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    1. The young pretender then quickly excused herself from the young gentleman and when she was at once in the street, she was immediately joined by the taller lady who took the girl's elbow in her hand and directed her to the hotel and on into the lobby

    2. The civil war was almost over with the pretender Juana’s allies crushed

    3. Elsewhere in Europa, the war in Gaztela was over and the pretender, Juana, had been banished to a convent

    4. This man is a pretender and a fool

    5. Earlier Mariana and the bold face Salome were standing at the window trying to watch the pretender at the moment of his arrival

    6. are talking about The Prince of Liars, The Great Pretender

    7. He created a considerable disturbance at the camp, and Simon Zelotes was in favor of dealing rather roughly with the self-deceived pretender, but Jesus intervened and allowed him entire freedom of action for a few days

    8. I believe that Trocero will bring forward some pretender who he will claim is King Conan

    9. Tired of trying to tell the truth, Harry invented wild, impossible stories in which he claimed to be the pretender to the Czechoslovakian throne

    10. With proper bandaging he could manage without a crutch and the pain had all but abated but not wanting to lose the nurse, he became a pretender

    11. Well I’m not much of a pretender

    12. But when she saw the stupid way in which she rejected a pretender who for many reasons was more desirable than a prince, she gave up all hope

    13. The conscious mind does the pretender preaching against what he does not do

    14. When any god is worshipped with money or is proven by a blessing of wealth, that is a mask money will obligingly wear so any pretender can insist that they do not serve the most graven of images

    15. “What is mind?” was how #3 tried to bait every pretender to the mountain and the cross

    16. pretender to the Messiahship, but simply an impostor

    17. another pretender to prophetical inspiration arose, who

    18. Here, again, we have another pretender to divine powers

    19. Not till a later period does a pretender of the name of

    20. that a pretender to prophecy had been executed by that

    21. pretender, and it is he too that furnishes the account of

    22. victim as a lying pretender? Why should he represent this

    23. Pontius Pilate pretender, he would have equally hesitated

    24. his history in which he gives an account of the pretender

    25. I said before Llacheu could answer Arthur’s question, “This one is Silurian looking, but how would you know who this aunt really is? She could be a pretender, to claim relation to you

    26. But I remembered what you said about being a pretender

    27. Then: "I am not a pretender

    28. The eyes of all present, which had hitherto been gravely scanning the person of Duncan, were now turned, on the instant, toward the upright iron frame of this new pretender to the distinguished appellation

    29. But, it was only the pleasanter to turn to Biddy and to Joe, whose great forbearance shone more brightly than before, if that could be, contrasted with this brazen pretender

    30. Until this moment, he had never met a man who’d fought for the Pretender

    31. The Pretender died, and those who followed him were exiled or forgiven

    32. It was him unhorsed the Fidd…the pretender

    33. Soon after, Sir Robert Merriweather, pretender to the throne of Sherlock Holmes but modestly refusing the claim, moved through the ten dozen doors of his antique house to come forth to search for this terrible thief of life

    34. When this movie was announced, the Hollywood press rubbed its collective hands together, practically salivating for a dustup between the queen of the Fox lot, Betty Grable, and the pretender to the throne—Marilyn Monroe

    35. Shall cease to speak of the pretender; caged

    36. (The Pretender reflects; those around him glance at

    37. Perchance but a pretender; only this

    38. "A pretender?" he asked suddenly, looking with intense-surprise at his frantic companion

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    dissembler dissimulator hypocrite phoney phony pretender fake faker fraud imposter impostor pseud pseudo role player sham shammer