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    1. to profit, which lead thee by the way that thou should go

    2. From here a back hall lead into the kitchen and stairs to the back-office chambers deep in the building

    3. On her way back to Yorthops, Ava heard feet on the spiral staircase that lead down to the office levels

    4. Just after the last one, the corridor became a wide and gradual staircase that lead to the floor above and a bridge to a court atop the next building

    5. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    6. Excessive alcohol consumption and side effects from medications can lead to falls, but ongoing problems with instability should be reported to a physician

    7. not lead you beside still waters and lay you down in green

    8. “Very clear,” Johnny said, biting back remarks that would only lead to having to listen to Ackers talk more

    9. On the other hand, pleasurable thoughts and feelings can lead to muscle relaxation and a sense of well being

    10. "I think it would be reasonable for everybody to loosen up, and spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day laughing," said lead researcher Dr

    11. "I have been lead to believe that you have not been outside the region that the natives call 'The Highlands' if you have not been at least a thousand miles beyond the lake

    12. She looked up the path that lead up to the house

    13. Our engagements after retirement lead to interactions with different kinds of persons, such as immediate family members, near relatives, close friends, old acquaintances and new contacts

    14. This will lead to the below steps, then proceed on to the organic disease higher stress levels in all things associated with this soil

    15. The type of house we live in determines conditions that can lead to cockroach

    16. ' she said, neatly giving me the lead I want

    17. He made his way across the rich carpet and toward the stairs that would lead to the throne

    18. This will finally, lead you to suitable products

    19. Yes, she was a city girl, and silently cursed Tdeshi's hormones for letting them lead her out here

    20. ‘… Inspector Ditton told our reporter that the police are now following up a new lead and hope to make an arrest in the very near future

    21. "I'll lead you there when we're about to leave

    22. unconnected events would lead

    23. "No, that's not what's stopping me, it's looking ahead to where this questioning will lead

    24. for your gift that will help, that will let me lead another such life

    25. It took another hour before her battered old car finally struggled up the winding roads and steep hills that lead to his remote home in South-West County Wickford

    26. He spun her round, stepped towards her, took the lead, and off they sped,

    27. trolley at the lead woman of the pack, turned on her heel and marched out of the store

    28. Source of our healing! The smallest deviation from the course can lead a

    29. " Glenelle's head was swirling on the verge of going into shock while Ava calmly lead her inside and thru the house

    30. The lead rat then took up

    31. Solve the first crime and it would lead him to the girl he was looking for

    32. Ricci sits beside his driver, glances back at the long row of trucks following the lead truck, smiles

    33. Off to the side of the road, a fire truck hoses off the wreckage of the lead truck, which smolders

    34. her mother’s choice, the path that lead to feeding on carrion, of chasing down the

    35. embrace he let himself be lead to the far corner of the olive grove

    36. If there was a chance of finding a warm lead then his financial affairs could be sorted out later

    37. armor-plated silver Mercedes limo at the lead of the column as dozens of soldiers jump out of jeeps and APCs with weapons drawn

    38. When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, He begins to lead us through

    39. He is with us, to lead us on this earth, until the end filling us with

    40. Taking her arm, I lead her into the lounge and settle her on the sofa

    41. That made the score 5 to 3 with us still in the lead

    42. But we can lose it if we lead a sinful way of life

    43. ‘You okay?’ he asked quietly as we cross the flagstones and head for the steps which lead into the garden

    44. simple fact that Smith could hang thoughts from this shape inevitably lead Him to

    45. It seemed to circle with the lead animal coming back to face the driver and the re-entering shuttlecraft

    46. Word, so that He could guide you and lead you out of any problem, any

    47. Still, it was a privilege to be on an interstellar voyage, a seedship at that, aimed at the enemy that had lead to the destruction of Immortal Talstan

    48. debates and the huge, towering hopes that lead all men down to a straw bed

    49. An individual can never lead unless they also

    50. Good leaders must show the same care for those they lead

    1. · Place bells or chimes on doors leading to the outside to alert you when the patient leaves the house

    2. According to a leading life insurer, 'life expectancy is likely to rise from 77 years to 85 years over the next decade

    3. Fear, for example, can trigger release of the hormone adrenaline, causing the heart to pump faster and leading to physical sensations such as palpitations and sweating

