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Speculate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I can also speculate that.
  2. Some speculate that he has.
  3. All she could do was speculate.
  4. To speculate light in the land.
  5. My visitor, at this, did speculate.

  6. Leading the witness to speculate.
  7. Still, it was interesting to speculate.
  8. You speculate on its entire application.
  9. The recruits speculate in eager whispers.
  10. Can you elaborate?’ ‘I can speculate.
  11. I can’t even speculate, Venkat said.
  12. What it all meant, she could only speculate.
  14. You can speculate and invest at the same time.
  15. You can speculate to no end, Tammas said.

  16. My brother-in-law said to me, Never speculate.
  17. Never speculate about the direction of prices.
  18. This leads him to speculate on life's mysteries.
  19. We use this capital to speculate in the markets.
  20. Many speculate, but only descriptions from our.
  21. Who could know? Summers wasn't going to speculate.
  22. For this reason, these researchers speculate that.
  23. And they use to speculate it just watching it lives.
  24. They could only speculate what had killed everyone.
  25. I tried to speculate how much ground they might have.

  26. It should be a crime to speculate on currencies and 29.
  27. You must say that this is enough to make people speculate.
  28. It would be too early for me to speculate on this incident.
  29. I also use a small percentage of my account to speculate.
  30. It is easy to speculate instead of invest for the long-term.
  31. Those not willing to speculate with their hard-earned money.
  32. He didn’t care to speculate as to what that price would be.
  33. Until we get the lab results back, it is useless to speculate.
  34. It was difficult not to speculate what that dispatch contained.
  35. I did not speculate how long it would last or how it would end.
  36. Let's speculate a little on how that template might change from.
  37. They could only speculate on how much time had passed since their.
  38. I wouldn’t want to speculate, but hindsight is twenty-twenty.
  39. Your fans should anticipate your next release and speculate about.
  40. This is energy beyond the physical, energy that we speculate exist.
  41. These may be employed to manage positions rather than to speculate.
  42. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks.
  43. I will not speculate or provide you the political aspects of the issue.
  44. The researchers who conducted this trial speculate that the difference.
  45. I would not be so bold as to speculate at this juncture, Data said.
  46. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks in.
