Oraciones con la palabra "do"

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Do en una oración (en ingles)

  1. God in all we do.
  2. I do as I’m told.
  3. You have to do it.
  4. It will have to do.
  5. Some of them do it.

  6. At once do you hear.
  7. Yes … you do that.
  8. I do like that idea.
  9. All you have to do.
  10. How do I know this.
  11. It must do this too.
  12. So what can you do?
  13. We do more than obey.
  14. I do not have think.
  15. Because I think I do.

  16. So what do you do?
  17. I do not mean women.
  18. What harm does it do.
  19. Ava would not do that.
  20. Q: What would you do?
  21. But I do know this.
  22. I wish to do nothing.
  23. That would have to do.
  24. He has called us to do.
  25. Do not bend your head.

  26. I would never do that.
  27. So what do you do if.
  28. But when you do have.
  29. We have to do this.
  30. I couldn't do his job.
  31. That’s why I wil do.
  32. I had to do that also.
  33. Do you still have the.
  34. Do your own dirty work.
  35. But I do repeat myself.
  36. He just couldn't do it.
  37. Do not say the moment.
  38. Yes, that should do it.
  40. Or what do you think?
  41. Tom wondered what to do.
  42. Do what you can for me.
  44. I'll see what I can do.
  45. What’d he do to you?
  46. All he could do was nod.
  47. Do you hear that, love.
  48. I have seen what they do.
  49. The best you can do is.
  50. Do not be afraid of him.
  51. I’ll do as I please.
  52. I seen her do it before.
  53. They do not think that.
  54. You did want to do that.
  55. What do I have to do?
  56. A few could even do that.
  57. I had nothing else to do.
  58. Just remember to do it.
  59. He was excited to do so.
  60. They might just do this.
  61. Which often, they do not.
  62. So we tried to do better.
  63. Do you still miss him?
  64. That I do not thank you.
  65. Those that do not will.
  66. I do not write this text.
  67. I wanted to do my part.
  68. I could do nothing but.
  69. Who do you think I am?
  70. I don't know what to do.
  71. What do they fight with?
  72. As I do these things, I.
  73. That should do the trick.
  74. Do you get sea sick?’.
  75. Do you always travel by.
  76. What do you think? Boo!.
  77. Do what you want with me.
  78. Don't do all the talking.
  79. What do you call it?
  80. The doctors had to do a.
  81. Ava knows more than I do.
  82. Anything to do with this.
  83. Should I do it over?
  84. I do, what I am paid to.
  85. She instructed Son to do.
  86. They gonna do this in the.
  87. That’s what I should do.
  88. I couldn't do that to you.
  89. You do not know the real.
  90. Do you know the area?’.
  91. What do I owe you?
  92. Don't worry, we'll do it.
  93. But you can't even do that.
  94. Why would he do that?’.
  95. He hated to do so however.
  96. I do appreciate your help.
  97. Things that stand out do.
  1. Was I doing what I.
  2. It was more my doing.
  3. I know what I'm doing.
  4. Doing 100 reps with a.
  5. And in so doing, the.
  6. If you are doing some.
  7. Said you were doing a.
  8. What are you doing to.
  9. Q: What are you doing?
  10. He was doing his best.
  11. By doing this your 45.
  12. We're doing all we can.
  13. Why is she doing this?
  14. We were doing all right.
  15. Why was he doing this?
  16. How was he doing this?
  17. What are we doing here?
  18. I know what I’m doing.
  19. I’m just doing my job.
  20. I'll be doing that now.
  21. She was doing it for him.
  22. Is doing too many things.
  23. I suppose doing that in.
  24. Should be doing, in fact.
  25. They were doing the deed.
  26. We started off by doing.
  27. In doing so, the biggest.
  28. What was I doing? Nature.
  29. Clearly he was doing his.
  30. What was she doing here?
  31. I will move more by doing.
  32. But you are not yet doing.
  33. I’m doing a story arc.
  34. Maggie was doing the same.
  35. The testing you are doing.
  36. What are you doing here?'.
  37. What are you doing here?
  38. I'm doing all I can ma'am.
  39. Look what it’s doing to.
  40. What exactly is he doing?
  41. By doing whatever they can.
  42. What are you doing here.
  43. As one who is doing things.
  44. Well, why are you doing.
  45. Why are you doing this?
  46. You could be doing anything.
  47. What are the angels doing?
  48. I have been doing this for.
  49. By doing so, he is able to.
  50. The one doing the laughing.
  51. I'm doing a diagnostic now.
  52. What are they doing here?'.
  53. But she was doing a better.
  54. What are you doing? Hurry!.
  55. I saw guys doing keg stands.
  56. What is she doing outside?
  57. You can’t keep doing this.
  58. It is in the doing that you.
  59. What is it they were doing?
  60. What is he doing here?
  61. She knows what she’s doing.
  62. What was he doing up there?
  63. I wonder what they are doing.
  64. M: What are you doing there?
