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    1. The pattern of success is be, do, and have

    2. So that's the pattern of success

    3. The ABCs are the critical elements , be, do, have is the pattern

    4. The blades were very close to Nancy, she could feel the air whoosh by as they passed near her through the spinning arc of the attack pattern

    5. Obviously these patterns can coexist in the same person, but there seems to be usually one dominant pattern

    6. Assume realistically inflation, spending pattern and life expectancy

    7. For instance, if you are more than 5 years away from retirement, you can find out the return you need to earn considering your present saving pattern or you can find out the amount you need to invest at a given rate of return

    8. Other two-syllable adjectives follow the -er / -est pattern as the one-syllable adjectives do

    9. Please find out the sentence pattern of each of the following sentences

    10. must be his (1 Peter 5:3, Greek, tupos , example), as the word means "the pattern in conformity to which a thing must be made

    11. Jesus is our copy, pattern for life

    12. In the New Testament, Jesus has given the pattern for the leadership of the church of

    13. elder takes control of the eldership, he is pulling the church away from the primitive pattern of leadership given in the Scriptures

    14. the pattern for leadership in the New Testament

    15. If God has provided the rule, pattern, authority for the operation of his church, man

    16. As with Smiler and his off-hand brutality, the basic pattern of my existence shifted and I accepted the relative kindness of The Kid over the next couple of days

    17. I tried to unravel time in some vain hope of stopping the days from ticking over into the new shift pattern, but the inevitable morning dawned with the usual sounds of boots on concrete, sliding locks and the dull metallic alarm of my breakfast tray being laid on the floor by my mattress

    18. “No, I have never thought of anything like that; besides, neither this is so simple,” I replied and the conversation went on in the same pattern for a few more minutes

    19. dictionary means, "A person or thing to be imitated; model; pattern

    20. It is for this reason that Jesus rebuked those on the road to Emmaus, “Foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter His glory?” Is it not the pattern of God to bring darkness and suffering before there is a glory?

    21. There are many details that are yet future, but we have a symbolic pattern that we can see and claim in our life here and now

    22. attempts to defend this negative pattern out of a desire to

    23. pragmatist, I do know reflecting a vibrational pattern that the

    24. Likewise, the Church will only have its full stature and character when we embrace this pattern for ourselves

    25. "Not without a different drainage pattern

    26. The next morning followed in the same pattern as the previous

    27. within what I suspect is some sort of pattern,

    28. and unravels the pattern of years,

    29. Once the pattern of snoring and grinding teeth settled down in the next room, Kirk slipped out of the bed he shared with his little sister, pulled on a threadbare dressing gown two sizes too small for his arms, and crept downstairs

    30. Along the road out of town, I climb for about half an hour to where the bulldozers have scraped out the old rock to make the new road, and from there look back at the lights of Sophia, a tender pattern of sparks with a few gaps where mountain homes once stood

    31. He was bent over a large screen, watching a pattern emerge as he slowly tweaked some dials

    32. MVC is one of the most used architecture pattern in ASP

    33. NET to implement repository pattern Controller would have 2 constructors on

    34. Thus to adopt MVC pattern in a web application, for example, the url need to become a way of

    35. A route is a URL pattern that is mapped to a handler

    36. Routing Is Explicitly Disabled for a URL Pattern - Use the RouteCollection

    37. The inversion of control (IoC) pattern is abstract; it says that one should move dependency creation out

    38. we’ll explore two popular ways to apply the inversion of control pattern to achieve this responsibility

    39. The dependency injection (DI) pattern is another form of the inversion of control pattern, where in there

    40. In particular she asked each fair maid if she would wash her son’s crinkly boxer shorts and diamond pattern ankle socks

    41. There is a twenty four hour pattern to it

    42. The hard part about fishing for nymphs is choosing the right pattern to use

    43. The sound grew slowly, repeating refrains and phrases in a growing, circular pattern, quite unlike the recorded version, until the volume and intensity of these paradisiacal sounds overwhelmed them both completely

