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Hapless en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The hapless would be suicide.
  2. The hapless Dantes was doomed.
  3. I was lying helpless and hapless.
  4. And I remain helpless and hapless.
  5. His hapless relative wasn’t there.

  6. Among the dead was the hapless Delco.
  7. Seized by mute guards the hapless fair.
  8. He stole a glance at the dirty, hapless.
  9. She was not a little woman or a hapless gal.
  10. Of what befell the hapless child; meanwhile.
  11. Hapless worshippers trying to assuage their.
  12. I feel only saddened for our hapless infantry.
  13. This hapless crew of money-hungry mercenaries.
  14. The hapless Corporal Harrington was on duty again.
  15. In fact, it only takes our hapless bondholder 10.

  16. Wickham, the hapless victim of a timeshare scheme.
  17. The root hap means luck, as in hapless or haphazard.
  18. Without Steve or a firearm, she had become a hapless victim.
  19. I see the place of the innocent rich life and hapless fate of the.
  20. My Days I sing, and the Lands--with interstice I knew of hapless War.
  21. After composing himself, he buried the hapless goat in the back yard.
  22. This would also give the hapless Medusa Bar some sort of immortality.
  23. It scurried back from the cave entrance and waltzed past the hapless.
  24. She had lost herself and was just a hapless willow in his mighty grasp.
  25. Jack shouted to Suzy who was still remonstrating with the hapless waiter.

