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    1. Her handler had given her a new life away from her all-too-cold foster family and the orphanage before that

    2. Alan’s foster father, Alfred McReady, was one of Elmore’s best friends on the expedition

    3. I hand him the letter from Mrs Foster that he’s been waiting for over a week and he doesn’t even comment!

    4. into the custody of a foster family who hoped to adopt

    5. Her foster mother told me that

    6. with Julie’s foster mother and filling out adoption

    7. of the orphanage notified me that I was being taken into a foster home

    8. He’s a foster kid

    9. But he might try to contact his foster mother

    10. “That is a present from her foster brother

    11. My Dad said that I was destroying the foundations of the American way, which I couldn’t understand, since I thought the American way was to foster democracy, for all

    12. “They started talking about getting us foster care

    13. It’s hard to keep kids together in foster care

    14. I was fourteen and no one wanted a grown boy as a foster kid

    15. For all that, she was very affectionate, especially with her foster brothers and sisters

    16. “That means when the kittens come we’ll be foster grand-parents,” she announced

    17. “My foster cat had kittens, and one of them is still attached to her by the cord

    18. Upon entering the Rex’s foster house, I never would have guessed that nearly twenty cats were being sheltered there, because everything looked and smelled so clean and fresh

    19. Your puppet hasn’t made any of the changes we discussed, primarily to exempt key businesses from taxes in order to foster growth

    20. What is it about an affable scoundrel that makes us wink at improprieties or worse, legal transgressions? I‘m referring, of course, to our own President William Jefferson Clinton who, along with the First Lady, have offered us Whitewater, Madison Savings and Loan, Rose Law Firm, Cattle Options, Travelgate, Filegate, Loral Communications, Buddhist Temple Fundraisers, (the) Lincoln Bedroom, (the) mysterious ―suicide‖ of Vincent Foster, Sex Scandals and Arkansas Mafia for our consideration

    21. But tactful administration today, sustained by Cuban officials elected by the people, will assuredly foster the desire of the people to become an integral portion of the United States

    22. While I was working on a Stephen Foster tune on the piano the other day, I noticed that the word ―darkie‖ was conspicuously absent from the (original) lyrics

    23. Hence he does not strive to ally himself with all and sundry, nor does he foster the power of other states

    24. endeavoring to foster inter-service and regional cooperation by assisting in the organization of integrated command and control centers; the establishment of common operating procedures; and the conduct of joint and combined training exercises

    25. “I looked at that Foster character, he seems to be coming along

    26. Foster did a couple of good landings that day

    27. of self-confidence, and how to create trust in authority figures that’s going to foster

    28. But Akhenaten tried, even though vainly, to foster the worship of one god

    29. drastically increasing energy costs and decreasing the ability of our states to create jobs, foster

    30. The bodily senses unmindfully direct the individual toward the immediate pleasure-seeking goals that foster the sensation of feeling good

    31. Cindy, Brian, Becky and Keith were placed in foster care, while the youngest three, Grace, Lilly and Katherine were given back to Susan

    32. He constantly complained of the supervised visits, saying the foster parents were stupid morons, using words I don‘t want to repeat here

    33. Secretly, I thought they would be better off with foster parents, but I told them the social workers were trying to work out a solution for everyone

    34. All seven children were placed in foster care

    35. Grace was placed by herself in a foster home

    36. The older children were in foster care with regular supervised family visits allowed

    37. I‘ll talk to the foster parents and get this put together

    38. I have to say that they all were looking much better physically, especially the four eldest who had been placed in foster care since Adam‘s first incarceration

    39. I knew from Mary, though, that there had been some hellish experiences the foster parents went through as the older ones, Cindy, Brian and Keith were the worst, would not cooperate in their new circumstances

    40. No wonder the foster people were wary of an unsupervised visit by the father‘s sister even with Mary‘s assurances

    41. But, I have to say that not all of the foster parents treated the children right, some were in it for the money

    42. Most of them were paired up in foster care, but Grace ended up alone

    43. I was kept informed about what was going on with Adam through his lawyer, Social Services, the children and the foster families

