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    1. Now he just had to locate Mr

    2. Locate horse or cattle farms and, after asking if they spray their animals or the manure, use the manure

    3. It was his job to get Vic to understand, get her to stop further speculation on how they could locate him

    4. Wiesse, clearly with my next journey in mind, very sensibly reminds me that I shall need proper sea-going waterproofs; he suggests that I would be advised to locate some here in the fishing village

    5. I have had plenty of time to recall exactly where I left the Element, though I have my tawstones with me so would be able to locate it even if I hadn’t remembered

    6. It took me a while to locate something to tie my hair back … don’t know where all my hairbands went but if my hair blows about like it did the other day, I shall just have to filch a pair of scissors and hack it off

    7. These listings hold the interests and personality answers to your opening profile questions, as these are used to locate a compatible mate, offering a nice

    8. Using his famous listening device he was able to locate the mysterious Dragon Riders, and he sent a group to make contact

    9. easily locate the year a trapped emotion originated

    10. Rayne looked about and above, sending out her ‘feelers’ to locate the danger

    11. chapters to identify and locate any trapped emotions

    12. ‘No … not at all, but I’m doing some research at the moment and have been trying to locate a couple called Sheila and Don with a Scottish connection

    13. several flights of stairs to locate his accommodation

    14. out in a small boat – the only one they could locate at short notice –

    15. He knew there was no point in attempting to locate Tarm – he had

    16. Considering this house is so tiny, it is quite a feat mislaying something but all the same it takes me some ten or so minutes to locate the newspaper I want, tucked under a cushion on the sofa

    17. She was able to locate the key for the lodge and Alex was on his way, in just minutes

    18. ‘I’m trying to locate his widow

    19. Please be aware that Dan is now imprisoned in some sort of isolation vessel we are trying to locate him but up to now we are failing to even find out where he was last seen

    20. The story will now be continued by Reeas and Deria as they try to locate Dan

    21. Then the first group rode out to locate larger groups of cattle

    22. was able to locate our position on the map

    23. “I’ll pop it down to Todd’s place tomorrow, if Sky can’t locate its owner

    24. Using the library and the Internet, research to locate materials that will help you achieve your success

    25. Once you locate the ‘blockages’ in your business that are reducing sales, then

    26. When her vegetarian meal was sadly restricted some days due to dangerous conditions in her environment, she would have to limit her diet, attempting to locate whatever she could without overly exposing herself to the risks around her

    27. You can locate on-line contests to sponsor at 421 http://contests

    28. As a result, he would have to spend hours on end into the wee hours of the morning trying to locate the minor errors that caused him major setbacks

    29. Pretty bizarre, wouldn’t you say! This allows them to better capture sound waves and accurately locate their prey and is thus a pretty high-tech design

    30. It wasn’t hard to locate

    31. The soul of the peaceful warrior is the core place where you will locate safety compassion love

    32. She did a double take at the sight of Yula whom she'd just left in the pod chamber, and Mim whom she hadn't been able to locate all day

    33. Martin knew Jorge would help his star pupil locate Maria because he would realize the threat the defection of Kurt Sloan might mean to the Republic and to his friend, the President

    34. Since he was on the President’s staff he could surely locate a student on an Atlantica scholarship in France

    35. They left his rucksack in the centre of the boulder, under a small rock, as a form of marker to make it easier to locate his body in future

    36. “Well I think Pte Mack has summed things up nicely and with that in mind we have been tasked by Brigade to send out a recce patrol and locate a source of water

    37. “There is a village about a mile north of our position we will therefore advance towards this cautiously and locate a well or stream which we can use to replenish our supplies

    38. He wondered why the B’tari had chosen such a seemingly vulnerable location to set up base when they could locate anywhere, invisibly, in space

    39. But he couldn't locate the knob

    40. tried to locate them, but I couldn’t afford to hunt them

    41. sat astride him using her fingers to locate and then shove his cock

    42. advantages: the fact that his targets were essentially unarmed, the federal navy could not locate his position, and the Shenandoah’s

    43. They were able to locate him quite easily using their sense of him through the kigare

    44. Something that had nagged at her mind since the excursion to locate him was now becoming a realistic possibility

    45. “I was trying to locate a friend of mine

    46. The craft growled and gurgled it's way to the surface and then broke free as its thrusters spat out salt water, the sudden difference in pressure sent it accelerating into the clear blue sky until Gerrid selected the remote to locate

    47. The ancient ones could not locate it, even with their magic as the force of the volcano had moved it from its hiding place

    48. Several attempts were made to dislodge sharpshooters in the woods, but screened amid the pinnated foliage of royal palms, and using smokeless powder, they were difficult to locate

    49. It took him a few minutes to locate the problem - the main distributor lead had been nicked by a bullet

    50. Locate the Performance section and click on the Settings button

    1. There was a good chance he wouldn't want to delay in getting back to the Gengee where both maps were located

    2. Is it very wet? Fog? Winds? Where are you located? Your state will have its own special environmental issues that you will have to deal with

    3. SuperSeaweed was invented by myself in 1972 while I attended school at the University of Florida located in Gainesville Florida

    4. Sure enough, she easily located Leonora Wells sitting with a breakfast sandwich at the Riverside Burger Joint at ten-fifteen in the morning, not a half an hour before

    5. "The ports to the actual neural interface processors are located on the torso side of the connection

    6. "Where is the women's section of Paradis located?"

