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Dreary en una oración (en ingles)

The dreary room.
It’s dreary here.
within the dreary dark.
It was dreary and cold.
Man's dreary desires.
Dreary indeed was the.
She is tired and dreary.

toward the dreary South,.
It was dreary and wearisome.
and gray dreary days have I.
The house was very dreary now.
Thro' the cold and dreary hours,.
intimidatingly dark, cold and dreary.
It was mostly dark, dreary, and ugly.
It was a dreary day and a symbolic day.
Then he sank into dreary musing again.
The dreary intercourse of daily life,.
The next day was a dreary one for Emma.
The days that followed were dreary ones.
It was a dreary blank that was before us.
The dreary scene was accompanied by the.
That rises from the dreary choir of Hell,.
Long absence makes of life a dreary void;.
affection in her arid and dreary existence.
That even in escape, dreary days lay ahead.
She brightens my life in this dreary place.

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Sinónimos para dreary

blue dark dingy disconsolate dismal drab drear dreary gloomy grim sorry