    44. There were encouraging signs that the other children were making progress, and they were thought to have a real chance of being adopted by the foster families they had been living with

    45. Most of the time they were with foster parents, and most of the time they were causing all sorts of problems

    46. Much of the trouble came from Adam and Susan who did their best to sabotage the relationships of their children with the foster parents

    47. During our visits some of the children would tell me about their foster parents, usually complaining that this one was mean, or they didn‘t get breakfast that day and other happenings that were very disturbing

    48. I‘d heard some nightmare stories about the way some foster parents were with children in their care

    49. To be fair, some of the children behaved so badly that at times the foster parents had to be at their wits end

    50. Katherine and Lilly were eventually adopted by their original foster care parents

    1. Memories fostered those dreams, became them

    2. fostered was not acceptable in the

    3. And then, to go on and amass a fortune (several millions) as a director of Fannie May, while that organization and Freddie Mack were on their last legs, thanks to the egregious Community Reinvestment Act, fostered by Carter, and strengthened by Clinton, lays her bare as one of the most devastating females in power in all of American history

    4. He'd fostered a sense of cooperation and fairness across his estate

    5. Even various interpretations within the Christian faith, fostered and solidified by the slowness of communication between large population centers such as Alexandria, Antioch, and Ephesus

    6. Has this openness of the brain network fostered the learning, and its repetition over countless generations, of behaviors with survival value? Has this then been partially written back in by genetic expression, either original or altered?

    7. They probably would be better off if they were fostered out with other families

    8. She also fostered my children, training them too

    9. But I’m also willing to consider that John grew up in a culture that preached suspicion and fostered paranoia

    10. “They fostered me for three years, until I was thirteen, when they died in a fire

    11. However some kindly men had fostered my passion, throwing books my way wrapped in ragged cloth, under the pretence of charity to a poor beggar child

    12. hunting together for years and fostered a bond between us that is

    13. so-called Educrats were the same group that fostered the concept of OBE and whole language

    14. Coast Guard has long fostered relationships with the international community

    15. Government regulation in effect has fostered this so-called ‘greed

    16. The same society that fostered prostitution stoned them to death for it

    17. glorified, legitimized, fostered and perpetuated greed of all sorts

    18. It could be argued that friends of the self-confessed murderer had already fostered a climate of abuse that was not only tolerated but encouraged

    19. It was that year that someone with foresight and capability saw and fostered the need for an Irish publication for the exiled population there

    20. It was where her and Ollie’s abiding passions for the sport was fostered

    21. But the survival character of a soul is not fostered by attempting to secure peace of mind at any price, by the surrender of noble aspirations, and by the compromise of spiritual ideals; rather is such peace attained by the stalwart assertion of the triumph of that which is true, and this victory is achieved in the overcoming of evil with the potent force of good

    22. His humanity was genuine, natural, wholly derived from the antecedents of, and fostered by, the actual intellectual status and social and economic conditions of that day and generation

    23. You then pass over these fostered characteristics to their rightful owners, that is, your staff

    24. But the life purpose must be jealously guarded from the temptation to seek for easy and transient attainment; likewise must it be so fostered as to become immune to the disastrous threats of fanaticism

    25. At this time there was fostered an extensive system of banking and commercial exchange which was carried on right within the temple precincts

    26. And all such human interest is fostered by understanding sympathy, unselfish service, and unstinted forgiveness

    27. And then, as if to make a bad matter worse, he persistently harbored grudges and fostered such psychologic enemies as revenge and the generalized craving to "get even" with somebody for all his disappointments

    28. 2 Modern secularism has been fostered by two world-wide influences

    29. “It depends on if we have fostered that much fondness of you

    30. of another world, and he discovered it; Copernicus fostered

    31. White prejudice fostered the requirement that black missionaries must also be the strongest, most educated, and most fit of their race for missionary responsibilities

