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Fell en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I fell on my knees.
  2. I fell to my needs.
  3. But, I fell too low.
  4. I fell to my knees.
  5. It fell into a pit.

  6. I fell into a dream.
  7. I fell in love with.
  8. But what if I fell.
  9. I fell off the path.
  10. I fell on the ground.
  11. It fell to its knees.
  12. She fell in the pool.
  13. He fell to his knees.
  14. I fell into a trance.
  15. I fell in the dishes.

  16. I fell to the ground.
  17. She fell to the floor.
  18. A shadow fell over me.
  19. We fell on the floor.
  20. Tam fell on top of it.
  21. He fell to the ground.
  22. A tear fell down her.
  23. Then she fell in love.
  24. His eyes fell on the.
  25. We fell to the ground.

  26. I fell onto the blue.
  27. She fell into her chair.
  28. At last we fell asleep.
  29. I fell in love with it.
  30. The ship fell into obit.
  31. He fell into those eyes.
  32. Tears fell down my face.
  33. Anon fell to his knees.
  34. Tears fell from my eyes.
  35. Both cups fell to the.
  36. Water fell from the sky.
  37. They fell into the trap.
  38. I fell in love with him.
  39. Coyote just fell off a.
  40. It fell onto the carpet.
  41. A few fell writhing on.
  42. Well, Rodney fell for it.
  43. I was alone when I fell.
  44. We fell over each other.
  45. A tear fell from my eye.
  46. Tears fell to the floor.
  47. She huffed and fell back.
  48. Garcia fell to the floor.
  49. The rain fell on the road.
  50. James fell on his knees.
  51. Tears fell down His face.
  52. They fell on the ground.
  53. Tormin fell to the floor.
  54. The wild duck fell again.
  55. He fell into the fire.
  56. They fell in slow motion.
  57. Tony fell asleep in his.
  58. A river of fire fell on.
  59. He fell into step with me.
  60. As the soldier fell his.
  61. Pieces of it fell on the.
  62. He fell and for a moment.
  63. I fell in love with you.
  64. He fell quiet for a spell.
  65. I just fell into her arms.
  66. A hush fell over the crowd.
  67. When the dew fell on the.
  68. If I fell out of the sky.
  69. The voice then fell silent.
  70. The young Dragon fell away.
  71. A tear fell to the asphalt.
  72. His eyes fell to the floor.
  73. She fell back on the couch.
  74. They fell among the bodies.
  75. Brittany fell to the floor.
  76. The cup fell and shattered.
  77. My eyes fell to the jacket.
  78. Slowly the others fell in.
  79. At once I fell on my knees.
  80. The family fell soon after.
  81. Down the rabbit hole I fell.
  82. They fell over each other.
  83. Then Abraham fell upon his.
  84. Tears fell down their faces.
  85. He fell on his knees then.
  86. I fell asleep in that movie.
  87. Tears fell from my red face.
  88. Fell off the ladder though.
  89. He fell with several in him.
  90. I fell against the cushions.
  91. Stars fell through the void.
  92. Night fell fast and it was.
  93. At last, Nerissa fell asleep.
  94. They fell silent for a while.
  95. Scales fell off in his hands.
  96. She fell into Satan's deceit.
  97. Her heart fell in her stomach.
  98. He fell on his hand and knee.
  99. Tom nearly fell off the chair.
  100. She almost fell off her stool.
  1. She was felling excited in the Blue city.
  2. And it gave me a felling of goodness and gladness.
  3. The arrow had hit its mark, felling the great beast.
  4. In addition, felling of trees during the daytime is.
  5. Yep, the mean critter caused a felling pine to gimp his legs.
  6. Sepe Karan forcefully fought back with his bolo, felling several Sulabuns.
  7. For we have not a high priest that cannot be touched with the felling of our infirmities [Hebrews 4:14].
  8. A glass or two of that well-travelled Italian Verdicchio vino bianco plonco and I’m felling quite good.
  9. Squarely among them it fell, striking one of the warriors full upon the head and felling him to the ground.
  10. Choir: We are true to our Homeland, to the Earth, felling the forests, ploughing the land and sowing the seeds.
  11. On the left our troops were close to a copse, in which smoked the bonfires of our infantry who were felling wood.
  12. Exactly as the thought crossed his mind, the sky over the city ripped open in a firestorm of color and sound and felling wind.
  13. It cannoned into the bowmen and Hrun followed it joyously, felling one man with a blow and snatching the weapon from another.
  14. Today, ice is melting, tundra is thawing, deserts are expanding we have had vast forested areas which are in decline often because of felling.
  15. The crackling fire of the resinous pine cast a flickering glow upon their hardened faces that spoke of toil in felling the birch and pine of the nearby forest.