    4. “There are two sets of stairs and an elevator leading down,” Vinnie said beside Johnny as he consulted a schematic of the building

    5. He slipped the computer into his pocket and headed for the stairs leading into the basement

    6. We have created these possessions as we felt their need in leading a comfortable life

    7. The two hour ride to the Gengee waterfront was uneventful except for a huge tie-up as they approached a bridge on the road leading into the city

    8. AA very reasonably large company have recently bought 50,000 shares wholly through a leading stockbroker

    9. STUDENT 3 sits on steps leading up to the second floor, cleans his toenails with a large knife

    10. ’ I agreed, following her down the path leading to the back of the shop

    11. ‘They keep a butler?’ I whispered in awe as we make our way along a corridor leading towards the back of the house

    12. He opened a gate into a field in which there was nothing but a hill of grass with a path leading down to it

    13. Desire - Moses was willing to take upon himself the role of leading the children of Israel

    14. In the years leading up to the war, the rhetoric and the hostilities intensified

    15. Caring - Moses cared greatly for the people he was leading

    16. This meeting's published agenda was to review strategy leading up to the encounter with the asteroid they had set in motion on their previous pass thru the brown dwarf's gravity well

    17. shepherds of the flock to be in the front leading and guiding them

    18. It was, in fact, the collapse and corruption of the state that was leading to the new hard line

    19. to keep in prayer those who are leading as elders

    20. They think they are leading the church closer to God, but are actually taking the church away from God because they have assumed a role that is

    21. ’ She said, leading the way to her lounge

    22. God's way is always best; that is with elders guiding and leading the flock

    23. His tastes were leading Bahkmar toward a belief in an idle son of wealth as time unfolded

    24. ’ He said taking my hand and leading me into the hall

    25. Janet searches my face anxiously and appears satisfied when I call at her house, ‘How are you today, Kate?’ she asked, leading me into her kitchen

    26. He has no such qualms, it seems, for he gives me a hug before checking that I have my keys and leading me out to where he’s parked his car

    27. Once the signals were physically connected, he wasted more time before he understood that it was a pointer source leading him to another hardware connector in the game room

    28. The containment frame was still in place, all the plumbing leading to it

    29. We realize how much the vanity and entertainment actually got in the way of God instead of leading us to Him

    30. He led the two women through a doorway into a darkish hallway leading towards the back of the building then, just before they reached the door at the end, he turned and started climbing a narrow, uncarpeted staircase lit by a window halfway up

    31. The boys were leading in the cup final

    32. ’ He said, leading her to the chair by the window

    33. The road leading north of the green lead up to the hills

    34. The road leading west was where the church, the bakers

    35. There were also steps on the sides of the blocks leading up to the second floors of the buildings … separate storage? Glancing up, Kara saw that more guards were evident on the roofs of the buildings

    36. The owner of the circus got out of the leading truck

    37. leading us toward a place in the earth

    38. There was a long throw rug down the center leading to the top of the stairway

    39. ‘Lintze! Are you all right?’ he asked, leading me out into the anteroom, his expression revealing quite clearly what he thinks of my ill-fitting attire

    40. There is a pathway leading to the top from inside this cave

    41. We are all growing up and leading different lives

    42. made their way towards the lane leading out of the village

    43. its report an orphan child leading the pack

    44. leading down on the otherside of the hoop

    45. The track leading up to The Centre isn’t wide enough for three to ride abreast and, taking advantage of the narrowness of the trackway, Berndt sets a more sedate pace as we turn off the main way

    46. A leading question and lacking in foundation

    47. With only a moment’s hesitation, Berndt selects our route and we set off; Berndt leading, me in the middle and Joris bringing up the rear

    48. I waived goodbye to them, deciding within a few seconds that I wasn't going to be killed, as we drove towards the road leading out of the facility

    49. Berndt heads straight for a wayhouse called ‘The Bright Stars’, ducking his head as he rides Adamant under the archway leading into the stable yard, the gg’s hooves clattering on the cobbles of the yard

    50. Even with eyes as big as compact disks, the wonder dog did not notice the fine trail of lentils leading all the way from the girl’s bed to the soldier's suite at the Ritz

