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Buck in a sentence | buck example sentences

  1. In the case of Buck v.
  2. Happy to pass the buck.
  3. Come on hearty, buck up.
  4. I stand to win a buck.
  5. They say he was buck naked.

  6. He started to buck but was.
  7. And the buck suddenly kicked.
  8. Beware of women with buck teeth.
  9. Look, Buck, this is pretty low.
  10. Though this buck might prove a.
  11. Another horse of mine I call Buck.
  12. BUCK MULLIGAN: She's beastly dead.
  13. Buck went off 'thout waking me up.
  14. Buck stared fixedly at his partner.
  15. So the Bad Buck was into training.

  16. The most bang for your buck, ya know.
  17. I knew his father, old Mule-tail Buck.
  18. It was the easiest way to make a buck.
  19. Buck as it threw men out into the mist.
  20. A buck and doe Ran through the meadow.
  21. The buck stopped at Donovan’s office.
  22. She had twin pony tails and buck teeth.
  23. And here may well end the story of Buck.
  24. What do we have here? Buck crowed.
  25. Double twelve-gage with buck and slugs.

  26. At our feet lay an adult red deer buck.
  27. A buck, maybe, for the vending machines.
  28. He cried out like a man shot with a buck.
  29. I reckon that old man was a coward, Buck.
  30. Since then, Buck has changed in a big way.
  31. She would kick and buck if you tried to.
  32. The buck wiggled and rolled onto its feet.
  33. No wonder the Japs have all got buck teeth.
  34. Maybe the patient is related to Buck Naked.
  35. Joe Buck answered her in a quavering voice.
  36. I just can't understand what the buck saw.
  37. Can't you buck up a bit? Here, come out!.
  38. She invited him into Buck House and up to.
  39. Buck Spears? Was that the final reward? No.
  40. Strength to move forward; strength to buck.
  41. Like a flash Buck struck, breaking the neck.
  42. Ain’t you got half a buck? he asked.
  43. Slim followed the stable buck out of the room.
  44. As a constitutional lawyer, I think Buck.
  45. Buck, their Beta, stood a short distance away.
  46. Sure, I guess you could, said Billy Buck.
  47. Well, Buck had reached that point, and he was.
  48. Buck yanked away another spoke in his vehemence.
  49. Buck Mulligan laid it across his heaped clothes.
  50. And there are showers that’ll cost you a buck.
  51. The bigger the gamma, the more bang for the buck.
  52. The buck begins to run, making a terrible racket.
  53. Taylor says there’s a white buck on the shore.
  54. I know all that, Ivory Buck, she said, icily.
  55. Buck Mulligan's watchful eyes saw the waitress come.
  56. That deer over there, a white buck sipping water.
  57. BUCK, GET THE HELL OUT of here! Sandy shouted.
  58. Even Joe Buck agreed with this, and they called her.
  59. The others agreed and closed in around Max and Buck.
  60. That's when Buck said the chickadee landed near him.
  61. But eventually, the buck was going to stop with him.
  62. The taxpayer got good bang for his buck on that one.
  63. The buck skittered and pronked off as he approached.
  64. Buck Mulligan's again heavy face eyed Stephen awhile.
  65. The leader, a buck sergeant, eyed Wolf and his M-16.
  66. The buck shied away and settled back into strolling.
  67. Hadn't he been a Buck, too? Nature followed patterns.
  68. And now the call came to Buck in unmistakable accents.
  69. On a field tenney a buck, trippant, proper, unattired.
  70. I should've waved a buck under the head-waiter's nose.
  71. Billy Buck came out of the saddle-room and walked over.
  72. This also included me being the head honcho (the buck.
  73. The buck went down as Chuck chambered the last round in.
  74. What about the dough, Obie? You owe me a buck on the.
  75. Buck Brannaman, the two men the movie was also linked-up.
  76. What the hell is a buck fifty? I’m not from Brooklyn.
  77. Buck looked about as old as me—thirteen or fourteen or.
  78. But what about the beaver, Buck Castor? Silas asked.
  79. A nice six-point buck about one twenty-five to the west.
  80. Take out every buck in a herd, and the stock goes to hell.
  81. Soon as I could get Buck down by the corn-cribs under the.
