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Localize en una oración (en ingles)

  1. When people experience strong emotions, usually in human relationships, they localize them precisely in the genitals.
  2. I think that I will have to introduce a factor to localize the exercise, or it may become a running battle that soon takes us beyond the boundaries of this property.
  3. Also, all products and available services receive the unique identification that has the capacity to localize them where they are acting in the Coordenational Structure.

  1. I tried localizing the sound.
  2. Its origin is useful, however, in the manner of localizing a cure.
  1. Situation apparently localized.
  2. Localized areas? What causes? These.
  3. You’ve seen the confusion caused when it’s localized.
  4. Those neuroimaging studies that have localized executive.
  5. She felt a throbbing localized pain and her muscles were tight.
  6. There are many localized tales of the uraeus spitting fire and.
  7. He heard the matador’s weakening spasms, and then more localized thrashing.
  8. How about a couple of Hellfire missiles offering localized damage only?
  9. The left and the right optimal areas are localized clearly and can be distinguished easily.
  10. Even if freedom is localized to the human organism, that freedom is a formal property of the.
  11. This was quite a cultural shock for me, coming from America, where prostitution was kind of localized.
  12. Then you can deal with the localized outbreak and have a decent chance of saving the rest of the house.
  13. Needless to say, our ability to gain rapport with others is not only localized to our immediate environment.
  14. What could cause such a localized magnetic signature? Up to now, we have seen nothing but ice and more ice.
  15. Master will reply, my friends, that baleen whales are localized, according to species, within certain seas that they never leave.
  16. Clivers are used in conditions that are characterised by general or localized swelling or where lymphatic circulation has been impaired.
  17. The nervous system in localized area of the brain mediate the signal but under diverse capacities like an eye having poor or good visualization for descriptions.
  18. Topical cayenne pepper has been used for centuries to reduce pain, and more recently, to diminish localized pain for a number of conditions, including chronic pain, although.
  19. This coagulation of energy into organs of response is natural in any global system, with localized units like police, paramedics, and fire being a type of social immunity system.
  20. OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems are not localized in any particular place either; the same is true for Continuums which they energy-informationally structure by their SFUURMM-Forms.
  21. Weather patterns are produced partly by the broad movements of wind and water over the whole globe and partly by localized differences in temperature and air pressure which cause air movements.
  22. Therefore, it’s plain to see that international authority, just like more localized governments, should be based on high agreed upon ideals unhindered by selfish desire and offering broad benefit.
  23. He understood what that meant, it meant that this was their world and Earth would be a shrinking memory that might be just a localized legend among some old-timers around here a local century from now.
  24. The GEICO and American Express situations, extraordinary business franchises with a localized excisable cancer (needing, to be sure, a skilled surgeon), should be distinguished from the true "turnaround" situation in which the managers expect-and need-to pull off a corporate Pygmalion.
  25. Was this another example of Preserver intervention, or perhaps Aahla’s people? Aahla and her people didn’t seem to care about such localized time travel, time travel restricted to one planet’s history, especially when that planet and its species had no future impact on the Universe at large.
  26. So, I emphasize it one more time: any VVU-Information is not localized in any way in any space-time and energy-information structure of the Creation; it may temporarily take a certain Form (by becoming specific UU-VVU-copies) only when it interacts with specific structures of the Self-Consciousness of any Proto-Form that individually uses them.
  27. Organizational systems, any group as organ or organism, within systems are analogous to highly localized storms that are capable of producing their own weather patterns, whose semi-designed eye is like the will, direction, intention, and instinct of the evolving and emerging virtualnism – which is more than the cell members comprising and constructing it.
  28. A localized pain, as a problematic symptom,.
  1. Also, the new systematics avoids improper use of the products, it inhibits fraudulent actions, robberies or sale of those products in the market; besides, it recognizes and it localizes those objects in any region of the planet.

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