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Sustain en una oración (en ingles)

  1. We just need to sustain it.
  2. Thou nourish and sustain it.
  3. It might sustain her on the.
  4. I couldn’t sustain a long.
  5. Sally couldn't sustain her anxiety.
  6. I had the power to sustain myself.
  7. What injuries did she sustain?!.
  8. They couldn’t sustain the gate for.
  9. But he can never sustain his premises.
  10. Others find it but can’t sustain it.
  11. As a community, we sustain one another.
  12. Her smiles could soothe and sustain him.
  13. He will sustain me with His peace as I.
  14. Europe helped to sustain the beaver trade.
  15. For they look to me to sustain their Life.
  16. But the question is: How do I sustain the.
  17. She knew her mother’s faith would sustain.
  18. It didn’t take much to sustain her strength.
  19. I did what was needed to sustain my Temple.
  20. But that is still not enough to sustain a job.
  21. Without any love to sustain their self-esteem.
  22. But I also need the biosphere, to sustain you.
  23. The maximum that the planet can sustain will be.
  24. As you sustain this state of being you will be.
  25. Working on how this development will sustain the.
  26. You see !! For her alone I’d sustain that dream.
  27. To feed any human sufficiently is to sustain life.
  28. This incredible demand helped to sustain the fur.
  29. It doesn't sustain us and it's not nearly as good.
  30. The injuries they sustain are horrific; sometimes.
  31. There is insufficient technology here to sustain me.
  32. You can sustain your form indefinitely, but you.
  33. Sustain the position for increasing periods of time.
  35. At least for the moment they had food to sustain them.
  36. They will sustain you through the trial that is coming.
  37. To be in this realm needed far more effort to sustain.
  38. The stand-on vessel should sustain its course and speed.
  39. Joints, ligaments and tendons will sustain flexibility.
  40. He could not get any air, or not enough to sustain him.
  41. He did not have the generosity of spirit to sustain it.
  42. This then creates and sustain jobs to secure capitalism.
  43. The best way to sustain weight loss is to eat a varied.
  44. Suellen has her shame to sustain her and Carreen her God.
  45. The logging industry is helping to sustain the bush meat.
  46. There was nothing to sustain its living, no water or food.
  47. With nothing to sustain him Torbin’s consciousness waned.
  48. There is no way you could sustain any kind of life here.
  49. They are mainly doing the minimum required to sustain the.
  50. Sustain us this day in our progress along the path of truth.
  51. You now claim a fresh myth and a new god to sustain the ego.
  52. She was simply unable to sustain any significant weight loss.
  53. The ability to create and sustain a definite goal, or purpose.
  54. While most people find that they cannot sustain this type of.
  55. But one cannot sustain an indifferent air concerning Fedallah.
  56. Planets that are habitable have to have water to sustain life.
  57. But until this very day, two hopes had been left to sustain her.
  58. The oxygen layer will be so thin it wont sustain life around.
  59. Your body and all its abilities are insufficient to sustain you.
  60. The man in there wanted to sacrifice me in order to sustain his.
  61. The main function of the uterus is to sustain a developing fetus.
  62. The tumen was always put in position to sustain heavy casualties.
  63. These events would lead to the planet being able to sustain life.
  64. I have lost all that I once had and it is now very hard to sustain.
  65. He knows that you are unable to sustain it, so He has pardoned you.
  66. Things that will sustain you on the days when you are feeling all.
  67. All he needed was one trigger that would sustain the early momentum.
  68. Any business that is well funded can sustain a period of losses, but.
  69. Women love men who are able to sustain their sex energy so that they.
  70. She also wasn't sure she could sustain fourteen thirsty heku and she.
  71. None of the conditions necessary to sustain a charge of sedition exist.
  72. In spring some of the starch converts into sugar to sustain new growth.
  73. Any good virus knows that it needs a host to sustain its existence and.
  74. There are four elements needed to start and sustain a fire and/or flame.
  75. These factors not only make it hard to sustain growth but the constant.
  76. I couldn’t sustain such a punishing schedule even when I was younger.
  77. All said and done, the ‘loss to order’ needed fodder to sustain fire.
  79. Despite his struggling, he could not sustain himself and swiftly weakened.
  80. To sustain this growth, China has been consuming all sorts of commodities.
  81. It has been very hard to sustain the sorrow but the pain and grief is mine.
