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Aim en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I aim at his balls.
  3. This is a main aim.
  4. The aim of the exit.
  5. He took aim and fired.

  6. He then took aim and.
  7. If you main aim is to.
  8. She had an aim in life.
  9. The aim of the website.
  10. It was his childish aim.
  11. I aim to test him on this.
  12. Justice is this Queens aim.
  13. Yes, that is the aim of art.
  14. The aim of the Classicist.
  15. Vision is about taking aim.

  16. Be careful where you aim.
  17. The aim of individual power.
  18. And finally you should aim.
  19. Caesar did not lower his aim.
  20. They understood the aim of Mr.
  21. He ran in front of their aim.
  22. But… they could still aim.
  23. Greeks used it in the same aim.
  24. He was taking careful aim at.
  25. My aim is to find an antidote.

  26. Depending on what you aim to.
  27. Yes, but you never see the aim.
  28. I’d aim and then throw very.
  29. The aim in life is to be happy.
  30. The aim had been fairly correct.
  31. What is the entire aim of tennis.
  32. That is the ultimate aim of Yog.
  33. We aim to please, Miss Steele.
  34. By this time, Bear had taken aim.
  35. His aim was steady, empty of fear.
  36. Her aim was to show my groom’s.
  37. The other aim was Peace with Honor.
  38. Arjun should aim his mind at Krishn.
  39. The aim of art is moral perfection.
  40. Yes, it's an aim worth working for.
  41. Dick aim and shot Willie in his ass.
  42. Without stopping to see if his aim.
  43. Their aim is simple in its audacity.
  44. The hunters take aim and… Nothing.
  45. Their aim is to destroy our economy.
  46. Yes, it’s an aim worth working for.
  47. And true, his pistol's faultless aim.
  48. I aim carefully and pull the trigger.
  49. How can people aim guns at each other.
  50. The torpedoes aim was true, but they.
  51. But the Brotherhood’s aim is simple.
  52. Hence, their uncanny aim, I said.
  53. We begin with land trusts that aim to.
  54. The aim of the ablution is activation:.
  55. Nobody lifted a rifle, nobody took aim.
  56. The Frenchman also stopped and took aim.
  57. He took aim at Fritz and started testing.
  58. He knelt quickly, bringing it up to aim.
  59. She has a fearsome aim with a doughball.
  60. But action with what aim? he cried.
  61. Her other aim was to abandon her riches.
  62. You don't want to think that an aim is.
  63. I aim to spend money on correcting the.
  64. Much could be said in favor of this aim.
  65. That man has some poor aim for a hunter.
  66. People Are the Product: A History of AIM.
  67. The aim of those who have built in stone.
  68. The aim was to ‘free’ her from that.
  69. That is the end and aim of our evolution.
  70. Revelation does not aim to teach us, as.
  71. I aim at a distinction far more glorious.
  72. This aim was that of Christianity itself.
  73. And you have achieved your aim so far.
  74. But the true aim and ambition in my life.
  75. My heart rate increased, that was my aim.
  76. My aim, when not on stage, is to blend in.
  77. Adjusting his aim, his second didn't miss.
  78. Aim for 2-3 liters spread through the day.
  79. You take aim and let fly with your cannon.
  80. Now my aim is almost as good as my dad’s.
  81. The latter then took a swift aim and fired.
  82. If you have to shoot, aim between the eyes.
  83. Yet they did aim at them, and hit them too.
  84. The aim and goal of these clubs is to help.
  85. This was the aim of the evolutionary force.
  86. The aim of eating is, of course, twofold -.
  87. In the latter aim they certainly succeeded.
  88. We aim the pistols at each other’s hearts.
  89. This is the aim of the majority of web users.
  90. The aim of education is to do just what the.
  91. The site shares information with the aim of.
  92. The aim of his life is his personal welfare.
  93. All martial arts have but one aim, and that.
  94. Reintroduction programs are the ultimate aim.
  95. With that aim they hired a coach and set off.
  96. Wherever there is an aim an effort is at hand.
  97. They had to aim where they expected it to be.
  98. Only a limited few can accomplish either aim.
  99. Why, in all my years it has been the one aim.
  100. Aim at the highest, and never mind the money.
  1. Although he was aiming for.
  2. Rob wasn’t aiming for them.
  3. I was aiming at moral elevation.
  4. Rozek asked aiming the question.
