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    1. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    2. For quite a long time we've been learning nothing new, maybe because Alexander seems to have become too skeptical about anything: “There are no spirits; spiritualism is fraud” … “(Self)hypnosis is harmful to the human mind” … “There is no such thing as magic” … “There are no astral worlds” … “There is nothing beyond matter” … “Telepathy requires a perfectly clean subconscious, so it is unfeasible” and so on

    3. He tries to remember; speeding tickets, unpaid fines, tax fraud, anything that might shut out the possibility of a name other than his daughter’s being mentioned

    4. effectively accused of fraud when they were just trying to

    5. You will stand out a mile as a fraud if you know nothing about the product

    6. A gentleman of great fortune, who lived in the capital, would be in danger of suffering much by the neglect, and more by the fraud, of his factors and agents, if the rents of an estate in a distant province were to be paid to him in this manner

    7. But a simple augmentation is an injustice of open violence; whereas an adulteration is an injustice of treacherous fraud

    8. Proof that that holiest of holies, namely the Clintons, could be just as guilty as you and I of fraud, tax evasion, etc

    9. Himself now: a fraud, could be copied indefinitely

    10. Both were found guilty of fraud

    11. As you may imagine it was against Police regulations also, and may be seen as fraud to wear it without paying for it with blood and tears

    12. Certainly a detective told me afterwards there was a substantial increase in cheque fraud as they tried to wriggle out of the evidence

    13. When the exposure came Dr Rhoodie was (after a brief flight) arrested and found guilty of fraud

    14. "Don't you realise that what you're doing is illegal? You could be arrested for fraud, you stupid old fool

    15. The stolen money (for it is fraud) is spend on cars and the high life within weeks of getting it into their accounts

    16. We find that the fraud or scam is almost always disguised as a business transaction which went wrong

    17. But the corporate papers at the company office do not reflect that (because you may be new or the company documents outdated) then you may be accused of fraud and arrested on trump up charges

    18. Mostly where a criminal investigation is on-going for say fraud in your company!

    19. I hold no high opinion on the so called Certified Fraud Examiners qualification which every second Forensic Practitioner now holds and do not apologise for my views for I have encountered many practical problems in practise – the ultimate test of theories

    20. On a positive note the CFE’s do however have sound training in Fraud Prevention and Deterrence; Fraudulent Financial Transactions; Fraud Investigation; and Legal Elements of Fraud and must be given the respect due to them and the institutions who taught them classic forensic law

    21. Chalabi is one of the more bizarre figures of recent years, a mathematician raised in the west who is wanted for bank fraud and embezzlement in Jordan

    22. That may be seen as fraud and I know of Expats who got arrested for that

    23. Now, here she is stuck out in the boondocks without so much as a car because it was impounded, and just waiting to be evicted because the moron was taken in by real estate fraud

    24. He attributed that fact to the unfortunate stories currently circulating the ex-pat rumor mill that he was the most recent victim of real estate fraud

    25. This number has stayed relatively constant or even decreased over the years due to improved fraud detection systems

    26. In any case, since the cardholder is not liable for fraud, the ShopSafe program is useful only to the card issuer

    27. “No? Is it not true that you were fired from your last employment for participating in such a fraud?” he asked

    28. When the Americans pulled out, ending it all, and the long, bloody conflict had been won, he was devastated – crushed to his very core – to see the very people who had been his idols prove by their actions that it had all been a fraud

    29. and pinch, why add fraud to the mix? That's where they'd gaff

    30. lawyer punched back with identity fraud

    31. Tony Snow reported in his column that the food stamp program has an “unparalleled record of fraud

    32. Significant waste, fraud, and abuse pervade Medicaid in providing health services to 44 million poor

    33. As with Medicaid fraud is rampant

    34. involved about $50 million in fraud and a case in Florida involved over $100 million

    35. expected with these unelected, uncontrolled governmental bodies fraud and corruption are rampant

    36. World Bank says it has uncovered more than 2000 instances of fraud, corruption and other misconduct

    37. bribery and conspiracy to commit wire fraud

    38. fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers $60 to 100 billion annually

    39. the more obvious it becomes that global warming is a fraud and that even if it was happening it is

    40. that we experience somewhere around $60 to $100 billion in fraud every year and much of that is due to

    41. If the states were completely responsible for this that would eliminate that specific fraud

    42. elimination of the fraud and the removal of the Federal government from this function could reduce our

    43. hardened after the first hiker’s fraud, I would have missed the one who re-

    44. v High gain of billion dollars with end of the loss for fraud, coin falsification and document, credit card robbery and bad check

    45. The direct benefits are high economy with costs of safety and elimination of the fraud, piracy, cloning and other illicit acts with strange documents

    46. indicted (not pardoned by the Bush administration) for conspiracy, fraud, and lying

    47. Jason wondered if it was his intense prejudice, or was he a fraud? When a kid raised one of these other empires, Stroyer

    48. “Acorn is most famous for voting fraud

    49. Therefore, search engines grew more sophisticated to combat this fraud

    50. Most people thought it was a fraud, but one of my teachers thought it was legitimate

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