  82. Are we alone in the Universe? could not sustain his interest for long.
  83. They are inadequate to sustain you, and they always become stale over time.
  84. There are three ways to sustain long term adventure with regards to finance.
  85. It cannot sustain life on its own until the soul moves in and gives it life.
  86. She must go through with it, but she no longer had enthusiasm to sustain her.
  87. Do you know how hard it is to sustain that kind of hatred for that long?
  88. My friendship and our now numerous daily conversations could not sustain her.
  89. The physical body cannot sustain life without a soul inside and it shuts down.
  90. No matter what we believe, we naturally gab every floating straw to sustain it.
  91. What does it need to sustain it and make it beautiful and truly spiritual?’.
  92. Without the managed means to sustain our lives and our culture, humanity could.
  93. We must sustain life with its emptiness in it, injecting confidence is necessary.
  94. Fox, that a religion would sustain itself on a theory that its ‘founder’.
  95. But the Creator of All and Her Angel of Truth will sustain all the sons of light.
  96. This module contained enough life support to sustain a two man crew for a month.
  97. If you have the time, and the wherewithal to sustain the study, then looking at.
  98. Shouldn't friendships nourish and sustain you - not only in the good times, but.
  99. Will he be able to sustain a barrier of this size? Orphenn motioned around.
  100. After a few mouthfuls, he was sure he had enough to sustain his muscles for the.
  1. It is self sustaining as long as it.
  2. That stated, I believe that sustaining a profile.
  3. Children do react to vaccinations, sustaining brain.
  4. Efficiently Creating and Sustaining Collaborations 3.
  5. Besides sustaining the brief physical life, the Holy.
  6. Lorry saw that there was a new sustaining pride in it.
  7. Germany was quite incapable of sustaining this effort.
  8. The birth and sustaining of Empires by corporate entities.
  9. When I returned to my senses the thought of sustaining me.
  10. They led, for the most part, a sustaining and satisfying life.
  11. Prayer is spiritually sustaining, but worship is divinely creative.
  12. By sustaining the endeavour in that fashion until consummation, what.
  13. It is the sustaining, energizing, all-pervading Spirit of the universe.
  14. Him and He is not doing the tormenting or sustaining the life they have.
  15. Each of you is capable of creatively inventing your life and sustaining it.
  16. The cyclists rode away amid showers of stones without sustaining much damage.
  17. The effort of sustaining the power hiding in his cornea resulted in constant.
  18. But, whatever it was, that served him well in sustaining his creed in spite of odds.
  19. To be alive anywhere is to be where God is [Psalms 139:7-9]; and with God sustaining.
  21. God is in Hell doing the tormenting and sustaining the life they have and they are not.
  22. It is a course I have seen most of my sustaining, consistently profitable traders take.
  23. The attack had been a complete surprise, with the Vietnamese force sustaining no losses.
  24. I can assure the readers that I am sustaining the diet even now (approximately 6 months).
  25. The Sustaining Art is the collaborative mosaic of food raising, preparation, and consumption.
  26. But it is also crucial in allowing all of its life sustaining functions to connect to each other.
  27. They are judging the sustaining values of America, that shining city on a hill, out of existence.
  28. This space is making and sustaining me in a mysterious way that is not fully graspable or definable.
  29. We had inflicted maximum casualties on the enemy, while only sustaining minor losses on our own part.
  30. Slowly, she was spending her money, her savings and her earnings in sustaining her vice of taking shabu.
  31. They simply have to find a way of sustaining their colossal investments when their oil revenues dwindle.
  32. They couldn't cross the intersection without sustaining heavy losses, but they had to get across somehow.
  33. Systems have self sustaining feed back loops and also non-balancing loops which may throw it out of control.
  34. The vaccines in question, any vaccine, these are not requirements for sustaining life of any kind on this planet.
  35. That pastry at the cafe was very nice but not exactly sustaining and it is now getting on for two in the afternoon.
  36. And on every night of the year the inhabitants in the town of the Kite could hear the good clear wind sustaining them.
  37. Lazarus is now resting over on the other side of life, alive, at peace and enjoying the fruits of his sustaining Lord.
  38. You are not capable of maintaining or sustaining the experience of Awakeness, the experience of waking up to what you are.