  47. Immortality, as leader of the undead, I would speculate, Manfred mused.
  48. Well, we could sit here and speculate as to what it is they are hiding.
  49. The possibility of her marrying him made her speculate her life as his wife.
  50. Dear me! This is an occasion that makes a man speculate on all he has lost.
  51. The pilot nodded his head at that, understanding his reluctance to speculate.
  52. The sources also speculate that this could be a motive for her murder.
  53. Let's speculate: What would you like to do differently the next time around?
  54. Mercer’s whereabouts were, as per usual, somewhat murkier to speculate about.
  55. I can only speculate that he believes Counselor Troi was taken hostage, and he.
  56. But before I could speculate any further about my predicament, Roy broke the still.
  57. Im not really sure so I guess I shouldnt speculate too much, the truth will be told.
  58. Who knows? And since it isn’t the case, why speculate? It is the exercise of a fool.
  59. I do not care to speculate as to what might have caused that collapse at this time.
  60. And when it comes to Sabrina, I can merely speculate as to what her thoughts could be.
  61. I am sorry to speculate on it, but what can possibly happen to us after he dies?
  62. The dictionary says that “speculate” comes from the Latin “specula,” a lookout.
  63. I will not speculate about how The Field was created, or who might have created it, or.
  64. Further, they will speculate that we have working transwarp drive to deliver said weapon.
  65. We might as well speculate that the whole performance had been generated by the banks of.
  66. If you deeply speculate them you will stand buffled at them and appreciate their greatness.
  67. I shall not speculate on a favorable answer, so I will proceed at once to answer it for him.
  68. I’ll give you that inspection soon enough, but for now, speculate, Captain Munoz said.
  69. At the time this was happening, I was not inclined to speculate about the physics behind the.
  70. He made only a couple small tweaks and wanted to speculate about nanites and quantum computing.
  71. Investors flock to the options market to either speculate on the news or hedge their positions.
  72. She was the only the person in the room that anyone could speculate had seen Apuna’s true face.
  73. I can only speculate that there might have been a mudslide down the side of an undersea mountain.
  74. I hesitate to speculate about what the expressions “Repeat, Repeat” and “new generation”.
  75. Futures can be used either to hedge or to speculate on the price movement of the underlying asset.
  76. He could speculate, but unless he escaped from this elder, he may very well be dead within minutes.
  77. You can use options to protect or hedge your stock portfolio, to speculate, and to generate income.
  78. I did not speculate what would happen to me after death or what had happened before I’d been born.
  79. It is easy for us to tell you not to speculate; the hard thing will be for you to follow this advice.
  80. He told Heymon what they knew so far and said, We were about to speculate where she might be hosted.
  81. One can only speculate what might have happened if Eisenhower had seized Berlin ahead of the Russians.
  82. All this makes Governor Rick Perry interesting to speculate about concerning a 2012 presidential run.
  83. I think we can reasonably speculate that he was killed because he no longer wanted to play the game.
  84. Finally, I comment on the shadow of the recent crisis and speculate more broadly on the next 20 years.
  85. She’s not a bitch generally, just not terribly bright and it’s fashionable to gossip and speculate.
  86. While the rickshaw-puller was peddling her home, Roopa tried to speculate about his wife and their life.
  87. Although he too was intrigued by the question of the doer’s identity, he dared not vocally speculate.
  88. Until we had more information, all we could do was speculate about the symbol’s origin and meaning.
  89. The whistle to signal the end of lunch blew before we could speculate more, which was probably a good thing.
  90. In that case, I can only speculate what will happen, although presumably my part in all this will be known.
  91. As there is a bodysoul in which we live, so also a heartmind, from which we can speculate the ways to will.
  92. Won’t speculate on that bit, but needless to say the circumstances will be altogether different next time.
  93. No sooner was the steam-engine developed than men began to speculate on it as a moving power on sea and land.
  94. On the other hand, anybody could speculate on the price movement of com by going long or short using futures.
  95. They speculate that there may be a progressive diminution in the size of the bubbles in successive universes.
  96. On this conviction I allow her to speculate, she having her bank and her stockbroker; she speculated and lost.
  97. Further, I speculate that by rendering him unconscious, we have lost the opportunity to pursue the kidnappers.
  98. An expert could easily explain the steps leading to Homo sapiens, but could only speculate about Homo melioris.
  99. Dana didn’t have to speculate much in order to figure out who could launch such a murderous, senseless attack.
  100. I do not want to speculate on the reasons for these problems developing over the years for these native people.
  1. I was speculating in my mind.
  2. I’m only speculating on how the.
  3. They are speculating about the ranks.
  4. I don’t think she liked speculating.
  5. Like I said, they’re speculating.
  6. I’m not speculating on that point.
  7. Speculating the size of this place, he.
  8. No use in speculating about the seventy years.
  9. As we said at the beginning, trading is speculating.
  10. Now I am speculating what it would be likely to be.
  11. Probably to keep the shareholders from speculating.
  12. Now, we notice the papers have been speculating a lot.
  13. She has the world buzzing, speculating on whose baby it is.
  14. Its reasons could be any, and probably not worth speculating about.
  15. I went out with Chvabrine, speculating upon what we had just heard.
  16. Speculating their hopes lay within its precious powers, the Souls.
  17. He was speculating something, but I could not know then what it was.
  18. She shouldn’t be speculating about why her fail-safe had let her go.
  19. More likely he has been speculating on the Bourse, and has lost money.
  20. I’ll probably be speculating on its meaning for the rest of my life.
  21. As I search for Aaron, I find myself speculating if there is any truth.
