sent out to other specialists, and hospitalised for gruelling tests.
11. The place was a rest billet, which we had just reached after a gruelling on the Somme.
12. They competed in the gruelling national circuit that took them to the four corners of Ireland.
13. It was a Thursday night and Raven and Seraphia had returned home after a gruelling karate session.
14. Also she had to participate in the ABC news programme, and this was a very gruelling task indeed.
15. Both teams come to the end of a gruelling and competitive season and both teams have 3 games left to play.
16. The forced march from the capital had been gruelling, but they just had to keep pushing on, as to fall behind was to die.
17. Andrew, being a few years older than John, had ensured that his training at police college was gruelling, but John made it.
18. When a trainee warrior attains his final Su-Katii rank after the gruelling years of training, the Ceremony of the War Lords is held.
19. Neither was hungry, but Rudolph felt the need to get away for a change of scene following a gruelling sixty minutes with Karl Vidich.
20. They all deserved to be home in their beds after weeks of gruelling activity, but with those tiring minds there was no thought of concession.
21. A battalion of the London Regiment had been having a particularly gruelling time in the trenches, but some of the men were cheered with thoughts of impending leave.
22. As the years of training went by inside the Temple of War, Barrad discovered that the world outside had hardly moved on and yet inside Barrad had achieved several lifetimes of gruelling tasks.

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