  39. Wiles are not sustaining enough, at the end of the day proving inadequate for youth, stamina, superior speed and technique.
  40. Pre-exhaustion training is the answer to not only sustaining, but building muscle during a cutting phase while still losing fat.
  41. Whether knowingly or unknowingly… every human being on Earth is actively involved in sustaining the corruption of civilization.
  42. Linton did not appear to remember what she talked of and he had evidently great difficulty in sustaining any kind of conversation.
  43. Linton did not appear to remember what she talked of; and he had evidently great difficulty in sustaining any kind of conversation.
  44. I never knew the sustaining and soothing influence of feminine attire until I was bereft of it, she assured them, laughingly.
  45. Two insecure theories, incapable of sustaining themselves on their feet, upheld each other, and acquired the semblance of stability.
  46. The number of contracts sold is limited to sustaining a loss of 25 percent of the account if the VIX futures were to rise 25 points.
  47. Every citizen on Earth is guilty of knowingly or unknowingly; sustaining and preserving the structures and dynamics of civilization.
  48. As she worked, I would steal some of her food to sustain my body, though the love of her gold was all that was sustaining my spirit.
  49. Whenever you dip into your capital base you are effectively destroying your wealth building, and wealth sustaining, capability.
  50. He himself called this a strong measure, but observed that his health was less capable of sustaining excitement than he had imagined.
  51. By minimizing inflation adjustments, we give our portfolio a better chance of not only sustaining itself but growing over the long term.
  52. Sticking to it, effectively implementing, sustaining and if actual fact, in essence ‘using’ it is the ultimate goal and achievement.
  53. Sustaining her eerie, steady and overbearing gaze the clerk’s stare blared at Ben instantly sending a shiver of anxiety down his spine.
  54. If his forces were not composed of retirees and old-timers I doubt that the huge losses his forces are sustaining would be acceptable.
  55. Breast: See also Mother and Breastplate: Endearment; armor; life sustaining substance; loyalty and devotion between the Comforter and His.
  56. So he tried to enforce a grey uniformity on the Misty March, and force all its energy toward creating and sustaining his mercenary war machine.
  57. Earth is a limited space, with finite resources, capable of sustaining a limited population with moderate standards of consumption and comfort.
  58. Around him his subordinates busied themselves with monitoring the advancement of the enemy, the ship’s weapons and the damage it was sustaining.
  59. He might be rigid in his disdain for women’s minds, and insensate to her personal disasters, but they shared a deep, sustaining love for poetry.
  60. In other words, they are good at doing the rapid cost-cutting and divestment, but when it comes to building and sustaining long-term growth, they fail.
  61. And mass? Mass was sacred! His family was one of simple means but eternally grateful that they even had a sustaining existence, simple though it might be.
  62. In our activity alone do we find the sustaining illusion of an independent existence as against the whole scheme of things of which we form a helpless part.
  63. Given a week or two, it will be next to impossible for the Japanese to retake by force those islands without sustaining horrendous casualties in the process.
  64. To be alive anywhere is to be where God is [Psalms 139:7-9]; and with God sustaining the life they have, for there can be no life that is not sustained by God.
  65. By using that per win targeted profit, this guarantees that you’re having the money you need for sustaining the times where your inventory gets higher.
  66. For souls to be alive anywhere is to be where God is (Psalm 139:7-9) with God sustaining the life they have, for there can be no life that is not sustained by God.
  67. The sustained orbiting of planets; is a result of gravitational attractions naturally finding and sustaining a Dynamic Balance that is constantly equalizing itself.
  68. The emancipated masses, left with no sustaining principle, have ended by losing all sense of cohesion, till they have given up defending the liberties they have gained.
  69. I saw it drip with the fresh blood! The remembrance seemed for a while to overpower her, and she drooped and would have sunk down but for her husband's sustaining arm.
  70. You cannot uphold, exercise, and sustain any freedom indefinitely without also upholding, exercising and sustaining the responsibilities that go along with those rights.
  71. The amount of your working capital is what you have for making sure it is in sufficient amount for providing you with the necessary cash flow for sustaining your operations.
  72. Certainly not the many Hollywood celebrities who are great at physical attraction (and checking into and out of rehab) but often terrible at sustaining an adult relationship.
  73. Despite of these handicaps, however, the American colonists fought on for years, sustaining many defeats, but eventually won through sheer resilience and strength of spirit.
