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    1. that, God did this because He claimed Levi from birth as

    2. If a child has not been given correct information, relevant to our perception, about questions he may have asked about God, birth, death, gender difference and so on, then the incorrect or insufficient impressions could affect his life all the time

    3. Continual use of the dusts, sprays and vacuuming mentioned above will provide a form of birth control for fleas

    4. Alan's body was older than hers, born in 2250, Tdeshi's date of birth was well after 2300, she was twenty three Earth years of age when shonggot erased her

    5. On birth many other restrictions are placed

    6. The little Asian man's name was Ajarn and he was Cambodian by birth, Thai by ethnicity

    7. gave birth to Jesus and later raised Him from the dead

    8. deep and endless, a calling wind from the birth of time itself, assured and confident

    9. series of philosophical steps; The Way gave birth to Unity, Unity gave birth to

    10. Duality, Duality gave birth to Trinity, and Trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures

    11. the heaving skies settled down to their endless game of birth and erosion

    12. ‘We women are at the cutting edge of it most of the time – what with birth and all that

    13. The heaven of Talstan was Paradis and before Bahkmar's birth Talstan was already the mortal colony, 'soul farm' of Paradis as America was the 'soul farm' of New Dallas and the Pan Solar League

    14. ‘That poor wife of his is due to give birth any day, from what I hear

    15. "Weren't we told from birth we would have our perfect lovers in heaven?" Bahkmar asked

    16. This is how I suddenly got the Key to Awareness – which allows me to experience the interrelation between time and space, to experience death and birth every moment, always expecting the unforeseeable

    17. The faith's greatest early victory, the reason for its birth, had been the destruction and eradication of Israel

    18. His children would have been just three and almost five on Earth, here they were thirty-one and forty-four in their birth decade

    19. You can toast the birth of Our Lord with your new mates

    20. Their birth had been celebrity fodder, first Brazilian children born on Kassidor, with pictures of Isabel holding each infant, each half a local decade apart

    21. It was three hundred and twenty five years from the date of his birth right now

    22. Herndon in contrast was a dashing figure of no more than thirty, though it was three hundred and eighteen Earth years from his birth

    23. It was true that 'Virgin birth sired by God himself' had been a popular tale told by girls in ancient times on this planet and many thousands were documented and hundreds had significant numbers of followers

    24. If she was Brazilian, the cock of her head and lift of her eyebrow would put her birth about 1000' above Guanabara bay on a steep hillcrest with two armed men outside her door

    25. He was adopted at birth

    26. She introduced herself as a relation of JJ’s birth mother, half expecting antagonism

    27. We have no information as to who the father may have been and by the time she gave birth he’d disappeared

    28. She knew it was time to give birth

    29. was made so that he could heat water to help with the birth

    30. The sound of him; deep and endless, a calling wind from the birth of time itself, assured and confident

    31. I’ve often wondered about my birth parents … I mean, Mum and Dad have been brilliant but … you always wonder, don’t you?’

    32. In the history books, you can find a “strange star” that appeared in the heavens before Jesus’ birth

    33. the birth of Christ

    34. A few weeks before they were due to marry, you were born prematurely and your poor mother was too weak to recover from the trauma of your birth

    35. And she died giving birth to you

    36. I shall not ride again until after the birth; when I think of what could have happened

    37. ‘After the birth I just could not carry on pretending that our marriage was anything but a sham … so I told him the whole story

    38. Jake had kept pace with the goings on and now informed Jeffery and James of the birth of the twins

    39. Lucy has given birth to her children

    40. Lady Emily gave birth to a boy; Andrew was ecstatic

    41. He presented her to Rhontin and Lady Olivia, and followed the birth rite that had been started by Daniel and Kate; and would be carried on for centuries

    42. Out on the West coast, Diana gave birth to six children, three boys and three girls

    43. If you can find one just after birth, and impress it when their eyes first open, you have a friend for life

    44. They watched over each birth; sought out the little ones who showed an ability to learn, taught them and kept them well hidden

    45. On her final visit to the clinic she was greeted by the beaming face of her consultant, all of which made her death nine and a half months later, shortly after the birth of her son, that much harder for Ken to bear

