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    1. Captain of our Salvation

    2. Abimelech and Phichol the chief captain of his host spoke

    3. “On it, Cap!” Tom and the captain gave a sloppy salute back to one another

    4. “Turn on the radio!” the captain barks, shoving some moose jerky in his mouth and tearing it off

    5. Even if he didn’t catch the show in the morning, the captain never missed Kevin and Becca’s evening broadcast

    6. The captain almost knocks Tom over with his elbow

    7. “Captain! Captain, the horn!”

    8. “Tom!” the captain says

    9. In his day of training, the captain told him to blow it loud enough to wake the dead

    10. A sheepish CAPTAIN, holding his cap in his hands, walks up with RICCI, strutting and imperious

    11. "I had learned the language before the captain returned," Glenelle said

    12. She had him virtually in-ear as she surveyed the control room like she was the starship captain from the propaganda films of her childhood

    13. She had been the captain's wife, but she revived from cryofreeze and the captain never did

    14. The captain laughed out loud

    15. "We'll certainly get a lot more research done now that we don't have to clear every atmosphere probe thru security and the captain

    16. I might have been his captain on two different ships, but he was always my Navigator

    17. Captain Obvious of the Religious Troop then speaks up with, “This Temple took 46 years to build… You are going to build it in three days?”

    18. Then the captain of all the soldiers approached Son

    19. ” the captain said as he touched his hand to his neck wound and held

    20. ” said the captain

    21. Then the captain took Sons’ hand and raised it above his head

    22. The captain of the army stood guard outside with many other soldiers

    23. The captain of the guards did not know anything about Guard

    24. only known that Guard was a good soldier, had skill equal to the captain

    25. Son left his brother in charge of the Kingdom and the captain of the

    26. They could explain their problem to the captain and probably wind up slinging a hammock somewhere, or just signing up with the captain and sharing a nest for an uncomfortable journey with some other single traveler of the same sex

    27. This was a ship, like hers was a ship, it might sail a different stream but there was a captain in there somewhere, hiding behind those speakers

    28. Eventually that scarred captain turned and marched back into his ship

    29. "I'll be drinking to the day my captain told off a starship captain til the last keg runs dry," was what someone said later that night, "And I'll never give a shit if anyone ever believes it

    30. The captain and a couple others wandered off from the group and it sounded like they were calling Alan when they got nearer the probe

    31. Alfred was pretty sure this was more good evidence that the naked captain was lying to protect Alan and knew it

    32. As it was, captain M'Kintre would have wanted all the humans on the raft killed except Alan anyway

    33. "I wonder what the captain thinks you were up to

    34. Berndt and I back into the doorway and watch as he makes his way across to the captain of our ship

    35. We see him slap the captain on the arm as though greeting an old friend

    36. "Is the captain aboard?" Desa asked

    37. We carouse with the captain and those crew members not on duty for a couple of hours before Drens, pouring the last of the wine into his glass, tells us to get off to bed

    38. The captain is the captain after all

    39. So with Captain Dimitris in the wheelhouse keeping a weather eye on the horizon, and me sipping the concentrated aniseed drink, I began humming the one sea shanty in my repertoire, Liverpool Lou and it wasn't long before the Princess of Stephanos was gliding over the waves along her way

    40. Captain Dimitri shook my hand as I thanked him for the safe crossing of the Styx

    41. They claimed to have been attacked by a huge stone spaceship with a captain so scarred it made their gonads crawl

    42. "You're a good captain of a fine ship, the finest I've ever sailed on

    43. “So will you report Ava to the captain?” Alan asked, “or use it to extort me to stop seeing her?”

    44. “The captain should have never allowed you to keep that universe,” Elmore muttered

    45. When it did, it had to change the subject, "The captain will be with you shortly," it said and left the room

    46. But he was right, the captain opened the door to his private office soon after

    47. This was where the officers went to have their private meetings with the captain

    48. From this Alan assumed that Ava had spoken to Elmore and Elmore had spoken to the captain

    49. He knew the captain was really offended by lack of military etiquette

    50. The captain didn't say anything to that, he went on to ask, "Where else does she go in your universe?"

    1. Zolla captained one of twelve ships for each of the approaching vessels

    2. He being a prolific football player in his time and having captained the team from his hometown called Listowel Emmett’s

    3. Gaspar was captained by a tough little sergeant who had spent ten years working merchant ships plying the Volga, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean

    4. She captained the fishing boat just as well as her father, keeping the crew focused and the catch bumper

    5. “When I was a little older, fifty I must have been, I captained m'first ship

    6. He captained them from 1967 to 1972, and with his help promoted the county to its second championship

    7. The Test series was drawn 2–2, and Cliff Morgan outshone everyone when he eventually captained a skilful Lions backline that included Arthur Smith and Jeff Butterfield

    8. ” Marcus began to whistle a tune I had heard before on this very ship; could it be that Joshua captained the Goddess of the Sea as a surprise for Annelle? He hadn’t been present for my wedding to Marcus

    9. One takes four people, and is captained by Aaron, with two of his friends as crew, and I'm in a two-seater kayak with Andy