    32. This pain should never have been fostered on the patient, no matter when the drug was used

    33. Unethical and corrupt as it sounds, this very strategy can be fostered by a political party in order to slander a candidate

    34. He was acutely aware of the wall's weaknesses stating that it was nothing but an illusion fostered by propaganda to fool the Germans as well as the Allies

    35. And also like slavery, the iniquity of provincial taxes fostered resentment

    36. Their singular commitment and dedication quite naturally fostered success in war; the lifestyle of their choosing which they embraced so enthusiastically

    37. Insurance, public welfare, and a give-away judicial system has invited abuse and fostered a national cry-baby attitude

    38. I fostered a dog once that would only eat her dry dog food with 2 tablespoons of canned food mixed in

    39. In amongst a bevy of new female acquaintances fostered on that vacation was an

    40. As I recall, my lord Natridom, your father, before his untimely death, fostered you out to a foreign court because his brother had become very interested in Lorila’s line of succession, and your safety was in some jeopardy

    41. Our souls, if fostered throughout our lives, have by intuition and

    42. fostered are the means for salvation and their twenty-four attributes are

    43. hankering after anything, there is fostered a faith in me that tran-

    44. attitudes will be fostered by education and supported by custom

    45. In the modern customer-focused service economy, success depends on how management regards employees, especially relating to how a bottom-up approach to innovation is fostered

    46. Mentoring, like the formation of communities of practice, can be fostered by the corporation but not dictated

    47. Her choice was the imaginations of others which only fostered the vibrancy of her own

    48. was fostered out with my sister to a man

    49. We were fostered out to a man and a woman but

    50. wasn"t the only time we got fostered out, I

    1. convincing establishment elites that fostering all religions would lead to political and economic prosperity, just as intolerance would guarantee decline

    2. The Marxist view of history, namely that it determined itself through class struggle, required a close look at who was fostering class separation and who was adding fuel to the struggle

    3. fostering of agriculture with the hope of eventually reducing the size of the enclaves, and federal protection against settlement by the colonists

    4. barriers to adoption and fostering - to mention some

    5. It will be in following the Creator’s guidance, as given to us through His Son -that the issue will be resolved ---not looking to government to gain equality --- we are already equal --- government needs, in most instances, to stop dividing us --- creating false barriers / ineffective solutions --- even fostering racism

    6. Blind unrestricted budgets approved by Congress to be used to ‘support other nations’ that ends up fostering (1) corrupt governments and (2) social positions abroad - must end

    7. By fostering a

    8. The fostering of regional and transnational alliances and the

    9. government has always been fostering their rehabilitation act which has not been

    10. migration and what are the conditions fostering and inhibiting migration

    11. The secret police and the National Guard had a very obvious terrorizing and fear fostering

    12. Listening to these fear fostering characters, I kept thinking to myself, “What is the difference

    13. I was still listening to the television Evangelists, every now and then, fear fostering, telling people we had to hurry to save souls before Jesus came

    14. He has devised a quite a new and humane method for fostering the struggle for liberation of his suppressed people and has implemented it with greatest energy and devotion

    15. Occasionally we saw her foster parents but they were busy fostering more kids

    16.  Creates a sense of connection and comfort, fostering a

    17. rather than concern about outcome, fostering an

    18. harm their employer was fostering on the community –

    19. The coupons have a very short expiration date, fostering a sense of urgency among customers to use the coupons right away

    20. Though not entirely responsible for it, cars, trucks and vans have done their part in fostering global warming

    21. with the never ending exposure to adversity fostering

    22. After the dust had settled, the Han Dynasty garnered a reputation of being less harsh than the Qin, with relaxed social controls, lower taxes, and a more cooperative government attitude fostering creative thought and

    23. Rudolph’s inquiry was winding him into the night, but he didn’t hesitate to drag her from her bed, while fostering the possibility her errant employer could be on stop over, but the 2am invasion of her property had been fruitless

