Oraciones con la palabra "misfortunate"

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Misfortunate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Nyla laughed and told him that they’d been misfortunate.
  2. Within a day or two it could not be determined that anything so misfortunate had occurred.
  3. Coming home and settling among us, with a power of money, (some said eleven thousand pounds,) a short time before Mr Hirple departed this life, we all thought, on that event happening, it would be a very proper compliment to take Mr Hickery into the council, and accordingly we were so misfortunate as to do so; but I trow we soon had reason to repent our indiscretion, and none more than myself, who had first proposed him.
  4. In short, I was haunted with the fancy, that Captain Armour was no other than the misfortunate lassie’s poor brother, who had in so pathetical a manner attended her and the magistrates to the scaffold; and, what was very strange, I was not the only one in the kirk who thought the same thing; for the resemblance, while Mr Pittle was praying, had been observed by many; and it was the subject of discourse in my shop on the Monday following, when the whole history of that most sorrowful concern was again brought to mind.

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