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    1. She is the champion

    2. He was a champion

    3. MMA, you know? He was a champion

    4. He was a martial artist, a champion, no-one could beat him

    5. Their task is to champion

    6. CARRIE: Oh girls, he's going to become the next national champion

    7. The champion batsman

    8. champion of my batch raped so in public by a mere boy of twelve was too funny

    9. A champion has both

    10. wow,' I said, champion of nonsensical, monosyllabic responses

    11. champion of the world, there was a knock on Terry and Bling's

    12. high honor of being named champion

    13. downstate team would not be crowned champion

    14. principality, and an invitation to champion the cause of

    15. But never before had a champion fought so valiantly, and fiercely, as the Elven Prince

    16. Inside, some ancient champion had been sent to his eternal rest with veneration

    17. Then they returned in force, the war grew yet more savage, until finally Achilles slew the Trojan champion Hector and

    18. The first ever champion was

    19. “Good that’s champion lad I will nip back and see how you are later but remember you must keep a sharp eye on the area in front of you as we have no idea where then Turks will come from

    20. ” I looked at Anne now with a new kind of respect and also a certain amount of wariness as that right hand would have made the Battalion boxing champion proud

    21. ” I told her that was champion but I looked at her closely as she blushed again thinking to myself there is more going on here than a platonic visit

    22. H won three ribbons that day, including grand champion

    23. And when the Philistines saw their champion was dead, they fled

    24. ") Thus, from „Laws:" „The people always have some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness…This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs, when he first appears he is a protector

    25. “I think our victor is dumbstruck! I present to you a new champion

    26. ” I then smelled the booze across the desk and concluded that Superbowl Champion Coach Charles Francis Warren, Notre Dame, USMC…was

    27. And he who drew out the lucky raisin was winner and champion, and could

    28. Ian O‘Connor, champion of the oppressed and self-styled Stephen Vincent Benet of the Gannett sports pages, might have properly considered a career more in line with the principles of serious journalism rather than (seemingly) wasting his ―enormous‖ literary talents and high-minded idealism as a sports columnist

    29. “Yes,” said Antonio Fescobaldi, second in points and previous, Bru thought it was 2007, champion

    30. Their most likely champion was John Calhoun, Adams' Vice President

    31. and probably our best rider too; a rodeo calf-roping champion

    32. Running in the thin mountain air of Jinotega had given the lad the lungs of a champion

    33. “Is this the cousin who was a champion at football?” he asked, grinning from one to the other

    34. The report showed him surging to an unbeatable margin over his opponent, as a result of his newfound notoriety as anti-drug champion of the people

    35. “For those of you new to this form of racing, this is the eleventh race of the twenty-twenty-five season, and Brett Harden, the first World Champion of the new series, is third in the overall points standings behind Spaniard Porfirio Solis-Genet in second place

    36. Slowly the idea was brought forth of a champion selected by each side who would engage in a trial by combat

    37. A sort of unofficial champion; a player of immeasurable victories in the past

    38. It might have been a hubris, but perhaps he was after all God’s chosen champion

    39. weak, to be the champion for those that cannot, and

    40. It was as if a champion had recently entered the fray on her behalf, or more correctly, she thought, her Goddess

    41. Thomas is her champion

    42. How could I have picked a better champion, she wondered

    43. Why? Was it because their history had taught them to expect a champion who was supposed to restore their physical kingdom, and Jesus’ message and manner, though ill-perceived, spoke of a very different kind of future?