    24. Fostering genuine interest in students is difficult in its own right, but distractions caused by fear, anxiety or discomfort are terribly detrimental to both health and learning

    25. By fostering resentment, redundancy and inefficiency, homework is directly opposed to healthy learning

    26. " He cites the role of corporate power as fostering a cultural atmosphere

    27. development -- and its own role in fostering creation of the means to achieve it

    28. He projected to the masses an androgynous figure and enhanced it by fostering the adoration of nudity and all things "natural"

    29. Organisations that allow for differences of opinion are better at developing innovation, better at solving problems, and better at avoiding groupthink – they are inherently better at fostering positive negotiating behaviour

    30. fostering conditions that were conducive to them

    31. It grows and blossoms in the sun fostering heavenly conditions

    32. Animals have brains but fostering zero, regardless of weight

    33. tion or, to put it differently, does not follow the way of attaining to the state of immortality through fostering gods and so also himself by tending the divine riches of his nature, lives but in vain

    34. ish by fostering divine impulses, is real war

    35. That is why you must daily work on creating healthy habits, fostering healthy relationships, and actively pursuing your mission and vision

    36. In the yagya Krishn has so far spoken of, there are a gradual fostering

    37. (Larousse 202) A common epithet of Mars was gradivus, which refers to his fostering of growth (grandiri, to grow)

    38. By fostering a climate of empathy at home, children learn the value

    39. However, even this has turned into yet another scheme for fostering political correctness around the globe

    40. an automatism benevolently assisting and fostering the achievement of our objectives

    41. not be important on a small scale, when the conditions fostering this phenomenon become

    42. those customs exemplify the preservation and fostering of oneness

    43. and toward fostering unity than teaching our teens how to properly hold

    44. I had almost forgotten in the strain of being in this place that he had lived here himself as a child before being constantly dragged back and forth between Uthyr and my father for fostering

    45. to learn love, but, instead, is fostering enmity,

    46. The love she experienced from this interrelationship with Jesus was significant enough to be internalised and processed within, fostering a personal, emotional, intellectual and spiritual sensitivity that realized and quenched her thirst of that which she had been seeking in ‘physical’ encounters and of that which she was intended and made

    47. And it may be added that it has not been failure in respect of the lovely and noble types of character which have grown up under their fostering care

    48. The Gallery is fostering alliances with the Asia-Pacific region by hosting the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

    49. fostering the libertinism of men, society makes monsters of them, and then their

    50. But we can hardly condemn too strongly a system which, instead of fostering the scattered seeds or sparks of genius and character, tends to smother and extinguish them

    1. it fosters resentment and anger in a bond that should be very

    2. ) It is a young drunk girl who fosters the

    3. enrichment of the mind, while ignorance fosters and intensifies fear

    4. create an environment with clarity, it fosters stability and trust as well as respect

    5. ” Is this merely a new version of the earlier experience with plurality, only now, just a resubmersion into a lessor pantheon? Or, is it a tacit admission that Man has difficulty digesting this God in a single gulp? What about the more ancient others? Complexity does seem to breed plurality, but plurality seems also to breed confusion, and that fosters a lack of concentration

    6. For example, if a person dies with a peaceful mind, this fosters a virtuous seed, and the person will experience a fortunate rebirth

    7. that fosters privacy, safety and companion-

    8. Roger’s unwavering dedication to International Education stems from his sincere belief that it fosters friendships among peoples of different languages and cultures and contributes in a very positive way to world understanding and peace

    9. He set a can of Fosters, the Australian nectar, on the

    10. This, in turn, fosters further contempt for this non-war in the opinion of the American people, and those of the rest of the world, while accomplishing exactly nothing

    11. Get Satisfaction has been promoted recently in the blogworld as a direct connection between people and companies that fosters problem-solving, promotes sharing, and builds up relationships