  65. Rex had a way of doing that.
  66. I’m not doing badly at all.
  67. Or what he was doing here.
  68. Captain Hawes was doing his.
  69. What was he doing there?’.
  70. She knew she’d be doing a.
  71. The men are doing their best.
  72. My mom and dad are doing fine.
  73. It’s not doing this to be.
  74. He started doing that after.
  75. By doing that, you have now.
  76. What was he doing there?
  77. I didn't know what I was doing.
  78. This is all the doing of the.
  79. Kev and Angie were doing okay.
  80. What was it that I was doing.
  81. What we're doing isn't at all.
  82. With Four? Doing a little.
  83. Angels were doing warfare on.
  84. Why are you doing that?
  85. He is doing in the earth today.
  86. What are you doing there?
  87. You shouldn’t be doing this.
  88. I am doing very well at school.
  89. She enjoyed doing the bastard.
  90. He isn’t doing well, father.
  91. She wondered what he was doing.
  92. I had no idea what I was doing.
  93. She’s still doing him though.
  94. They knew what they were doing.
  95. That you're doing for us,.
  1. It had to be done.
  2. See how it is done.
  3. I was done with this.
  4. She had done no wrong.
  5. Wait until I am done.
  6. He would have done it.
  7. She had done her best.
  8. It was as good as done.
  9. I have done very bad.
  10. I think this was done.
  11. Hey, I've done my bit.
  12. It was very well done.
  13. And this can be done.
  14. Wynne had done his part.
  15. I hate what I have done.
  16. What was done was done.
  17. How had she done THAT?
  18. You have done well John.
  19. The trance is done with.
  20. Q: Easier said than done.
  21. What had he just done?
  22. Finally the job was done.
  23. Because it must be done.
  24. He had always done that.
  25. There is more to be done.
  26. It has never been done.
  27. Well, I’m not done yet.
  28. Well done, both of you.
  29. There's a lot to be done.
  30. Justice will be done now.
  31. That could be done later.
  32. David his father had done.
  33. Something had to be done.
  34. The damage had been done.
  35. There is work to be done.
  36. Alex must have done that.
  37. At last the job was done.
  38. And I would have done it.
  39. There was much to be done.
  40. Let us have it done, then.
  41. This thing must be done.
  42. It simply can’t be done.
  43. He knew it had to be done.
  44. The Men of Midas are done.
  45. A moment later it was done.
  46. Much work needs to be done.
  47. Melinda had done it again.
  48. It will be done, Eldest.
  49. When the work to be done.
  50. By then we should be done.
  51. Mim had already done that.
  52. The snow shower had done.
  53. The mother's work is done.
  54. Q: Such things are not done.
  55. Once this is done you are.
  56. But I see you've done that.
  57. I have already done them.
  58. Should be done in a minute.
  59. Undoing what they had done.
  60. I couldn't have done this.
  61. I think I’m done here.
  62. I would have done the same.
  63. The bugger’s done for us.
  64. I knew they weren’t done.
  65. None know how this was done.
  66. The passports were well done.
  67. This is what they have done.
  68. Of course it will be done.
  69. What had they done to him?
  70. Oh, God, what have I done?
  71. Flavio had done his homework.
  72. Why hadn‘t they done it?
  73. She hated what she had done.
  74. She had not done anything!.
  75. I suppose it has to be done.
  76. You know what has to be done.
  77. He had never done that before.
  78. You shouldn't have done that.
  79. What Can and Should Be Done?
  80. This is done in several ways.
  81. She, it turns out, had done.
  82. They had done all they could.
  83. I shouldn’t have done that.
  84. Q: How is the crossing done?
  85. What more could I have done?
  86. You've done all that you can.
  87. Okay, ladies, get it done.
  88. Just what had she done now?
  89. Has he done his thing?
  90. No human could have done.
  91. Okay, I’m done, he said.
  92. For what’s still being done.
  93. She could have done far worse.
  94. So I could have done my job.
  95. We stay here until it is done.
  96. He had not done this for ages.
  97. You should have done it early.
  98. They’ve done it, said Mr.
  99. Once you have done that, you.
  100. I have done so many tests on.
  1. AND it does it an.
  2. As it does not fit.
  3. It does not seem so.
  4. And yet he does not.
  5. Oh, he does have a.
  6. M: It does not apply.
  7. It does not have to.
  8. He does not know how.
  9. God does not like it.
  10. But does he buy it?
  11. It does not need to.
  12. I wonder what it does.
  13. How does it work in.
  14. And it does not miss.
  15. But he does not know.
  16. He does have an alibi.
  17. What harm does it do.
  18. If the temp does cont.
  19. M: What does it mean?
  20. Q: I guess it does not.
  21. He does not believe me.