    7. It is located between the Temple and the Mount of Olives

    8. Angie can go to Abery with JJ until such time as her family can be located

    9. and the greengrocer located

    10. She quickly located the things that belonged to his family on the left of the room and moved on

    11. As they came over the last mountaintop, Kate could see Michael lazily circling the small hill where the house was located

    12. I hope you don’t mind, but he took me up to show me where it was located so we could put the charges in the right place

    13. So I am not quite sure where it was located

    14. That’s how I located the holders

    15. “A large egg you say? Where is the egg right now? Where are the hatching grounds located? Please, I have to see this egg

    16. He was very tired, and he still had not located Elizabeth anywhere

    17. They shield the People on the second level; where the homes of the rest of the population are located

    18. Duncan could see farms off in the distance, large enclosed areas where farmhouse and barn were located, and fields of plantings laid out like the spokes of a wheel

    19. The other advantage of the partners Dawson was that, unlike the new super-practices located at the heart of Manchester’s business district, their fees reflected their clientele’s ability to pay, which in the case of the now deceased Mr

    20. The Pandit Sports Goods Suppliers was located in Ellis Bridge

    21. They were ships of secular simulate corporations located in the asteroid belt

    22. 'Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers located in New

    23. The Vishala Village Restaurant and Utensils Museum is located at the outskirts

    24. The bedding was brought out from many trunks located in a storeroom in the back of the cave

    25. We will outfit your ship with supplies and the latest star charts showing where each of their ships is located at the present time

    26. I found a website about the Harrington family – I’m pretty sure I located the right man

    27. located is optional, but locating it can be fun as well

    28. Decoy Something seen where it wasn’t actually located at

    29. “Yes,” Maroclo agreed, “but to know the physical position of that photon, we have to know which neuron in which soul was stimulated, and then we need to know where that neuron is located

    30. To know whether you need to take this measure, try this: If your site is located at

    31. that, unlike the new super-practices located at the heart of

    32. here we need to know where he is located

    33. She quickly located a Chinese encoding for their audio stacks and loaded it

    34. These were located on the major route through the parish – hardly a

    35. “In the country of Jade, located in the mountains of Switzerland and hidden from the rest of the world

    36. The Basement is located in what was once the little white town’s local cinema

    37. what was rather quaintly described as “bathing-rooms” were located

    38. kitchens and mess were located on the top floor, something his

    39. tap which was located just outside the door

    40. painted steel latticework located on the shore to one side of the

    41. observation point was located

    42. was located in the East End of town

    43. ‘Oh, and tell him that it looks as though Kev has been located

    44. They readied their provisions and set off for the site being readied for the Sacré-Cœur Basilica located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city

    45. Standing behind me, this is a model of the Planet referred to by the natives as Planet Earth; nothing very remarkable about this planet, save for this pocket of energy located here,”

    46. The settlement of Trouble Valley is, unknown to its inhabitants, located on the Event Horizon of an Information Singularity

    47. Jim had mentioned it was located at the upper part of the valley on the main road, so that was their next stop

    48. He quickly located de Plassan, ordered a

    49. After the fireworks display on the fourth, Jimmy and Kit interfaced, all the computers located in different houses with the big house

    50. " Provo is where the mental hospital is located in Utah and everyone knows it

    1. As always, Berndt is practical and sensible – it is he who locates our bags and checks that they are as they should be and he who oversees the ggs being settled in the stable

    2. I whip out my notebook and wait while she locates the right page

    3. If, some years later, one of the slime locates you, move again and enjoy the

    4. He reaches out behind his back, locates Helen's hand and gives it a faint squeeze

    5. Once she locates the flower, she removes the whole plant, ensuring that its return is prohibited

    6. And he locates it in Eden as its geographical designation

    7. In any case, the hagiographer locates it eastward

    8. Grailem locates the science headquarters through the ship's computer network and instructs the navigator to land the starship at a nearby park

    9. At first she cannot find it much to her frustration until she locates it under her forefinger

    10. A final evaluation of this theory locates an absurd post-tribulation principle that claims

    11. Locates a specified value in the leftmost column of a specified table, and returns the value in the same row from a specified

    12. Taking a few steps back, he turns and locates her purse, which sits on the counter near the microwave

    13. Take, for example, a particle of "Earth-Water", which locates on the side of the square between the corners of the "Earth" and "Water", and closer to "Water"

    14. She crouches and locates it with her fingers

    15. Marie-Laure reaches beneath the bench and locates the knife

    16. Some firms make aggressive interpretations of a rule, and others can be more conservative, causing a disparity with short locates

    17. He locates these stocks on the new lows list, which he looks at daily, and by using various screens to identify stocks that are cheap relative to cash in the bank, other tangible assets, or normalized earnings

