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    1. But if someone were to nurture her and make her feel wanted again… Evan’s cigarette drops from his slack mouth

    2. that is, for all of its new found nurture ways,

    3. "I wish to do everything I can to prove and nurture your love for me

    4. Humans nurture thongas by preying on their predators and let the thongas grow as thick as they can without stripping the prairie

    5. As Ken and Eileen grew steadily into the trunk stiffening years of their mid-thirties, Ken, moved by an unconscious desire to nurture and grow, turned the back garden of their modest home into a vegetable grower’s delight, with rows of broad beans, green beans, carrots and parsnips swelling with each alternate kiss of the sun and caress of summer rain

    6. It had been his task to find and nurture the Right Hand of the Father’s

    7. nurture and grow, turned the back garden of their modest home into

    8. God will call prophets that come to nurture His garden

    9. We tend to nurture pretension and there is little more pretentious than sprouting the bard

    10. Thought to be a sapling of the Great Tree itself, King’s Wood had always had such a power, though previously it had been a way to heal, and nurture the Great Tree

    11. As well as being on the lookout for new connections they must nurture

    12. and the relationships you need to cultivate and nurture that will help

    13. The only son of one of the most prominent and ancient families in the Colovian Highlands, he had, reluctantly, been allowed to train and nurture his penchant for tactical studies as a purely intellectual exercise

    14. I’ve learned from them, and through the act of raising chickens, how valuable it is to nurture and provide for the people that you love

    15. This is what I’ve learned, with Grandpa by my side, showing me how to nurture and provide for his chickens

    16. However, if you are in the separated-father situation, you need to be prepared to nurture your children through understanding of what they are dealing with

    17. Is that much understood now? Am I coming across? Can you reestablish the true position you are in now? Can you fathom that in my greater scheme of things you and your ’people’ are a nuisance I want to deal with efficiently and move on? Or are you that infatuated with your pet idea of a free world that you have been completely cut off from reality? Perhaps you might be thinking it will all sort itself out in the end, aren’t you? How preposterous a notion! I can only find it natural to nurture such gross misconceptions since you are little more than infants, barely able to stand on their own two feet

    18. I simply meant to cast off my regular mask, to create an honest, conversational atmosphere in which I could nurture a more direct relationship with you, vis-a-vis

    19. The first year of my newly self-conscious condition seemingly was filled with the alternate nurture and neglect that I could feel but would not remember

    20. thin: my lack of troubling dreams that make the nurture rich

    21. Eph 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord

    22. What fulfils me in nature and how could I nurture it long term?

    23. The key is to nurture the seeds of conversation, not resolve the issue

    24. 10 But children, being high minded, through hatred and wanting of nurture do stain the nobility of their relatives

    25. He had destroyed the one thing he had started to nurture, something very close that he hadn’t experienced for a long time, Love

    26. But it is freedom of a very different sort than American society was created to nurture and enjoy

    27. Look to those under you, care for them, nurture them, let them express themselves, let them grow, let the vision grow within them

    28. Simple living isn’t just about making things easier or less of a mental burden, more importantly it’s about knowing what’s most important to you and structuring your life in a way that gives you the most time possible to be with, to nurture, and to nourish those things

    29. It will be tragic, when, in the last quarter of the twentieth century the forces of Mann and Peabody will merge to nurture a formidable beast called Political Correctness

    30. She would protect me and support me and nurture me to a level

    31. Unlike tax dollars that come with rules and ultimatums, the private dollars instead can provide the freedom necessary to nurture quality on the campus, and build faith on the part of the public

    32. To nurture, to care, protect and to love

    33. And indeed there was much to talk about: the continued rebuilding of the Lammas village and the castle; the nurture of the crops; even the way the community itself was changing, partly because of the rebuilding and partly due to the will of the people to make it so

    34. you nurture and protect those you'll serve

    35. You just will not have the time to nurture and sustain lots of buddy-pal relationships

    36. news and facts and nurture the hope that life, in some distant

    37. Sometimes it bothers me that I can only protect and nurture these kids for the time they are with me

    38. We have a duty to each of them to protect and nurture them for the times they are with us

    39. not fair to either of them, however, to nurture an attraction that was

    40. would love and nurture it

    41. Your wife has engaged to go through life with you, to help you fight its battles, and to assume the far greater share of the burden of bearing and rearing your children; and in return for this special service it is only fair that she receive from you that special protection which man can give to woman as the partner who must carry, bear, and nurture the children

    42. It is here that you can start to nurture relationships with people that

    43. Starting your own ‘weblog’, is one of the very best ways to develop and nurture online relationships

    44. how you can culture and nurture a relationship, with the people who show

    45. Then, when motivation accepts your attention, you then nurture and guide this energy with inspiration

    46. attempt to nurture oneself instead of others, along with its denial

    47. Notwithstanding that parents of the twentieth century possess great knowledge and increased truth for improving the home and ennobling the home life, it remains a fact that very few modern homes are such good places in which to nurture boys and girls as Jesus' home in Galilee and John Mark's home in Judea, albeit the acceptance of Jesus' gospel will result in the immediate improvement of home life

