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    1. In his mind’s eye, of course, he was still the young buck about town, but the invitations to cuddle and schmooze on a Thursday night at the music bar were becoming increasingly rare and when they did arrive, it wasn’t uncommon for the lady in question to resemble Tom’s own mother

    2. In fact, television is so popular in Great Britain that even the royal family, when not entertaining foreign presidents or giving the halls of Buck House a fresh coat of magnolia emulsion, spend their evenings with their eyes glued to the box

    3. She had twin pony tails and buck teeth

    4. Before my eyes I saw it roll and swoop and buck and cow-kick at the onslaught of the storm as if the tempest gathered vitality from the sea itself

    5. Another horse of mine I call Buck

    6. Well, Buck had reached that point, and he was

    7. Since then, Buck has changed in a big way

    8. still the young buck about town, but the invitations to cuddle and

    9. foreign presidents or giving the halls of Buck House a fresh coat of

    10. Doesn't seem five minutes since you were all buck teeth and braces

    11. When he does his buck and wing,

    12. There are literally thousands of ways to make a buck on the internet

    13. To Emily's right, the forest exploded as a massive buck burst from the woods, his rack of horns smashing aside anything that obstructed his path

    14. It was led by a buck with antlers so large, he appeared to carry thick branches on his head

    15. Though this buck might prove a

    16. God, you will be miles ahead of all the scams and quick buck artists that are all too

    17. One of the advantages of abbreviated life expectancies is our being able to pass the buck to Posterity for all our thoughtless indiscretions!

    18. “There I stood, buck naked, with all them idiots staring at me,” he said in a low voice

    19. Its overriding mission, putting it quite simply, is to make a buck

    20. The Greek began to buck under her husbands weight but she placed a hand on his chest and made a hushing sound, as though reassuring a child

    21. She smiled at the thought of little Todd Garisson, all four-feet-nine inches tall and with that funny little upturned nose, and a harelip, and buck teeth, and a lazy eye, and a withered arm

    22. Boston was crawling with ‘em: stuck-up rich little shits going to expensive Ivy-league schools on Daddy’s buck and learning nothing `cept how to be even nastier, till after four years they graduated as full-blown snots every bit as bad as Sylvia

    23. Happy to pass the buck

    24. ’ At that point I whipped out the old buck knife and slit it open

    25. two to ten days after the buck is introduced to the doe

    26. basis in determining when mating of the doe and buck will produce the

    27. squatting and urinating, and the buck will place his nose in her urine

    28. The sexual performance of a buck can be affected by diseases caused by

    29. the buck will mount the doe

    30. I went over to my trousers and got out my buck knife, very sharp, and carefully and gently cut the strings at her waist, and then cut them off totally

    31. So the old man gave the car to me for a buck about three weeks before he died of prostate cancer

    32. You would be a wealthy man if you had a buck for every kid who lost her cherry in there

    33. On a man, the receding chin, sloping forehead, and buck teeth are bad enough

    34. He quickly pulled up another pot and gave thumbs up: another large buck

    35. Enormous pythons caught and swallowed buck and people – whole

    36. Mitsege’s oldest son (Ingrokah) was only nine, but that was old enough to hunt, so I gathered him up and secured a few more horses and an unmarried Ani’ Yun’-wiya member of the Ordu auspiciously named Galagina (buck deer) and set out to do more hunting

    37. And if you decide to test the waters for a buck today you will be given over $17,397 of priceless, never-

    38. for a risk-free test-drive for a buck

    39. Okay, so you’ve read over the information on my website, and signed up for a buck

    40. Pastor Buck finishes and walks to the chair against the wall

    41. again tried to buck

    42. horse decided to buck her off

    43. compared to this, but she’d buck up and do what she had to do

    44. perhaps our chocolate habit has helped us buck the trend

    45. Leon had gone deer hunting the night before, and, with his hunting skills, brought home a 190-pound ten-point buck

    46. Sure you can go for the short buck, but it is better in the long run to strengthen the paper

    47. Frequency hopping by simple codes such as "up a buck and a quarter" for a 1

    48. The leader, a buck sergeant, eyed Wolf and his M-16

    49. The Wolf turned his head toward the buck who drew back slightly when he saw Wolf's toothy leer and tiger suit

    50. Now she comes by each morning and in the evenings, accompanied by her newborn fawn as well as her second baby, which is now a small buck

    1. Her entertainment was this smelly, skittish animal, and the sting of the wounds from the last time it bucked her off

    2. They bucked, convulsed and grunted

    3. lurched and bucked as they filled with water, while Tom fine-tuned

    4. The frightened mare instinctively bucked suddenly away from the falling structure and threw James into the rails between the stalls