    10. The last captain to leave the room, who captained the Admiral’s flagship turned back to the Admiral, “Sir?” he asked

    11. Chaim Levi, the Israeli special forces operative who captained the stolen sailing vessel used to transport the bomb past a Coast Guard cordon

    12. His own ordination as an under-priest of the Order of Chihiro had come about only because he was a skilled seaman who’d been tapped for command in the Navy of God, but before that, he’d captained Church couriers and transports for almost twenty years

    13. Legendary player Arnold Palmer (USA) was 34 years 31 days when he captained the US team at East Lake Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in 1963

    1. Urban legend has it that Lance, in captaining a league side one Saturday

    1. "They give them away to captains who sailed for them as advertising

    2. "You said there are two captains?" Alan asked

    3. "The captains don't?" Luray asked

    4. with the other ghost captains,

    5. They were brought in to meet the captains, in the room beyond this one

    6. He was loyal to the captains, they were family to him, but she knew he would part ways with this ship if it ever returned there

    7. They'd had to learn not to go further til they'd heard other captains tell of the way in some waterfront yaagatoria

    8. As they had been told early in the voyage, Byia and Eelon were not like normal captains, they let marVan the navigator bawl the orders and functioned more like business managers of the Vikenvor, so she had no real reason to be on deck other than socializing

    9. Shift change was now complete, all masts were covered and the captains were on the outdoor bridge for the final approach

    10. Through the years a bond of trust had been formed between the Captains and crews of these ships and the Scather leaders of this small community

    11. For what it was worth, this time was a prelude to trouble because the captains of Atlantean industry were already stirring up trouble by trying to find cheap labor on the mainland

    12. More often than not, she was roused for the latter; few Captains in Transit lasted more than a decade before they lost their minds and Argos determined them to be hazardous to the ship and the entire mission

    13. He had appointed himself some captains and, below them in the hierarchy a group of lieutenants

    14. He beckoned to one of his captains who came running over

    15. Axel and his two friends, all captains in Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment, had been rotated out of the endless Afghanistan war and sent home for three weeks R&R

    16. “Mmm, just some friendly advice between the captains of two ships passing in the night…be prepared

    17. But he’d heard many descriptions from merchant captains

    18. The captains of his majesty's navy, indeed, or any other commissioned officers, appointed by the board of admiralty, may inquire into the condition of the forts and garrisons, and report their observations to that board

    19. But that board seems to have no direct jurisdiction over the committee, nor any authority to correct those whose conduct it may thus inquire into; and the captains of his majesty's navy, besides, are not supposed to be always deeply learned in the science of fortification

    20. I am just going now to post men on the other roofs to give us control of the high ground and an all round defence capability as per the Captains orders

    21. It seems their new OC who has just been made up to Major knows all about your prowess with a rifle and has asked for you,” What he had just said left me completely mystified because to my memory I didn’t know any Fusilier Captains or Majors

    22. The whole queue was listening now and the mention of Gallipoli had them all hooked and I could see the astonishment on some of their faces as well as on this jumped up Captains and he looked like someone had just fed him a turd as he turned to me again saying

    23. owners and ship captains and he was always impressed with the

    24. He was also aware of the fact that many of the whaling captains took their wives with them on the whaling

    25. But they were all great captains in their own right, each had something to offer that the other seemed to have missed; all were of great value to Adem

    26. This did not sit well with many of the captains and generals, but the word of an Immortal King was law for all nations to abide

    27. It was midmorning when the forces began to ride out; there were no great speeches, no rituals, or demonstrations, the captains and generals just began shouting orders, and the lower ranking officers shouted their orders until the army began to move at a slow trot

    28. discuss business and strategy with his fellow captains

    29. was a most unusual happening and the three captains suspected

    30. Both Captains Hawes and Williams

    31. Both captains were well prepared for the tasks at hand on that day in 1865

    32. Furthermore, Captain Hawes and the other five captains

    33. He had to put up with five other captains on board as

    34. return with their captains and mates

    35. collected themselves, Captain Hawes and the other five captains

    36. Hawes and the other five captains went to brief the commandant,

    37. Captains Smith of the William Thompson, Tucker of the Sophia Thornton, Hathaway of the Euphrates, Williams of the Jireh Swift, and Redfield of the Susan Abigail, spelled out in detail their experiences with the Shenandoah up to June 23

    38. With inputs from all of the captains of the captured ships, the

    39. Williams Captains of the Whaleships

    40. Before the revolution, Martha had served as a Gate Captain for Charkel, now she was recruited in Tobin’s army after being recommended by a number of the other local captains

    41. He is also known as one of the great captains

    42. “I’ve been with many captains in my

    43. Most of those have been proved false by the actions of various captains, including our own

    44. their parameters; and the captains of military ships were renowned for walking the narrow line

    45. Hundreds of torches were lit, while the crowd of nobles, courtiers, captains, citizens, and slaves, went mad with transports of joy, excitement, and rum

    46. Manna took the Captains side and they advanced warily

    47. In the ship’s cabin, Cruzel sat at the Captains desk

    48. He’d seen it happen more than once and wondered about the shared insanity of two captains

    49. ” One of the alien captains broke the channel

    50. 2 And Saul's son had two men that were captains of bands, the name of the one was Baanah, and the name of the other Rechab, the

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