  22. But listening to my friends speculating before hand was always amusing.
  23. I hope not but I think it is too soon to begin speculating their plans.
  24. So I didn't waste time speculating about the reason I had this experience.
  25. So I didn‘t waste time speculating about the reason I had this experience.
  26. The crew settled on the shores of the Azul Sea, speculating on where to go next.
  27. Before speculating further, it is necessary to look at what certainly did happen.
  28. Yeah, why is that? Gulab stuck on the goatees whist speculating that thought.
  29. He was little interested in speculating over unremunerative problems of antiquity.
  30. Owning individual stocks and sector funds is more akin to speculating than investing.
  31. The El Mundo gossips have been speculating since early morning about the Japanese guy.
  32. He wondered where Thanasi had disappeared to, but knew there was no use in speculating.
  33. This is accomplished by reflecting emerging trends, or speculating on their upshots, or.
  34. While Olofsson went on speculating, she began to feel the pieces were falling into place.
  35. Again, I think we would be speculating about that, which could prove very dangerous to us.
  36. Little groups of excited staff gathered on every floor, speculating about their futures and.
  37. Companies crisscross the thin line between hedging and speculating, using inside information.
  38. These instruments offer a direct method of speculating on higher or lower implied volatility.
  39. Still, he continued securing their territory, speculating that some enemies might still be around.
  40. The hedging and speculating function that these instruments serve is only one piece to the puzzle.
  41. Ten years later as the climate warmed a group of scientists started speculating about global warming.
  42. I have looked at her, speculating thousands of times upon the unborn child from whom I had been rent.
  43. Buffett emphasized buying quality companies rather than speculating about the direction of a stock price.
  44. Speculating about which fears I will have to face, and how many there will be, is useless at this point.
  45. Charles Darwin’s theory of organic evolution to intimidate me, I had shied away from speculating.
  46. The media are speculating about a corporate showdown between Triplet International and Forrest Enterprises.
  47. And, I suppose, the scandalmongers were once again speculating on the perpetrator of the second fecundation.
  48. It's unfortunate that far too many rookies begin using options as tools for speculating in the stock market.
  49. The newspapers were running the story, and speculating that the man had been murdered by a Russian KGB agent.
  50. For example, in 1929, the public was heavily involved in the market, speculating with 10% cash and 90% margin.
  51. What are they eating? What are they doing right now? I was speculating and trying to find out its answer.
  52. We have enough natural factors to guide us here; we don’t need to waste time speculating about unnatural ones.
  53. A different type of trading strategy involves speculating on the direction in which the underlying contract will move.
  54. When I asked my host whether his traders were hedging or speculating, he looked me straight in the eye and said, Yes.
  55. Don’t let someone talk you into speculating in such seemingly sophisticated packages as strips, straddles, and spreads.
  56. Caine objected, said that the witness was speculating, that there was nothing in evidence or anywhere else to show that Mr.
  57. Now he discovered himself speculating upon the fate which would have fallen to the girl had he not rescued her from Terkoz.
  58. Knowing a business intimately and its future earnings potential will mean the difference between investing and speculating.
  59. His mind however, was idly speculating on whether or not the raffle for the car would be drawn a week on Sunday as was planned.
  60. Tarzan, an interested spectator of all that had taken place, sat speculating on the strange actions of these peculiar creatures.
  61. Just speculating here, but I have a hunch Casper Slate would have acted quickly in order to keep their crimes away from the court.
  62. He does not believe in speculating that an underperforming company will be taken over, because most managements resist selling out.
  63. He was speculating and whining about his involvement in the investigation and how it might reflect badly on his career if things went to shit.
  64. Nancy was still speculating about that when she noticed that a blinking light on the desk videophone indicated that someone had left a message.
  65. Although she didn't know anyone, she always enjoyed speculating on which of the interesting-looking patrons were locals and which were tourists.
  66. She reflected that the rescue helicopter was still here, speculating that it might have broken down, or the criminals had killed the rescue crew.
  67. Speculating about or describing in detail what his followers could experience on their own would have detracted from the goals of their practice.
  68. She guessed the other client must have left by another exit, not wanting to encounter the other waiting, speculating on that person’s neurosis.
  69. Who could possibly compete with him now? We laughed again when we caught sight of our packs of cotton bandages, speculating just how to apply them.
  70. The GVZ is calculated based on the price of these options that have become a common trading instrument for hedging and speculating on the price of gold.
  71. I often say, this is speculating, not investing, but the fact is this is a particular type of investing, and as long as your basic premise holds (i.
  72. I am speculating at this, but I believe that the Troi program in his head used this as a tactic to distract me long enough to severe the connection between us.
  73. Investments that hewed to the accepted standards were safe (and probably litigation-proof for the fiduciary who bought them), while speculating was chancy.
  74. It recommended regulation, rather than prohibition, of speculation; for example, brokerage houses that failed after speculating were to be criminally prosecuted.
  75. The failure of several Berlin banks that had been speculating with deposits was the final straw, and politicians rallied for legislation to prohibit speculation.
  76. When Melodía, still fuming, came back with her javelin, her retinue had found a new topic: speculating about a certain dowager countess at court and a handsome page.
