dreary frasi

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Frasi con dreary (in inglese)

It was a dreary day.
It was dreary and cold.
She is tired and dreary.
It was dreary and wearisome.
The house was very dreary now.
It was mostly dark, dreary, and ugly.
The next day was a dreary one for Emma.

It was a dreary day and a symbolic day.
Then he sank into dreary musing again.
The days that followed were dreary ones.
The dreary scene was accompanied by the.
It was a dreary blank that was before us.
Long absence makes of life a dreary void;.
That even in escape, dreary days lay ahead.
She brightens my life in this dreary place.
They don’t know how dreary it is, how low.
Eagerness to be gone from this dreary place.
She was pleased but still felt dreary inside.
And his lodging in Walthamstow was so dreary.
It was a dreary day; and we wandered about a.
A dreary place: but it seemed a charming and.
That the day would be as dreary as ever.
Soon enough, to the west, they spied a dreary.
And he felt dreary and hopeless between the two.
The land all about was dreary, flat and drab-hued.
But then one day in the cold, dreary month of late.
The highroads are dreary but they lead to the town.
The white fields looked vast and dreary in the dusk.
It was as wet and dreary as the day he’d buried her.
She enjoyed her time out away from dreary castle life.
Never was such a dreary sea or such a melancholy spot.
How dreary to meet death, surrounded by their cold faces.
The only thing he felt was rather a dreary little surprise.
This one sex, this one drink, or some other, dreary shame.
Even for a guy who read the Bible one long, dreary winter.
She had sunk into a dreary apathy and would not be roused.
It’s about time the light came into this dreary place.
Gone were the days of the dreary tiring eight-course Chinese.
Night was creeping in, further darkening the dreary grey sky.

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