    48. No matter what facet of smartness they choose to nurture, there exists activities and games to keep them succeeding in both school and life

    49. Camping trips nurture more than just self-sufficiency, flexibility, and improvisation

    50. promise to nurture it forever

    1. She nurtured them with love

    2. He was nurtured and raised as my younger brother, and so it was fitting that he should become my First

    3. “Was that animal taken from its mother’s womb as this one was? Was it nurtured and loved within the family unit, as this one will be?”

    4. nurtured the beings on this planet for centuries; and I have waited millennia for this meeting

    5. I love you as a grown and independent woman, I loved Tdeshi as a child, a child who needed to be protected and nurtured, Leand’s daughter

    6. Just as the caterpillar devours the plant it will return as a butterfly to pollenate, the Livingsons utilized and nurtured the forest, the mountains, the meadows and the waters

    7. Since the public believed more than half the helmets were secret, this invited every crack pot in the Highlands to create a diversion for her, a diversion they nurtured with their ‘testing’ program

    8. The table had not been created by the chisel and hammer of a craftsman, but planted and nurtured to life by the hands of the ancient elves who had been skilled in the lost organic arts -- a mastery of nature which allowed them to manipulate the development of various forms of life

    9. To see life continue, and nurtured towards goodness, that was both men’s sole reason for existing

    10. Friendships have to be nurtured, but this is overkill

    11. To dream that food is served to you on a tray represents your need to be nurtured and cared for

    12. This is why it’s so critical that Jason, David and Jill are positively nurtured and challenged – when a child is stressed out by their environment and unable to control their negative reactions, they are focused on their emotional state and thereby less able to follow directions or develop higher-level skills that allow them to analyze situations and plan ahead (executive functions)

    13. But even more than this I was missing Helen because my love had grown for her it was no longer an adolescent thing but a truly deep enduring love that had seen and nurtured me through hell and back

    14. Nurtured only by my fears and

    15. …the homes that nurtured them, the schools that instructed them, the churches that reinforced their Faith, the playgrounds where many (oftentimes) played, the institutions where they earned their daily bread…

    16. It has nurtured the city-state of Ur, in the south-central part, “the land between the rivers” and many of the successor civilizations including Babylon and Assyrian Nineveh, which arose at the base of the northern plateau and in the uppermost portion of this long plain

    17. Still I nurtured them with a festering indignation, something that I tended to exacerbate from time to time

    18. Nurtured with the Higher Spirit Might,

    19. nurtured their babies successfully in spite of their apprehensions

    20. Each aspect of ourselves needs to be lovingly nurtured

    21. and the Cetra had created and nurtured, unwilling to give

    22. 23 A fool will peep in at the door into the house, but he who is well nurtured will stand outside

    23. 19 A very little is sufficient for a man well nurtured, and he fetches not his wind short on his bed

    24. but a wise man well nurtured will beware of it

    25. must be advanced and nurtured in their

    26. that it is not a product of fertile imagination, nurtured and en-

    27. He was none other than the ex-director of a renowned TV station; who had a major say in arranging concerts in top sabhas in Chennai; who had nurtured top talents; and who still takes pride in spotting right talents

    28. For his part, Roger felt comfortable during and after the interview, for the thoughts he expressed he had nurtured and talked about for a long time, though this was the first occasion he had to broadcast them live, to a whole continent on television

    29. Josie chose that day and that particular time to bid farewell to the children and abandon to the cold of shattered relations the warmth of a united family that she once nurtured with tender love and protective care

    30. I am quite crazy to suggest that a nurtured

    31. There is no way to deny that my mom nurtured me and

    32. 12 you brought it up with your righteousness and nurtured it in your law and reformed it with your judgment

    33. cared for you all of their lives, who have nurtured you from birth,

    34. mom and dad never nurtured, loved, and directed you in the

    35. He created the illusion of having a hidden fatal flaw, something that first needed to be detected and then to be nurtured

    36. And if I were to ask myself from what literature we, here in Europe, we who have been nurtured almost exclusively on the thoughts of Greeks and Romans, and of one Semitic race, the Jewish, may draw that corrective which is most wanted in order to make our inner life more perfect, more comprehensive, more universal, in fact more truly human, a life, not for this life only, but a transfigured and eternal life – again I should point to India

    37. And because both are being nurtured it is hard to say where self stops and neighbor begins

    38. The myth that India was always made up of small states was created, nurtured, and included in all text books as part of the British policy of ‘divide and rule’

    39. She felt nurtured beneath his

    40. Nurtured with hate and wrath and pain and revenge

    41. What he cannot understand is how others have been nurtured in such environments; how can they go their entire lives living as they do, in poverty, pain, and hunger?