    46. trapped between ages birth to ten?” “Yes

    47. Unknown to the others she brought him news of the birth of a daughter and a son, twins

    48. No more than a year after the child’s birth the famous actor met

    49. by virtue of his birth has access to genius

    50. ” She pleaded for her little charge, “The Eloi say if you raise a child from the time of birth you can teach it anything

    1. There was a prophetic heritage being built in Israel that grew over the years until it became so refined that it birthed the major and minor prophets who wrote the scriptures

    2. birthed out of good ideas that aren’t

    3. ministries of the future will not last if they are not birthed and

    4. There was simply too little time to recreate a technology birthed from thousands of years of war

    5. The moment one of the Reapers stepped forward, she was there to meet them, instantly, as though suddenly birthed from the very air in which they intended to step

    6. But what was he keeping from her? Why had the Elders birthed such an unprecedented amount of Chosen in this land? Whatever the answers, she knew it was more than a coincidence that her lost love, Prince Adros, also dwelt in this world

    7. By the time they birthed one world, a million would be dead

    8. Some developed surprising abilities, while others birthed nothing at all

    9. (a Capricorn sun with the Leo moon, say) birthed through the actor’s intuitively honed channeling

    10. and are birthed from the belly button

    11. Even though scientists are not impressed by New Age teachings, their scientific findings such as images taken by the Hubble telescope show proof that new galaxies are being birthed every now and then

    12. one that birthed the dragons, he is still trying to cause trouble

    13. Within thine very self thou birthed

    14. minds, she couldn't possibly have birthed two “darkish-skinned” babies such as ours

    15. For a few heartbeats, he watched the mottled green earth grow larger in detail, then pulled up with increas�ing force until they were headed straight up the side of a newly birthed cumulus too pain�fully white to look at

    16. She birthed me without any feeling at all

    17. Nuke and Lyryn were bonded in his dimension (ponder the implications of that) and she birthed a set of fraternal triplets

    18. For me it has birthed

    19. birthed out of your hurt

    20. there is a chance for faith, hope, and love to birthed from his

    21. This has birthed a version of Christian living

    22. Domino’s Pizza is birthed and not because their pizza is better

    23. Was he birthed, invented in a lab, or hatched? Tough as it was, I zipped my lip and let Scratch run the show

    24. The newly birthed mirrors each began to play more scenes just to punctuate Scratch’s points

    25. No more are we birthed to believe in truth

    26. "The spirit of the youth saw in the glare his early life in all its misery - an innocent babe born in a dirty, rat-infested slum; birthed to a slatternly slut of a mother

    27. In the last section we discovered how willpower can be birthed and grown

    28. Rode out of town towards the dock where The Dolphin was birthed, showed my ticket and saw the gelding loaded into the cargo hold

    29. Instead of evoking pity these odors birthed a contemptuousness that took him by surprise; for the first time in his memory Samson Hercules Duff was devoid of empathy

    30. birthed and raised by, treat them

    31. This has birthed some murder

    32. birthed was a holy “organism” to which all believers in Jesus’ Gospel of Grace would forever

    33. The 4th Century Birthed the Use of the Word “Rapture”

    34. Just run a series of substrates through, one in every other pressure chamber by alternating pairs of doors to open between segments and stepping down the pressure in increments toward the high vacuum, and voila, solar cells are birthed at the output one after another

    35. This woman who birthed me

    36. And thanks to Prentiss, a idea was birthed! And again, I wonder if he ever read the original

    37. Perhaps this is the very reason I was birthed into so much fear

    38. spiritual decline and birthed the infant one-world apostate church of end times

    39. This gift is still being birthed; only a very small sprout has forced its

    40. the world that birthed us

    41. Peter loved watching while the Boss birthed a new and twisted plan

    42. It is much deeper than the surface level of clothes and make up, but it is birthed within our very core - the throne room of our hearts

    43. Lake Annecy today, where the Salesian family was birthed

    44. Some of you have got God dreams waiting to be hatched inside you, to be vocalised, birthed in prayer and then begin to be activated in your life

    45. Now I had a bit of a problem, because I had a bit of a mental set birthed out of my experiences with Chinese

    46. King David was guilty of murder and adultery, first adultery, so the root, the physical thing of adultery was birthed out of lust

    47. My mother carried me and birthed me in sin and iniquity

    48. His olive complexion looked golden in the sunlight on the autumn day he came to be birthed

    49. So this boy was birthed or came into the world surrounded by sorrow, but I want you to see the Holy Ghost identifies him and says some things about him