  74. His simplicity was such that, though he had no sort of heroic idea of seeking death, the risk, deadly enough, to which he exposed himself, had a sustaining and comforting effect.
  75. When the foal comes out of the mare’s belly, you will also see it hasten to its teats to suck their sustaining milk, even though it could not have seen or known about them before.
  76. It has exhibited a memorable example of self-denial in sustaining this situation, with a view to obtain redress of wrongs and recognition of its maritime rights, without a sacrifice of peace.
  77. Since you’re recouping the money in inventory (the temporary losses), you want to have the necessary capital available in your different sportsbooks accounts for sustaining those situations.
  78. Grailem is amazed at the quantity as the readings show two hundred and eighty three planets and four thousand nine hundred and twenty other celestial objects capable of sustaining humanoid life.
  79. The sectors provide individual singularity a means in sustaining governing singularity by which provision comes through maintaining governing singularity the required spin in maintaining cooling.
  80. One of the most vital aspects of sustaining development over time is having adequate cash flow to fund your business operating expenses while sticking to your household financial responsibilities.
  81. Who built these heavens? Who provides them with this great power which man cannot imagine? Is not that Provider the Almighty Al’lah whose sustaining and benefaction overwhelmed the whole creatures?!.
  82. Keeping this record is a difficult task that most traders have trouble sustaining over many years, but it is virtually impossible to progress from novice to expert without keeping a solid trading journal.
  83. He asked after the boy’s condition and was told that he had been dragged out by the rescue services after sustaining a multiple broken leg, and he was now recovering in hospital with his leg in traction.
  84. Rapt, transported, trembling, he was possessed in all his senses by this new divine thing that caught up his helpless soul and swung and dandled it, a powerless but happy infant in a strong sustaining grasp.
  85. LT from the moment the ship had left Los Angeles docks, but the bartender just wasn´t very receptive to her offers of sustaining him for the rest of his life in exchange for being her very private bartender.
  86. In the above control room an array of fixed, curiously antiquated display screens were giving the various intermix ratios, projected stability levels coupled with the power requirements for sustaining negative energy.
  87. With these, and many such admonitions in the Quran, ‘the God’ seems to have succeeded in sustaining a large body of Musalmans to this day who strive to follow the ‘straight path’ laid down by Muhammad for them.
  88. Social Welfare agencies have assumed a life of their own that seeks to penetrate the viability and scope of their operations by carefully orchestrating and sustaining the ―needs‖ of the people entrusted to their care.
  89. Note in Plate I of the Job series, page 146 [Transcribers Note: Plate XXXI], the use made of this sustaining quality in the parallelism of the sheep's backs in the background and the parallel upward flow of the lines of the figures.
  90. And often you will notice that being conscious of the eyes of the whole visible world resting on him from the sides of the two ships, this standing captain is all alive to the importance of sustaining his dignity by maintaining his legs.
  91. Building space housing and living facilities and sustaining them is both expensive and time-consuming, apart from needing to be carefully planned in advance if you don’t want to end up with a major disaster in the near to medium future.
  92. A short butterfly is a defined risk strategy with a defined potential profit that is very small in relation to the risk but the likelihood of sustaining any loss is usually small and the likelihood of sustain the maximum loss is very small.
  93. Will you be financially capable of sustaining your lifestyle well after retirement? If your retirement savings are not up to par with your spending lifestyle after retirement, you may want to stick it out with work for a little while longer.
  94. But the sight of little Flask mounted upon gigantic Daggoo was yet more curious; for sustaining himself with a cool, indifferent, easy, unthought of, barbaric majesty, the noble negro to every roll of the sea harmoniously rolled his fine form.
  95. The phœbe had already come once more and looked in at my door and window, to see if my house was cavern-like enough for her, sustaining herself on humming wings with clinched talons, as if she held by the air, while she surveyed the premises.
  96. A child who fails to develop these skills will have difficulty developing and sustaining personal relationships, since their immature behavior, such as acting out verbally or physically when angry or afraid, tends to destroy social connections.
  97. Almost every one of them had mounted a friend, who steadied himself with both hands grasping his shoulders from behind; and the rims of their hats touching, made like one disc sustaining the cones of two pointed crowns with a double face underneath.