  82. Why, Buck, they might have scalped us all, you've been so.
  83. Two buck teeth struck out of the mouth, one of them broken.
  84. Senator Joe Buck quizzed Bill Davis about what had happened.
  85. Billy Buck stood beside him, holding a lantern in his hand.
  86. Most newbies try to make a quick buck, which is always wrong.
  87. Her heart did a buck ninety as she frantically raced around.
  88. There was another rabbit beside him in the burrow -- a buck.
  89. The proud buck stood just beyond the perimeter of the trees.
  90. I was glad of that; but the way Buck did take on because he.
  91. Pastor Buck finishes and walks to the chair against the wall.
  92. Buck said, Sounds like we should put a bullet in the fox.
  93. Buck, Chuck and Franco joined in with curt nods of their own.
  94. We immediately ran over even though we were still buck naked.
  95. I gave her a buck for being so nice, but she wouldn't take it.
  96. Then her eyes lighted on a singing black buck in the front rank.
  97. The cotton-bale, the stevedore's hook, the saw and buck of the.
  98. Tom felt like screaming at he r that he really was a rutty buck.
  99. A big buck stood up with a bugle of alarm followed by two does.
  100. He was whining softly, and, as Buck whined, they touched noses.
  1. Talk about bucking the trend.
  2. The van was bucking and jolting.
  3. The horse may try the bucking around a.
  4. She went wild, screaming and bucking against him.
  5. The deer saw his opportunity, bucking out at Cougar.
  6. With his left hand he held the bucking steering wheel.
  7. I was bucking and writhing around but I was a sitting duck.
  8. Legs bucking, she landed on the ground, squarely on her butt.
  9. From day one in this business, you will be bucking an ancient.
  10. This woman was bucking for some kind of promotion or something.
  11. Terry fought for control, the steering wheel bucking in his grip.
  12. The gun goes off once, wildly, bucking into the air with the recoil.
  13. Rather, in this setup we are going to be contrarian, bucking the trend.
  14. In the middle of the room, a bucking bronco machine was in full motion.
  15. Only a captain now, but she must be bucking hard for her next promotion.
  16. Closing his eyes, and doing his best to tame his bucking heart, he listened.
  17. Yes we did, she retorted, whilst hanging on to the lurching bucking truck.
  18. Noah lunges up at the midsection like a bucking bronco to topple the man off him.
  19. Her horse inexplicably began rearing and bucking, and threw Alexandra into a wall.
  20. Virgil’s shot went wild as Dublin leaped into the air and became a bucking bronco.
  21. Ali ran out of the study bucking his hips, clutching desperately at his back as if.
  22. Too much jostling and bucking as Robert coaxed the Cat over a bumpy part of the path.
  23. As she ran out of breath and started bucking, something dramatic happened: she changed.
  24. Sheena slammed the car door, reversing out onto the road, bucking the car off the bumpy grass verge.
  25. After covering a mile or so, he was forced to stop as he was no longer able to endure the bucking bike.
  26. WALKING AWAY from the police detectives, Stanislaw Wajda could feel his heart still bucking in his chest.
  27. Phil Hoffman’s story had gotten to me, and now I was bucking the boss with absolutely nothing to gain.
  28. Riding the bucking plane at his radio table, Harry Brooks picked up a signal from a Hawaiian radio station.
  29. All of the sudden, a gust of wind blew the guide’s hat off his head, spooking my mule into a bucking fit.
  30. The bucking shots thumped up the front of the roller until three rounds popped holes into Sperks’ chest.
  31. Like holding onto a bucking bronco, Mitchell then turned around and focused on the big toe of his left foot.
  32. He started bucking, frantically trying to get me off and it was only when I talked to him that he settled down.
  33. He told her then as they crossed the bridge, the rover bucking slightly at each segment, his head lolling freely:.
  34. Nose flaring, it reached the fence, eyes wide in terror, kicking out with its hind legs, almost bucking the cat loose.