    1. The more leads that you have the more profits you will achieve

    2. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    3. The loss of balance that leads to serious, injury-producing falls can be traced to age-related changes in the brain, diminishing vision, inner ear problems, weakening of the legs and trunk and/or the declining reliability of sensory mechanisms that let the brain know where the limbs are in space

    4. Which leads to the proposition that television may actually have a limited role in heart health "if you watch the right shows and spend your time watching comedies rather than stress-provokers," Miller cautioned

    5. The fjord that leads to the tunnel is a wonderland in itself, great grey cliffs, leaping waterfalls and deep blue water

    6. Practice of Dharma leads to the perfect realisation of essential unity with the Supreme or the final end, the highest good, namely, ‘Moksha’ (liberation)

    7. that leads almost certainly to

    8. She takes him by the hand, leads him to the bed

    9. John sits with five other men on fold-up chairs while a YOUNG PSYCHOLOGIST in a cheap suit leads a session

    10. He walks along a board walkway that leads to the temple

    11. leads us, but we feel it in our heart

    12. This is the way that leads

    13. Violence leads to more and worse violence

    14. CLERIC 4 leads Teekra into the room

    15. A guard steps up, puts a hood over Ricci’s head, leads him to the waiting executioner

    16. The severed head’s animated smile faded slowly as the pipes, leads and motors

    17. 10:4), as he "leads," goes before them

    18. She leads us all to a spacious room, full of chairs

    19. ’ He said quietly smiling as he leads me through a doorway into one of the back sections of the barn, ‘let’s find a quiet corner and spend some time together

    20. The rest of them were outside, finishing up with the capacitors, the emitters, and the control leads

    21. He leads me through what appears to be a labyrinth of darkened school buildings to the small theatre which is where the play is being performed

    22. "The Chief is back!" Rampone left his console and flew over the web of control leads and concatenators

    23. " But my interruption doesn't deter him, rather it leads him to his point

    24. As they approach from the road that leads to her house, I notice Sabrina has her arm around his shoulder

    25. Half carrying me, he leads me into the kitchen where he sits me down at the table

    26. There's an open doorway in the center to his left that Apollo finds leads to the bathroom

    27. There is a tunnel in this dungeon that leads to the river

    28. Hatred leads to murder

    29. Perched on a silver spike, trailing leads and luridly coloured pipe work, Citizen Marat’s head stared back at the committee chairman with eyes as clear and blue as a bright summer afternoon

    30. The severed head’s animated smile faded slowly as the pipes, leads and motors ceased their moment of work, but the eyes remained fixed on Danton

    31. watch over the family for any leads or support

    32. leads me up the stairs on my own tonight

    33. The road that leads south went down into the meadow

    34. that leads east was an industrious area

    35. Trust comes; trust in sleep that leads

    36. It almost leads us to wonder how much can really be said on the Kingdom of God? Yet it is the only subject mentioned that Jesus spoke of for 40 days

    37. As is the case with all roads out of this town, the track leads up a hill, steep in places but coming out after half an hour or so onto a ridge of hills

    38. This in turn leads to a lecture from Wiesse on how important this waterway is as an artery to the West Country, stressing how vital it is for local commerce and going into incredible and extremely boring detail about how it is maintained and how much it costs

    39. The woman leads me into the house

    40. that leads us away from the base of this world

    41. I vow that I shall love and respect you until my life ends, sharing all that I am with you and walking the path you tread wherever it leads

    42. She links her arm through mine and leads me off towards the house, leaving Berndt and Wiesse to deal with the ggs

    43. Clasping my hand, she leads me over to a two-seater sofa and sits down with me

    44. It leads all the way from the port at Bristol to the north

    45. Orens leads me over to a mounting block and steadies Sefir while I swing my leg over her back

    46. She leads me to a room unlike any I have seen so far

    47. To the left beyond it the valley widens as it leads to the sea several miles away… the sea? Are we that far all ready?