  77. There was an interesting article in the news today recapping the conversation you had with Trent, speculating about your former relationship with him, Blake said.
  78. Dawn discovered them still recounting their various adventures and speculating upon the identity of the strange guardian and protector they had found on this savage shore.
  79. However, in speculating there has to be a real chance that things could have turned out differently because of forces beyond human control; in this particular case, the weather.
  80. In spite of the preeminent quality of this issue, as far as safety of dividends was concerned, the buyer at 12¾ was speculating to the extent of more than 10% of his principal.
  81. At this point, we’ve had fun speculating about the price of a bitcoin in a world dominated by this currency and discussing the infrastructure that would likely evolve around it.
  82. He had no idea how the conversation with her parents had gone, and as he stepped out of the car, he figured there was no use in speculating, since he’d find out soon enough anyway.
  83. The high open interest and growth in volume for VIX options is a direct result of the ability to use VIX options for hedging and speculating on the direction of the overall stock market.
  84. He would always come back to his lost treaty, wondering, guessing, speculating, as to what Holmes was doing, what steps Lord Holdhurst was taking, what news we should have in the morning.
  85. Similar to the bond or stock markets, the commodities are populated by traders whose primary interest is making short-term profits by speculating whether the price of a security will go up or down.
  86. Speculating on the tramp’s fate, they’d organized an informal, loser-buys-lunch-for-the-winner office pool: would the guy be arrested or simply chased away? Chased away was the odds-on favorite.
  87. No good and much ill could come from boys worrying too much about whatever Royal Brougham at the Post-Intelligencer or George Varnell at the Seattle Times might be speculating about on any given day.
  88. It should be essential, therefore, for anyone engaging in financial operations to know whether he is investing or speculating and, if the latter, to make sure that his speculation is a justifiable one.
  89. They are actually speculating on the option prices and not on the underlying stock or commodity, although the price of the underlying stock or commodity will have a large bearing on the value of the option.
  90. The boat assignment seemed tangible and undeniable evidence that what the sophomores had been speculating about was true—something was special about them, and Ulbrickson had unusual confidence in them as a unit.
  91. Sometimes, however, the presence of a large inventory of a commodity on a balance sheet can be a good clue that the company is either speculating rather than attending to business or has lost control of inventories.
  92. As a serious investor looking to invest a sizable lump sum for retirement, Debbie has a multi-year timeframe and prefers the security of a diversified portfolio to the excitement of speculating on individual stocks.
  93. Ellen doesn’t mind speculating, believe me, she’s hosted an array of strangers from my past who swear they are my friends, and they all have lovely things to say about me, even the ones who never much liked me.
  94. The insiders have to be careful, for the simple reason that if the price action was continually and unrelentingly volatile, then traders and investors would look elsewhere for investing and speculating opportunities.
  95. And when you’re in public office, if people start speculating about whether you would run for higher office, it’s sometimes best to let the speculation keep bubbling because people take you a little bit more seriously.
  96. Understanding his friend’s loss, Siri felt his friendship with Hatch grow stronger, and he found himself speculating on the possibility of settling in the delta, but he was set on completing his journey to the Maasai Mara.
  97. Traders can sell a covered put confident that they can satisfy their obligation while speculating that implied volatility will fall or that the underlying stock will be sideways, higher, or only slightly lower at expiration.
  98. For the obvious question then arises: what give birth to the original mother universe? Where did it come from? And why does it exist? So, by speculating wildly about a multiverse, we have just pushed the problem back one step.
  99. Convention and especially satire sometimes portray speculators comically as speculating in pork bellies (in which a real market and real speculators exist) and often "losing their shirts" or making a fortune on small market changes.
  100. Unhooking their flashlights from their belts, they peered dumbly up at the innocuous ceiling tiles above them, speculating about how their ‘man’–possibly still hiding in the elevator shaft–had brought the car to a standstill.