  35. If you have a bucking sensation that pulsates and jerks and throbs and changes with engine speed, usually felt above 29.
  36. While I was out there limbing and bucking logs with my chain saw to split, I kept taking peeks at her and lusting in my head.
  37. The pilot adjusted the controls and after a few seconds of lurching and bucking, they rose smoothly into the crystal clear, blue sky.
  38. People came boiling over the top of the next ladder and Axel shot them as they came, the Webley bucking in his hand like a live animal.
  39. Perhaps Millsap wants to make me pay in his own twisted way for bucking the system that profits from criminal activity in the community.
  40. For these reasons taking the bearish side by buying an inverse ETF, for instance, means bucking the long-run odds, which favor the bulls.
  41. The guy bucking the wheeled machine had no idea he was reaping Hearst's outcries, '29, or McCormick's eruptions in the Chicago Tribune, '32.
  42. Mai Bell continued holding the pillow over the bucking girl, while her husband ran around the bed and picked up the bottle, quickly corking it.
  43. The horse did not cease bucking and one thought among many others that were in Olin's mind was that he would never test a snake in a sack either.
  44. At Choco’s Playboy Club in Dar-es-Salaam, as at Hyde Park Corner, a roulette table did steady business whilst private booths did a bucking trade.
  45. One company bucking the trend and going global is ArcelorMittal, the largest steel company in the world, representing around 10 percent of global output.
  46. The number of stocks bucking the trend on the high gap days is small, but the stocks appear to present interesting trading opportunities when they do occur.
  47. Hundreds of them tumbled to the ground both man and horse alike, as still more arrows came whistling into the pandemonium of the fray of bucking horses and dying men.
  48. We passed bars that billed themselves as Old West saloons and shops that had cowboy hats and framed paintings of men astride bucking broncos displayed in their front windows.
  49. It is often said about a horse who, after clearing a new or scary jump, will run around the field with his tail up, bucking and cantering, showing that he is enjoying his task.
  50. Olin quickly removed the leather forge apron that he had been wearing and threw it over the horse's head to cover its eyes knowing that a blinded horse usually will cease bucking.
  51. With the frenetic side to side serpentine motion of a ruptured air hose the fired up boar raked the bull‘s hind legs as the bucking animal tried to turn and gore his tormentor.
  52. Maya’s expert encouragement brought lift off but they had raced through sexual positions, with her bucking against him while on top, then slapping against him when on all fours.
  53. The American boys were only a length off the pace but still out in the widest part of the lake, bucking the relentless, punishing winds, spray flying from their oars with every release.
  54. Survival is so important to human beings that entire cultures—Gus gestured around at the room full of pseudopunks—crop up, basing their identities solely on the bucking of traditional survivorship practices.
  55. During the early phase of a bear market, certain leading stocks will seem to be bucking the trend by holding up in price, creating the impression of strength, but what you’re seeing is just a postponement of the inevitable.
  56. He was in a college dormroom, someone was pounding on the wall for them to keep it down, and this twenty-two-year-old woman was bucking underneath him, her hand gripping the edge of the desk, as he streaked out into eternity.
  57. The steels, fertilizers, and oils that had led the 2003–2007 bull market all rolled over and finally broke down after they appeared to be bucking the overall market top that actually began with at least five distribution days in October of 2007.
  58. And in order to accommodate me, he rears up like a bucking Stallion (whilst holding Polly’s Hips with one Hand so that his huge red Master-of-the-Ceremonies doth not lose its Mooring in her pretty Pudendum—and, with the other, pushes my Head down upon her Breasts).