    18. The value of i locates S along the tree moving from left to right

    19. The value of j locates S moving from bottom to top

    20. How Cathy ever locates people like him, I’ll never know, but I’m very glad she does

    21. The metal ‘bolt’ locates in the reinforced hole when the door is closed

    1. Locating Williams at his post, he immediately saw the hard rigor mortise in the Boston Cream

    2. Wiesse, in true organiser style, had been somewhat vague about the practical side of locating this man

    3. The man I was looking for was some sort of curator, at least that’s what I had discovered, though I’d worried that locating him might be another matter

    4. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with a sense of welcome relief

    5. located is optional, but locating it can be fun as well

    6. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the

    7. Locating Trapped Emotions by Using, 210

    8. clearly irritated at their lack of progress in locating the errant Major

    9. ‘Well, I expect your dad is finding it hard locating somewhere with internet access

    10. She was just about to ask his help in locating the old lady, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw her going through the bushes heading in the direction of the little white house

    11. I am locating the house remotely for that eventuality

    12. Police are asking the public for assistance in locating this man

    13. And every time a bright-eyed woman of High Rock heritage would grace the city, Sorex had a way of locating her among the crowd forthwith and convincing her – or at least vigorously attempting to – that his family’s inn was an oasis

    14. of locating his remains

    15. The delay was in locating a specific pilot who had experience in the mountains

    16. This definition is obtained by locating the Greek word

    17. He imagined – hoped it would like locating an artery amongst blood vessels, but there was no clear primary

    18. Locating food in the pine forest had become a never-ending struggle

    19. Truman had to ask various prisoners and guards before finally locating the man, sitting with a peasant woman who appeared older than the infant cradled in her arms might indicate

    20. A visitor who had signed in to see one Brian Walston had asked among the guards for help in locating the prisoner whose file Edgar held

    21. Even in the waning light, Hermann had little difficulty locating the house for which he was looking

    22. The man inside the car flipped through his brown billfold and had trouble locating his card

    23. shelter expert , Ashi Begay, did a brilliant job of locating her team

    24. hole you have created and move on to locating

    25. And since they are the ones making the chips, only they will have the electronic key, like a remote control that enables or disables the chip whenever they wish, so they could prevent the family from locating the child if they wanted

    26. “So you just gave the answer to the question of why the premise of the police suddenly changed! They could not let those whom they hate the most, in other words, you, be responsible for locating the body of Madeleine! Can you imagine? Television, radio, magazines, and newspapers around the world announcing that the Love Spirits had discovered, through the spiritual means of Love, what had happened to Madeleine? They crafted and executed this case with one sole intention: T H E L O V E S P I R I T S

    27. Roy offered help in locating a nice place and promised to get me hooked up with the right people at the bank

    28. Locating the horse that now seemed as though it were his, and deciding that leading him on foot was probably going to be the safest means of transport under the circumstances, he gave the order that all had been anxiously awaiting

    29. where the other group was busily occupied, in the hope of locating their leader

    30. Locating the horse that now seemed as though it were his, and deciding that leading him on foot

    31. Radar (Radio detection and ranging): the method of locating objects by radio waves which are transmitted, reflected, and received, illuminated by a cathode ray screen

    32. lot of my training was centred on, locating and keying the

    33. Life-Saving Service (USLSS) units were stationed near lighthouses locating treacherous waters at points where ships came close to shore to enter harbors

    34. locating the Underworlders who have pillaged and destroyed

    35. sentative did in locating the source of the problem in our hypothetical PC application problem

    36. While they were preparing a report Michael decided to visit the Abraham Pharmaceutical Company offices in Sydney to get background information and any other details which might help in locating Mark

    37. Michael replied “We may have to do that but for now it is more important to concentrate on locating this man for questioning

    38. locating the causes of migraines and headaches the

    39. We must continue with our original plan of infiltrating the farm and locating Bryony

    40. possibly locating her, she could barely think coherently

    41. As the death occurred on their turf, the City police put two officers onto it, but were having trouble locating Ms Medlar, so a picture of her taken from a school staff photo was displayed on television with a request for anyone who knew her whereabouts, to contact the police

    42. locating them have improved with time but we have to be subtle in some cases

    43. these terms nor understanding the patriarchal basis for this circumstance, but locating

    44. example, assessment in therapy with a woman, at this historical time and cultural place, might more usefully include understanding the issues in the following list and locating

    45. By locating ads or banners in an

    46. Instinctively, he knew the Soviet KGB man would arrive in Vancouver, but he hoped to get the best start on locating John-Paul before Komadze's arrival

    47. "And so's the hundred thousand Mainwaring has promised for locating the Romanov treasure," he replied easily

    48. Locating nearly all of the security buildings that are situated around the city he had also located his next victim; a technician who worked in a computer assembly plant at an industrial estate on the other side of the city

    49. Locating Tab’s suspect turned out to be more difficult than she expected

    50. Preeti and Jags studied the plans for hours but still found no joy in locating this safe; it was definitely in one of the forty-five rooms

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