  1. Maybe Mel is real, she speculated.
  2. It’s a gamble, she speculated.
  3. He speculated that perhaps the monotony.
  4. We speculated on life with such a disability.
  5. I once speculated that this might be a way.
  6. On the way home, we speculated as to what Mrs.
  7. Perhaps Sparrow had been right, he speculated.
  8. It’s now speculated that it was NOT a meteor.
  9. From studying the map, he had speculated upon.
  10. At some point they must have speculated about me.
  11. I have demonstrated that you have speculated on it.
  12. The investigators speculated that this action was.
  13. Although some have speculated that the hand pain was.
  14. Wil Sattler have to be drafted out? Miz speculated.
  15. What Catholic Church fructified – maybe speculated is.
  16. It’s also speculated that the hook for the Jews.
  17. He had speculated on this very topic more than once over.
  18. Samantha speculated that the FBI was now on the sidelines.
  19. I personally think she was heartbroken, Unni speculated.
  20. Id bet the trucks in that building, Matt speculated.
  21. They speculated an ambush, due to the escape of the survivors.
  22. He speculated that after the penis experts in CA turned down.
  23. It is speculated that around about 50,000 years ago, the large.
  24. Herold’s Patience was exhausted by speculated notions of 72.
  25. That appears to be true of all Captains, Tammas speculated.
  26. I think the problem is the size of their egos, he speculated.
  27. He’ll be contacting his boss, I think, speculated Taksin.
  28. He speculated whether the raft had yet hit the bottom of the ocean.
  29. There is the myth that, seated on the lotus once, Brahma speculated.
  30. Much is speculated about what is meant by this, as many people think.
  31. We speculated on possible locations: Oxford, Reading, Bristol or Bath.
  32. All that time out here on his own, it was inevitable, Alfie speculated.
  33. She inwardly speculated whether it would be something simple or opulent.
  34. That’s where this Doctor Donovan comes into play? Sandra speculated.
  35. He speculated that perhaps it had been years, and he had simply forgotten.
  36. Maybe they didn’t see us, speculated Halfshaft, more in hope than.
  37. As for speculation, I speculated on when the hell I’ll get past this storm.
  38. He speculated that they must have moved in the night into their new positions.
  39. Michaud remained silent as he speculated upon the cause for the sheriff's visit.
  40. Jacques speculated ‘was this why Zuma was planning a Home Affairs for Zumaville.
  41. We consumed our second pints at a much more comfortable pace, while he speculated.
  42. They were mostly for stuff that didn’t need to be stored indoors, they speculated.
  43. He often speculated about the lives of fellow travelers when bored with his journey.
  44. Sources speculated he had been given a special assignment by the dying Soviet leader.
  45. We speculated about our futures in the future, our hopes and aspirations and toasted.
  46. On page four he listed possible targets and speculated that it could be an attempt to.
  47. Some have speculated that Marilyn declined because she was having an affair with Bobby.
  48. If ours are the only offices that have been torn up, then they know, he speculated.
  49. Some researchers have speculated that joint manipulation affects pain by enhancing the.
  50. For a while we chatted about Andrew’s holiday and speculated about how much longer he.
  51. I speculated on the civil wars and religious factionalism and its effects on young minds.
  52. She also speculated whether news of the wonder drug had actually reached the competition.
  53. Remembering the Queen’s promise, the older riders all speculated and waited for the news.
  54. The impression that I would die before the speculated atomic doomsday began to occur was most.
  55. They speculated that the man probably just avoided mountains and so passed up on visiting here.
  56. Clastaan raised a finger, pushed out his chest a said, I speculated that the key was a portal.
  57. Candace had speculated that her husband had been sleeping with Ellen Lafferty, and now Bernard St.
  58. Afterwards, for the first time since the nightmare began, we speculated seriously about our future.
  59. He speculated that it was thought desirable to have representatives of all the tribes on the ships.
  60. I always speculated that it might be true, but never once thought I would the chance to prove it.
  61. Lezura realized his clothes were changed, but she speculated he had his bandaged wounds beneath them.
  62. As he continued to unobtrusively study her, Joel speculated on what could be causing such extreme fear.
  63. She also speculated Max could disable the rescue helicopter, steal both boats and sink one out to sea.
  64. Steve mentioned how cool the evening it was and Kate speculated that winter would come early this year.
  65. Looking back on it, she speculated that living in isolation too long had driven her temporarily insane.
  66. Now at this point up to now we have speculated about how a science conspiracy is not presented let’s.
  67. It is still speculated on how such workings were created and designed; however, we do know that they were.
  68. So, Donovan only saw the ones that were willing to seek additional medical treatment? Sandra speculated.
  69. On this conviction I allow her to speculate, she having her bank and her stockbroker; she speculated and lost.
