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Consume en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It wishes to consume me.
  3. They consume it, and at all.
  4. Whom the Lord shall consume.
  5. To consume the offering below.

  6. One of them is not to consume.
  7. You should try to consume at.
  8. If you were to consume 2 or 3.
  9. Panic threatened to consume her.
  10. But they all consume air and water.
  11. If it's not God, it will consume you.
  12. In fact, the Japanese consume more.
  13. Credit to build, to consume, to grow.
  14. Consume me from the inside out, Lord.
  15. Don't consume saturated or trans fats.

  16. People will be encouraged to consume.
  17. The fire wanted to expand, to consume.
  18. Our quest for fuel began to consume us.
  19. More than ever, we consume visually.
  20. Green tea is perfectly safe to consume.
  21. As study show that women who consume.
  22. All of these voices consume your world.
  23. You cannot consume any other beverages.
  24. Most cats know better than to consume.
  25. Evil exists as an addiction to consume.

  26. The famine will consume the land, and.
  27. Individuals wishing to consume a very-.
  28. Highs and lows threatened to consume me.
  29. The need to consume huge amounts of gas.
  30. CONSUME the adversaries [Hebrews 10:27].
  31. Continual fires were kept to consume these.
  32. Y dollars/yr then they consume: (1 + 1 + 1.
  33. There were not many pages left to consume.
  34. CONSUME THE ADVERSARIES (Hebrews 10:27).
  35. He's saying: Don't consume everything.
  36. You should try to consume at least 2 to 3.
  37. Waves of circumstances will not consume me.
  38. It is very hard to over consume vegetables.
  40. I tried to not let her terror consume me too.
  41. And the strong man's works shall consume him.
  42. They want to consume new immaculate products.
  43. These negative thoughts continued to consume.
  44. You should instead consume more carbohydrates.
  45. It was beginning to consume her every thought.
  46. I proceeded to remove what I wanted to consume.
  47. However the disguised Lords refused to consume.
  48. So shall I consume the wicked from off the land!.
  49. I didn’t want hate to consume my last thoughts.
  50. And God will consume these thorns in a single day.
  51. Find out how many calories you need to consume to.
  52. And their form shall be for Sheol to consume, so.
  53. But best yet, China has ample room to consume more.
  54. They should consume food that will suit their type.
  55. I had to consume the contents like a thirsty camel.
  56. D would consume my life much as it had done already.
  57. And since fires were always needed to consume the.
  58. Abraham came near, and said, Will you consume the.
  59. He would never forget but it would not consume him.
  60. Once the candle is lighted, the flame will consume.
  61. They use consume by fire to mean to burn up [see 1.
  62. I was too weak to break out and consume their souls.
  63. Darkness will consume and the bride will not be on.
  64. The average person should consume about 1800 to 2000.
  65. The Greek defined it correctly, to consume, ete.
  66. Principal causes of death leading to consume the sap.
  67. The Shadow wanted to engulf the Light, to consume it.
  68. Moses struggled with the anger threatening to consume.
  69. The State began to mushroom and consume more, not less.
  70. Cats who live on the streets must learn how to consume.
  71. It would swiftly take him down and consume his entrails.
  72. It was ready to consume them if they weren’t careful.
  73. Your task is extremely simple – to consume green tea.
  74. Your reward? The masses will consume your products or.
  75. The massive flames first consume the coffin from the top.
  76. Nuke said, The orange compound will consume fat cells.
  77. You should not hesitate to consume the beverage as well.
  78. Don't fear it - release it, let it consume you and use.
  79. And since fires were always needed to consume the dead.
  80. This hinders the proper digestion of the food we consume.
  81. All I can say about calories is that you should consume a.
  82. Because further fusion would consume energy, the star is.
  83. However, it is best if you consume them in their raw form.
  84. This is absolutely… wrong! You need to consume carbs to.
  85. The enemy will consume the world and his ways will reign.
  86. This is actually where you want to consume the most calorie.
  87. As soon as we began to consume our food and hot drinks with.
  88. Extra room is vital for them so they can consume more of the.
  89. Another great difficulty was that of being forced to consume.
  90. Final users consume 61% more electricity in 1998 than in 1970.
  91. MY hand of protection away and the darkness will consume the.
  92. The general rule is to consume daily the same amount of grams.
  93. This will help you reduce the amount of food that you consume.
  94. Ava is allowed 2,000, but she does not have to consume 2,000.
  95. Therefore, the good kinds of carbohydrate to consume are those.
  96. Consume protein and carbs within thirty minutes of putting your.
  97. Anytime you can consume something that reduces those devastating.
  98. You can decide to consume human blood even though you hate it.
  99. Copper continues to be mined at a faster rate than we consume it.
  100. Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume.
