Oraciones con la palabra "lead"

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Lead en una oración (en ingles)

If you are to lead.
She will lead me on.
And this lead me to.
You can still lead a.
Brooke was in the lead.
He had to let me lead.
He lead the way inside.

He had a lead at last.
He was the lead singer.
There to lead us into.
And lead me to neglect.
Our noses lead the way.
Now hail the lead ship.
Ask Graisse to lead us.
No cave could lead to.
It can lead to various.
My heart was solid lead.
Yes, you lead the way.
Perhaps must lead to act.
The door lead into the.
Leads lead to dead ends.
These lead to the medi-.
It will lead you nowhere.
Where does that lead us?
He can lead us to Ashley.
But I think the lead.
The General lead the way.
Have it lead into your ad.
He was lead to a large log.
You can lead them out now.
Lead the way to the truck.
This is bound to lead to.
Q: Where will it lead me?
Those foods that lead to.
They let John lead the way.
This time Ben took the lead.
They did the same for lead.
Wil lead to happiness, and.
The lead rat then took up.
My arms had turned to lead.
He was leading me on.
He is leading, you are.
Both the wal s leading.
Leading me to the place.
Where I was leading him.
She was leading the field.
Wisdom is leading the way.
It was leading me nowhere.
This was a leading question.
His nose had to be leading.
It had all been leading here.
Ciere ends up leading the way.
Thomas was leading the study.
Leading off in this direction.
Where is this all leading to?
Leading the way the prospector.
Jarek, who was leading, stopped.
There is leading and following.
Chesterton hat leading the way.
That was what it was leading to.
Cheering me on, leading the way.
He was leading and supervising.
The blind are leading the blind.
Round Table plays a leading part.
The leading questions should be:.
By leading us to the real name.
And where is that leading?
I nod, leading the way to the car.
Wondering where this was leading.
Leading them was a young man in.
It had been leading her to death.
I was leading a wild life then.
A single set leading to his door.
Action Leading to Valued Outcomes.
IBM is leading brand of business.
She was leading him back toward me.
That is where this story is leading.
But where was the Doctor leading?
I thought you were leading the way.
Leading him the life of the damned.
He led me to one.
This has led to a.
He hath led me on.
Dinon led the way up.
This has led me to.
He led the team in.
God led me to you.
Jahna led me to both.
So one thing led to.
They are not led to.
We have been led to.
My jenge was led to.
I led Luis to my room.
But led by the spirit.
That has led to the.
It had led back here.
This led to a re-109.
The Lord led the way;.
Her beauty led to her.
He let himself be led.
That led to the problem.
Nerissa led them to it.
The work later led to.
Chance has led us well.
Nero led her by the arm.
The soldier led Rod away.
One thing led to another.
My research has led to.
One room led to another.
He led me to his office.
He who has led us thus.
And all that has led to.
That led me to new buds.
He led them to the front.
That led us into a town.
He smiled back and led.
The Pirates now led 9-7.
I was led, I suppose.
He led us to the kitchen.
See where it leads to.
It is he who leads a.
That work leads to the.
Leads lead to dead ends.
The center leads to love.
And this leads to death.
She leads and they follow.
They found only two leads.
The path that leads home.
That is the life he leads.
It leads to the basement.
All follow where She leads.
We will go where he leads.
It's very long and leads.
This leads to fear, a wish.
Let’s see where it leads.
But That Road Leads Nowhere.
How it leads to Redemption.
This pathway leads to the.
But that road leads nowhere.
That process leads to the.
This is the way that leads.
This leads to another point.
No this leads to the trunk.
This leads me to the payments.
As one who leads a small life.
The path that leads to God.
This leads in most cases to.
The One Who leads the Twelve.
One thing leads to another.
That leads into another, etc.
This leads the devotee to an.
I know not where it leads me;.
He sort of leads Mitch around.
The map supposedly leads to a.
It leads to pride and elitism.
That leads by the most direct.
He leads them and they follow.

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