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    1. Citra Solv is a citrus concentrate available at most stores

    2. A good concentrate is called Extra Hot Horseradish available in stores or through Mo Hotta Mo Betta

    3. Chilies are a great source of controlling many insects either as a powder or as a concentrate that can be added to water and sprayed

    4. The Inspector is going on … concentrate, Liz …

    5. To control, concentrate many times their more on the health of the soil and the health of the plant and less on controlling the red spiders

    6. All Rose wants is to keep dancing, but deep down she realizes she will have succumb to her parents wishes and concentrate on her studies to become a doctor or a lawyer or something prestigious

    7. Traps should be placed where they concentrate most, but not in the way of foot traffic

    8. She was so tired she had to concentrate on not falling off

    9. Glancing at the clock, I swallow the acrid liquid which is gathering in my mouth … concentrate, Liz …

    10. Enough of that … concentrate on Emma

    11. Smiling to myself, I withdraw into the lounge and try to concentrate on the documentary

    12. This first step is one of the most difficult stages in the meditation process and involves constant unremitting ability to keep bringing the mind back to that "object" upon which the aspirant has chosen to concentrate

    13. The choice of some "object" upon which to concentrate

    14. " Objects upon which to concentrate are of four kinds:

    15. You have to concentrate on breathing slowly at first or you'll tingle out

    16. Nothing to do except really concentrate on the next batter

    17. I sit down on the chair by the phone and concentrate on breathing steadily while he chats

    18. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house

    19. Now I had something that I could concentrate all of my hopes and fears upon

    20. He should stop thinking about refining the design of their speed yacht and concentrate on using it

    21. ‘Now you just stay here and concentrate on getting better

    22. Lord those eyes of his! Concentrate silly girl, concentrate

    23. “Why yes, I can then concentrate on focusing on what is in front

    24. It meant we could concentrate on getting you well again

    25. They had to concentrate on what was around them when it was brushy, but they were lost in their own thoughts when it was open and they were all alone

    26. and just concentrate on the morality of breathing

    27. Don't get winded, concentrate on breathing

    28. Nervously, I get my tawstones out and, aware that the men are standing by me, facing outwards looking for the first sign of trouble, I concentrate … there it is! Confidently, I move forward and put my hand over the crevice where I left the Element and give the Words

    29. He falls silent and, respecting this, I concentrate on following Joris

    30. If necessary, I could concentrate on the bald spot on the head of the lady in front of me and pretend it was a new planet

    31. She watched him for a few seconds, he was not a natural chef and had to concentrate on the pan

    32. Touching the stones, I concentrate on visualising Wiesse as clearly as I can … I see the bird’s eye flicker – it’s got the message

    33. I smile across the table at him, then concentrate on my food, trying to look unobtrusive

    34. ‘Other manufacturies concentrate on fabric for household items … curtains and bedding, for example, but our looms are not large enough for that scale of material

    35. All day I have been aware of this evening looming … unable to concentrate on anything and, in a way it was a relief when I could eventually go and shower

    36. Watching Alessandra enjoying the clouds as she strode on in front made me ignore any further nonsense from my calves and concentrate on that stepped and steady climb

    37. Scarily, I narrowly miss hitting the car in front of me when it stops at traffic lights … I make an effort to concentrate on my driving

    38. He grins at me for a second, then turns back to concentrate on the road

    39. It’ll be good for me to concentrate on the road

    40. Graham is a two finger typist - a very fast two finger typist, it has to be said, but he has to concentrate on the keyboard when he's typing

    41. They’ve moved those blasted road works again … concentrate on the driving, Sarah! Yes, he’s driving along behind you … you can see him in the mirror … but you need to watch the road in front …

    42. Walking to the office from the car park, I concentrate on calming down so that I present a sensible and, above all, normal face to the world as represented by Bill and Graham

    43. it used to worry me, but I read somewhere that the blood supply tends to concentrate on the digestive system at times like this

    44. I try to concentrate on the article on the page in front of me but it doesn't work and, after twenty minutes or so, I shove the paper down to the foot of the bed and snuggle down under the duvet

    45. Blowing me a kiss, he dashes off to open the door while I try to concentrate on the job in hand

    46. The waiting relatives and friends of the lesser, more ordinary emergencies watch, and those conscious patients still able to concentrate on realities outside of their own sphere realise that they may not occupy the centre of the universe