  22. What does it say when.
  23. But it does not matter.
  24. Does he feel the same?
  25. Why me, why does this.
  26. No matter what he does.
  27. The one that does the.
  28. It does not mean that.
  29. What, if it does not?
  30. It does not move him!.
  31. But it does not teach.
  32. A saint does not want.
  33. Yoga can and does help.
  34. It does that to people.
  35. A man does not produce.
  36. What does it say to me?
  37. She does not despise you.
  38. See if it does any good.
  39. Why does that worry me?
  40. Ricci does as he is told.
  41. We think he does anyway.
  42. Does it mean that past.
  43. Where Does The Echo Go?
  44. It seldom does any good.
  45. Where does the echo go?
  46. But your mind does move.
  47. Where does that lead us?
  48. Amar does the same thing.
  49. And so does My Father.
  50. I hate when he does that.
  52. That which does not move.
  53. As only … a mother does.
  54. Does it have a name?
  55. The One Elf does not lie.
  56. Yes it does, he said.
  57. The Holy Spirit does not.
  58. Where does it come from?
  59. But does not age the young.
  60. The front bar however does.
  61. He does not know anything.
  62. Again, the word does not.
  63. But that does not mean I.
  64. It is real, it does exist.
  65. It does its work within us.
  66. He does not deal with us.
  67. The pleasant does not last.
  68. Even hate it does not know.
  69. Time does not really exist.
  70. Does a man have a place in.
  71. Don't know how she does it.
  72. He does not have the anger.
  73. Tobias does not follow her.
  74. But how does one do that?
  75. Oh, that does sound good.
  76. If anyone does, it’s you.
  77. She does not understand it.
  78. Does this mean that it is.
  79. Does it matter what we say.
  80. This does not happen often.
  81. God does prove his servants.
  82. But what if she does?
  83. What choice does she have?
  1. How did he do it.
  2. As he did so, he.
  3. I did not have any.
  4. I did not find yet.
  5. All I did was fall.
  6. I did not envy her.
  7. He knew what He did.
  8. He did most of his.
  9. Nye and his mate did.
  10. So she did the same.
  11. How did he do that?
  12. But he did not hurry.
  13. I did my pivot turn.
  14. And since I did not.
  15. Tell me what he did.
  16. Did he know this? No.
  17. He did a lot of good.
  18. As he did this, Son.
  19. How did you put it?
  20. No, but I did help.
  21. How did I know this?
  22. So he did, but not me.
  23. I did though hear a.
  24. He did ask one other.
  25. She did not regret it.
  26. You know what you did.
  27. ERICK: She did say no.
  28. See, you did it again.
  29. He did get a theirops.
  30. I think Papa did, too.
  31. Im glad you did that.
  32. What more did he want.
  33. He did not turn back.
  34. I did the wrong thing.
  35. He did note that the.
  36. I did him a service.
  37. She did not want her.
  38. Tom did not believe it.
  39. As I did I took notes.
  40. I did not prod further.
  41. But the rest of us did.
  42. He did not give a name.
  43. The earth did not move.
  44. He did so and stepped.
  45. So Peter did just that.
  46. What you did was wrong.
  47. We, we did it,' I said.
  48. More than I wish I did.
  49. Did you notice that? Dr.
  50. We did a lot of walked.
  51. He did not bluff often.
  52. Bear it, however, he did.
  53. I did the math in my had.
  54. I already did that part.
  55. He did not conduct any.
  56. He did what he was told.
  57. You did want to do that.
  58. The Leader did not reply.
  59. After all you did, how.
  60. And take them out it did.
  61. I did grow up with them.
  62. But I told them I did.
  63. Oh I most certainly did.
  64. But he did stop laughing.
  65. I knew that you did it.
  66. You did make that avatar.
  67. How did you do that?
  68. That did not work either.
  69. They did not like their.
  70. He did have to stop there.
  71. I did miss you, though.
  72. I did not learn it from.
  73. Now what did he want to.
  74. I don’t, I never did.
  75. I did my best to be her.
  76. Like I just did with you.
  77. What did you say, Mrs.
  78. Why did you do that?
  79. After a pause Viktor did.
  80. As she did this she was.
  81. So why did you marry.
  82. He did not look impressed.
  83. I'm sorry, but I just did.
  84. If he ever did realise it.
  85. You did not know about me.
  86. She did miss him – and.
  87. Where did I screw up?
  88. Where did that leave me?
  89. At least, we think it did.
  90. For they did not find it.
  91. He did not want to stand.
  92. At least she said she did.
  93. He did know what love was.
  94. If I did, I'm truly sorry.
  95. Corrente did his best to.
  96. I did this for years.
  97. What did he tell you?’.
  98. It did hit me rather hard.
  99. She was wary, but she did.
  100. Where did the morning go?

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