    44. The first was a time where a champion “rose up” to rescue the people from the folly of their spiritual infidelity

    45. When Jesus came onto the scene of this ancient diorama, he was an instantly polarizing distraction to the Jewish yearning for the appearance of another champion, the new judge who would resurrect their national entity, and identity once more as the Hasmonean Maccabees had seemed to accomplish for a while, during the interregnum in which the Greeks tried to fend off Roman incursions into their fractured Hellenistic world

    46. In the era of the judges a champion had been selected from among the people

    47. Obviously this hedge, this insistence that there is little difference, is a motive among some groups who seem to champion the opposite of uniqueness

    48. 4 And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span

    49. 23 And as he talked with them, note, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, out of the armies of the

    50. his head with it; and when the Philistines saw their champion was dead, they fled

    1. Then again, aren‘t such Keynesian practices still being routinely championed by legislatures in our own country?

    2. What: The passage of the Act Prohibiting the Importation of Slaves in 1807, proposed and championed by Jefferson

    3. In the recent past, I have championed the idea that many mythological accounts take their basis from oral history where the retelling over the generations diluted the real experience at its core with magical and mystical add-on descriptions, and stories

    4. [Those followers who championed this doctrine] were the occasion of many Monophysites turning Catholic…(Other variations) formed the independent churches of the Jacobites (Syrian) and the Armenians…From their national character and superstition, [they have] received variations which are most striking in the religious constitution of the Egyptian Jacobites

    5. He had championed a renaissance that called for the

    6. list was eventually trimmed down to the ten amendments and was championed by the

    7. Numerous programs on television and innumerable articles in newspapers and magazines have championed or heralded the individual rights of homosexuals, and even glorified their life-style

    8. Those who championed the new Constitution

    9. It was he who championed free,

    10. Marie brought this principle into the Family business and lives of all her female descendants and women connected with her…and championed the rights of Women

    11. "Others have held the same beliefs and tonight I want to introduce you to a man who has championed the cause for a number of years and who has interesting information to share with you

    12. From his beginnings on the wharfs of Vancouver's bustling docks he had always championed the common man

    13. "open source" only when referring to groups and businesses that have championed its usage

    14. ” Then white social scientist Edwin Taylor championed a concept of culture based upon evolution that violated sound Bible teaching

    15. 85 By the time Proctor accepted this scholarship, Melton and Crozer Seminary supported evolution and taught liberal theology, both of which Proctor soon championed

    16. Yet, I ask for grace and the chance to explain the tragic consequences that eventually came about when Proctor and others championed, with good intentions, the road where white liberal doctrine rejected the Bible’s authority

    17. Unfortunately, Proctor’s influence encouraged many other African-American leaders to build their faith on doctrines that white liberals had championed at the expense of Biblical truth

    18. He championed liberal doctrine among historically black colleges and universities that train ministers

    19. However, moral decline was the unexpected results of the white liberalism that he championed

    20. Proctor had this same biblical, personal moral compass, but the white liberals’ church and government systems that he championed among African Americans surrendered it to white liberalism

    21. He who championed “the cash value

    22. Robert Windowmaker has championed an ideal of individual sovereignty that supports the notion that each person, once they have declared their own individual sovereignty, is solely responsible for providing for all of their own needs including all the services our government currently provides

    23. championed by ‘Stepping Stones’, has to this

    24. truth and moral behaviour championed by all of the religions of

    25. Somehow sensing the inevitability of its demise, Severus' father, Atticus, had championed his oldest son to lead a new Order on the day that he had reached his first decade

    26. ’ Meanwhile the whole of the local population who, to a man, championed the murdered chief, had already surrounded the level summit of the mountain, as a bracelet would encircle the wrist, as they steadily climbed higher on all sides

    27. Sheikho always championed the truth and those who adhered to it, and fought against evil and its perpetrators

    28. He championed civil liberties, started the Peace Corps and his domestic New Frontier policies promised greater welfare through federal funding

    29. Hocksberg had recently urged Shapiro to take more of a role, actually, to take any role at all, in the ADL, which championed Jewish causes

    30. It was an expanded version of a previous bill I had championed, the Josie King Act, in memory of an eighteen-month-old girl who died on Martha’s Vineyard because of medical errors and massive health information screwups

    31. Yet, in the new year, my father and the leadership of the Senate threw their support behind a new mental health parity bill that was, in my opinion, far too similar to the one Pete Domenici had championed ten years earlier when the Republicans were in control