  98. It is indeed proved that vapour is formed from water at the lowest temperatures, but is less elastic, the lower the temperature, as appears from its sustaining a continually decreasing column of mercury, the lower the temperature at which the vapour is formed.
  99. Ogres weighed as much as an average unicorn and came equipped with skin that was tougher than gargoyle hide, and they were capable of fighting with almost undiminished capacity after sustaining wounds that would reduce most warriors to thrashing and screaming.
  100. The ragged state of his logistics prevented him from sustaining a bigger force at Esthyr’s Abbey, but he’d begun building up supplies at Fairkyn to support Nybar and the heavier forces he’d earmarked to support him if Green Valley got past Esthyr’s Abbey.
  1. The Cold Iron that sustained.
  2. I have sustained him with grain.
  3. O the pains His soul sustained!.
  4. Spalding a sustained kiss on the lips.
  5. Therefore, the pain is sustained and.
  6. The only damage sustained was that a.
  7. Hit by sustained, dense bursts of big.
  8. T he injury sustained to your ankle has.
  9. Sustained whale hunting is an easier and.
  10. But no case could be sustained against him.
  11. But she was incapable of sustained emotion.
  12. The fury of the fight could not be sustained.
  13. It opens the door to sustained and perpetual.
  14. The leaf that sustained the flowers gradually.
  15. He could have invaded Japan and sustained huge.
  16. That dream was intense, emotional and sustained.
  17. He shook it off as if he had sustained similar.
  18. The potato crop sustained the peasant population.
  19. He was treated for injuries sustained during.
  20. Truth is sustained by himself … truth is truth.
  21. Unless thus sustained it will be abolished, as Mr.
  22. And the pirates had sustained substantial losses.
  23. The sensation was sustained, as opposed to cycling.
  24. We wish the planet really could have sustained you.
  25. However, they lose money in strong sustained trends.
  26. Children enduring sustained emotional abuse by their.
  27. The fact is that the damage sustained goes way beyond.
  28. I am Dr Zoot and you have sustained a nasty injury.
  29. If buying pressure is sustained, then look for a rally.
  30. The 19th and 20th century involved a sustained series.
  31. Sustained winds over one hundred kph now, she said.
  32. He washed away ten years of sustained willpower, boring.
  33. Every car and truck began to honk loud, sustained blasts.
  34. None of the techniques will produce sustained motivation.
  35. She had not been sustained through privations, the better.
  36. Whether the proposed mission should be sustained by the A.
  37. The communities along the existing road are sustained by.
  38. This is the sustained force behind most major price moves.
  39. Eating too little is not the way to have sustained weight.
  40. The surge of bravery that had sustained Elowen through the.
  41. Any injuries sustained by Mr Simmons were just superficial.
  42. He said Nick may have sustained a concussion from the fall.
  43. Their wisdom and patience sustained Maureen, Audrey and me.
  44. Eventually, the plants could no longer be sustained by the.
  45. The details he gave us were with sustained winds of 148 MPH.
  46. A voice, sweettoned and sustained, called to him from the sea.
  47. The markets rarely have a sustained move above R3 or below S3.
  48. Instead of having to launch if your revolution is sustained?
  49. One of the patients already in sickbay sustained a new injury.
  50. As I mentioned before one of our men sustained a broken ankle.
  51. He read how God sustained the Israelites on manna in the desert.
  52. PULASKI HAD SUSTAINED no serious injuries in last week’s fall.
  53. We couldn't have sustained the intense heat at lower altitudes.
  54. Hitherto the excitement of fulfilling a duty had sustained them.
  55. The first set of Painstiks hit Garcia like sustained lightening.
  56. A sustained gust suddenly stirred the trees into a roaring chorus.
  57. He sustained terrible injuries that killed him a few hours later.
  58. Therefore, you need to determine how long growth can be sustained.
  59. A sustained practice of creativity and a continued willingness to.
  60. The MACD will remain negative when there is a sustained downtrend.
  61. Nor should they be sustained by resources stolen by their parents.
  62. So is turned into matter the idea that is sustained and cultivated.
  63. Luke never knew that one recollection of anguish would be sustained.
  64. Her body was still craving whatever had sustained her up in Buffalo.
  65. She couldn’t maintain any kind of sustained communication however.
  66. For a sustained campaign of at least 8 – 10 appearances this would.
  67. There are always going to be bumps in the road, but sustained growth.
  68. Had he still not recovered his strength from the wound he sustained?
  69. And she will be sustained by the feeling of this duty being fulfilled.
  70. God alone is your sustainer because He needs no means to be sustained.
  71. The MACD will remain positive as long as there is a sustained uptrend.
  72. He took in our group and the injuries that Ash and Liam had sustained.