    5. I knew that although Charlie and Walter Cole were dead Sgt Dawson could still be alive and trying to make his way back to us he might be attached to another unit and this thought alone bucked me up no end

    6. Every time the machine bucked, she brought her whip down across Grunt's erect and impressive looking manhood, her shouts of, "Yeeha," perfectly timed with Grunt's moans of pleasure

    7. It bucked under him again and he moved his body completely off the saddle to the right, pulling the bike back to the centre of the road

    8. The Wyverns bucked at the sight of the large White Owl

    9. It bucked and belched to a

    10. Oloty bucked several times without slowing down

    11. His spear made little dent in the armour of the horned warrior, and his horse bucked and threw him to the ground

    12. grabbed at his crotch and bucked his hips in a crude imitation of

    13. In his hand, the cane bucked, as if objecting to his thought, but the Lost One clasped it harder and the trembling subsided

    14. It bucked in his grip twice before becoming motionless

    15. Dublin bucked with every trick a horse could try

    16. The monster shook himself around and bucked like a rodeo bull

    17. It bucked quickly, striking at the massive weapon with its steel-shod hooves

    18. My two front teeth were no longer bucked

    19. A finger dipped inside her, and she bucked off the bed

    20. shaved lips but she bucked in response

    21. When we reached our destination, I only knew it by the sudden stomach-lurching drop as we descended and hit the ground no harder than being bucked off a horse

    22. We loped through the streets and I screamed out my joy and exhilaration infecting Diomed with my brand of crazy so that he bucked in sheer exuberance

    23. I hummed in appreciation and bucked my hips into her, and I knew I wasn’t imagining things;

    24. The rifle bucked against his small frame, slapping out rounds and popping large holes in the captain’s chest

    25. With their earmuffs equipped, the HSC holders pulled back on the trigger, and the weapon bucked slight in their hands and stream of horrendous sound whistled out of the speakers

    26. His elbow bucked painfully with each attack, but not enough to cause much discomfort

    27. She bucked and whinnied in pain

    28. The fish bucked and brayed, but she could not shake the cruel harpoon from its side

    29. Everyone hung onto something fixed down, with a vengeance, as the powerful launch bucked and slammed into the waves, sending folds of white foam over the black water and heavy spray high into the air

    30. It bucked and jived and turned in mad circles

    31. When you enter someone’s house and pelt stones then house owner has full right to retaliate and teach you a lesson exactly this had been happened to Zulimistan because it went very far in tightening noose against Muslims everywhere in the world and Zamaril has been bucked also for the same

    32. riding her bare stomach as she twisted and bucked beneath him

    33. The plane bucked again and threw him across the bed and on top of her

    34. The plane bucked but he held her in place with his huge thighs, consuming her with his dark, intense gaze

    35. When the plane bucked again, it was like nothing she had ever felt before, not in all her years as a flight attendant

    36. The second 150 joules shot through him, Paul’s thin teenage torso bucked upward like a wild bronco at a rodeo

    37. She bucked her hips back to meet his with increasing

    38. The serpent bucked

    39. It, and everything around it for a hundred miles in all directions, had quivered and shivered and bucked

    40. He was bucked off the sled and sent somersaulting through the frigid air, his little bro body tumbling and twisting, mimicking his cousin’s Raggedy Ann doll that he used to throw up in the air to tease her when the families got together for reunions, arms and legs spinning and flailing out of control

    41. Danny put his arm around her shoulder but she bucked him off

    42. Up and down and in circles the squid bucked and

    43. squid bucked and shoved Bobby against the back rail, but he was fine

    44. The squid bucked again and this time slammed Bobby hard

    45. dropped and the giant squid bucked straight up and caught Bobby’s

    46. ” He laughed and bucked forward

    47. She bucked into his hand forcefully now, letting him know she needed just a little more

    48. through her nose, then bucked and twisted

    49. Beads of sweat rolled off his forehead and he bucked and drove with all his might

    50. Her hands slipped around Jack, and she held onto him tightly as the creature bucked again

    1. The gun goes off once, wildly, bucking into the air with the recoil

    2. People came boiling over the top of the next ladder and Axel shot them as they came, the Webley bucking in his hand like a live animal

    3. Nose flaring, it reached the fence, eyes wide in terror, kicking out with its hind legs, almost bucking the cat loose

    4. Terry fought for control, the steering wheel bucking in his grip

    5. Sheena slammed the car door, reversing out onto the road, bucking the car off the bumpy grass verge

    6. In the middle of the room, a bucking bronco machine was in full motion

    7. Mai Bell continued holding the pillow over the bucking girl, while her husband ran around the bed and picked up the bottle, quickly corking it

