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    1. All that proved was that she really was a cop and not an imposter

    2. Of course this imposter could not be my Uncle Johnny

    3. “I doubt that He’s an imposter

    4. Joshua recognized him as the imposter that posed as

    5. The imposter was on his knees and elbows with his face to

    6. And if the imposter had had more time, and had studied my life and habits in enormous detail, they just may have passed him off as the real me

    7. They will follow their goblin and orc Captains with a greater degree of loyalty than they did the troll woman imposter and her winged courtesan

    8. The imposter (Satan) visited me in the

    9. that this imposter is not Sai

    10. It seemed as though an imposter slipped into Angela’s body the moment she crossed the door jamb into the main foyer – the alter ego of the vicious, conniving person June struggled with on a daily basis

    11. Promising to make a series of movies with her as the heroine, the imposter tempted the willing with an open offer

    12. "What do you think the priests will do to you if they find out you're an imposter?" he demanded

    13. I saw a boy arriving home to find his former hand dead and replaced by an imposter

    14. Said I was an imposter

    15. So there… I doubt any imposter would have known the full story

    16. • Muhammad (PBUH) Prophesized that an imposter claiming to

    17. I told her no and then she said that the woman on the tube was an imposter

    18. She mentioned that just before Kathy was murdered, the two spoke on the telephone and Kathy stated that the woman on television claiming to be her was an imposter

    19. ___ I don’t know who the imposter is at this time or how this happened

    20. Letter Form 115-1 A Letter from the Victim to the Credit Issuer when the imposter wil not cooperate Letter Form 115-1 When You Know The Imposter

    21. A Letter from the Victim to the Credit Issuer when the imposter will not cooperate and sign Letter Form 115-2

    22. To be written by the imposter accepting responsibility for accounts or charges

    23. This woman is an imposter

    24. I wondered how long it would take them to figure out that Badger was an imposter

    25. “What are you saying that there is an imposter in the palace?” Another woman in the group asked

    26. “Who is it?” The imposter Princess yelled

    27. Then he climbed out the window and bumped his head on the lintel, and I started right off: “Wille’s got thirty scores on his back because he called you an imposter?”

    28. Rhone had no idea that the power of his imposter

    29. If the Jewish posturing against Muhammad as an imposter earned them his wrath, his hostility towards idolatry unwittingly put his believers at odds with the Hindus in later centuries

    30. Haven felt like she was living with an imposter – and it was her own mother

    31. By hook and by crook, soon the woman had deciphered that Smitty had seen the imposter congressman, Roy Higgins, going in and out of Eddie’s gym a few times

    32. Nurse thought it ironic that at that very moment, she, an imposter, was gambling away money that Marge’s own husband had earned

    33. She felt like an interloper, an imposter to this incredibly private moment

    34. He was catered to everywhere he went, but he felt like an imposter

    35. You say that you are a God seeker! I say you are an imposter and coward

    36. Quickly I closed up on the corner of a nearby adjoining hallway that I would have had to cross in front of to reach the imposter of Desirée

    37. The Baron took his eyes off of Evette and turned to stare wrathfully at the parental imposter standing before him

    38. Before Evette’s imposter father could respond there was the sound of a loud cough of air in the room

    39. that this was an imposter, he would have stopped it immediately

    40. This stranger on the other end of the phone was an imposter

    41. I was fairly certain I’d immediately be found out for an imposter

    42. Victor blamed my “imagined” swan persecution on a manifestation of imposter syndrome, a very real problem I struggle with

    43. We have only to return home and report him as the brazen imposter that he is

    44. things aren’t done like that,’ I would say, ‘my dear sir, things aren’t done like that, there’s no accepting an imposter in our office; an imposter

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    fake faker fraud imposter impostor pretender pseud pseudo role player sham shammer