    47. She was really here about the girl who’s body she was in and he was going to have to concentrate on that

    48. Once in the damn thing he has to concentrate

    49. concentrate on the surface of your skin,’ said

    50. She has to concentrate to stay cool and focussed

    1. " He concentrated on the traffic, the steering was very, sluggish and he had started to yaw back and forth

    2. Many of us live far from our babies and when we do see them, the attention is concentrated on them, perhaps more than on our adult children

    3. He would talk no more after that, but took the wheel and concentrated on the race to the tunnel, five hours away at the speed he was driving

    4. This heat is most concentrated around the equator where the sunlight is greatest

    5. Every time the need arose I concentrated on the geography of my new home for a moment or two and then struggled up onto my knees

    6. After the above incident, Alice never set foot in the dance school again; yet I still go there, ignoring the concentrated hostility which is persistently hovering over me

    7. I often need to run after them and make them hold my hands either they like or or not! Moreover, during the break I can barely endure all that concentrated negativity against me: It is impossible for me to exchange even a word with anyone in there; if I dare approach a group of pupils, they turn their faces the other way, they stop talking and they all split in a second

    8. I already knew what I had to do to survive, but how could I hope to do it when the rules could change at the whim of an adolescent boy or with the brutal premeditation of a sociopathic thug? I concentrated on the one thing that would keep me safe for now

    9. Book shelves covered three walls with doorways let into them here and there; a young woman stood apparently wrapt in the volume she was reading, a thirty-something man with a large backpack at his feet scanned the shelf above his head, neck craned, lips muttering silently as he concentrated

    10. Delivers L-ascorbic acid in concentrated form, without losing potency to improve the

    11. So with Captain Dimitris in the wheelhouse keeping a weather eye on the horizon, and me sipping the concentrated aniseed drink, I began humming the one sea shanty in my repertoire, Liverpool Lou and it wasn't long before the Princess of Stephanos was gliding over the waves along her way

    12. After some concentrated breathing, I straightened my back to begin the slow dance

    13. Thom concentrated on the project and slept in the lab, keeping his nose out of what was happening in ship’s politics and his own damn divorce

    14. I don’t say he concentrated but at least he was there and we went through the motions

    15. and concentrated all of her time and all of her husband’s vast

    16. up a Heart-Wall one after another, in one concentrated

    17. We did the Pre-Raphaelite poets at school, but we concentrated on a bloke called Swinburne and that put me off … Ozymandias is one of my favourites … that and a sonnet by a bloke called Drayton … and of course, Wilfred Owen

    18. It took him being hurt again, but she concentrated on what he did and what happened in his environment from that time

    19. with that concentrated heads-down attitude of young people who

    20. It didn’t seem to bother him; he concentrated on skimming stones

    21. Amanda concentrated and forced herself to her feet

    22. She concentrated on shutting out the sounds she could hear from further down the corridor which suggested that Mickey was with Sheila as, tentatively, she crept along to the bedroom, uncertain what she would find

    23. She closed her eyes, concentrated, and

    24. intense the more she concentrated

    25. Swallowing hard, Chrissie concentrated

    26. Kev concentrated on his dinner

    27. Petr concentrated on the feeling of pressure pushing

    28. Ozzie concentrated on his meal, staring into space whenever not employed in filling his mouth

    29. Aware that there was nothing he could do about it, he resolutely suppressed his growing anxiety and concentrated on the blisters

    30. Andy concentrated on sipping the water in the glass

    31. concentrated on his food

    32. He concentrated on an image of Markham – his short grey hair,

    33. he concentrated on the screen

    34. concentrated on trying to explain how matters stood in as

    35. ears as he concentrated on the images displayed on the screen in front of him

    36. so the flavour was concentrated in what was left and

    37. She was getting quite cold and wet lying on the ground, but she ignored it and concentrated on watching him

    38. concentrated on her embroidery, sitting on the side of her

    39. only concentrated on the dirt he was raking on the mound

    40. I sat awhile and then continued my walk in an anti clock direction until I came to a spot with a view of the lower river, and here concentrated, where a flock of young swans some loosing their grey plumage and a few others with a full set of the bright white plumage

    41. Lemoss concentrated his gaze

    42. concentrated directly onto the bed

    43. however, as they all concentrated on devising a plan for

    44. ” Fizzicist choked on the rest of the sentence as Nimblefax concentrated hard

    45. She concentrated on her palm, her breath deep and even

    46. During the whole time Desa concentrated on the behavior of their bodies and wound her arm around him

    47. Nerissa concentrated on her weaving, determined that he wouldn’t notice her smile

    48. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing

    49. “Look out!” The dragon had flown above them and swooped down low enough to shower their position with concentrated fire

