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    1. I had an actual blueprint of the thing, whatever it was, stored away up top,

    2. This contract then becomes the blueprint for the soul’s journey

    3. ‘Next you’ll be telling me it was you who sent out the warning signal – the blueprint – to Earth all the those centuries ago

    4. A New Vistas representative, amidst a barrage of questions on a national broadcast, was forced to explain all but every last detail of the blueprint for an immersion unit

    5. It's going to provide you with a exact blueprint for approaching women

    6. blueprint in the stack, one hit on the stamp pad, one hit on the

    7. blueprint, flip to the next blueprint, one hit on the stamp pad,

    8. one hit on that blueprint, and so on

    9. Having listened to its properties described, Gerrid wondered if Roidon – as the one who set about converting the blueprint into this machine – understood its function anymore than he

    10. We’ll balance and blueprint those engines to the tightest tolerances

    1. “He only blueprinted the first half

    1. A collection of Blueprints is included summarizing each of the 10 sections

    2. These Blueprints are Action Guides that tell you step-by-step what you need to do to put what you learn into action

    3. Do Anything! As long as you follow the 7 PERFECT™ action steps to success and the blueprints from the InfoProfits

    4. tables with their clearance papers and our blueprints

    5. before the days of computerized plans so we had blueprints

    6. blueprints were doing the same thing

    7. blueprints, except to stamp them

    8. They could have been blueprints for a chicken coop or a rabbit hutch for all they cared

    9. A virtual reality place, an escape from stuffy classrooms and oppressive family situations, a place you never tell your mother about, and she never tells you about, but which you both know about; the daydream blueprints which suffused our youths with rosy forward-looking

    10. Wedge had gathered around the table, reading over blueprints of

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