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    1. ’ He said by way of explanation as the ggs pound along the track, Sefir seemingly enjoying the pseudo race with Adamant

    2. ’ The man on the end of the line went on, his pseudo grief annoying the Inspector

    3. He floated right behind her, for he had set his space to pseudo zero-g

    4. Some people call such experiences pseudo haunting

    5. And so it was! Thus one of the most famous pseudo units, the Selous Scouts, was formed (an Army, not Police unit)

    6. One Reconnaissance Unit which spring to mind is the Rhodesian Seleous Scouts which was probably the best use of pseudo troops in any war

    7. As far as I know they had no pseudo function as did the Seleous Scouts

    8. In 1979 which you will note is just before the Rhodesian war ended the South African Police decided to create a Selous Scout type of unit for pseudo operations in Owamboland

    9. They created pseudo academic and sporting groups to explain the wicked Apartheid ways as only a true spin-doctor could

    10. Soviet intelligence was especially good at this type of thing and we think of Operation Trust where they ran a pseudo white Russian group in France called the "Monarchist Union of Central Russia

    11. Firstly that would be the pseudo operations and the fireforces as described as well as the visual reconnaissance from the Rhodesian Air Force

    12. Early progressives were strong believers in both pseudo scientific racism and class warfare

    13. Roosevelt believed in pseudo scientific racism, and was trained at Harvard by some of the worst pseudo scientific racists in America

    14. They thought of nonwhites as their “little brown brothers” and were utterly convinced by pseudo scientific racism that whites knew far better what was best

    15. Maybe my brothers had discovered some secret pseudo vampire that could walk in broad daylight, not have to feed on blood, and not even be aware of what they were

    16. during these times of pseudo crises

    17. Nasir cleared his throat; he could feel the tension building between his two pseudo children

    18. Women then began to imagine they were too good for mere housework, and idiotic males infected with Victorian pseudo medieval crap about the sensitivity, nobility, and mystery of women have allowed them to act like spoiled princesses, demanding their husbands provide more and more luxuries; insisting that a real man would give his wife her every desire

    19. The previous night’s pseudo sadism had whetted Amanda’s appetite for the real thing, so to keep her guest happy she placed a pot of strong coffee and three aspirins beside a slice of burnt toast and marmalade on the table, and selected a pair of her own jeans and a pleasant summery top to keep Irma happy in case she was going cold on the idea of revenge

    20. But with so many imitating the existing, or writing out of the libraries, there is a surfeit of pseudo fiction

    21. Metrone technology in the hands of these pseudo gods

    22. pseudo gods,” Garcia said

    23. They would have to do it the old fashion way, pseudo paper and pen, blue prints on a PADD

    24. ble of mankind over the Spiritual Pseudo Alchemy that had created

    25. “You want me to acquire the trappings of an asharam to make it big in the global business of pseudo spiritualism,” he interjected with a smile

    26. The pseudo code of the MERGE procedure is as follow:

    27. Ten million dollars delivered to your door! A five-year supply of laundry soap or a pseudo sports car are rewards for making a fool of yourself on daytime game-time TV

    28. Their wide eyed in awe pleading eluded most of the assorted stars anger at being bothered in their haven of pseudo anonymity

    29. Strong, but with notes of compassion and apology perfectly audible and perfectly conspicuous within the booming pseudo blankness of her tone

    30. She could be as pseudo rock star as any of them, and for the rock stars she could be a pseudo film star as any of them

    31. • There are real products and pseudo

    32. the survival of the socieity, the pseudo

    33. Story to explain what the Pseudo products

    34. What are Real Wealth and Pseudo wealth?

    35. The real and Pseudo

    36. Here the water is a Pseudo product and the

    37. Other examples of Pseudo Products

    38. When the Real product is absent, the Pseudo

    39. There are several pseudo products and

    40. the pseudo wealth corner the real wealth and

    41. These are the Second and third level pseudo

    42. We will proceed to discuss the pseudo

    43. That create pseudo Wealth!

    44. stories about several pseudo products

    45. Stock is a pseudo money that helps the

    46. Being an image of Shares, the price of this pseudo

    47. This is one of the diabolic pseudo product

    48. But we also have to be careful because this detox thing—especially in the context of weight loss—is full of pseudo science and gimmicks that are as bad as the diet patch and diet pill

    49. Across the road were a number of shops which dealt exclusively in leather and pseudo leather carrying bags

    50. What made the Medusa’s head and serpent on this statue so prominent was the fact they were made out of pseudo gold

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    fake faker fraud imposter impostor pretender pseud pseudo role player sham shammer flash ersatz spurious counterfeit fictitious false