    50. And finally, to the unsung women (like me) who have never birthed a child and yet, still

    1. Then, he took Serpent's mate to create Woman's birthing canal

    2. Maybe some karga had used this for birthing a couple times

    3. ’ He said warmly, ‘They double up as birthing women and herbmasters a lot of the time, especially in remote areas

    4. It’s for that witch family down third street that’s having a birthing party

    5. He had Kate and Sally in the birthing room, Lucy had been moved to her bedroom

    6. Doc Paul was spent; he finally curled up on the cot in the birthing room and went to sleep

    7. "Though gifted at turning the Oneness into a weapon, the Age of War had hardened the races, birthing new and more destructive weapons by the day," Brice continued

    8. But given the state of the universe, not to mention their current plight, birthing a simulacrum would be a bad decision – for both Ome, and the child as well

    9. The midwife at Elizabeth"s taught me a great deal about the birthing of a baby, as well

    10. She should have been here to hold my hand, to lead me through the birthing process

    11. This birthing through our beingness, through our psyche and especially through the

    12. Her next wave of birthing pain was painless and she looked up in surprise

    13. Archie had been attending birthing classes with Angel and had agreed when the time came he would be her coach at the birth of her baby, she had first asked Petal but she declined saying her life was on the street looking out for people who needed her help not in some sterile environment

    14. slithered out like a birthing foal

    15. memories of the birthing process seemed quite unnatural for a child of such a young age to

    16. His friend’s bed had the birthing straps hanging

    17. birthing is in there, and the last battery I had just went dead

    18. have a birthing plan

    19. What’s the point in having a birthing plan?

    20. All I had to do was stand next to the birthing pool and

    21. bearing and birthing the child is something that she has to

    22. But you hardly hear of any birthing story

    23. For the time when he would be given Dryan son of Dayan the one next in line to receive the throne of Adair, he had long waited for this, since the boys birthing

    24. And, as far as the birthing itself, if it was up to me, there would be

    25. And in so birthing, she will call this

    26. this state of the art birthing center you see a large portrait of the wing's benefactors;

    27. birthing center? I would say so

    28. ‘Instructions will be given by the Empress for delivery, and Justinian will arrange for birthing assistants

    29. Remember it is you the Mentor that is going to witness a birthing of their will power, and the growth of their determination

    30. Birthing, growing and applying willpower is not the same as determination, yet as they go hand-in-hand, please allow a little overlap

    31. Looking ahead, Skeets‘ voice sounded hollow as if his mouth was birthing words instead of speaking them

    32. Under normal conditions, birthing

    33. is one of the specially assigned rooms for birthing mothers

    34. Then shall we enter thus into the birthing millennium,

    35. It’s a birthing, of sorts, of our deepest selves, another of those

    36. The next shift, as Monty guided the hose, recoiling, retching from the noxious fumes, he pushed his mind away and focussed on the moment when the prisoners, surrounded by Warriors and led by Joshua, were being herded to a waiting aircraft for transportation to the birthing cavern

    37. “We’ve been assigned to the birthing cavern, which is supposed to be punishment

    38. Syd had no idea what a birthing cavern was, but Monty had indicated it was close by

    39. In case Syd hadn’t heard, Monty said in a loud voice, “Well, we’re leaving the birthing cavern for the new camp

    40. A few days later, he contacted me at the birthing cavern

    41. “At the birthing cavern, you discussed our Sacred Writings with a Warrior and suggested they be renewed or reinterpreted

    42. “I had my fill of that smell at the birthing cavern

    43. She was small, and had snuck around a lot of the lower levels, including the birthing chambers, where eggs were hatched

    44. " Tryton stepped from his mate's palatial home into the birthing crater

    45. He heard the screams, saw the look of anguish twisting the mother’s face, saw the blue flames flickering from her fingertips, which should not have happened during the birthing process

    46. The horror of such a thing ever happening to one of my own children frightened me into never birthing any

    47. It had been eight days since the birth of his son but as was customary among the Cavalli he hadn't been allowed to see him until just before that moment, when Nona had exited the Birthing Lodge

    48. Before men took birthing in love and nature’s own way away from the women, it was always a celebration— with women helping other women and all appreciating the only true miracle— birth