    8. He told her then as they crossed the bridge, the rover bucking slightly at each segment, his head lolling freely:

    9. She went wild, screaming and bucking against him

    10. Even though the ground was still quavering and bucking,

    11. Virgil’s shot went wild as Dublin leaped into the air and became a bucking bronco

    12. Perhaps Millsap wants to make me pay in his own twisted way for bucking the system that profits from criminal activity in the community

    13. If you have a bucking sensation that pulsates and jerks and throbs and changes with engine speed, usually felt above 29

    14. started bucking and jerking and trying to scream when it was only half

    15. He started bucking, frantically trying to get me off and it was only when I talked to him that he settled down

    16. With the frenetic side to side serpentine motion of a ruptured air hose the fired up boar raked the bull‘s hind legs as the bucking animal tried to turn and gore his tormentor

    17. After covering a mile or so, he was forced to stop as he was no longer able to endure the bucking bike

    18. The bucking shots thumped up the front of the roller until three rounds popped holes into Sperks’ chest

    19. This woman was bucking for some kind of promotion or something

    20. While I was out there limbing and bucking logs with my chain saw to split, I kept taking peeks at her and lusting in my head

    21. Ali ran out of the study bucking his hips, clutching desperately at his back as if

    22. Like holding onto a bucking bronco, Mitchell then turned around and focused on the big toe of his left foot

    23. At Choco’s Playboy Club in Dar-es-Salaam, as at Hyde Park Corner, a roulette table did steady business whilst private booths did a bucking trade

    24. The pilot adjusted the controls and after a few seconds of lurching and bucking, they rose smoothly into the crystal clear, blue sky

    25. “Yes we did,” she retorted, whilst hanging on to the lurching bucking truck

    26. From day one in this business, you will be bucking an ancient

    27. Closing his eyes, and doing his best to tame his bucking heart, he listened

    28. Too much jostling and bucking as Robert coaxed the Cat over a bumpy part of the path

    29. Maya’s expert encouragement brought lift off but they had raced through sexual positions, with her bucking against him while on top, then slapping against him when on all fours

    30. As she ran out of breath and started bucking, something dramatic happened: she changed

    31. All of the sudden, a gust of wind blew the guide’s hat off his head, spooking my mule into a bucking fit

    32. Legs bucking, she landed on the ground, squarely on her butt

    33. The deer saw his opportunity, bucking out at Cougar

    34. I was bucking and writhing around but I was a sitting duck

    35. Her horse inexplicably began rearing and bucking, and threw Alexandra into a wall

    36. Olin quickly removed the leather forge apron that he had been wearing and threw it over the horse's head to cover its eyes knowing that a blinded horse usually will cease bucking

    37. The horse did not cease bucking and one thought among many others that were in Olin's mind was that he would never test a snake in a sack either

    38. It is often said about a horse who, after clearing a new or scary jump, will run around the field with his tail up, bucking and cantering, showing that he is enjoying his task

    39. about retraction, as the slope becomes a raging bucking horse; but

    40. Hundreds of them tumbled to the ground both man and horse alike, as still more arrows came whistling into the pandemonium of the fray of bucking horses and dying men

    41. colt out into the corral and watched as the foal played in the grass, running and bucking

    42. kicking, bucking or raring up

    43. aggression in bucking and throwing himself

    44. The horse may try the bucking around a

    45. We passed bars that billed themselves as Old West saloons and shops that had cowboy hats and framed paintings of men astride bucking broncos displayed in their front windows

    46. Noah lunges up at the midsection like a bucking bronco to topple the man off him

    47. The American boys were only a length off the pace but still out in the widest part of the lake, bucking the relentless, punishing winds, spray flying from their oars with every release

    48. Riding the bucking plane at his radio table, Harry Brooks picked up a signal from a Hawaiian radio station

    49. Only a captain now, but she must be bucking hard for her next promotion

    50. He was in a college dormroom, someone was pounding on the wall for them to keep it down, and this twenty-two-year-old woman was bucking underneath him, her hand gripping the edge of the desk, as he streaked out into eternity