  16. Each important personality present in the court was attending and hearing the proceedings with great concentration while every word of chief justice was felling on Mr.
  17. One time in the recent past, Michael the Red, after collecting his due from his work felling the pine and birch, sat back thoughtfully on his bunk at the camp with a comforting jug of hootch.
  18. The water around my legs churned and I could hear the ocean loud and chaotic as it rose up in a towering tsunami, slamming down upon the forest in the distance, felling every tree and silencing the songbirds.
  19. If standing by and doing nothing at the felling of the WTC on 9/11 would be unconscionable, then so is it when an insurance company lets Joe the Plumber die because his love of deep fat fried lard sticks is considered a 495.
  20. With the women and the children, the old and the unfit, the Master remained behind; and with him were some men of crafts and many skilled elves; and they busied themselves felling trees, and collecting the timber sent down from the Forest.
  21. The last few years I spent most of my days with him, learning my trade; learning to hunt and trap, and when not to hunt or trap, and why, clearing fire-breaks in the forest, felling the occasional tree and hauling it behind our mule to the mill, and much else as well.
  22. A few of the older and more cunning Hurons, who had not been deceived by the artifice which had been practiced to draw their fire, now made a close and deadly discharge of their pieces and justified the apprehensions of the scout by felling three of his foremost warriors.
  23. Felling timber must be punished as severely as possible, but he could not exact forfeits for cattle being driven onto his fields; and though it annoyed the keeper and made the peasants not afraid to graze their cattle on his land, he could not keep their cattle as a punishment.
  24. The echoes of the great hammer where roof or keel were a-making, the signal-shouts of the workmen, the roar of the furnace, the thunder and plash of the engine, were a sublime music to him; the felling and lading of timber, and the huge trunk vibrating starlike in the distance along the highway, the crane at work on the wharf, the piled-up produce in warehouses, the precision and variety of muscular effort wherever exact work had to be turned out,—all these sights of his youth had acted on him as poetry without the aid of the poets, had made a philosophy for him without the aid of philosophers, a religion without the aid of theology.