  5. He was stuck aiming for the can.
  6. Michael rushes at him aiming the.
  7. I was aiming for Jeff’s head.
  8. She warily shot at me without aiming.
  9. Aiming with holy, pure affection.
  10. I walked down the aisle aiming the guns.
  11. Try aiming for that trailer over there.
  12. I've just been aiming at a nearby moutain.
  13. Blues head shot down in a flash aiming to.
  14. I walked down the stairs aiming my M9 from.
  15. His gun never stopped aiming at that one man.
  16. Deon clenched his fists, aiming insults at her.
  17. If they grow bolder and advance, keep aiming.
  18. He was still aiming Andy though when he said:.
  19. He sprang up then and ran without aiming his gun.
  20. This is the perception you should be aiming for.
  21. You wont kill the heku you are aiming for, but.
  22. Aiming at his center is the least likely to miss.
  23. He swung around, aiming a fist at my head but my.
  24. We busted out laughing and walked in, aiming our.
  25. Testing his aiming skills, he threw a plate at us.
  26. With one hand, he raises his rifle; aiming at Miles.
  27. I’ve got no way of aiming when I need the toilet.
  28. I fired the Sig aiming for the wall in front of him.
  29. Some maniac just unloaded two rifles without aiming.
  30. He was actually aiming at the goat next to that one.
  31. Unlike him, David made the shot that he was aiming.
  32. The ape swiped at her, blindly, aiming for her voice.
  33. He was aiming for the scene of the crime, and so on.
  34. Show yourself! he called out, aiming his weapon.
  35. My hands are getting tired; I've been aiming for 2mins.
  36. Nicole realised who they were aiming for and shouted:.
  37. He swings his gun, aiming it at Claire in the backseat.
  38. Don’t move! I shouted, aiming the rifle at them.
  39. He lashed out with his whip, aiming for Manfred’s neck.
  40. I wasn’t aiming for the trash can, she said angrily.
  41. The kids told me you’re aiming for a teaching career.
  42. She draws back her hand and, aiming at his heart, stabs him.
  43. Ensure that the leadership is aiming to climb the same hill.
  44. However, at that moment, the worm stopped aiming for Darek.
  45. This was your fault, he said, now aiming the gun at me.
  46. Waterbury: The Importance of Aiming at an Elevated Standard.
  47. They were charging into the clearing fast, aiming their guns.
  48. The Elusiver ships were still firing, aiming in his direction.
  49. In this example, Ben is in year 12 and is aiming to achieve a.
  50. This time Kate led the way, aiming at the lump on the horizon.
  51. She wasn’t aiming the gun at him; she was aiming it at Hagan.
  52. Aiming at the beast's throat, she waited for the right moment.
  53. That special audience could not forgive her for aiming so high.
  54. Brian suspects he was rattled and shot all over without aiming.
  55. Ingrid then fired a second time, this time aiming for the head.
  56. She was aiming after his groin but his huge gut got in the way.
  57. In meditation, you are not aiming for any specific state of mind.
  58. Ali focused on the crosshairs, aiming at him; but as he did he.
  59. He flourished his fist as if aiming blows at the prisoner's nose.
  60. It's more to give you some insight into aiming your business in.
  61. She took it and pulled out the pin, aiming the nozzle at Andrina.
  62. If lightning had a brain, I would have guessed it was aiming at.
  63. Sam stepped into a shooting stance aiming the phasor at her chest.
  64. Since it is with this wisdom that men aiming at salvation from.
  65. Just a small shift in gear and a tiny angle-change in aiming point.
  66. He had been aiming for the man’s diaphragm, ‘Two inches too low.
  67. You mind aiming that thing somewhere other than my eyeballs?
  68. Kevin! Miller shouted back, aiming his gun blindly in the dark.
  69. He shot at any target that presented itself, aiming to maim rather.
  70. What must you think of me? But I wasn’t aiming at that bit!.
  71. Aiming at amelioration of the world, sages have devised concrete, tan-.
  72. The boy backed away and took his guns from their holsters, aiming both.
  73. I opened one drawer aiming to mess everything in there and I saw money.
  74. They lifted their weapons and were aiming them at Simla when Shap moved.
  75. I back up, aiming over Caleb’s shoulder at one of the security guards.
  76. The old man slapped him and the boy pushed past him, aiming for the door.