  59. Even though the ground was still quavering and bucking,.
  1. She got bucked off because.
  2. It bucked and belched to a.
  3. She bucked and whinnied in pain.
  4. THE TIN SKIFF bucked in the waves.
  5. They bucked, convulsed and grunted.
  6. The Ford bucked ahead like a horse.
  7. My two front teeth were no longer bucked.
  8. The door bucked hard against their backs.
  9. She bucked her hips, signaling it was time.
  10. It bucked and jived and turned in mad circles.
  11. The Colt roared and bucked in the sheriff's hand.
  12. She said nothing when she got bucked off?
  13. Oloty bucked several times without slowing down.
  14. Up and down and in circles the squid bucked and.
  15. Dublin bucked with every trick a horse could try.
  16. She fell when the horse bucked, but we handled it.
  17. Before he could answer, the airliner bucked and swayed.
  18. A finger dipped inside her, and she bucked off the bed.
  19. She bucked her hips back to meet his with increasing.
  20. It bucked in his grip twice before becoming motionless.
  21. My chest bucked as it received a terrific jolting blow.
  22. The Wyverns bucked at the sight of the large White Owl.
  23. The squid bucked again and this time slammed Bobby hard.
  24. The big pistols in his hands bucked slowly and repeatedly.
  25. The deer howled and bucked as the bee stung inside his head.
  26. The monster shook himself around and bucked like a rodeo bull.
  27. Danny put his arm around her shoulder but she bucked him off.
  28. The plane bucked again and threw him across the bed and on top of her.
  29. Anna nodded, Yes, Sir, she hit her head when the horse bucked her off.
  30. She got bucked off of a horse, Chevalier told him, following Kyle's.
  31. She was bucked off of her horse, Kyle said, watching as everything he.
  32. It bucked quickly, striking at the massive weapon with its steel-shod hooves.
  33. She got bucked off of a horse, Kyle said, noticing Chevalier glanced at.
  34. The hard part isnt shooting… the hard part is not getting bucked off the.
  35. When Jack hit him, it was, perhaps, because he had bucked – that’s justice.
  36. Beads of sweat rolled off his forehead and he bucked and drove with all his might.
  37. The fish bucked and brayed, but she could not shake the cruel harpoon from its side.
  38. His elbow bucked painfully with each attack, but not enough to cause much discomfort.
  39. She bucked into his hand forcefully now, letting him know she needed just a little more.
  40. He nearly bucked out of his chair, and looked as frightened as if he’d heard I was dead.
  41. Her hands slipped around Jack, and she held onto him tightly as the creature bucked again.
  42. Once again, Conklin and I bucked the crowd outside the food store on our way to the squad car.
  43. I hummed in appreciation and bucked my hips into her, and I knew I wasn’t imagining things;.
  44. The thing’s hindquarters gave out for a second, then it bucked up, started to trot drunkenly.
  45. The gun in my hand bucked twice and both men fell slumped within the car that displayed federal plates.
  46. It, and everything around it for a hundred miles in all directions, had quivered and shivered and bucked.
  47. The plane bucked but he held her in place with his huge thighs, consuming her with his dark, intense gaze.
  48. The second 150 joules shot through him, Paul’s thin teenage torso bucked upward like a wild bronco at a rodeo.
  49. It was too late though and as I bucked to try and get her off she just rode me harder and that felt even better.
  50. The rifle bucked against his small frame, slapping out rounds and popping large holes in the captain’s chest.
  51. His spear made little dent in the armour of the horned warrior, and his horse bucked and threw him to the ground.
  52. Her entertainment was this smelly, skittish animal, and the sting of the wounds from the last time it bucked her off.
  53. Chestnut, Dunk thought, digging, his name was Chestnut, and he bore me on his back for years, and never bucked or bit.
  54. When the plane bucked again, it was like nothing she had ever felt before, not in all her years as a flight attendant.
  55. In his hand, the cane bucked, as if objecting to his thought, but the Lost One clasped it harder and the trembling subsided.
  56. The frightened mare instinctively bucked suddenly away from the falling structure and threw James into the rails between the stalls.
  57. It bucked under him again and he moved his body completely off the saddle to the right, pulling the bike back to the centre of the road.
  58. He wasn’t good-looking: His face was all sharp angles, his teeth not only bucked but haphazardly arranged, his eyes too close together.
  59. We loped through the streets and I screamed out my joy and exhilaration infecting Diomed with my brand of crazy so that he bucked in sheer exuberance.