    48. It's not that we don't have fully functioning brains, it's that they are over active and sometimes over functioning; this leads to an overload and then to temporary irrationality

    49. From my perspective, mental illness is defined as any abnormal or imbalanced brain activity that leads to inappropriate actions, this being enough for diagnosis and sometimes too soon a course for medication

    50. Berndt catapults himself onto Adamant’s back and, with a brief glance at me to check I am ready, leads off back to the track

    1. Studies have led to the realization that sexual interest and the need for sexual contact continue throughout the life cycle, although patterns differ somewhat for women and men

    2. He was led up a seemingly endless flight of open backed stairs to a small office

    3. LORD thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness,

    4. “Hurry up, there’s people inside and we still have a Chip to find,” she said angrily as she led the way

    5. It was what had led her to study the field of explosives with such passion and tireless commitment

    6. Description of Disease: Canes turn brown from tips, plants most affected in colder climates, right after winter protection is removed, not a disease itself but can led to disease attack

    7. She giggled and squeezed his hand as she led him out of the taverna and into

    8. He led them up a flight of stairs to a large and softly lit bedroom, where

    9. This determines whether you will be led by fear or faith

    10. do not be led

    11. concerned the believers in Ephes, because Paul was led by the Holy Spirit

    12. The partial bind had led to a state of dependence which Ginger thought was simply deplorable

    13. Just as Moses led those under his charge, elders today must do the same

    14. Full of contempt - Even though this was initially directed toward God it led him to act contemptuously toward all others

    15. The church must always seek to be led in the manner in which God has set forth in his Word

    16. Modern day concepts of the preacher, even among some brethren, have led to an unhealthy

    17. It led with the single, circular visor in the alien suit, set in the center of its main body mass

    18. Jesus is the supreme leader in the church and He led by example

    19. that they would like to be led

    20. Failure to perceive the spiritual principles of the leadership involved in the eldership has led to many destructive, devastating, and disastrous results in too many churches

    21. This type of sentiment has led to a famine of the serving attitude in the church

    22. Finally, a congregation can be led by "Majority Rule" in two ways:

    23. As head of the church, Jesus has chosen that each congregation of his body be overseen, or led by a plurality of

    24. As our rower led us through the stunningly enchanting halls of the cave, such as the Crossroads of Nymphs, the Lake of Exotic Ocean Creatures, the Sea of Shipwrecks complete with a sunken wreck, the Pink Chamber, the White Chamber and the wonderful Red Chamber, the rare beauty of the place took our breath away

    25. They led us out of our cell and along a wide corridor and past empty and dilapidated glass-shelled office spaces, through a set of double doors and up one flight of concrete steps

    26. Like hypnotized, I stood in front of the oblong opening that led to its interior; it gave the impression of an unguarded entrance

    27. Son then walked up the spiral staircase that led to the royal chambers

    28. came to a door at the top of the stairs that led to the middle of a great

    29. that led to the dungeon

    30. led to the river where Lyla waited

    31. He led the two women through a doorway into a darkish hallway leading towards the back of the building then, just before they reached the door at the end, he turned and started climbing a narrow, uncarpeted staircase lit by a window halfway up

    32. Mortality, where he would then be led by the old hunter to the pool of

    33. With that, Son, Lyla, Guard, and an escort of five hundred soldiers led by

    34. When the sun rose, Son and his men began their quest, led by the old

    35. desert that led to the forest

    36. The old hunter led Son to a river and Son drank

    37. When I look back and realized the health crisis that led to my

    38. Reluctantly, Iain stowed his letter in his trouser pocket and, smiling in a friendly fashion, led the way to the car

    39. had run like that as one could have had all the fruits The remains were excavated by archaeologists led for himself, they said: “UBUNTU, how can one of us be by William Kelso of Preservation Virginia, a private happy if all the other ones are sad”?

    40. Setting a firm pace, she strode along the main road that led towards the bridge across the river; the station was on the other side of the river

    41. That led me to new buds

    42. lead which had led them to Hazaribagh only to arrest an

    43. Just beyond that was an alcove of sorts that led a bedroom

    44. Twenty minutes later, and still reeling from the euphoria produced by so many expressions of Joris’s love for her, Kara was led back to the main gate of the compound and released

    45. It didn’t, thank God! I squeezed thru the opening into another area and turned around to see where this had led me

    46. They turned into the barely used path that led down to the

    47. led the way, walking steadily to the entrance of the cave

    48. rocks into a pool which then led away down a channel out of the

    49. They left the back porch and followed a stone path that led to the front of the house

    50. "It was just a HiV LED bank," Alan told her, "Not even a soft laser

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