  73. Fiskel that he had also recently sustained a serious injury to his arm.
  74. The injuries that she had sustained from lying so still in the scraps.
  75. However, the storm packed 50 MPH sustained winds with gusts over 65 MPH.
  76. This suggests that repeated or sustained noncontingent presentation of.
  77. The three mates quailed before his strong, sustained, and mystic aspect.
  78. If the ego is sustained by enjoyment, it will continue to feed suffering.
  79. Charity sustained the family, yet cursed their existence with its stigma.
  80. And the Writ tells us Mother Church is sustained by the blood of martyrs.
  81. The most common injury sustained by these sprayers is: chemical injection.
  82. Despite their size, hill dragons are capable of rapid, sustained movement.
  83. Phil jumped up with an objection that was sustained, but the damage was done.
  84. Many of the crew had sustained new injuries, including broken legs and arms.
  85. At best, high rankings without authority can only be sustained for a short.
  86. It has been my experience that sustained trends occur about 20% of the time.
  87. In his whole life he had never sustained a thought for more than two minutes.
  88. Many of these skills are not typically learned during sustained computer use.
  89. She’s sustained a substantial and ugly shock, but otherwise she’s okay.
  90. I had to try to do what could be sustained by the legal system that we're in.
  91. It is important to recall that sustained inflation is a 20th-century phenomenon.
  92. Clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, sustained thought with a definite end in view.
  93. The injuries had been sustained when he’d tried desperately to defend himself.
  94. Following a great fire in 1844, he sustained the credit of the city by his bank.
  95. Old Dantes, who was only sustained by hope, lost all hope at Napoleon's downfall.
  96. He nursed his cheek in the palm of one hand, while the other sustained the elbow.
  97. Some was all over and they were going home was the one thing that sustained them.
  98. The creature yelled a surprised and sustained Whoa! as he uselessly flailed.
  99. Deploy additional B-52s to permit a sustained sortie rate of about 1500 per month.
  100. And then began a shrieking and a sustained and cheerful hooting from the Martians.
  1. That her curiosity sustains her.
  2. Sustains the elasticity of the skin.
  3. The energy of their love sustains it.
  4. Still, the truth is He sustains us, and.
  5. It sustains a man when nothing else will.
  6. The LORD sustains him on his sickbed; in.
  7. The Creator blesses us and sustains life.
  8. Truth is eternal; it sustains the universe.
  9. He decides on leadership and He sustains it.
  10. Contradiction is the tension that sustains change.
  11. It is God who sustains all worship, for he is all-.
  12. But once digested, it sustains us and gives us energy.
  13. We crave it, we live on it, and it’s what sustains us.
  14. The Supreme overspreads the universe and sustains it all.
  15. A whole sustains its parts, and the parts create the whole.
  16. That which creates and sustains the world, you may call it.
  17. It is a transcending art because it is an art that sustains.
  18. Noirtier the unwelcome meal that sustains his pitiful existence.
  19. It is as if, as you let go, your true self catches you and sustains you.
  20. Qi is the life force, which keeps us in existence and sustains all things.
  21. What is the source of your life? What sustains you? What keeps you alive?
  22. A long moment of silence sustains the reality of their dysfunctional family.
  23. Material wealth is the means that sustains the body as well as all its relations.
  24. A theory sustains that is feasible to typify letter of credit as contracts for a.
  25. The fluid of life in the vine sustains the branches and gives them continued life.
  26. It sustains the body system, Increases vigor and there is a marked growth of happiness.
  27. Such a doctrine creates and sustains a wealthy income for the church through tithing a.
  28. The very coarseness and obviousness of the contradiction sustains them in this conviction.
  29. Thank you for giving me my daily bread that nurtures and sustains in every given situation.
  30. So, in reality, what sustains a good person is the same as that which sustains a notorious one.
  31. Packaging is nice, but in the end it’s content, not packaging, that sustains a reader’s soul.
  32. Psalm 18:14 - The spirit of a man sustains his infirmity, but a broken spirit who can fear?
  33. Honor the mother-source in that completion of her cycle with which she creates and sustains our life.
  34. God, Truth, Presence, Awakeness, Love, Life - call it what you will - It creates and sustains itself.
  35. Jesus alone sustains Lazarus, and he is no longer in the same world as that of Martha’s or Mary’s.
  36. It is this apparently logical explanation of the past that sustains the associated information cascade.
  37. The seeker's folly is that he believes he is somehow capable of refusing the very Source that sustains him.
  38. Garth had her droll aspects, but her character sustained her oddities, as a very fine wine sustains a flavor of skin.