  77. When aiming for the head, chest or stomach, an isolated strike is best.
  78. In this they are aiming to confuse the believers and distort their faith.
  79. Tyson was just below him, holding his twitching M60 and aiming down the.
  80. We steered away from them aiming instead for the mouth of the Yuma River.
  81. What you should be aiming to do is build a compelling case for the buyer.
  82. Aiming where the driver would be in the lead vessel he pulled the trigger.
  83. He was able to draw and point his pistol just as Mickey was aiming at him.
  84. However, with the square brackets you are aiming for a much more specific.
  85. Tom was on the ground floor, aiming his high-powered, high-calibre rifle.
  86. It’s this bit here, he said aiming a laser pointer at the wallscreen.
  87. She was aiming at Andy, her face impossibly torn between anger and sorrow.
  88. You hear that? Barron asked, swinging his rifle to his hip and aiming.
  89. India to Shankaracharya and his followers, for the use of candidates aiming.
  90. He lifted the pistol, aiming at her heart…his finger tensed on the trigger.
  91. I’d been aiming for his spine, but the giant had moved at the last moment.
  92. We’re Guardians, replied Jaron aiming an arrow at the Raider's throat.
  93. I slowly walked towards the one who was in cover, now aiming down the sights.
  94. Regardless of what you’re aiming for, try to keep the tweet conversational.
  95. You're one of them! someone shouted from the crowd aiming his gun at her.
  96. Peering through half-closed eyelids, he could see most of the soldiers aiming.
  97. It was then I noticed the third soldier aiming his weapon straight at my face.
  98. Visola pointed her rifle at Koraline, aiming between the blonde woman’s eyes.
  99. The sea sits in the core of heart aiming at either hell or heaven in producing.
  100. Her words were incoherent, but they attained the purpose at which she was aiming.
  1. I aimed at the lock.
  2. She aimed right for us.
  3. I aimed my spoon at her.
  4. He kept it aimed at us.
  5. He grabbed it and aimed.
  6. He aimed the gun at them.
  7. He aimed the gun at him.
  8. She aimed it at his head.
  9. The gun was aimed at him.
  10. She aimed at his forehead.
  11. But show trials aimed at.
  12. A rifle was aimed towards.
  13. I had my M9 aimed before me.
  14. I aimed, and shoot for the.
  15. They aimed at the Universe.
  16. I aimed my camera at the TV.
  17. Pat and Suwanee aimed their.
  18. The camera was aimed at the.
  19. Anyway, he aimed to find out.
  20. I drew my M9 again and aimed.
  21. He aimed a kick at the Luggage.
  22. She aimed straight at my head.
  23. Andy aimed his gun at the door.
  24. A shot aimed directly at Mira.
  25. The pose is aimed to activate.
  26. I aimed at his side and fired.
  27. The sailor aimed his gun at him.
  28. Will aimed and then fired twice.
  29. I jumped out with my M4A1 aimed.
  30. What were they aimed at?
  31. I walked in with my Judge aimed.
  32. She aimed the pistol at his shin.
  33. She aimed her gun at one of the.
  34. I dove out of the way and aimed.
  35. He aimed his gatling-gun at the.
  36. I aimed at the next and shot him.
  37. I should’ve aimed for the head.
  38. Sue aimed as I watched the spot.
  39. The exercise is rather aimed at.
  40. The skeletons aimed their weapons.
  41. Eke smiled and aimed his gun away.
  42. He aimed, fired, and left the room.
  43. One aimed his shotgun at the house.
  44. Batistuta aimed above the sphere.
  45. Hassan raised his gun, aimed for O.
  46. Twisting her legs, she aimed high.
  47. Johnson aimed and fired twice more.
  48. God is always aimed at restoration.
  49. My gun was aimed at his waist line.
  50. Give them back,’ he aimed at her.
  51. The counterman aimed at the backhoe.
  52. Since the goal he had aimed at is.
  53. She opened her eyes and aimed them.
  54. It was aimed at neither one of them.
  55. He aimed the Jag closer to the wall.
  56. Drew my gun and aimed it at the car.
  57. I have my phasor aimed at the girl.
  58. Out came the barrels, cocked, aimed.
  59. He loaded, unlocked, aimed and fired.
  60. He aimed the poker at Blunt's chest.
  61. Their rifles were aimed at her heart.
  62. Instead she aimed for the exit doors.
  63. His gaze was still aimed at her eyes.
  64. Andy stood over him and aimed his gun.
  65. This prophecy is aimed squarely and.
  66. Aimed it at the peephole in the door.