  1. He is a Consuming Fire.
  2. It is time consuming to.
  3. Her job is all consuming for her.
  4. Being a doctor was time consuming.
  5. All these factors in consuming a.
  6. Consuming more fruits and vegetables.
  7. This is only time and space consuming.
  8. In this example, mysqld is consuming 1.
  9. Anger, pain, sorrow, it was consuming.
  10. Consuming a group’s interest factor.
  11. Even the layout can be time consuming.
  12. It roared down the wall, consuming all.
  13. Who knows? with love's consuming flame.
  14. They should not be consuming the Earth.
  15. Consuming cares lay heavy on his mind:.
  16. It’s time consuming and just annoying.
  17. Overwhelming, the relief consuming him.
  18. More and more Americans are consuming.
  19. This process is time consuming and arduous.
  20. Therefore, God is no more a consuming fire.
  21. This іѕ a раіnful аnd аll consuming.
  22. The rest stare at the totally consuming fire.
  23. When consuming tylophora, over half of the.
  24. Consuming enough water means that you’ll.
  25. He burst inside her, the rush consuming him.
  26. The task is complicated and/or time consuming.
  27. If consumers ever wake up and stop consuming.
  28. His time consuming search had been fruitless.
  29. This was time consuming work, that I suppose.
  30. Contrary to what most believe, not consuming.
  31. No! Thomas shouted, sadness consuming him.
  32. One life takes another, consuming it, ending it.
  33. When orgasm hit her, it was sudden and consuming.
  34. They had to be as fire - powerful and consuming.
  35. And now here it was all but consuming her child.
  36. It used to be more time consuming than it is now.
  37. I was pulsating around him, consuming him as my.
  38. Figure out how many calories you are consuming in an.
  39. Consuming enough water means that you’ll system is.
  40. Here he could unclench without the rage consuming him.
  41. However, consuming green tea is by far the best choice.
  42. The problem is that they are time consuming and can be.
  43. Consumer culture is based upon irresponsible consuming.
  45. Well, Pretty-Boy ended up consuming most of the carcass.
  46. More pleasing and attractive but can be time consuming.
  47. Consuming large amounts of these low nutrient and high.
  48. This will be a bit time consuming, but not too difficult.
  49. Earnings, defined as creating wealth while consuming cash.
  50. And to fill my stomach I was daydreaming about consuming.
  51. I know he is handsome, but I can see he is consuming you.
  52. Many of the deaths resulted by consuming a soft drink laced.
  53. Yes, I was still consuming high calorie food and bread with.
  54. Some parents believe that consuming sugar may aggravate ADHD.
  55. Earnings are defined as creating wealth while consuming cash.
  56. Figure out how many calories you are consuming in an average.
  57. The Bible says that His love for us is like a consuming fire.
  58. Kiss the earth and love it with an unceasing, consuming love.
  59. Their numbers are too great, and their hate is too consuming.
  61. I could not believe the amount of medication I was consuming.
  62. The all consuming fires are gradually purifying all discordant.
  63. In this example, mysqld is consuming 94% of the CPU on this host.
  64. He inhaled fire, which exploded before consuming the rest of him.
  65. In fact, SEO strategies are time consuming process, filled with.
  66. After consuming a handful of Bobby’s flesh, Aquarius and Alice.
  67. Therapy is a time consuming process and improvement will be gradual.
  68. The Presence of The Almighty is a consuming fire, a purifying flame.
  69. Palace, which involved, on two occasions, the Prince consuming live.
  70. When it comes to how much fat you should be consuming, it is not as.
  71. When she touched the plant, it grew, consuming the children with it.
  72. This isn’t as time consuming as you would think – most pages on.
  73. An example would be a runner regularly consuming 2500 calories a day.
  74. Boochie wiped his mouth after consuming the melted chocolate, paying.
  75. I hated the pirates with a consuming passion which my master at arms.
  76. Use this command to find the processes that are consuming the most CPU.
  77. Death was powerful and all consuming, something like cancer, or worse.
  78. Victor purchased a telescope he learned to use consuming his thoughts.
  79. The cons are that support can be time consuming (remote support can be.
  80. Earnings, with earnings defined as creating wealth while consuming cash.
  81. This means no expensive and time consuming installation on your server.
  82. First of all, textured paints and faux finishes are very time consuming.
  83. They are neither aware they have mind nor that they are consuming it.
