Oraciones con la palabra "deep"

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Deep en una oración (en ingles)

1. Deep down I am a.
2. He was in deep shit.
3. We all in deep shit.
4. Deep in my own half.
5. I took a deep breath.
6. I bet he gets deep.
7. He took a deep breath.

8. It cut nice and deep.
9. With a deep sigh he.
10. Tei took a deep breath.
11. She took a deep breath.
12. Resp a hard, deep look.
13. But deep down, I was.
14. Ken drew a deep breath.
15. He takes a deep breath.
16. But this dark is deep:.
17. Beyond, a deep red sky.
18. Wren took a deep breath.
19. Yuto took a deep breath.
20. The deep moat was empty.
21. Greg took a deep breath.
22. He looks deep into you.
23. The water is (not) deep.
24. Then he saw deep black.
25. Alan drew a deep breath.
26. Toby took a deep breath.
27. Raven took a deep breath.
28. Mark heaved a deep sigh.
29. She was deep in thought.
30. Felix took a deep breath.
31. Deep inside in the mind.
32. Rory was deep in thought.
33. Lily took a deep breath.
34. Delos took a deep breath.
35. Noah took a deep breath.
36. She was in deep thought.
37. Brokin took a deep breath.
38. We’re in deep shit now.
39. Rachel took a deep breath.
40. Oh it is too deep for me.
41. Dorian took a deep breath.
42. I sucked in deep breaths.
43. How deep is it here?
44. As they realize how deep.
45. Diedie heaves a deep sigh.
46. She let out a deep breath.
47. She drew in a deep breath.
48. We are in deep shit Boss.
49. Pale skin, deep red hair.
50. He said with a deep voice.
51. Michael took a deep breath.
52. Reuben took a deep breath.
53. They had been driven deep.
54. She took in a deep breath.
55. There was a deep hacking.
56. I peered deep into the gap.
57. How deep is the well?�.
58. I was in deep trouble now.
59. I nodded and a deep breath.
60. In deep silence the self.
61. This is a deep as it gets.
62. He has looked deep within.
63. And holiness upon the deep.
64. Touching with a deep look.
65. Deep in the waters of the.
66. The lady heaves a deep sigh.
67. I knew deep down that she.
68. I took another deep breath.
69. I knew deep down that you.
70. I entered it, took a deep.
71. He had a deep, husky voice.
72. Heather took a deep breath.
73. I took a deep sighing breath.
74. He saw Henry in deep thought.
75. A deep fear that she would.
76. The ice exists inside deep.
77. Amos deep in the Hal of Ages.
78. The mayor took a deep breath.
79. Deep hunger, gnawing at him.
80. He looked deep into her eyes.
81. Jesse took a deep breath of.
82. I had been cut, but not deep.
83. The cave wasn’t deep enough.
84. A deep chord had been struck.
85. He takes another deep breath.
86. I look at it with deep grief.
87. God wants us to have a deep.
88. He looked me deep in the eyes.
89. Like a deep sigh from within.
90. His mentor took a deep breath.
91. He was still in a deep sleep.
92. This national pride ran deep.
93. Levi took a deep breath of air.
94. An ache settled deep in my leg.
95. He took a deep recovery breath.
96. In that deep silence, it was.
97. His deep voice sounded amused.
98. The fact was, deep inside, Mrs.
99. She answered with deep emotion.
100. And then a voice deep inside.

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