    44. The sun rose slowly and its rays flowed into the room through a large stained glass window high above sending colorful prisms of light dancing about the room in a descending pattern

    45. Once the pattern of snoring and grinding teeth settled down in

    46. you can follow the same pattern that I gave you in the

    47. as I look through the sheets, I notice a pattern of monthly amounts which seem to come in from six different sources

    48. I roll over in bed and get up on my elbows, resting my chin in my hands staring at the pattern on the headboard

    49. “There’s a pattern developing,” Ava replied

    50. The officer traces the boomerang pattern on the table top with his finger for a moment before he replies

    1. of patterned, reactive ways

    2. Smith preferred those thought-shapes that pleased, that scratched the cosmic itch most effectively, and so He expressed thought in a set of patterned, reactive ways

    3. Their mother's wore black headscarves patterned with embroidered flowers of red and yellow and wore black boleros, white blouses and aprons, all finely embroidered; and walked in boots of softened leather

    4. unusually patterned pair of slacks and some water stained loafers

    5. As Leona walks across the twenty-year-old paisley patterned carpet to the kitchen she says, "I'm leaving home today

    6. Gale was wearing a sundress patterned in an array of colors and flowers

    7. He was dressed in a subtly patterned satin nightcoat with nothing under it, but it was belted shut

    8. It was all done in finely cast marble, lit by silent mantled lanterns and upholstered in brightly patterned velvets

    9. Its voice reached into his head as if patterned in the form of pain: ‘You will tell us everything, Torbin

    10. Through this example we can see that the patterned design around 8 is not only contained in the text that comprises the ELS, but even factors in attributes around the life of the person being discussed

    11. the leaf patterned window they could see the sun setting in the west

    12. Tiger stripes patterned its head and face

    13. Fifthly, the Security Forces not on fireforce duty walked and drove millions of miles and sometimes were lucky enough to find spoor to follow as the terrorists moved around in their chevron patterned boots issued by the communists

    14. The walls were painted an insipid yellow, the small window covered by a set of floral patterned curtains that didn't quite meet in the middle

    15. It looked rather like wrinkled paper that had been carefully folded a thousand, a million times and then laid out again, perfectly patterned

    16. I stand glued to the door frame for a few seconds, and then one of the factionless men—older, his wrinkled skin patterned with tattoos—speaks up

    17. The helmet reminded me of the entrance to the temple of Quetzalcoatl and I wondered if it had been patterned after the helmet

    18. In some colonies there was an established religion patterned after the Church of England, one of the tyrannies most colonists had hoped to escape

    19. The rustic silver ring is crafted with a leaf patterned band

    20. The white walls are almost the same shade as the large sofas dressed with patterned cushions

    21. Looking up, he caught sight of a familiar patterned sweater passing the flat

    22. A small diamond stickpin held his patterned tie in place

    23. He cannot feel his mind any more, and what he sees makes no sense—a man wearing a patterned black cloak that hangs torn from his body

    24. I noticed the embroidery was intricately patterned; it looked like it was handmade

    25. In his hand the mind-cane hummed suddenly and its vibration patterned his skin

    26. Beyond the walls, the central building rose up, a tall tower with patterned stone, strong enough to withstand whatever weapons could be thrown against it and elegant enough to show the riches and taste of its owner

    27. Square farms patterned the strips of shore-land

    28. This menorah is clearly patterned after the one described to Moses, but there are obvious differences

    29. God uses no molds, though all are patterned after the image of the Father

    30. The heavily patterned paper on the walls was peeling in places and the banisters were worn and chapped with pieces missing in places

    31. The rooms were covered in floral patterned wallpaper that made Ruth feel nauseous

    32. I can still remember the smoke damaged, rose patterned shade that covered it

    33. Expensive oil paintings of the seashore from a few miles up the coast adorn the lavishly purple patterned wallpaper

    34. Barney follows close behind and they find Curly Pete has laid Razor Mick on the couch and is wiping the blood from his face with a blue patterned towel