  84. A wall of fire swept through the building consuming everyone in its path.
  85. Good things can often be as stressful (and time consuming) as bad things.
  86. Use this command to find the processes that are consuming the most memory.
  87. FIRE CONSUMING UNWANTED TRASH ["dead bodies" Isaiah 66:24] ARE SYMBOLS OF.
  88. This is a very time consuming process prone to many discouraging failures.
  89. Glad to have the bed back he stretched out consuming the whole of the bed.
  90. To sustain this growth, China has been consuming all sorts of commodities.
  91. Tunnel enlarging proved to be a more time consuming task than digging the.
  92. Although the hypoosmotic swelling test is less time consuming and can help.
  93. Once again, stopping credit-oriented consuming is one of the most powerful.
  94. Preparation: Making photocopies for a large class can be very time consuming.
  95. With soccer a no-no because of my poor marks and the time consuming need to.
  96. The problem with adding your business is that, it can be very time consuming.
  97. The creative power has subsided and is no longer as vital and all consuming.
  98. The traps were time consuming but his only chance, if indeed he even had one.
  99. The act of consuming energy and using it to fuel the vital needs of the host.
  100. A time consuming way to build your lists, but the point is when you increase.
  1. She was consumed by a.
  2. We had consumed lots of.
  3. It must have consumed them.
  4. Then his lips consumed her.
  5. As one consumed in My love?
  6. Until it had consumed Us all.
  7. He was consumed by the Teams.
  8. The blazing fire consumed all.
  9. My heart was consumed of pain.
  11. Not never able to be consumed.
  12. The wicked shall be consumed!.
  13. And I consumed whatever I got.
  14. A spout of flame consumed Morg.
  15. Mullaney became consumed by it.
  16. The pain instantly consumed her.
  17. Consumed by fire of the shadow.
  18. I was consumed, along with so.
  19. Vegetables are best consumed raw.
  20. They were born; they consumed;.
  21. Fire comes forth and consumed it.
  22. Second, it was only part consumed.
  23. It quickly consumed Rodney within.
  24. How is consumed used in the Bible.
  25. You will be consumed by the sword.
  26. Most of the crayfish consumed in.
  27. I consumed the power of a god once.
  28. The consumed fat no longer existed.
  29. He was consumed by the Teams.
  30. The boy consumed the aroma of your.
  31. Her whole being consumed with shame.
  32. It is its goal to be consumed by us.
  33. She was consumed with fear and anger.
  34. They feel consumed by a black cloud.
  35. He was consumed with shock and anger.
  36. He consumed all in that slight motion.
  37. The food and liquids that I consumed.
  38. In fact, I am consumed with irritation.
  39. Panic exploded within him, consumed him.
  40. I’m not referring to consumed animals.
  41. I set this to 1/3 the calories consumed.
  42. It nearly consumed us and it divided us.
  43. Sex and drinks dominated and consumed me.
  44. I am glad and willing to be consumed by.
  45. Only water is consumed during a water fast.
  46. Consumed with keeping his head above water.
  47. He knew he was completely consumed by love.
  48. He has consumed all ours that I can spare.
  49. The fire regurgitated what it had consumed.
  50. It is time to be consumed in your First Love.
  51. After jabbing it with my claws, I consumed.
  52. Carbohydrates can be consumed in the simple.
  53. I was so consumed in my fears of being in a.
  54. Two cappuccinos came and were slowly consumed.
  55. Both horse and rider were consumed instantly.
  56. Repeat with other limbs until fully consumed.
  57. Jesus says they wil be consumed in the fire.
  58. Our visitor had consumed his milk and biscuits.
  59. If Carrie wasn’t so consumed with pain, she.
  60. Fury consumed by a flood of grief stopped him.
  61. This is the new enlightenment: IT consumed me.
  62. When your flocks had consumed the last blade.
  63. The guests were hungry and consumed the food.
  64. The bottle of moonshine was gradually consumed.
  65. Forty of us consumed at least two hundred idlis.
  66. They ripped off and consumed up his companions.
  67. As Marie became consumed by the many drugs she.
  68. I was so jealous of my boy that it consumed me.
  69. I was, I think, consumed by a final exhaustion.
  70. He was consumed by hunger and by the knowledge.
  71. Most of the output however was consumed on Mars.
  72. I heard Sumter was consumed by flames at the.
  73. Exodus 3:2-5: The burning bush was not consumed.
  74. As breakfast was consumed Charlotte became very.
  75. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the.