    12. dialogue that fosters support and cooperation

    13. essence of prayer fosters and sharpens the knowledge-

    14. a Mantra which protects or fosters the ‘gayas’ or Jivis

    15. And it is a mystery how the Supreme fosters, protects, and perfects the creature without compelling him

    16. Faith fosters and maintains man's soul in the midst of the confusion of his early orientation in such a vast universe, whereas prayer becomes the great unifier of the various inspirations of the creative imagination and the faith urges of a soul trying to identify itself with the spirit ideals of the indwelling and associated divine presence

    17. You have enjoyed that parental love which insures laudable self-confidence and which fosters normal feelings of security

    18. Pictionary fosters creativity in children and adults alike, encouraging them to think beyond the usual restraints of conformity and order

    19. 7 The religion of Jesus fosters the highest type of human civilization in that it creates the highest type of spiritual personality and proclaims the sacredness of that person

    20. Rory threw a can of Fosters at Dan and told him not to wander

    21. that fosters positive communication and can result in the

    22. confidence in others and fosters success

    23. I also have a case of Fosters in the car in exchange for the software

    24. Basically I’m just your average, run-‐of-‐the-‐mill, Fosters guy

    25. All, which inherently fosters such beneficial conditions as economic independence

    26. It helps to form a shared psychosis (follies-a-plusieurs) between ruler and people and fosters the emergence of an hagiography

    27. That fosters an organisational culture that stifles creativity and innovation, especially when we are preparing for the negotiation, and leaves members of the organisation afraid to speak up

    28. With 20 million workers in 900 unions worldwide UNI fosters international solidarity and provides a voice at the international level for all its members

    29. We fosters on earth what God let us have from heaven

    30. A mind fosters the form of weather

    31. The drive to divide into secluded states, communities, or houses, is a breakdown of integration between self, culture and institution, which fosters a sense of threat and thwartedness

    32. universal healthcare, education, shelter, and nutrition, creates the environment that fosters individual altruism

    33. #2 had just become wealthy, they believed they were one of the exceptions to the corruption that privilege fosters

    34. Diversity fosters stability

    35. pursue that which fosters the spiritual nature, and

    36. Fosters mate?" My emotions were running high as I

    37. A cold can of Fosters lager was standing on a shelf and I grabbed it eagerly, ripped open the metal tab and gulped half the contents in a single swallow

    38. It was still mid evening and I reckoned I could manage two Fosters lagers before I should call it a night

    39. when pushed to its extremes, it fosters illusory values that are not rooted in the underlying

    40. illustrated in the above example, this interaction creates, fosters, and strengthens

    41. This is the kind of sick, one-sided humor civilization which fosters, this is what civilized people think is funny

    42. It is this kind of abstractive dehumanized social condition which civilization fosters

    43. The idea of giving humans free reign to do as they please; the idea of personal liberty; the idea that you can take all the liberties you want with the Earth you depend on to live, and not expect a payback in kind: is the narrow, segmented-fragmented, irrational, insane attitude which civilization fosters

    44. In such cases, discontinuing the toxic relationship may be the most caring thing to do, as the presence of a relationship without love fosters the encouragement of human pain and misery, and inter-relational acts considered malevolent, destroying the very growth expected from a loving relationship

    45. of the concept of religion and the great lies and blatant evil that it fosters

    46. It closes the ears of its votaries to all those warnings which represent a 'new creation, as indispensable to salvation; it fosters in impure men the error that they are, in some effectual sense, 'the children of God and inheritors of the kingdom of heaven;’ and encourages the opinion that there may be some other valid foundation for hope than manifest faith and love

    47. ` The wonderful system fosters a great many others

    48. "'War is sacred; it is a divine institution; it fosters every lofty and noble sentiment in the human heart: honor, self-sacrifice, virtue, courage, and saves men, so to speak, from settling into the most shocking materialism

    49. England well knows her interest, and she fosters her arts

    50. The southern portions of this country cannot long remain oblivious of the fact that the illiterate class are largely the criminal class; that ignorance fosters crime

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