    42. It was an idea that was nurtured by the Irish Society in the town for some time and finally their dream of having their own club came to fruition

    43. There would be nothing left of Alice’s well nurtured fortune when the legal battles had run their course

    44. The Hebrews had long been nurtured on traditions of miracles and legends of wonders

    45. ‘Wouldn’t a chance rape rob me of my chastity any way? Then, how could a one-night stand with his consent dent my fidelity! Besides, won’t it be stupid for us to go back to square one to uphold a questionable virtue nurtured by notion? Anyway, it’s up to him to decide

    46. 2 "What I have many times said to my apostles and to my disciples, I now declare to this multitude: Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy, born of prejudice and nurtured in traditional bondage, albeit many of these Pharisees are honest of heart and some of them abide here as my disciples

    47. When the servant is tested and proved, then may the lord of the house set such a servant over his household and safely trust this faithful steward to see that his children are fed and nurtured

    48. No prayer can hope for an answer unless it is born of the spirit and nurtured by faith

    49. If man does not choose to survive, then does the surviving Adjuster conserve those realities born of love and nurtured in service

    50. After a couple of weeks, the real Gerard has assumed a third identity, one harvested from his society’s crop of identities cultivated over the years from the seeds of persons deceased long ago and nurtured until they have matured and borne social security numbers, savings accounts, university transcripts, driver’s licenses and passports

    1. 13 The mercy of man is toward his neighbour; but the mercy of the Lord is on all flesh, he reproves, and nurtures, and teaches and

    2. nurtures itself only with the pleasure of gaining power after the enjoyment of

    3. holds the physical body together in its form, nurtures it with life energy,

    4. Encourage children to write out their feelings or any story ideas at the conclusion of every day, which allows them to become more in touch with themselves, open up floodgates of creativity, nurtures improved communication skills, and provides a boost their mental health

    5. who nurtures and takes care of the clone, not unlike a real parent

    6. “The Universe nurtures and supports me at al times, and in al places

    7. I furthermore believe that God nurtures us with a Love of attraction that invites us to be like little children and run to Him for a pick me up, a smile, and a hug and a kiss, like we did with our mothers when love was first imprinted on us as infants and toddlers

    8. intelligence — that the body that forms, grows, and nurtures the baby

    9. Keep that which nurtures you

    10. Of a truth, God is surely organized, but not in the way man thinks, we see through a glass that is darkened, and He nurtures those that are led as the Holy Spirit cultivates His people thru the trials and temptations of life

    11. craft a culture that keeps and nurtures the best

    12. Like Jayalalithaa, she nurtures dreams of occupying 7, Race Course Road one day

    13. the nature is the womb that nurtures it’

    14. In a world that is striving to create its ideal, to work four hours a day, four days a week in any capacity towards that goal nurtures the individual with the highest purpose – the instantiation of utopia – and with the greatest meaning – sharing love

    15. Excellence and esteem are the nurtures of your soul

    16. a great earth that supports and nurtures the crops of spiritual

    17. Thank you for giving me my daily bread that nurtures and sustains in every given situation

    18. Pregnant women need to be safe, ease of stress, nourished and nurtures to create a safe and nurturing environment

    19. Yes the mother carries them for nine months, gives birth to them and nurtures them but at the end of the day they belong to him

    20. Warm like the peoples it nurtures on its shores, vivid blue in colour with the characteristic large, foamy-white Alexandrian waves lapping energetically the sand, sending us a humid, cool breeze that made me go into the room for a jumper

    21. By not training and teaching our children hardship and self-sacrifice, by only teaching them the ethic of self-gratification: modern consumer culture has doomed billions to shallow, unhappy lives; poisoned by greed, selfishness, egoism, arrogance, smugness, cowardice, dishonesty, and all the other vices that modern civilization nurtures and promotes

    22. This is the kind of selective hypocritical pyramidal focus civilization creates, preserves, nurtures, and perpetuates

    23. This compassion nurtures and stimulates acceptance, and from that acceptance, high expectations become a statement of belief in the other, in the learner, and an offer of unconditional support in her/his learning no matter how it happens, how fast it happens, or even where it leads

    24. These ‘Holy Scriptures’ have been written with their contextual stories, laws and rules that provide the foundational impetus for the intellectual, behavioural and emotional climate of a believing people that can fertilise the seeds of innate spiritual desires and needs, and the attitudinal climate that incubates and nurtures the ongoing culture, theology and philosophy of a people

    25. She nurtures that, her secret strength, but displays a lone wolf meanness to those who'd ask

    26. MY love sees you and nurtures you

    27. A wolf’s bitch cares and nurtures her pups

    28. in relationship to that which nurtures and sustains us like a mother

    29. "'War is sacred and divinely instituted; it is one of the sacred laws of the world; it nurtures in men all the great and noble sentiments,—honour, disinterestedness, virtue, courage,—and, to be short, keeps men from falling into the most hideous materialism