    1. Since the stuff was now nothing more than encoded sensation levels, this applet probably cost less than twenty bucks

    2. for the day was fifty bucks

    3. At four bucks a plate, I could expense it to the business

    4. 'A leather ball is twenty-five bucks

    5. Self-confidence with self-control, and a few bucks

    6. into it while retaining whatever bucks you could spare

    7. hundred bucks here and there, and by applying what you learn in a step-by-

    8. “Okay, smart guy, I’ll bet you five bucks on that one

    9. I’d played cards with Johnny on Friday, won sixty-seven bucks as a matter

    10. shelling out the bucks if he thought it would help me in school

    11. I can tell you we felt like a million bucks wearing the uniform for the first time and why not? We were young, fit and the clothes fitted us well

    12. The second was a speech about “young bucks” (a derogatory term for young Blacks) buying steaks on welfare

    13. The ODSP freaked out when he bought a house for no money down and three hundred bucks a month! Besides

    14. They tended to have thin skins, and resented any implied criticism of the system which paid them the big bucks unquestioningly

    15. “About seventy-three bucks,” said Bru

    16. The thing with Bru was all that unlimited free time; especially when he had five bucks for gas, a half a roll of film, and a few smokes

    17. After three years on methadone, he had taken up a new hobby, with a cheap camera that he bought for two bucks at a garage sale

    18. “I’ve got some extra Terp Bucks to burn before finals are over, so I was going to The Dairy

    19. They either sent all his stuff back to him or…holy shit! A copy of a local quarterly, a cheque for fifty bucks and an invitation to their Christmas party!

    20. “Some of them exotic fish are worth the big bucks to a collector

    21. The cops made the big bucks, and the Mayor struggled along on about thirty-five thousand a year

    22. He even came out a thousand bucks in shift premiums ahead on the deal, but the lack of sleep was getting to him

    23. And this morning, when she asked for thirty bucks so she could go to the movies with her friends, he didn’t complain, but smiled ever so slightly and then his hand moved to the hip pocket

    24. (wether or neuter) the young males you don’t want to keep as bucks

    25. She paid Olger big bucks to know or quickly find these special individuals and make things ‘nice’ again

    26. Where was this fortune he was supposed to have? And when were they going to start enjoying the high living, fast lane lifestyle of a guy with bucks pouring out of his pockets the way his friend had described him to be? This wasn’t the beach she’d been anticipating

    27. You know what some of these young bucks are like

    28. Worst case scenario that I wouldn"t be presenting to Mia any time soon – what if she was hooking to make a few bucks? Or maybe the guy could have been a total stranger who grabbed her off the street

    29. He’d had to truck another horse to Limon so’s she could make bucks with her friends in Kentucky while he did all the work, as usual, but with that done, he’d spent his time at home thinking and planning

    30. “You told me about the gunfight that ended your being a cop, and I"ve seen all the scars, so what were you doing while your wife was making the bucks as a journalist?”

    31. She stifled a laugh and told me that she could make a hundred bucks on a good day in tips alone – particularly if this one sad soul named Doc – some jerkwater groupie from Canada came in to eat

    32. I gave Ling Ling her bat and thirty bucks and asked her to give the guys a good meal

    33. Brendan would bet a hundred bucks there was an ambush just waiting in low orbit

    34. Some pictures might have been worth a few bucks

    35. So far, two or three young bucks had come a-calling, but Lone Dove hadn’t shown any great or overwhelming interest in any particular one of them

    36. His wing-man paid the driver five hundred bucks to disinfect

    37. "Not that much--only a few million bucks

    38. bucks for other stuff

    39. Bucks, broads, high-sheen suits

    40. The crowd had hooted and hollered for us while we grabbed our trophy, 100 bucks cash, and gift certificates to Big Burger restaurant

    41. On top of the ten bucks, Junya was really seeing himself in a financial

    42. “We will battle fifty bucks each man and shoes

    43. Bruiser shouted back with wide eyes, “You wagered the whole crews shoes and fifty bucks each?!” He yelled it so loud, he hurt my ears this time

    44. I told Bob about the break battle, the shoes ante, and the fifty bucks and he was all cool with it, he sounded excited as all heck for a minute or two

    45. So I shouted into the phone to wake him up, he answered, “Phil … Kid … I will be there in high spirits … for the battle – you said fifty bucks right? … But come by this joint in the middle of the week … I’ve got to tell you something

    46. With this shirt I was wearing some expensive all cotton tennis shorts from Polo that if you didn’t know you would probably say I paid five bucks for

    47. After Bruiser collected everyone’s fifty bucks and stepped outside of the huddle

    48. Indians with turbans, Indians who are up early in the morning getting the bucks, and buy a cold six pack of Bud from the Indian, and then go next door to Sea

    49. Minutes earlier I had heard some of the guys busting his balls about getting their fifty bucks back

    50. Then Sylvester picked up the intensity of the anger in his voice and said, “I really need that fifty bucks back man

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