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Race en una oración (en ingles)

Now it was a race.
Life is a race, too.
It was like a race.
Race to be the winner.
They were a race of.
My place in the race.
At the end of the race.

Her mind began to race.
My heart began to race.
Go! thy race will not.
His heart began to race.
The race is your growth.
Jeeps began to race by.
It's all her race knows.
The Winners of The Race.
Her heart began to race.
My blood started to race.
The race of Brahma comes.
The race never ends the.
He told them of the race.
A new race about to begin.
Last of his name and race.
His dream of a pure race.
We never won another race.
We do not choose our race.
That hides behind the race.
Another of that proud race.
It is the Red Queen's race.
And those who race swiftly.
They truly are a lost race.
A race can’t free itself.
The race was about to begin.
That race was quite a sight.
That wasn’t a real race.
Four of them were mixed race.
That name made her heart race.
Slow and steady wins the race.
A town destroyed; a race won.
The race takes place over 35.
On the screen was a car race.
My heart was racing now.
The ebb was racing out.
It was strong and racing.
His heart was stil racing.
Foot racing? No good either.
Inside, his mind was racing.
What was left was racing away.
I could feel his heart racing.
His smile had her pulse racing.
They were racing side by side.
Kay looked down, her mind racing.
My mind was racing at that time.
Jim racing over to the east wing.
He heart was still racing, and.
We have been racing each other!.
What speed the plane was racing.
Sweating palms and a racing heart.
His mind was racing and suddenly.
His heart was racing in his chest.
His mind was already racing with.
Lola smiled weakly, her mind racing.
Sante’s pulse was racing rapidly.
Then he was racing to the building.
With his heart racing, panic set in.
He realised his mind was racing and.
Heart racing, he shifted in his seat.
Kev swallowed hard, his pulse racing.
Then why? Her heart was racing.
We are still racing, she said.
While the hare is racing around in.
With a shock, he saw her racing away.
My heart was racing the longer he took.
I whipped out my gun, my heart racing.
Now they were steadily racing on again.
How is the racing going with Spenser?
It was a racing mare, perfectly white.
Verily racing makes strange companions.
He even bred horses for harness racing.
Carlisle was racing around the fountain.
Games with motor racing, and a twist of.
We all raced in, the.
Pain raced up her neck.
My mind raced to Lobo.
The squad cars raced up.
He then raced to follow.
He raced down an alley.
I raced back in to the.
He raced over to Saffyre.
He raced to the bus-stop.
They raced to her office.
The couple raced to the.
It raced through my brain.
As it raced along the road.
Then it raced around the.
I raced down to Stonehouse.
Relieved she raced to him.
We raced along the channel.
I raced out the drive way.
We raced back to the cottage.
He raced out onto the street.
He raced for the water with.
In the town park they raced.
I raced back into the hotel.
The horse raced down the path.
As I dress’d, my Mind raced.
Saarang raced to his classroom.
I made a left turn and raced.
The only thoughts that raced.
My heart raced with excitement.
My heart raced at his comments.
The taxi raced down the street.
Her mind raced for a solution.
Her mind raced for explanations.
Panic raced through the parents.
I raced down to the river bank.
The shark turned and raced away.
I jumped to my feet and raced.
We raced up the side of the hill.
Big tears raced down her cheeks.
I raced over to the chair that.
Rent a box at the races.
Those races are on today.
We all went to the races.
Have the elder races halted?
She asked him about the races.
The ancient races are extinct.
And they were off to the races.
People could bet on races that.
These races were all on the up.
Medicine is full of such races.
They have mixed with other races.
There were close to six races a.
Crew races are not won by clones.
Result of the rockinghorse races.
I’m sure that there are races.
Naturally, he won both his races.
Rio races to Ameana and the boys.
She smiles as he races to meet her.
And different nations and races -.
My heart races and my hands go cold.
And off we went to the races.
But you will come to the races?
Why are the hidden races hidden?
The learning of all races rests here.
These races were all on the up and up.
That is why we have all the races in.
Peace and harmony throughout the races.
My breathing alters as my heart races.
Due to the mixture of races, some can.
New Age and its amalgamation of the races.
The SUV races at full speed towards the.
A box pops up that says Off to the Races.
Myra demanded she do this for both races.
I never won any races but I loved running.
And how many of the races are magical?
His driver has won a couple of major races.
We are the combined power of the three races.
Both races have unlimited natural lifespans.
But the real tragedy was for all other races.
He created all the races of the world on the.

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