    50. And through concentrated glances, she studied the Guild Master’s movements

    1. The driver chats about the weather for a few minutes then concentrates on the driving, leaving me to my thoughts

    2. Concentrates the mind a bit, events like Sunday’s

    3. concentrates their minds on other things than me,

    4. I catch Simon’s eye and we both repress a smile as Sally goes bright red and Gary suddenly concentrates very hard on spooning up the last of his soup

    5. Her eyes drawn lazily to her forearms, she spots some specks of apricot paint and concentrates on picking them off, checking her hands and giving them the same treatment

    6. Davie ignores the bark and concentrates on doing his job

    7. draws the sap and concentrates it into the leaves

    8. This book concentrates on Castilian Spanish (ie the Spanish spoken in

    9. The minority of shareholders or manager of financial organizations concentrates and administers this amazing money supply with total power to make decisions on the society, without running the risks because who answers for the loss is the investor or the Central Bank when a Bank breakage

    10. Component/Unit Testing: This is the lowest level of testing and it concentrates on lowest unit verification

    11. Jaden concentrates on the red words, just those words that change, and Unknown Nano particle removed from rear brain–safely stored

    12. He concentrates on those words, but they stay the same

    13. Jaden concentrates on the part of the screen that says Jaden Main

    14. ‘60% complete? What is that about?’ He concentrates on it, but it does not flash or do anything

    15. He concentrates on different angles

    16. ’ He concentrates on those words; then they change

    17. Jaden concentrates on the Initiate Anti-Gravity Engines to the left of him

    18. Jaden concentrates on trying to get away faster

    19. He concentrates on the projectile and he is looking from the pink torpedo’s view

    20. He concentrates on the dog’s landmines and sends a small torpedo towards it, vaporizing it

    21. Jaden concentrates on the fire and the molecules it is made of

    22. Jaden concentrates on the army of aircraft coming towards him

    23. Jaden concentrates on his head and he sees what the pilot is thinking

    24. Jaden experiences the forceful movement with his new friends, but concentrates more on trying to breathe

    25. He stares at his artificial body in front of him and concentrates

    26. He concentrates on them and they slowly come towards his body

    27. Jaden turns around and concentrates on his bubble dots around him, now sitting still

    28. Jaden concentrates on a small piece of the cloud and a small piece comes off

    29. - It rather concentrates upon measures for the animal holders (a maximum of two

    30. Furthermore, knowing that this crater reflects and concentrates your energizing power, and knowing the frequency of the energy you draw from, we can use this location to further study that energy, and its emission from the sun

    31. He shuts his eyes and concentrates, trying to ignore the rain, and always the sense of time and power slipping through his grasp

    32. He concentrates, pushing aside the Scribe’s feeble attempts at questioning him, bears down in his mind on the cane, steps forward once more, and then he has it

    33. “We’ve discovered that the best combination is for the support corps to take care of their battle wizard’s defenses with remotely cast spells, while the battle wizard concentrates on offensive efforts with draw spells

    34. Johan cannot even begin to mull over the question of whether or not Simon will succeed, so he concentrates instead on their physical realities

    35. Martin concentrates his focus and efforts to maximize results

    36. Avery concentrates his stare into Recchia’s eyes with false humility and speaks, “I understand

    37. Your mind concentrates on something and through this constant concentration, the mind is made controlled which leads to peace

    38. course that has an exercise regime that mainly concentrates on the chest and

    39. Silence concentrates the mind, gives rest to the spirit, and keeps it in constant

    40. Aside from that, you can also purchase electrolyte concentrates, which you can mix with your water, from pharmacies

    41. ” says Lewis as he concentrates on the road ahead

    42. Sharon makes no reply as she turns onto the main road and concentrates on the busy traffic around her

    43. PETA concentrates most of its attention and activism on

    44. It concentrates more on your local area where eBay operates worldwide

    45. One concentrates on a focus, while the other tries to distract him telepathically

    46. In effect, most analysis concentrates on earnings because it

    47. concentrates on the context of earnings because it is concerned with both risk and

    48. While most analysis concentrates on earnings, correctly

    49. making predictions and concentrates on detecting an environment that is conducive to

    50. concentrates pinning down the mech with more and more

    1. ‘Yes? What about them?’ I asked, concentrating on the potatoes and wondering what is coming

    2. Concentrating on the effect instead of the cause is wasted effort

    3. ‘Do you want me to read this to you, Barney?’ I said, ignoring her question and concentrating on my grandson