  1. Forests felled to build new cities.
  2. Her mother was felled by a stroke.
  3. They didn't ought to be felled: it's.
  4. Only one of the felled enemy was left alive.
  5. His plan had worked and Tarak had been felled.
  6. Together they felled a dozen of their opponents.
  7. The stone could easily have felled either of them.
  8. All along the Bywater Road every tree had been felled.
  9. So it has to be felled with the axe of total abandonment.
  10. He thought of the trees that had to be felled to make each beast.
  11. A row of freshly felled tree trunks held up the center ridge line.
  12. Matt went straight into attack mode and felled Max with a single blow.
  13. As he rounded the corner to the lift, he was felled by a blow to the chin.
  14. A large crack formed along the wall of the cave where the beast was felled.
  15. The answer to that lay in what might have happened after Jacob felled Frederick.
  16. Hearing this the first human struck out at that final one and felled a pair of.
  17. They’d felled every forest in their heartland and in their colonies, as well.
  18. This tree had been felled by an axe; deliberately placed to create an obstacle.
  19. He estimated between eighty and ninety trees would need to be felled for each ship.
  20. She then went to Fernand, who was cutting the branches off a tree he had just felled.
  21. John, still turned off with his head laid to one side is standing next to the felled tree.
  22. The mighty Lord Thulsa with his craving for war had been felled by the most basic of moves.
  23. Tom thought of the farmer who had felled the trees, cut up all that wood and carried it home.
  24. Would this proud warrior, who’d survived centuries of bloodshed, be felled by something as.
  25. They turned their mounts eastward and fled from the fighters before more of them were felled.
  26. It was the Raider Jaron had felled, the arrow he had fired was sticking upright from his thigh.
  27. Ever lost both masts in a storm and had to jury-rig one out of a felled young hooktree?
  28. Saplings had become mature trees, and mighty oaks had been felled by the king ’s woodcutters.
  29. True, it was Robert who intervened and rescued Syd — it wasn’t Syd’s hand that felled him.
  30. The one time I bring Loki, this beast — he gestures with his hand towards the felled troll.
  31. Rayne explained what happened after Tarak was felled, what she and Kai and Sonia found at the house.
  32. The scene shifted to the woods at the end of the field, where Dale’s avatar was sawing up a felled.
  33. His first blow broke the guys jaw, his second felled him and three kicks later the stranger was dead.
  34. Shining fiercely above felled serpents’ heads, they thunder to life about the burning lake’s heated.
  35. The whole realm knew how Prince Maekar’s mace had felled his brother Baelor Breakspear at Ashford Meadow.
  36. There had been silence then, which meant that Jane’s mother had been felled by an attack of the giggles.
  37. The Officer had a hole where his stomach used to be and he hit the ground like a felled tree as the RSM said.
  38. As Ralph bent to pick up the butter crock that had felled Alan, he felt a sharp iron point stick into his arse.
  39. But, though thus shaken and felled to the ground the King would not awake to the life of the ordinary world!.
  40. They had the original free will, mailed to them by some mysterious person after Francine was felled by a stroke.
  41. Before being felled, the lioness had managed to dig her claws into Krittika and rip away a part of her shoulder.
  42. The stones he hurled with a curse went wide or fell harmless, though in his youth he had felled hawks on the wing.
  43. In the course of his speech he informed them that the man who had come with the van and who had been felled whilst.
  44. I opened my mouth to scream, but he struck me a savage blow with his fist over the eye, and felled me to the ground.
  45. In the course of a single year they felled twenty-seven oaks in his forest, and burnt a barn which had not been insured.
  46. But he had barely unfolded it when he was felled by an iron fist, and despite his great strength, he tumbled to the deck.
  47. Mother rushed wailing towards her mutilated son, but was felled by a single close-range shot to the head from Crow himself.
  48. As they approached, the Witch threw her hand in the air with a violent swipe, commanding the felled tree to clear the path.
  49. One of Frederick’s men just ahead and to the left of Jess was felled with a club, and a wild-eyed woman stumbled over his body.
  50. They are mostly young, of stalwart frames; fellows who have felled forests, and now seek to drop the axe and snatch the whale-lance.
  51. Since there are so many people felled by sickness, in which no diagnosis is rendered, this idea for a novel may not be that farfetched.
  52. He was reflecting on all of this when he heard the shot which he first took to be that from a hunter, like the one that felled his own son.
  53. Monty watched Syd operating a battery driven machine resembling a backhoe, digging out the stumps of the trees they had felled along the river bank.
  54. Vast sections of it have been cleared, for this is the seat of the first iron-works of the country, and the trees have been felled to smelt the ore.
  55. As it was, the last of the abandoned livestock had been slaughtered months ago and most of Esthyr’s Abbey’s woodlots had been felled for firewood.
  56. They consisted, if you can excuse the odd trampled garden and felled stop sign, of a small pack of poodles, one aging horse, and a pizza delivery van.
  57. She turned white as a handkerchief, tried to say something, and her lips worked painfully; but she sank on a chair as though she had been felled by an axe.
  58. Springing out from among the scrub the ape-men with huge clubs broke in upon the Indians and often felled three or four of them before they could be speared.
  59. Most of them had already begun to cast Translocation when they were felled, and if we’d been a twentieth of a second slower, they’d have gotten clean away.
  60. It had been felled, and towards the roots they noticed something skipping and springing, which they could not make out, as it was sometimes hidden in the grasses.
  61. Other ape-men in the trees above us hurled down stones and logs of wood, occasionally dropping bodily on to our ranks and fighting furiously until they were felled.
  62. It is a traveler’s stronghold made of wood from the Ohmu Forest; trees that had been felled during storms or earthquakes were cut up and used for these Inns alone.
  63. I ran into the water; shouting, laughing, carefree, splashing forward till the bank sloped away and felled me like a tree into deeper water, happy with the shock of it all.
  64. It was a complete miracle that the case had not washed away in a high tide, but thanks to trees felled by laser fire the case had gotten snared and held up from floating back out to sea.
  65. The interest of the townsmen increased markedly as they suspected that an owner of new felled timber anywhere near the town would decide to sell it to the association and be done with it.
  66. He rends defenseless women and little children in his lair, but how recently has one of you seen him fight with men? Why, even I, a midget beside him, felled him with a single blow of my fist.
  67. It was clear where they meant him to land, because trees had been felled upon a line he was to come in on, and bushes had been cleared for a short distance on what seemed to be a grassy meadow.
  68. The timber trees procured by the association would be felled and brought out to The Rocks with the advent of the first warm weather and some of them would be used to build the sawmill and gristmill.
  69. But the gentle gray, unprepared for the crash of a tree that was being felled on the edge of Halsell wood, took fright, and caused a worse fright to Rosamond, leading finally to the loss of her baby.
  70. If trees have been felled or struck down the pattern of the rings on the stump also indicates direction—more growth is made on the side towards the Equator so there the rings are more widely spaced.
  71. Stone monuments long since crumbled, bronze statues long since destroyed, mythical kingdoms and magical castles felled by the elements and those around them—nothing they searched for would be found.
  72. The black went down like a felled tree, gushing blood, and the next instant Conan was seized in a frantic grasp as Sancha sprang up and threw her arms around him in a frenzy of terror and hysterical relief.