  39. As bread sustains physical life, believing in Christ sustains eternal life and the person that believes has this bread of life.
  40. A hand sustains you; it is hers: a mouth lightly touches your brow; it is her mouth: you hear a breath very near you; it is hers.
  41. The building in which I found myself contained the machinery which produces that artificial atmosphere which sustains life on Mars.
  42. These plants are entirely self–propagating, and the principle of their existence lies in the water that sustains and nourishes them.
  43. Using the five variables to construct PlayBook trades provides a thorough and high level of trader thinking for each trade that sustains.
  44. Return to your Provider: that is, return to the indication of your Provider who sustains you with life and watches over your rearing.
  45. To return to your Provider is to return to the Guidance of your Provider, Who sustains you with life and watches over your upbringing.
  46. As mentioned, the meaning of the word ‘Soul’ is the part of the mystical Creator that maintains and sustains creation, evolution and life.
  47. Instead, the mass media act as the hub of a global communications network that facilitates the communication that sustains an information cascade.
  48. This would certainly apply if you eat food that is tainted by the soil used to grow it or the water that sustains it, and the result happens to be cancer.
  49. Today, printed books remain the primary revenue stream that sustains the commercial publishing trade, and I predict it will remain so far into the future.
  50. It is moreover the individual singularity in maintaining the major singularity, which sustains the governing singularity providing equilibrium in space-time.
  51. There is no end to hate; it's not a supply that dwindles with the hating; hating is addictive and self-righteous vengeance is the necessity that sustains it.
  52. Everything that is around us consists of `sorts, types, kinds and forms` that supports and sustains us all to perform, conduct, direct and evolve over this sphere.
  53. Enough rock and dirt and ice and other mountain-forming resources were shipped in to layer the entire planet with a natural terrain that sustains the life of plants.
  54. This body of soldiery—which still sustains a corporate existence, and marches down from past ages with an ancient and honorable fame—was composed of no mercenary materials.
  55. And this practice invariably leads to paranoia of belief, which occasions a collective resistance to change, fearing that might insensibly weaken their faith that sustains that credo.
  56. Our love for each other is real, and when I’m gone for so long, it loses nothing, it sustains us both, we are both able to love each other the same, whether we’re near or far apart.
  57. Such gruel sustains life here, I thought; so, shutting my eyes, and excluding the motes by a skilfully directed undercurrent, I drank to genuine hospitality the heartiest draught I could.
  58. The Soul could be a ‘spiritual spark’ that produces, sustains and, maintains ‘life’ in all its forms, and so may be defined as being that from which nature and creation originate.
  59. I now know that Love, Mercy, and Grace never needs to be propped up, for it is Life in the deepest of meanings, and sustains itself with no effort of man, and is truly the character of God.
  60. The word Soul is used here because Soul and Life are considered synonymous as Soul can be said to be the spiritual and transcendent Will that maintains and sustains creation and biological life.
  61. Leon was weary of loving without any result; moreover he was beginning to feel that depression caused by the repetition of the same kind of life, when no interest inspires and no hope sustains it.
  62. An invisible entity called the ‘Soul’ considered a necessity, being that part of the Will and Desire of the mystical ‘Creator’ that maintains and sustains creation, evolving creation and life.
  63. Meat: Food in general: or spiritual meat, that sustains and nourishes spiritual life; strong meat, searching into the deep thinks of God, the receiving and digesting the more deep truths of the Christian religion.
  64. As the unsetting polar star, which through the livelong, arctic, six months' night sustains its piercing, steady, central gaze; so Ahab's purpose now fixedly gleamed down upon the constant midnight of the gloomy crew.