  76. Whatever was cast into Gehenna was soon consumed.
  77. Moreover, the more caffeine women consumed, the.
  78. Those who are consumed are not consumed [Hebrews.
  79. The sadness of causing Stuart to die consumed him.
  80. It will soon be no more than a sacrifice consumed.
  81. A towering form consumed the entire void that the.
  82. Rippling with waves of blue, the wall consumed him.
  83. The waves continue until the reagents are consumed.
  84. Some of the nuts and seeds our ancestors consumed.
  85. Competition consumed him and war was his obsession.
  86. They cursed me! Next, a fire consumed their homes;.
  87. I stayed there, while the blaze consumed everything.
  88. Consumed is consumed, not never able to be consumed.
  89. IMAGINE the shock that consumed me when I found out.
  90. Without my input, this city would be consumed by it.
  91. The anger was consumed by her fatigue – she simply.
  92. He stopped for a minute, his mind consumed in thought.
  93. Third, the hardcover book was also only part consumed.
  94. The first glassful consumed, a second was poured out.
  95. The attackers ran away, consumed with Melioran power.
  96. He felt angry, felt consumed by a sense of injustice.
  97. They also consumed adequate dietary fiber from non-.
  98. Both bolts were completely consumed by the explosion.
  99. Such a fire could control what it consumed and what.
  100. With his head consumed by passion, young Tommy seems.
  1. Q: Time consumes the world.
  2. All that it nears it consumes.
  3. I hope the guilt consumes you.
  4. Fudge, The Fire That Consumes.
  6. His bite consumes within the hour’.
  7. The more it consumes the more it becomes.
  8. It must therefore be a fire that consumes.
  9. Notice that this goal also consumes seven.
  10. During the standby period, the iC consumes.
  11. Edward Fudge, "The Fire That Consumes" 1982.
  12. Verse 22 And consumes the earth with it yield.
  13. Expect the chief consumes the parts of honour.
  14. Their hands wiggle as the hot lava consumes them.
  15. Finally it consumes them, destroys their humanity.
  16. Her mouth consumes the entire lower half of her face.
  17. Your love has set a fire in me that consumes all my words.
  18. When a woman is pregnant what she consumes passes into the.
  19. In fact, it is worse then worthless, it consumes time and.
  20. The rich man consumes no more food than his poor neighbour.
  21. The global population already consumes shameful amounts of.
  22. Edward Fudge, "The Fire That Consumes" 1982, church of Christ.
  23. Our healthcare system consumes over 17% of the gross domestic.
  24. Edward Fudge, "The Fire That Consumes" 1982 (church of Christ).
  25. For it is terrible and consumes men exceedingly by its wildness.
  26. Welshman walks in light, it is because he consumes the fl esh of.
  27. The more dairy a country consumes the higher the disease rates go.
  28. I mean this somewhat literally: it consumes our time and our energy.
  29. Creating thus a dominating electric circuit, which consumes all the.
  30. Me? I will sit staring into this fire until it consumes me, fills me.
  31. Beware Fleischaker! It consumes the souls of friends as well as enemies.
  32. So, why not load up on the amounts of fat that your body consumes as it.
  33. You might be surprised to learn that the average Mediterranean consumes red.
  34. We know what the earth consumes of them, and with Us is a comprehensive book.
  35. An empire is an empty pyre that destroys and consumes everything it feeds on.
  36. Exodus 15:7 You do send forth your burning anger, and it consumes them as chaff.
  37. Is a consuming fire one that burns up (consumes) or one that is forever burning.
  38. Even a micro-advantage eventually consumes the world with a mouthful of interest.
  39. Morris for an exegesis of the words destroy, perish, consumes, devour, burn up, etc.
