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    1. the strongest sensation of vertigo, and depending on when you find this note, there

    2. his tiny body and showed the intensity of sensation of pain…

    3. sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    4. The sharpness of the sensation reminded me that I was alive

    5. ’ I said enjoying the sensation of being involved in something which is not linked to work

    6. The sensation of fresh cotton against my clean skin after my shower was so simple and so beautiful

    7. It was a weird sensation, but one that warmed me within

    8. Suddenly, I'm distracted by a voice, wake up!" Immediately, the sensation of Apollo standing over me inundates my senses

    9. I groan in agony, but eventually that pain is replaced with a warming sensation, almost like a hot, soothing bath

    10. Since the stuff was now nothing more than encoded sensation levels, this applet probably cost less than twenty bucks

    11. Across the far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    12. Unbidden, the sensation of Joris lying beside her appeared in her head

    13. “[T]he future is not an idea, but a sensation

    14. ’ I said, fixing my eyes on the source of the sensation – a small pile of rocks set back a metre or so to the left of the Well

    15. A damp sticky sensation between my thighs gets my pulse racing … surely, we must have …

    16. Rayne unexpectedly felt a prickly sensation on the back of her neck

    17. I had the clear sensation we are a fundamental ingredient in the structure of the cosmos, or something close to it

    18. You recognize the thought, feeling, or sensation that is other than your point of focus (in this case your breathing)

    19. You gently release the thought, feeling, or sensation that has grabbed your attention

    20. You can treat these fears as you would treat any thought, feeling, or sensation that arises in meditation

    21. every sensation you have ever experienced has been

    22. My lips still felt the sensation of her lips

    23. called because of the peculiar physical sensation that

    24. Nearly everyone has felt this sensation at one point

    25. She knew that sensation was caused by the small fraction of the sensors that were still destructive and let the measured quantum state revert to unknown

    26. Tom somehow always expected some kind of sensation, so it was

    27. Not only was the itching sensation getting worse, the condom felt

    28. I fought off the sensation of gagging

    29. meaning to the term “burning sensation

    30. At first the sensation was subconscious

    31. same sensation as James and Thomas

    32. How he wished there was nothing between them, nothing to hamper the sensation

    33. He could smell it, feel it seeping into his rotting pores, an aroma beyond lust and a sensation more powerful than any known to mere flesh

    34. ’ He’d taken her hand and the sensation was

    35. Only organization of sensation

    36. The subject of sensation

    37. The fire of change and extreme sensation

    38. The sensation intoxicated me

    39. Nerissa could well remember this terrible sensation from the shipwreck

    40. I love the sensation

    41. He closed his eyes to experience the sensation of almost falling free in space

    42. The faith he felt right here and now was another sensation altogether

    43. But the best sensation you’ll ever have is an orgasm

    44. She closed her eyes and bit on her lower lip as the sensation of his touch spread through her body

    45. The sensation of tearing in her belly soon after the spear

    46. pay attention to these millions of information and energy with each breath, the body sensation and awareness

    47. With a mere thought to shield herself from the sensation, she was instantly clothed in her favorite robe

    48. She could not recall a stranger sensation in those moments

    49. Slowly, a cool fluid sensation, not unpleasant, took over her hand

    50. It was more a change in consciousness than an actual physical sensation

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