  73. Celeste is sick, she’d heard him say, and the concern and compassion in his voice were so real, so genuine, it was as though he really did believe that she’d suddenly been felled by a mysterious illness.
  74. Then he cried out, Thieves! Thieves! With that Guilt, with a great club that was in his hand, struck Little-faith on the head, and with that blow felled him flat to the ground, where he lay bleeding as one that would bleed to death.
  75. As for her head wound, where she hit the edge of the coffee table when the bullet felled her, I was enormously relieved when she came to in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and was able to tell us precisely what had happened.
  76. Dren and Mandri were felled by a spell known as Karbak’s Needle, by which the caster’s entire reserve of available power can be cast as fast-moving Force that is concentrated on an area no larger than the cross-section of a hair.
  77. All because it was Karamazov, not Smerdyakov, he didn't think, he didn't reflect, and how should he? He ran away; he heard behind him the servant cry out; the old man caught him, stopped him and was felled to the ground by the brass pestle.
  78. All at once the doctor flung himself free, seized the heavy headboard of Williams' grave and felled Potter to the earth with it—and in the same instant the half-breed saw his chance and drove the knife to the hilt in the young man's breast.
  79. What made Campbell stumble onto this particular judgment at death, to be repeated at the last day? Let me say, with due respect for the dead, his philosophy would have felled itself with its own stroke had not this belief suggested itself.
  80. The reason was that I didn’t want to have to tell them details that I could never get out of my own head: the sound of the gunshots that felled Maria; the sharp intake of her breath the instant she was hit; the way she slid from my arms to the sidewalk.
  81. The female of one pair was killed by a Concussion as both members of the other team were wounded by Force bolts, then the felled female’s mate slammed into his weakened opponents in mid-air, breaking one’s neck with a kick while stabbing the other in the torso with a slim dagger he wielded like a saber.
  82. The attitude of the ruling classes to the laborers is that of a man who has felled his adversary to the earth and holds him down, not so much because he wants to hold him down, as because he knows that if he let him go, even for a second, he would himself be stabbed, for his adversary is infuriated and has a knife in his hand.
  83. One Holy Thursday of all days in the almanack, we was here as we mid be now, only there was no churning in hand, when we zid the girl's mother coming up to the door, wi' a great brass-mounted umbrella in her hand that would ha' felled an ox, and saying 'Do Jack Dollop work here?— because I want him! I have a big bone to pick with he, I can assure 'n!' And some way behind her mother walked Jack's young woman, crying bitterly into her handkercher.
  84. Yet, we can comprehend, we can begin to understand many things, if we look into all the issues and systems that make every other a person, like us, rather than turning them into a beyond our i'magenation monster that we can horror-away from, so as to shield ourselves from the reality that we might suddenly become that person, felled by physical pain and crippled to an unemployed anger, rabid with a hunger, debt-alley cornered with cancer and nowhere to turn.
  85. Somehow—by small borrowings, sundry strokes of business, petitions for grace, and promises to repay—he contrived to carry on the property, and, making himself overseer, donned his father’s greatcoat (still preserved in a drawer), dispensed with horses and carriages, discouraged guests from calling at Mitishtchi, fashioned his own sleighs, increased his arable land and curtailed that of the serfs, felled his own timber, sold his produce in person, and saw to matters generally.
  86. The Street of the Turks, enriched by well-lit stores with products from abroad, displacing the old bazaars with their bright colors, overflowed on Saturday nights with the crowds of adventurers who bumped into each other among gambling tables, shooting galleries, the alley where the future was guessed and dreams interpreted, and tables of fried food and drinks, and on Sunday mornings there were scattered on the ground bodies that were sometimes those of happy drunkards and more often those of onlookers felled by shots, fists, knives, and bottles during the brawls.
  87. The vessel under construction at Jaina at the time of Coatl’s first visit was being built according to the same specifications as the later Raven would be, however this first vessel was being built of newly felled timber and he said it would not last long on open water, eventually warping and bending the green timbers to such an extent as to render the ship liable to sink in the first heavy swell, when one of the shipwrights thought to mention this, Coatl smiled and explained the reasons for it’s construction, firstly, it would familiarise the carpenters and shipwrights with the hidden secrets of building a sea-going vessel, preparing them for the time when there was enough seasoned timber for the building of the real Raven, the longship being an entirely different concept to the fishing canoes they usually produced, secondly, to train a crew it was essential that they have hands-on experience.
  88. When a tree is felled,.
  1. A road cuts through the fells and.
  2. The River Thames was frozen and the sheep were starving on the fells.
  3. With two flicks of his wrist he fells two Bojudai with his sword, while he takes the human and another Bojudai with his fire.
  4. One of them attempts to cast a spell at her, but the sphere contains it, and the resulting magical backlash fells all three within.

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