  65. What sustains a couple through ice-enshrined winters and through sultry summers, through the parched deserts and the stormy seas, is an absolute trust in each other, and a friendship which backs each other up without question.
  66. The Soul then, may be considered the necessary and intrinsic, irreversible and undeniable entity, which creates, maintains and sustains the transcendent and mysterious interrelationship between the Creator and all that has been created.
  67. Doubting the wisdom of methods sometimes taken by his subordinates, and criticising with entire freedom his occasional mistakes, it still thinks it the duty of the hour to hold together and strengthen the party that elected and alone sustains him.
  68. Such characteristics precede a universal fellowship that, however vaguely uncertain, exceeds the salient features that normally sustains the Whole in a manner that seeks to promote natural rather than artificial solutions to its social commitments.
  69. There one may learn, for instance, what, out of regard to your nervous susceptibility, I will inform you of in the drawing-room, namely, that the credit of a banker is his physical and moral life; that credit sustains him as breath animates the body; and M.
  70. It is this course, sir, this departure from even-handed neutrality between Great Britain and France, that has lost you the support of your own citizens to a great and alarming extent, and at this moment sustains the British Ministry in the hearts of Englishmen.
  71. Having someone in the house, even when the majority of the time is not quality time, sustains a meaningful connectedness that cannot be substituted for by a day at the iAmusement park or an hour in family session with Skypepsych, which we inflatingly call quality time.
  72. Though their mutual liking during the sojourn might enthuse the hearts of the infatuated co-travelers, once they separate, unsupported by the habit that sustains a relationship, their enthusiasm for each other insensibly wanes, pushing the nascent ardor on to the back burner.
  73. Man's soul is primarily his vitality, his life, not some separate part of a person that has independent existence and an immortal nature, God's spirit (His breath, His power) creates and sustains all living things (Ps 33:6; 104:29-30), even the human spirit (Zech 12:1), but never is man's soul or spirit seen as an immortal part of man surviving death.
  74. The emperor was anxious to see that famous temple of the Rotunda, called in ancient times the temple 'of all the gods,' but now-a-days, by a better nomenclature, 'of all the saints,' which is the best preserved building of all those of pagan construction in Rome, and the one which best sustains the reputation of mighty works and magnificence of its founders.
  75. That this extraordinary profit, however, is no more than sufficient to put his trade upon a fair level with other trades, and to compensate the many losses which he sustains upon other occasions, both from the perishable nature of the commodity itself, and from the frequent and unforeseen fluctuations of its price, seems evident enough, from this single circumstance, that great fortunes are as seldom made in this as in any other trade.
  76. With respect to the transverse septa, I think their presence may be accounted for by supposing that as the animal elongates its tube in consequence of an increase of growth, or in order to maintain an equal elevation with the adjacent tubes, (rendered necessary by the origin of young tubes in the interstices) it gradually vacates the basal portions of its tube, and sustains itself at the different elevations, by successively uniting the parietal lamellæ so as to exclude the vacuity.
  77. They seem not to have admitted the term into their vocabulary; they treat it as a new language; they remind me of the character of Goldfinch in one of Holcroft's plays, who, when he hears the Romans mentioned, exclaims, "Romans! Romans! who are they?" So the gentlemen, "national honor! what's that? what's that?" Yet, sir, strange as it may seem to the honorable gentlemen over the way, the maintenance of the principle of national honor, by which I mean that principle which animates and sustains an elevated fitness of character and conduct, is the only justifiable cause of war; and, if necessary, the principle ought to be maintained by all the sacrifices of war in its worst shape.
  78. People of New England! cried he, with a voice that rose over them, high, solemn, and majestic,—yet had always a tremor through it, and sometimes a shriek, struggling up out of a fathomless depth of remorse and woe,—ye, that have loved me!—ye, that have deemed me holy!—behold me here, the one sinner of the world! At last!—at last!—I stand upon the spot where, seven years since, I should have stood; here, with this woman, whose arm, more than the little strength wherewith I have crept hitherward, sustains me, at this dreadful moment, from grovelling down upon my face! Lo, the scarlet letter which Hester wears! Ye have all shuddered at it! Wherever her walk hath been,—wherever, so miserably burdened, she may have hoped to find repose,—it hath cast a lurid gleam of awe and horrible repugnance round about her.
  79. The unknown of the source generates and sustains the theory,.

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