  67. Elize aimed her fingernails at Dionus.
  68. She softly loaded an arrow and aimed.
  69. He drew a pistol and aimed it at Greg.
  70. We aimed for them, but mine ran empty.
  71. Proposals aimed at addressing it are.
  72. Hitler no longer aimed to win the war.
  73. One of the men now aimed a gun at Max.
  74. I aimed the laser gun also, and fired.
  75. It was aimed directly at Tim’s head.
  76. One threat aimed at him and you could.
  77. As he passed it, he aimed a kick at it.
  78. The rounds aimed at the small building.
  79. The other had a camera aimed at my face.
  80. He raised his arm and aimed at its chest.
  81. He aimed his Desert Eagle with one hand.
  82. He had his Glock up and aimed at Pierce.
  83. I mean it wasn’t aimed at me; I just.
  84. Oblivious of those words he aimed the gun.
  85. This was aimed, and well aimed, at Fanny.
  86. I know because that’s where I aimed it.
  87. Crescent’ that was aimed at his chest!.
  88. I put one in the chamber and aimed again.
  89. He aimed his pistol at the chest of the.
  90. The captain aimed his gun at Sam Parkhill.
  91. He aimed it at you, he meant it for you.
  92. He raised the gun and aimed at his father.
  93. He loaded it and aimed at Batistuta's face.
  94. He aimed the weapon from the hip and fired.
  95. Johnson aimed at her and pulled the trigger.
  96. This wasn’t what he aimed for at the tee.
  97. He aimed the camera and settled in to wait.
  98. Alex pulled his gun and aimed it at Tony;.
  99. I know I can, he said, as he aimed again.
  100. They are aimed at establishing a lingering.
  1. That I aims to do.
  2. I had no more aims.
  3. One of your aims should be.
  4. Our best marksman aims the.
  5. She aims at Gervais’s legs.
  6. The law aims at reforming—.
  7. She then aims the gun at my head.
  8. The Methods and Aims of Magicians.
  9. She had two immediate aims before her.
  10. He aims one of his cameras at Shannon.
  11. Miles aims his arms out and shoots a.
  12. Roger's client lies down and aims his.
  13. A Vanguard Aims in the Right Direction.
  14. It aims to suggest rather than describe.
  15. Uriah squints one eye as he aims the gun.
  16. Himsa aims at the elimination of religions.
  17. The aims of the said examples are with a.
  18. M: He always aims directly at the ‘ultimate’.
  19. Bullhead pulls out a revolver and aims it at Otto.
  20. Formerly he had sought Him in aims he set himself.
  21. It is part of The Donkey Sanctuary which aims to.
  22. The girl's aims were of the noblest, he knew that.
  23. It is a credit to him that he stood for those aims.
  24. M: The self is universal and its aims are universal.
  25. Then she turns her turret and aims her camera at me.
  26. Casaubon's aims in which she would await new duties.
  27. But this relationship goes both ways, and the aims.
  28. This method aims to put the subject in full relaxation.
  29. The present chapter aims to delineate the merits and.
  30. Davis releases his side arm and cocks the barrel; aims.
  31. Both these aims were to be attained by the same effort.
  32. The tree coaching model aims to support the coachees in.
  33. Everything about him aims to the core of who I am, who.
  34. Usually somewhat different aims are ascribed to courts.
  35. Starsi confessed to his deep respect for the aims of the.
  36. The courts have their aims: either the correction——.
  37. He actually aims at your elimination as a factor in con-.
  38. The coach has four main aims when implementing the narrative.
  39. The other skelborg she passed aims its primary weapon at her.
  40. Motivational interviewing aims at helping coachees to explore.
  41. Rather than longing for sensual gratification, he aims at the.
  42. Intelligence aims at Gods protection in composing such a thing.
  43. However, there is one credit card that aims to be above the rest.
  44. Education, unfortunately, is not pursued with such lofty aims in.
  45. Besides, every social law aims at the amelioration of man's life.
  46. The Skilled Helper aims to help their coachees develop the skills.
  47. This stage aims to test the realism of the goal before the person.
  48. I have given aims to every one that ask'd, stood up for the stupid.
  49. Remember that Yoga aims to quiet the mind as you exercise the body.
  50. Art aims at infecting people with feeling experienced by the artist.
  51. With power they can further propel their socialist aims onto society.