    30. One of them personified all those men, nurtured by the labours of the masses, who later use these masses as food for cannon; and Prokófi personified to me that food for cannon, which nurtures and makes secure the men who dispose of it

    1. It's critical that we be absolutely intentional about nurturing hope in our lives and the lives of our children

    2. A study found that females of many species, including humans, respond to stressful situations by protecting and nurturing their young and by seeking social contact and support from others, particularly females

    3. One has to realize that women evolved as child bearing and home defender- hence nurturing, loving and caring while men evolved as hunter (chaser!), protector, provider and problem solver

    4. years of it’s life it needs TLC, nurturing, and nourishment

    5. are our little children that need our love, nurturing and

    6. Positive thinking is only the foundation; it is caring for your mind, nurturing it, avoiding anxiety and worry

    7. ’ He said concentrating on nurturing the tiny flame he has managed to achieve

    8. The nurturing instinct is

    9. nurturing and nourishing their life

    10. Where would she get such a notion that a fragile ego had anything to do with being male? In fact, wasn’t it the female who was usually more involved in raising and nurturing children? “What planet are you from?” He asked, “You must have spent far too much time with the Yingolians to say a thing like that

    11. This is why a loving, nurturing environment is so essential for all children

    12. The bases for such intellectual and emotional capabilities are built through caring, consistent nurturing and age-appropriate challenges

    13. That is: to the singular creative and nurturing force behind all that exist in this 'galaxy'---the One

    14. the background caring, nurturing, protecting and

    15. I saw many black men not being faithful to their wives, and I thought I saw white men being faithful, kind and nurturing to their wives

    16. She had selected these women over time, helping them grow and nurturing their use of the power of magic

    17. I’ve seen the generosity; the caring, and nurturing character that my grandparents humbly projected

    18. If, at a young age, we are not introduced to the virtues of providing for, nurturing and loving something, then we are missing out on the foundation of life

    19. You are a RECONCILED-FATHER, a father who loves his children, takes responsibility for his children and has an on-going nurturing relationship with them

    20. What is required are healthy living environments that promote family, character, endurance, and (economic) opportunity allowing proper nurturing

    21. Here was a sacrament of nurturing

    22. focus goes to nurturing and protecting the new being we created

    23. It is by nurturing the seed and giving it expression that is

    24. principle but for others I was most impressed, it could be a matter of luck or creative nurturing, I expect a mixture of both, my marks are cast, class is dismissed, I will see you back here for the next lesson tomorrow

    25. with a warm, nurturing place where they’ll

    26. and has become a nurturing

    27. and nurturing relationships with

    28. food, surrounded by a nurturing family that genuinely cared about my wellbeing

    29. The addiction problem is due to a society defect that is based on our inability to provide a nurturing environment of truth to our children

    30. When you focus on building relationships and actively nurturing those relationships, what you are doing is laying strong foundations for converting your followers into customers and brand loyalists

    31. “The mountains are regal, mysterious, even dangerous, but at the same time, nurturing and peaceful

    32. While she waited for Simon to return, she would prepare herself for nurturing what he might have learned there so they could all use it, and she’d never found a better way of easing that journey than focusing on the stories they told, the lives from the past that they lived again

    33. Nurturing it-with the smooth voice and sensation-of a butterfly

    34. We know you will give them the love and nurturing they need

    35. The home is to be a place of nurturing, teaching, and training for

    36. swapping with and to continue nurturing that partnership

    37. We believe in nurturing that precious individuality so that the child may fully express their own unique talents and inclinations

    38. Through the faith and trust in nurturing hands

    39. Starting from nonduality and noticing what is, I could say that the elective relationship between neighbor and self has an appearance of love in the form of nurturing and growth

    40. Finally, he turned the ignition off, nurturing a need as old as

    41. The atmosphere was so nurturing that it didn"t surprise me when Jeff invited me to race him to orgasm

    42. expands so use nurturing statements to

    43. A nurturing environment must be provided

    44. ‘The female sapiens has to be protected and provided for when she is incubating and nurturing a child, which will need protection for many years

    45. In the Empress card you see the Empress in all her nurturing glory

    46. He loved watching things grow and nurturing them and would eagerly look forward to harvesting them in season

    47. His concern about nurturing a child in the city resurfaced like an itchy rash

    48. Emotional intimacy – emotional sharing and nurturing – is very important in love, perhaps just as important as the physical aspects

    49. This strange race exasperates the tendency of each one of us to live in his own world, different and separate from that of our peers, nurturing our dreams but also our nightmares

    50. limit exploration for the sake of safety and to concentrare instead on nurturing

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