    49. Thoughts on the Birthing Center at the future Hopi Medical Center:

    50. Before modern men took birthing in love and nature's own simple way away from the women, it was always a celebration—with women helping other women and all appreciating the only true miracle—birth

    1. This state is called ‘moksha’ as it also results in becoming free from the cycle of births and deaths

    2. She told her mother that the women in this group were lying and reporting only female births; keeping the males hidden from the eyes of the Elders

    3. I expect Ann would have a register of the births somewhere

    4. Not only is there staggering evidence of design in this passage, but it seems that even the names were designed and somehow inspired to be given at the time of their births

    5. During the first seven months of '98 there were 17,760 deaths in Havana, against 2224 births, from a population of little over 230,000

    6. With the proliferation of divorce, separation and births out of wedlock, many marriages are occurring to couples where one or both parties already have children

    7. Statistically speaking, there must have been one hundred and ten heart attacks, eighty-three separations, two hundred and forty births, two murders, three rapes and an incident of arson during the dinner hour

    8. ries her; she then births their child

    9. In the infinite time of our births, through all the realms of existence, we have done so many different kinds of actions, wholesome and unwholesome

    10. · Why should some be blessed, and others cursed from their births?

    11. I rejoiced in their births, not their demises

    12. this birth, how can I know past births? It is the mind that, itself in

    13. births), prarabdha (portion of the past karma to be worked out in the pre-

    14. 13 And he also placed the others according to their births, and he said, I know that this your youngest brother has no brother, and I, like him, have no brother, he shall therefore sit down to eat with me





    19. cannot consist of original objects within space-time—original objects will be neither matter-energy nor space but a hybrid that births the two

    20. Sophie had suffered following the births of our other

    21. Thus, some laugh upon the battlefield, some cry at weddings and births, and some feel desire with fear

    22. 13 And he also placed the others according to their births and he said I know that this your youngest brother has no brother and I like him have no brother he shall therefore sit down to eat with me

    23. 7 O seven useless child births and seven profitless periods of labour and fruitless givings of suck and miserable nursings at the breast

    24. a loving relationship with the savior that births in them

    25. a wide variety of possibilities and of continuing births

    26. In fact, it is also these stored memories (or samskaras in Hindu and Buddhist literature) that results in the dreaded cycles of births and deaths

    27. The births were registered in a variety of ways, as were all babies born in the hospital

    28. Children from the multiple births were often recorded as being born to several mothers, as well as the surrogate mother

    29. When this desire vanishes, there remains no further need for the body, and man is free from the vicious circle of births and deaths

    30. What wonderful times! When your Charlemagne, blackened by the battle of Roncesvalles, fearless and powerful hero was facing my Roman Julio Cesar, bypassing the inconvenience of history that placed their births in different centuries and different cities

    31. After many births and many years of waiting, none of the children could undo the spell

    32. Poor nutrition meant fewer live births; then even these stopped about three hundred years ago

    33. In normal times we should need many births before we could gain

    34. from the misery of repeated births, Pretyabhava, in whose determination the

    35. much of it he may have already achieved in previous births

    36. usually translated as an ardent longing for liberation from the wheel of births

    37. Children whose births were unintended are likely to be less mentally and physically healthy during childhood

    38. “Won't that amount to the celebration of the cessation of life? Why not we regard life as a benign happening and not a baneful existance? If only you value life then won't the classical theory of moksha be an anathema? Why fail to celebrate the beauty of life, of self-fulfillment and social enrichment? So moksha for me is all about leading a fulfilled life while hoping for the same in the births to come

    39. The fear of leukaemia, still births and babies with extra appendages won’t make people starve

    40. Millions of would-be births are deliberately

    41. Nothing was stated about the number of births from the actions of the creatures shown in the credits, though

    42. Although this point in time makes reference to only the births of Cain and Abel, it is most certain that there were also other female offspring present

    43. remarkable home births, by choice, all of them unassisted

    44. As long as one feels that he is the doer, he cannot escape from the wheel of births

    45. 3 births per 1,000 inhabitants), illiteracy (32

    46. our current view of the world, and births us into awareness of a new

    47. Virgin births and the union of god and mortal to produce offspring was another common

    48. There were historical records on births,

    49. Vampire births were rare

    50. This is the creation of our path home, to a place beyond this 3rd dimensional realm where we have been trapped within the cycles of births and deaths

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