  40. Is a consuming fire one that burns up (consumes) or one that is forever burning but.
  41. Is a consuming fire one that burns up (consumes), or one that is forever burning, but.
  42. This type of heater is best for long term use as it consumes lesser amounts of energy.
  43. Fire must be made into something that preserves, not something that devours or consumes.
  44. Chaeto is often used in an attached refugium where it grows quickly as it consumes and.
  45. Fire must be changed into something that preserves, not something that devours or consumes.
  46. Fire is a crude, inorganic form of combustion energy which consumes everything it touches.
  47. It’s a paltry amount of power, compared to what the rover consumes, but it’s not nothing.
  48. It consumes me, but I have been raised properly, so I have barely touched you since we reunited.
  49. Flee from the horrible heat and waves of crackling flames that consumes everything in their path.
  50. The country supplies 76 percent of the roughly six million ounces of platinum the world consumes.
  51. Unfortunately, up to 88 percent of the population consumes less than 400 mcg per day of Folic Acid.
  52. Preparing for this war you don’t even believe in consumes your every moment and all your energy.
  53. Low vibration offers creative energy while high vibration consumes the soul, resulting in addictions.
  54. The machete the man is waving at Malcolm he hardly registers, as his fatherly rage nearly consumes him.
  55. For example, an increase in inventory consumes cash, even though the business still holds the inventory.
  56. Order where there is a not perfect person consumes cool, they believed that order constrained their freedom.
  57. Bigger Flame (God) overwhelms and consumes the smaller flame of seeker fully and then strangely both are put off.
  58. He said, 'You see, Christine, there is some music that is so terrible that it consumes all those who approach it.
  59. A transgression, a crime, entering a man's existence, eats it up like a malignant growth, consumes it like a fever.
  60. Nuclear fission in fuel consumes uranium and creates heat, which is used to raise steam for electricity generation.
  61. This action eliminates the fixed infrastructure that consumes unnecessarily more than 80% of the applied resources.
  62. In this case, more advanced hardware means hardware that consumes less electricity for every joule of energy it consumes.
  63. No fighter gives up on his or her dream, not when it consumes them, gives them their sole reason for living and moving on.
  64. Moreover it consumes all such as have not on them the garment of good desire but are entangled and mixed up with this world.
  65. The runner burns about 40 calories in 3 minutes (and he is working very hard!), while the eater consumes over 800 calories!.
  66. Mom wouldn’t even let her take one, telling Ashley that she already consumes too much money without an animal to add to it.
  67. Their propaganda line is that the United States citizens consumes two-thirds of the world output because they are greedy.
  68. At some point, the pipeline is full-every store has a shelf of product, and the growth rate is purely what the consumer consumes.
  69. If the pictures are Sam’s, they’re all he has left of her, and once he looks at them, consumes them, she really will be gone.
  70. Depending on what source you quote, the average American consumes as much as 150 pounds of chemicals and food additives per year.
  71. The essential functions of life-breathing and circulation, consume the body’s own tissue and albumin, the body consumes itself.
  72. What heart the whore that insatiably consumes the play by play of other's horrors? the faces of his conquests condemned them.
  73. Perpetual growth of any sub-system within a parent system is a cancer: a group of cells that proliferates until it consumes its own host.