    35. patterned my life after him but I am afraid he was completely wrong about

    36. The wardrobe was full of a mixture of western casual clothes and Indian traditional dresses, beautiful exquisitely patterned saris, wraps and head covers

    37. One stood smiling graciously with warmth, she was petite, tanned and was wearing a jade patterned, chiffon sari

    38. The room was full of different saris- silk, net, satin, chiffon, crepe, plain and patterned, stylish and glamorous prints

    39. The civet had a stylish patterned coat, a muted grey in the headlights

    40. And the heron it was patterned after went extinct

    41. “Surely there are ROV’s patterned in the

    42. “Thanks for your concern,” Azalea comments, looking at her brightly patterned purple dress, swirling with black dashes and white flowers, handmade by her mother

    43. ‖ This is actually a Sound Matrix serving as a DNA template, from which the physical body is patterned, with DNA also manifesting in the cellular structure

    44. The air was alive with a vivid explosion of vibrant patterned colour

    45. A random patterned mind need muscles to work

    46. He wears bell-bottomed jeans with a soft cotton shirt, patterned in hippie art

    47. Some of the pools were fitted out with room-like dividers and furnishings, one or two of those quite elegant and expensive-looking, like a dollhouse patterned after somebody famous’ mansion

    48. Byron sat with the largest plate in front of him, assorted remains of things that used to have faces set indiscriminately on its dulled patterned surface

    49. The varying nighttime sky with twinkling stars and highlighted planets and patterned moon

    50. “I would surmise that you have taken very seriously this concept of reaching beyond patterned constraints?”

    1. He had even mapped the cycle of their activity; developed a mathematical formula of dynamic patterning that could predict a future action with ninety-eight per cent accuracy

    2. Simon felt sick to the mind and gripped the cane more strongly, patterning the shape of it against his skin

    3. Then the patterning on the cane, the shape of the constellations, began to glow

    4. But there is no rule for choosing the point of patterning – it takes experience

    5. In terms of the content of the patterning, it is important to know where boundaries should

    6. His younger son Aris was his right hand, and in later years, did most of the crucial tasks such as the geometrical patterning and the cutting of the cloth

    7. Through this approach, one begins to discover an ease, clarity, openness and flexibility that is realized to be present, regardless of the particular ways the body-mind may be moving, shaping or patterning itself in any given moment

    8. Our brains are patterning machines and are constantly seeking to make sense of the world through the discovery of patterns

    1. The information, the memories, the behavior patterns were transmitted and read into her empty brain

    2. Studies have led to the realization that sexual interest and the need for sexual contact continue throughout the life cycle, although patterns differ somewhat for women and men

    3. However, differences in sexual patterns between males and females are found throughout the life cycle

    4. Walking is one of the most primal movement patterns known to man

    5. Step back and try to see any patterns will also be encouraging natural predators as compost at work behind the placement of the tunnels

    6. Obviously these patterns can coexist in the same person, but there seems to be usually one dominant pattern

    7. Archimedes had thus far calculated the precise movements of pigeons while mating, the precise outcomes of humans trying to mate, and the effect of pollen dust on bees' flight patterns

    8. Tiny Robot Archimedes was unable to make calculations about the water's movement while he was sinking, though he did record the mating patterns of several kinds of fish

    9. These often turned into fleeing patterns while larger fish enacted their eating patterns before continuing their mating patterns once again

    10. They were actually pirates, and they valued Archimedes for his ability to predict the most efficient way to loot ships and override human beings' living patterns

    11. She drove around in meandering random patterns throughout the city for more than an hour, and got nothing

    12. Good cop, bad cop: the alternating patterns of behaviour of The Kid and Smiler

    13. patterns? Can someone really become addicted to negative

    14. an old Vortex of swirling negative energy patterns that still

    15. Most African tribes dressed their hair in plaits wrapped in thread, tight to the scalp, either in straight rows (hence the name) or intricate patterns and the ends were secured with thread and/