    32. He’d allowed the 63rd to continue its efforts and even championed their idea to Sahmyrsyt when he arrived

    33. But he always wanted to say, if he ever fell into the trap of reading critics’ good reviews of Griszt concerts, that if the method and the mathematics were championed over the real shape of the thing, there would never be another Mozart

    34. I couldn’t be distracted by snippets of Mary Bradford’s diary when I championed my wife through her illness

    35. “She had always thought of Arthur as someone who championed the rights of the underdog,” said Rupert Allan, who was in Los Angeles visiting the Millers at the time

    36. If she had taken to stealing, he would have championed her just the same

    1. He's the one who's championing the boundaried 'New Brasil' movement

    2. And finally, it"s anybody"s guess how many millions he has made to date in his championing of Global Warming (Climate Change) as caused by anthropogenesis, that is: due to carbon emissions by developed countries

    3. The litany of abuses predicated in the name of free expression, or proxy ―decisions‖ made on behalf of others who are unable to make informed decisions, are understood by the hordes of mentally ill people roaming the streets, who should be otherwise institutionalized for their own safety, if not for the safety of our society, for that matter, who remain on the streets, unable to properly care for themselves, mandated by civil rights organizations fearful that their rights may be jeopardized, people otherwise incapable of making a rational assessment of their own condition; not to mention conferring legitimacy to sexual deviancy in all its varieties that many of us have casually resigned ourselves to as ―simply‖ alternative lifestyles or championing (equal) protection under the law, that, in some instances, should call for censorship, or implausible assumptions regarding the ―unborn,‖ (Abortion) remanding millions of innocents to an early grave, a convenience for women fretting over their figures or professional careers, abetted by spineless politicians, who for expediency sake, continue advancing legislation denying them (―unborn‖) their own inalienable right to choose, had they the means, or encouraging a culture of death (Euthanasia) for the convenience of (the) would-be custodians of the terminally ill or perhaps to (simply) reduce the increasing costs of Healthcare, or the legalization of drugs because that too is a convenient alternative for a number of individuals who have seemingly lost the will to rid our society of rampant drug abuse and therefore justify such (hare-brained) schemes from the vantage point of opportunity savings or reduced social costs, or movements to eliminate God from the public consciousness lest society be reminded of its sins or perhaps because many of us have (conveniently) chosen to become our own gods

    4. Thomas and Daphnie went forward championing the

    5. Mankind can still lead the way to a brighter future by championing generosity

    6. Science is based upon championing the assumption that our animal instincts are not intelligent

    7. championing the importance of actualising the desired results by way of enactment

    8. Though initially reluctant, Rogers soon became passionate about the trail’s creation, and he spent the rest of his life championing the PCT and working to overcome all the legal, financial, and logistical obstacles that stood in its way

    9. His championing of The Office was particularly noteworthy because, at that time, critics and audiences alike weren’t crazy about it

    10. ‘I’m beginning to be weary of fruitlessly championing the truth, and sometimes I’m quite unhinged by it

    11. It’s small and unconventional, championing local authors, and has an interesting and quirky roster of clients

    12. He was capable of high degrees of indignation, and his life work, championing the rights of wronged and depressed classes and races, furnished him with but too many occasions for holy anger

    1. Livingson,” nodded Harold, “I am impressed and grateful at your knowledge of Malvern champions

    2. The Dort Championship in Golf was an annual event where last years champions were challenged by another team selected by drawing from a hat whose hat didn't really matter, generally it was from Mr

    3. Fizzicist and Morton being the current champions and had managed to retain it over three years by dint of their clever tactics, in short, cheating

    4. Many great champions stood before him, and fell, joining his army

    5. way champions at the games are crowned by acclamation?”