  74. Like how cancer breaks down and consumes cells, organs, and bodies, information, likewise, can destroy selves, communities, and cultures.
  75. If you serve a nism that consumes consciousness, human or chine, then you're its zombie, feeding others to your privately engineered IT.
  76. In the USA, the militarized corporate security-State consumes most of the wealth and produces its principle export: weapon-grade solutions.
  77. Too often one hears—especially from the so called third-world countries—that the United States consumes two-thirds of the world production.
  78. In one hour each man consumes the oxygen contained in 100 liters of air, hence during twenty–four hours the oxygen contained in 2,400 liters.
  79. Aside from that, keep in mind that using a dishwasher actually consumes lesser amounts of water as well as energy than washing the dishes manually.
  80. What horror would this be? More corpses? A skeleton army, perhaps? Some huge, horrible demon that breathes fire and consumes everything in its path.
  81. He consumes it as sparingly as he can, and endeavours, by his labour, to acquire something which may supply its place before it be consumed altogether.
  82. When a higher negative being successfully manipulates your mind and consumes your soul energy, you lose your freewill and become an instrument for that being.
  83. Revival at the core is a burning fire, and the flame thereof rages from the living Christ Himself within us, which consumes outward until all we are is engulfed.
  84. The countries with great misery centers have immense bureaucratic machine that consumes almost all the outturn or high percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
  85. They furnish it both with the materials of its work, and with the fund of its subsistence, with the corn and cattle which it consumes while it is employed about that work.
  86. Would you watch me suffer in agony, Arianell? Watch me wither and burn as my body consumes itself for food and the collar torments me into a mindless worm? Please, spare me that.
  87. Thus exposing such meat to high temperatures when cooking does not destroy this toxin nor does it prevent the appearance of pathological symptoms upon the person who consumes this meat.
  88. Community, the unification of diverse lifestyles towards a commons of purpose, is a virtualnism that expresses itself ethically by how it grows, consumes, changes and perpetuates itself.
  89. If the greed that consumes us and the anger and pain that we feel because of the envy we harbor towards others is great, how great will our complaints be and how long will they continue?
  90. Is a consuming fire one that burns up (consumes) or one that forever burns without burning up (without consuming)? Why would God use "consumed" if a person has a soul that cannot be consumed?
  91. Is a consuming fire one that burns up (consumes), or one that is forever burning, but cannot consume what it is burning? Why would God use "consumed" if it were a soul that cannot be consumed?
  92. The gasoline your car consumes is a product of crude oil, whereas natural gas is an entirely different member of the fossil fuel family, used primarily for heating, cooling, and cooking purposes.
  93. Len marches down into the kitchen only when it is time to eat, consumes quickly, and, finished with his self-possessed narration, he leaves the table to reunite with his TV, iphone, and computer.
  94. The average person in the developing world consumes just 62 pounds (28 kilograms) of meat per year, while Westerners consume a whopping 176 pounds (80 kilograms)—an almost threefold difference.
  95. In China, where half the world’s pigs are raised and eaten, pork is the favorite meat-based protein, while in America, which produces and consumes the most poultry in the world, chicken reigns supreme.
  96. Such tolls, no doubt, are finally paid by the consumer; but the consumer is not taxed in proportion to his expense, when he pays, not according to the value, but according to the bulk or weight of what he consumes.
  97. Although I should flee from this place before all the sewer dwellers respond to their comrade's cry for help, my rage consumes me and I hack into my attacker until blood and chunks of flesh are splattered everywhere.
  98. Thus as all vegetation depends on the one-hundredth portion of carbon which the atmosphere contains, so the enormous bony fabric of the elephant is reared from the infinitesimal supply of phosphates in the stacks of foliage which he consumes.
  99. To create just one gallon of fuel, ethanol consumes roughly four gallons of water and that when you count the water needed to grow the corn it requires 1,7 00 gallons of water, according to Cornell‘s David Pimentel, and 51 cents of tax credits.
  100. Besides, more and more the country is deepened in the misery and it is in total infrastructural calamity, without hope of income, because its wealth are diluted every year in social budget that consumes all its wealth in an eternal state of transfers.

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