  52. He pulls a pistol from a shoulder holster and aims it at the open door.
  53. The statement Will not he be aware aims at urging and exhortation.
  54. With a wicked smile, she aims at Zeke, hitting his leg, and then at me.
  55. He supports those aims, and thinks we are being very public spirited.
  56. But one of the main aims of SI is to live a meaningful life with purpose.
  57. But by the time he aims the gun at me, I’m no longer inside the Pioneer.
  58. Tongue Suspension Procedure is a method that aims to keep the tongue from.
  59. Both achieved their aims, and in both cases, this was mainly after their.
  60. He is a felon that aims to cause damage, aggression, dissension and rancor.
  61. Big Yoga, setting its higher aims there’s always been the Small Yoga —.
  62. One of the principle aims of competition porn is to exhaust the populace.
  63. Jests at our infirmities and failures are no proof that our aims are wrong.
  64. But every insurrection, which aims at a government or a regime, aims higher.
  65. You're young, and know nothing of our aims, and that's why you're mistaken.
  66. So we asked her what are the main interests and aims of young people to-day.
  67. The only small trouble is that most of us fail to achieve this de sired aims.
  68. Released in September 2009 it aims firstly to introduce the core elements of.
  69. The canary cage showed that those aims were made up on the spur of the moment.
  70. But all careful thinkers will allow that such aims in thought are unscientific.
  71. The ideal that marriage aims at is that of spiritual union through the physical.
  72. Spirituality confronts awareness directly; it aims to produce higher consciousness.
  73. It was agreed that the aims of a convention on the protection of pet animals would.
  74. Just be committed and stick to your aims and objectives without getting disoriented.
  75. That means a prolonged preliminary discussion setting out those priorities and aims.
  76. Prayers are usually to get over the current problems or to achieve our material aims.
  77. Sheila very elaborately with high intelligent manner explained aims and objects of Z.
  78. By 2050 the country aims to generate 25 percent of its electricity from nuclear power.
  79. Nor is Plato wrong in asserting that family attachments may interfere with higher aims.
  80. This bill aims a deadly blow at some of the best principles of the constitution, 343;.
  81. Indeed government is more often an obstacle than an assistance in attaining these aims.
  82. And that is what a vote is in a democracy that is ruled by the interests and aims 406.
  83. UserLinux aims to create a standardized Linux distribution supported by multiple vendors.
  84. Article 14 aims at ensuring that publicity is given to the provisions of the Convention.
  85. We pursued separate aims which brought us near to one another, but we remained strangers.
  86. It is simply a type of loan which aims to absorb all the previous loans taken by a student.
  87. Any valid professional aims may often find a freer, if not a richer field, in the provinces.
  88. We often have to correct our course but at the same time keep a focus on our vision and aims.
  89. I'm sure you're aware of the drug Zyptorin – it's the coronary drug that aims to be 40-.
  90. He puts his arm around my waist and aims me toward the flowers so I can appreciate them fully.
  91. This strategy aims to reduce the finance charges that you have to pay for settling partially.
  92. Of course, he did not yet know all Porfiry's aims, he could not see into all his calculations.
  93. And, after all, Galeron had strove to ensure his aims were achieved without anyone being hurt.
  94. Once we’re in the Pire, Zeke lifts up his gun and aims at one of the cameras near the ceiling.
  95. The global roundtable for education aims to formally find solutions to pressing education issues.
  96. Babsie is so considerate that he even aims the gun for me; all I have to do is pull the trigger.
  97. Of course, he did not yet know all Porfiry’s aims, he could not see into all his calculations.
  98. An astute trader aims to enter the market during quiet times and take profits during wild times.
  99. Since we are focused on reaching our aims, all encounters and relations are used only to this end.
  100. Then he steers it toward the southwestern corner of the lab and aims his main gun at a third T-90.

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