    6. “What about men? There must be champions stronger than her

    7. The Rooinekke were renowned as champions on the disco floor, in case we Afrikaners did not already know that and they were willing to graciously teach us all of their moves, since we are comrades in arms so to speak! It seems they indeed had a lot more rhythm than us if I am being honest, but I cannot dance and it common knowledge that I am very clumsy

    8. Following this line of reasoning, however, explain why there isn‘t a (similar) lack of concern or righteous indignation among these so-called champions of social justice over the scarcity of White running backs or wide receivers or cornerbacks, the latter, remnants from the 152

    9. The win made it almost certain that Notts would be champions of their league

    10. And the Hasmoneans did seem to look like new champions similar to the judges of old, but once in power seemed to act more like those ancients who had been called “kings

    11. But Arius was not a strict Unitarian, his representations became a highly compromised version of the duality of Jesus nature, as he tried to walk a thin line between the Unitarians and the Athanasian champions of Trinitarianism

    12. Lately, they’ve joined their opponents to also become champions of big government

    13. These are the two champions of swords

    14. The tournament ended and a lush party was given in the name of the champions, gifts were brought, and wine was spilled

    15. killed without cause the champions of virtue

    16. 16 Who did not admire those champions of true

    17. One of the guys from Motorola Marketing, Ron Scarfo from PA, who had played guard for Frank Kush’s unbeaten WAC champions, told me to call Ted von Bredehof, wrestling coach and Assistant Athletic Director for good season’s tickets

    18. “The champions of state autonomy in the drafting period were

    19. champions of the new Constitution, as many historians note,

    20. We had six wins and two losses and retained our title as state champions for the fifth straight year

    21. The Sylvan will have their champions as well, some as fearsome as Alilia or Osbald or Emeroth

    22. “Each engraved on the reverse with the names and nations of the champions, as well as the particulars of their victory at this tournament

    23. 15 But you shall groan according to your deserts for having killed without cause the champions of virtue

    24. 16 Who did not admire those champions of true legislation? Who were not astonied? 17 The tyrant himself and all their council admired their endurance 18 through which also they now stand beside the divine throne and live a blessed life

    25. "It is the extra effort that separates the champions from the rest

    26. He was one of the past century’s great champions of human dignity and freedom and the pursuit of happiness

    27. Ah the breakfast of champions

    28. I would ask these champions of life to go to the war

    29. As they approached the gates to the settlement the farmers and merchants again cheered the passage of their champions

    30. The residents of the region were aware of the urgency of the situation and did their best to hurry their champions along the way

    31. They and their Leadership Champions shall


    33. He became a renegade by whipping the shit out of certain champions when it wasn‘t scripted and was ostracized by the promoters, touring overseas and giving demonstrations to the growing number of believers

    34. The other men gathered around to cheer their respective champions,

    35. Soon afterward, the Nazis became the champions of hostile

    36. The Bucs won the pennant and now had to face the American League Champions, New York Yankees

    37. This generation of African-American leaders became champions of this false mission at HBCUs and other universities

    38. Proctor became one of the most influential African-American champions of white liberal theology

    39. Proctor also mentored Jeremiah Wright, who is well known as President Obama’s former pastor who champions liberation theology based upon liberal doctrine

    40. We are God’s champions - His trophies

    41. How are champions

    42. Instead of armies of child soldiers, they could send their chess champions into battle

    43. “It is the restaurant of champions, And-

    44. The contests of weapon skills were very popular and some incredible records were broken, these new champions being followed everywhere by their new fans,

    45. The ball-court was the highlight of every Toltec settlement and every two weeks, in the late afternoon, my friends and I always tried to get to the ball-court early so as to get a position near one of the stone rings, from where we could cheer our respective champions

    46. is an organization that champions the home-business lifestyle and provides its members with a multitude of resources designed to achieve maximum home-business success

    47. organization that champions the home-business lifestyle and provides its

    48. Yet, graduate Business Analytics programs are aimed at creating business champions who understand how and when methods such as data mining can be used

    49. the other ethical, moral champions involved in sales and marketing

    50. Champions are created from the insight of the heart

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