  60. KKD had come public in April 2000 right after the market top in March, but the stock bucked the initial market sell-off by building a short little base.
  61. In hindsight, the pattern was never really right, but NOK had actually bucked the March market top in 2000 and remained only 3 percent off its all-time high.
  62. When we reached our destination, I only knew it by the sudden stomach-lurching drop as we descended and hit the ground no harder than being bucked off a horse.
  63. Was it not for him, the obstacle to all felicity, the cause of all misery, and, as it were, the sharp clasp of that complex strap that bucked her in on all sides.
  64. Then as we tried to push our way free of the horde, we fought those Saxons in front of us, and my horse bucked another behind him and I was free, riding with Val and Gwydre.
  65. Captain Hiro gripped the railing as the ship bucked beneath him at the impact of more direct hits from the blazing towers that dominated the high-rise landscape of the city.
  66. With their earmuffs equipped, the HSC holders pulled back on the trigger, and the weapon bucked slight in their hands and stream of horrendous sound whistled out of the speakers.
  67. Every time the machine bucked, she brought her whip down across Grunt's erect and impressive looking manhood, her shouts of, "Yeeha," perfectly timed with Grunt's moans of pleasure.
  68. That didn’t seem to bother Josh much, as he continued to lead me down the shore without much care in the world, but I knew I would have to eventually answer, so I bucked up and said, A little.
  69. Everyone hung onto something fixed down, with a vengeance, as the powerful launch bucked and slammed into the waves, sending folds of white foam over the black water and heavy spray high into the air.
  70. For whose sake, then was she virtuous? Was it not for him, the obstacle to all felicity, the cause of all misery, and, as it were, the sharp clasp of that complex strap that bucked her in on all sides.
  71. I knew that although Charlie and Walter Cole were dead Sgt Dawson could still be alive and trying to make his way back to us he might be attached to another unit and this thought alone bucked me up no end.
  72. Preparatory to anything else Mr Bloom brushed off the greater bulk of the shavings and handed Stephen the hat and ashplant and bucked him up generally in orthodox Samaritan fashion which he very badly needed.
  73. Would they get stuck in a dark elevator like she had with Stan? Would their kayak group get trapped with Hairy Larry in a sea cave by the tide? Would they be bucked off their horses during their trail ride with Kelly and get lost on the haunted side of the island?
  74. When you enter someone’s house and pelt stones then house owner has full right to retaliate and teach you a lesson exactly this had been happened to Zulimistan because it went very far in tightening noose against Muslims everywhere in the world and Zamaril has been bucked also for the same.
  75. He was bucked off the sled and sent somersaulting through the frigid air, his little bro body tumbling and twisting, mimicking his cousin’s Raggedy Ann doll that he used to throw up in the air to tease her when the families got together for reunions, arms and legs spinning and flailing out of control.