    4. Half my mind concentrating on the job in hand, I reach for the phone and pick it up

    5. ’ She told me, concentrating on drying up the fiddly bits of the caffetiere

    6. Ava spent most of her time concentrating on the Heavenly Mother

    7. ’ I conceded, concentrating on my nail varnish

    8. ’ He said stiffly, concentrating on his plate, and I am reminded of Rose’s prediction that things would be difficult for us

    9. ‘I’ve been careful, saved sensibly so I can retire when I want to … and Joris left me … some …’ The phrase stuck in her throat; concentrating her attention on the plate in front of her, she hauled herself back together again under cover of sharing condiments

    10. ’ Iain glanced at Kara who was concentrating on her lunch

    11. It should reflect inner peace and serenity, no matter how hard you are concentrating

    12. Berndt travels in silence, concentrating on his thoughts

    13. At the turning area in the light from an old van and a single bulb in a shed, fifteen or so fishermen crunch on the gravel, concentrating hard whilst straightening coloured nets and winding spiky lines around their baskets with bare hands

    14. I stare at Berndt’s back as I follow him along the narrow pathway … concentrating on trying to ignore the growing soreness I feel in my thighs

    15. ’ He said concentrating on nurturing the tiny flame he has managed to achieve

    16. ’ Gilla explained, moving across to the looms where four women are busy concentrating on their work

    17. As I read through my notes, yet again, the telephone on my desk rings and, almost grateful for the distraction, I pick up the receiver, not really concentrating on it

    18. He was really concentrating on an intense three-d plot of the path of TUa-4431-3389-14, and only Heymon, Darryl and Victor had the current coordinates for that door to his lab

    19. ’ He replied, concentrating on the driving

    20. ‘Oh fine,’ is the mumbled reply but they are really not concentrating on me at all!

    21. I have trouble concentrating for the rest of the morning … it’s fortunate that Gary appears to be on a different planet

    22. Concentrating on that took her mind off the scenery for the time being

    23. He’s concentrating on the traffic coming round the roundabout, looking for a gap he can leap into

    24. The companions were silent for a while, concentrating on the task

    25. He was concentrating on her involvement, trying to do what he guessed she wanted

    26. Very soon I find that, by concentrating on work, I can blank out any thought of the situation between Dave and I

    27. If she was concentrating on something she was not very social

    28. ‘Hmm …’ he replied, concentrating on what he is doing

    29. It’s only by concentrating totally on Bex’s placid, sleeping face that she can prevent herself from tearing Billy’s throat out

    30. She watches as he conscientiously crosses and re-crosses the small area of grass, concentrating on neatly trimming the herbage and careful to avoid cutting into the trailing cable

    31. “Jorma?” Ava had been concentrating on this it seemed, while it was now a distant incident in his past

    32. He was studiously concentrating on his breakfast, apparently not listening to the conversation

    33. ’ She said absently, concentrating on what she was doing

    34. Over-confident and not concentrating properly, Andy strode off along the bridleway

    35. Concentrating on not dropping the tray he was holding, the uniformed policeman kicked the door gently with one foot while he balanced on the other and manipulated the tray through the doorway, protruding tongue demonstrating precisely how much effort it was taking him

    36. When their eyes meet, she had trouble concentrating, and looked down at her feet

    37. “You’re doing this on purpose,” he said after attempting, “You must be concentrating on dtair-infested rinko or something

    38. Her voice had picked up a lot of hard miles in the last couple decades, but she had been concentrating on her appearance since then

    39. The new vocalist was concentrating on her voice

    40. of the sun as it grew, concentrating the flavour, only to be

    41. whiff of brimstone, I tried concentrating on the benefits of

    42. Andrew was silent - apparently concentrating on watering

    43. They were going over the drive train carefully, concentrating on its alignment, she thought

    44. Concentrating, I allowed my conscious to merge with hers and led her to the pathways within her

    45. She became a maze of intricate paths, but I turned her towards concentrating on the ones that led outside of her body

    46. As much as Arkaneh wanted to, concentrating on the matter wasn’t easy, with the two grunts constantly throwing empty promises at the dying man, always throwing him off his train of thought

    47. I insisted that they sit in meditation "concentrating upon their core and, having been told that the second brain was a point "a couple of inches below and behind his belly button" he tried to concentrate upon this general

    48. Meditation does not involve just concentrating on an object

    49. Martin at times had difficulty concentrating on her face as she talked

    50. Warlock said to Matin that he wanted to clear out everything east of Ohiopyle before concentrating there

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