    16. above the patterns beneath his feet

    17. the most complex patterns, in this grand theatre of starlight

    18. She knew they wouldn't remember any details from three hundred centuries ago, but knew their behavior patterns were based on the successful patterns from all the ages of their lives

    19. What behavior patterns could she take away from all the patterns of her life

    20. It comes from an old Dromeedian recipe that we've adapted using the latest psionic technology, with just a dash of tpsii added to bring out the patterns a little more

    21. Her taste, like mine, leans towards the elegant and unfussy, unlike Gilla’s preferences for patterns and frills

    22. discoveries, even the current weather patterns, you will be able to bring up any topic that might be of interest in your potential connection

    23. Every Saturday morning he brought fresh flowers up to the manor house and created the most delicate or the most vibrant arrangements, depending on the patterns of the weather and the moods of his employers

    24. I floated in the comfort of this smooth, luminous primeval liquid, looking at the patterns and the shifting net of sunlight underneath, and the sand way down below, ecstatic in the thrill of being aware of simple existence in a universe without change

    25. sequence that when heard while being guided into a deep meditative state, will assist in the reprogramming of your non conscious mind to block unwanted thought and behavior patterns

    26. They were a little more sheer, the breeze pressed them to her body a little more closely than it did during business, and the colors were a little brighter and the patterns a lot bolder

    27. A hack this big would take a lot of maintenance, Thom was recording libraries of signals every day and running tons of processes on them looking for patterns

    28. patterns that were exactly the same as the acupuncture

    29. The patterns of abuse that are created can pass from

    30. depending on the patterns of the weather and the moods of his

    31. An interesting thing about brain patterns

    32. The windows on either side of the reassuringly immovable cast iron franklin stove were dressed in expertly woven curtains of traditional Shoshone patterns and colors, augmented by the appealing designs in the hanging blankets and spacious area rug over the polished hardwood floor

    33. The bed frame echoed the sitting room's furniture design and manufacture; the quilts and pillows carried on the patterns and colors introduced in the other room as well

    34. Then he placed each girl at opposite corners of the deck, and like Harry's 'frog work' in the gardens, they squatted and made large circular patterns with the blocks over the deck's surface

    35. Chrissie lies in the bed and idly watches the sunbeams making patterns on the bedroom ceiling

    36. look for patterns in the ways they’ve been taught

    37. A leaf is the model of the tree from which it arises, a snowflake's shape and structure are mirrored by its own construction of ever increasing patterns of its smallest connections, and the examples are endless

    38. There were plenty of animals, most of the same general multi-legged lizard shape in all sizes, colors and patterns

    39. certain patterns, and that if they record and monitor those

    40. patterns over a number of seasons, it can tell them what is

    41. the forest animals and the migratory patterns of the birds

    42. At the top of the stairs was a table which was cluttered with paper printed with intricate patterns that looked something like irregular 19th century lace doilies with tassels

    43. He imagined it must be what kind of stitch switch because they often pointed to foci of the patterns

    44. Above that field the horizontal rays painted orange patterns on the bottoms of wispy clouds high above

    45. the Dean traced patterns on the desk with his finger

    46. Klegnif could play a northern pound in her sleep, but didn’t know this particular song, Desa told her what the patterns were, where to fill, Klegnif took the chord on patch

    47. There were two separate interwoven parts, one of which had to change spectrum a couple times and there were impact notes mixed in with pressure notes, both in complicated patterns

    48. Then he got lost in wondering why are girls pretty at all? What is pretty? Desa explained it had to do with fitting patterns dictated by hormones and took all the fun out of it

    49. This is necessary in order to establish new patterns

    50. The floors were well worn, but the tiles were thick and most of the old patterns still showed

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