  70. They had speculated on who the fourth reader to work on the line would be, the one who'd take on Uriel's name.
  71. The scientists speculated that this large cavern had been formed by a large meteor striking the surface maybe.
  72. She got to hear a little more conversation as these people speculated about what they called a 'flying camera'.
  73. There is no rational evidence that can be establish or even speculated behind the crystal crucible of healings.
  74. Moving back to the safe haven of his knelt position, Marraud speculated in his mind as to why he wasn’t there.
  75. Many of them commented on his good looks and his manner in class and speculated about what he’d be like in bed.
  76. The Ryzers suggested their church, and Samantha speculated it was because they did not want her to see their home.
  77. Siri speculated again, ‘That would mean redirecting satellite observation away from the coast, wouldn’t it?’.
  78. From time to time I speculated as to what or how she thought about various things…what conclusions could I draw?
  79. He speculated in one news interview that it would only take a couple of executions for treason to resolve the issue.
  80. He speculated that he had probably received his discharge and returned home in the States since he had last seen him.
  81. He says he should be here in a couple of hours, maybe less, he speculated, eyes screwed up in contemplative frown.
  82. Wendy and Rachel speculated that she was tired from all the work she had done redecorating and furnishing the apartment.
  83. He even speculated about slipping Ray into the mass concrete foundations of a large building or bridge, like gangsters did.
  84. James and John talked over the forthcoming sermon in the synagogue and speculated much as to its probable nature and scope.
  85. And so we came up with one idea after another and speculated as to the living conditions, the people and the weather in Lesotho.
  86. German archaeologists and historians have long speculated over a large amount of deaths in the area dated from the 12th century.
  87. Roger speculated that it may have been a situation where the United States might have had to take a step to protect itself.
  88. Looking at her today I speculated on why she bothered to show up every day, it seemed useless to me other than to avoid suspicion.
  89. If the Jinkais hadn’t picked up the scent of their natural hormones they would have speculated if the soldiers were actually real.
  90. Back in 1990, with the market cap at $160 million, Mark Roberts opined that earnings were years off and speculated on the market size.
  91. Some speculated that they were dark and evil men, corrupted by the Magic of some terrible Magician, and that sunlight would kill them.
  92. The White Mountain Timber Company has gone bankrupt due to its owner having speculated in the gold market and lost his entire fortune.
  93. Some speculated his willingness to order two invasions was an attempt to overcome the wimp image, but there is little evidence for that.
  94. While they waited for Tristan's return, Calvin speculated who this mysterious guest was and what link he or she had to the Class One Cargo.
  95. They speculated the killer might have gotten Corinna in his car through a ruse that either her mother or Richard had been in a bad accident.
  96. He was about sixty years old, of average build, muscular and with minimal fat, particularly the flat belly; probably a six-pack she speculated.
  97. Earlier, while he was waiting for the three to have breakfast, Max had speculated where he would go to on the ship, should the opportunity arise.
  98. It wasn’t long before the national press got hold of it who speculated on whether this was an organised crime hit or part of a serial killing.
  99. All of this occurred while causing huge harm to passive market participants who speculated in dotcoms and did not sell their commitments in time.
  100. The men to the left and the right of me were grim, unfamiliar faces; they must have been hidden deep inside the bowels of the ship, I speculated.
  1. Danglars speculates, whereas he never does.
  2. The writer speculates on the reaction Elvis will receive in New York.
  3. And what’s that other beach that enters our conscious when our mind speculates.
  4. He speculates that the artificial creation of a black hole through application of.
  5. It is true she speculates with her own money, not mine; nevertheless, you can understand that when 700,000.
  6. He would finish his time at Nertchinsk, and then—more than one gray-haired old man speculates in this way.
  7. Speculation, on the other hand, may be good or bad, depending on the conditions and the person who speculates.
  8. Harris speculates that one reason they cannot understand the difference between their expectations and their results could be that they are of limited mental capacity.
  9. Are they Coloring the News, as William McGowan demonstrates they do in other respects as well in his book of that title? Perhaps, Seligman speculates, the bosses fear lawsuits.
  10. It will aid all the existing materialism, which speculates at present on the dependence of mind on brain, and thence will lead logically to a denial of the being of mind where brain does not exist; even in Deity.
  11. Who speculates the wished inside,.

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