  76. She hit a rock when he bucked her,.
  1. I gave her five bucks.
  2. And only needed 12 bucks.
  3. I had big bucks to worry.
  4. Click! - there's 10 bucks.
  5. Not bad for thirteen bucks.
  6. I had spent eighteen bucks.
  7. I gave her a thousand bucks.
  8. I have about twenty bucks.
  9. At thirty bucks apiece, yeah.
  10. Fifteen bucks the whole night.
  11. All the bucks STOP right here.
  12. Smith or members of Bucks Fizz.
  13. There goes about fifteen bucks.
  14. I paid the kid a hundred bucks.
  15. Just give me two bucks, is all.
  16. Only fifty bucks for the massage.
  17. A few extra bucks here and there.
  18. No, five bucks he goes for the cup.
  19. She come back, I get paid big bucks.
  20. Only twenty bucks for a trial sample.
  21. I'll give it to you for fifty bucks.
  22. Five bucks says he tries the skylight.
  23. But its a two bucks filled with faith.
  24. You could be on TV, get the big bucks.
  25. That is why Chairmen get the big bucks.
  26. These cost anywhere from 30 to 40 bucks.
  27. Not that much--only a few million bucks.
  28. What? asked one of the Young Bucks.
  29. Ten bucks in change for phone calls.
  30. About seventy-three bucks, said Bru.
  31. A hundred hundreds was ten thousand bucks.
  32. I put my last three bucks of gas in it.
  33. What's your rent? Thirty bucks a month?
  34. What was it, a hundred and fifty bucks?
  35. Charge big bucks to appear wherever they.
  36. You fork out big bucks to attend a concert.
  37. For 20 bucks, I had the raccoon in my car.
  38. He’s making twenty bucks an hour for it.
  39. I get a few bucks off of that every month.
  40. She can have it for two thousand bucks.
  41. Fifteen thousand bucks for a week’s work.
  42. A hundred bucks would be like 30 pints of.
  43. Five bucks a throw, fifteen bucks till noon.
  44. Here, you don't see the same bucks every day.
  45. She actually had fifty bucks in her left hip.
  46. Spend as much as 30 bucks on a few good lures.
  47. For a measly four bucks I could take it home.
  48. Save a few bucks and stay at my house tonight.
  49. I still would, too, if I had a thousand bucks.
  50. Ten bucks for a throw, fifteen bucks till noon.
  51. Get out there and earn that five hundred bucks.
  52. And it ain't worth more'n two bucks at most!.
  53. Tha's three hunderd an' fifty bucks I'd put in.
  54. Some pictures might have been worth a few bucks.
  55. Gary has five bucks; he told me he’s loaded.
  56. I got my seersucker for only four bucks at the.
  57. I wore graduation robes rented for thirty bucks.
  58. A plate here must cost at least a hundred bucks.
  59. Christ, a million bucks plus for a case of booze.
  60. We will battle fifty bucks each man and shoes.
  61. You know what some of these young bucks are like.
  62. So how and where was he going to make his bucks?
  63. Felt a bit stupid, but shit – a hundred bucks!.
  64. It was the full-breeds who brought in the big bucks.
  65. Maybe on a thousand dollars, you'll give two bucks.
  66. It ain’t worth four hundred bucks, he said.
  67. I guess that’s why you get paid the big bucks.
  68. Maybe eight or nine hundred bucks for a lethal dose.
  69. I think there’s more in this than a million bucks.
  70. Self-confidence with self-control, and a few bucks.
  71. What is it, forty six bucks and some change maybe?
  72. Barb said, We keep a few bucks around the office.
  73. It’s not just our homes where we can save big bucks.
  74. Well, how 'bout it? Y'innarested? Five bucks a throw.
  75. What can I get for five bucks? the creature asked.
  76. I have about a hundred and eighty bucks in the bank.
  77. The bucks we saw yesterday should be around somewhere.
  78. Been playing with big bucks these last few days, Less.
  79. And we had a new deal – five weeklies for five bucks.
  80. The Three Young Bucks were all zipped into their tents.
  81. That little scam brings in a few hundred bucks a month.
  82. I think a great way to save a thousand bucks is to ask.
  83. A hundred thousand bucks sounded pretty nice especially.
  84. They shook hands, he gave her a few bucks, and she left.
  85. We should be making the big moves, making the big bucks.
  86. That’s grand, it bucks one up! laughed the first.
  87. In the park behind the bushes I think, for forty bucks.
  88. They buy a couple hundred bucks worth of buns, a couple.
  89. Then I will have to pay 50 bucks to reinstate my license.
  90. She kept about ten thousand bucks in it most of the time.
  91. Five bucks, he’d told Konky, holding out his palm.
  92. Finally he gave a couple of bucks, threw me off and went.
  93. That’s what you pay me the big bucks for, Paul said.
  94. Okay, smart guy, I’ll bet you five bucks on that one.
  95. At four bucks a plate, I could expense it to the business.
  96. A few bucks in my pocket, and four points on the compass.
  97. He’d probably paid five bucks for it at the Ben Franklin.
  98. Without a hand stamp, it’s twelve bucks to get back in.
  99. Starting off with a wager of maybe fifty bucks, they.
  100. Hundred bucks for a deposit since they ripped it out on me.

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