  26. I had to assume my dear cousin had sent another hapless assassin after me.
  27. For the hapless Sir Richard it was indeed the afternoon of his discontent.
  28. Benedict great opportunities to vent his repressions on his hapless guests.
  29. Hall; and Aldor brother of Baldor the hapless; and Frja, and Frjawine, and.
  30. The helpless and hapless people were running hither and thither for their lives.
  31. This is why he had more pity for the hapless sheep than for the young dead man.
  32. How would you feel about defending the poor, the hapless, and the hopeless?
  33. The animals could easily chase down any hapless soul they set their sights upon.
  34. As he seeped into our forest, a hapless Black Fox was foraging for food near by.
  35. Not waiting for long, tormenting him like a hapless animal, in his mind’s eye he.
  36. He was as happy to have independent command as he was to be rid of my hapless cousin.
  37. Although I am hapless to aid you but I could not watch on helplessly therefore I rush.
  38. Without hesitation Kerry selected the boy who had had the necklace as the hapless victim.
  39. The former had a strong king, after a very long struggle; the latter had the hapless emperor.
  40. When my hubby finds a hapless widow for a guest, won’t he imagine the possibilities?
  41. Now, he looked as if his soul had departed and left an empty mind to rule over a hapless body.
  42. But for someone who seemed a hapless traveler on the surface, she certainly possessed conviction.
  43. And as long as the world is stuck being this particular world, he is stuck being hapless old Mercer.
  44. If they chose so, being hapless at that age, there was no way we could have resisted them in anyway.
  45. Whatever her misdemeanours, they had been enough to jump the line ahead of her hapless fellow detainees.
  46. Here was a hero amongst academics in the West who thought him a hapless victim of blanket state censorship.
  47. In his agitation he paced up and down, pausing to stop in front of the hapless housekeeper from time to time.
  48. There was much muttering as the hapless interloper hauled in an instrument that was the size of a small loom.
  49. Their captors seemed to enjoy their work, smiling as they heard the wailings and sobs of the hapless sisters.
  50. Of course, he took advantage of the confusion and killed his hapless father so he could take over the Khanate.
  51. Sir Stanley pointed at the portrait of Sir Richard on the wall, then turned back to the hapless, helpless detective.
  52. For the first time, I had seen the unheard scenes in my life, the helpless and the hapless lives of penurious people.
  53. Dantes from his rocky perch saw the shattered vessel, and among the fragments the floating forms of the hapless sailors.
  54. The cat was a calico, a fact that was not easily identifiable due to the military-style haircut the hapless thing sported.
  55. In a cynical exhibition of human meekness, the hapless were executed with the very hands that had tended them to their youth.
  56. So far, she had lost nothing while the hapless pilots were already barefoot and nervously fingering their flight suit zippers.
  57. Hapless wife of Louis XVI, who was beheaded shortly after him, after they were caught trying to escape the Terror via carriage.
  58. By the time they trooped into the crossroads area the weather had closed in, eager to wring out the most from the hapless party.
  59. Besides psychological guidance and emotional support, he realized that these hapless women needed legal help to fight for justice.
  60. Ben was brutally honest, and at the risk of putting Mikhail’s freedom in peril, he told him the truth concerning the hapless pair.
  61. Owners, who could no longer afford to feed their pets or farm animals, simply killed the hapless creatures and dumped them anywhere.
  62. The German defenders, protected from the elements in their bunkers, would have delivered a deadly fire on the hapless Allied infantry.
  63. Just as she hurriedly edged a bit further, hoping to win the hapless dance, she caught sight of the one who would be her latest savior.
  64. There were the sounds of firings, gunshots, explosions, bombings and screams of helpless and hapless men, women and children all around.
  65. Exhausted, slow, and footsore as I was, hapless as I might be, I was keeping up with the others—the people I thought of as real hikers.
  66. These outbursts caused extreme exhaustion, and the hapless in-mate would simply collapse, and lie there motionless for hours or days on end.
  67. There were still the shaking of firings, gunshots, explosions, bombings and screams and cries of helpless and hapless men, women and children.
  68. Ironically, it was the immense wealth that the father accumulated to his own grief that came in handy in his son’s endeavor to help the hapless.
  69. Whatever the range of its flight, however evasive its trajectory (even up and over the Nautilus), the hapless flying fish always found a dolphin to.
  70. Besides, the World already had too many unlov’d Brats within it; better to practise Continence than coax another hapless Infant into this sorry World.
  71. And won’t their famed collection of the priceless jewels give a measure of the poverty into which they had pushed the hapless populace of their province?
  72. The crowd without gave way, and several warriors entered the place, bringing with them the hapless conjurer, who had been left so long by the scout in duress.
  73. The first generous impulse of Duncan was to rush to the rescue of the hapless wretch; but he felt himself bound to the spot by the iron grasp of the immovable.
  74. Bardell’s, where the hapless fellow was hung on meat-hooks before being slaughtered and butchered to became the filling of ‘Bardell’s Famous Meat Pies’.
  75. The writings of Esphalon came to his mind, where he had written down about the sandstorm that almost killed them and left them hapless to roam the desert in vain:.
  76. He lowered the nose even more, pushed the throttle up to 100 percent, and held steady until it seemed they would dive into the ground at the side of the hapless MiG.
  77. In due course, after a few days, he left with a large entourage including the hapless Minchançaman and his family and whatever the Chimu had that was of value to him.
  78. Every time Rahul carried out a public interaction, a hapless member of the Congress media cell would call us and plead, ‘Please cut live—it will be very interesting.
  79. Seeing the apprehensive look on the purser’s face, Joel relented a little, and in a gentler tone, asked him to move out of the way, which the hapless purser immediately did.
  80. Isn’t desertion a better proposition? Or is it really! Won’t the outcome be the same for the hapless woman? How unbecoming life can become to a woman in this man’s world.
  81. Or maybe Mercer had it backward: maybe William was the hapless victim at whom the audience was shouting, Don’t go through that door! He couldn’t remember if he’d locked it.
  82. Popping unbidden into his mind: an archive film of the hapless hero being faced with diffusing a bomb, with no time to wait for the expert to identify the correct wire to be cut.
  83. There were things, new things, which seemed so much more significant – with all of the other concerns on his mind, foolish and hapless Nords currently seemed all the more trivial.
  84. Federal agents and police, having their power stolen away from them, scream at 1 another, their radios, the gawkers, and any hapless inanimate objects that are conveniently on hand.
  85. Huddled close to keep conversation from being overheard, she would piece together snippets of bizarre events or the portrait of the entire life of some hapless individual across the bar.
  86. Clearing a space in front of the rock staging, the guards threw Fenn to the ground and Grindel stared down at the hapless Custodian, nodding contentedly as he studied the boar's swollen jaw.
  87. The picture didn't alleviate her distress, only heightened it, knowing that they continued with their lives oblivious to the pain she was enduring because of the hapless situation she was in.
  88. Gangs of fascist youths guised as vigilantes roamed the streets, or went into areas with a large number of immigrants; killed, looted, burned down, and terrorised hapless and helpless victims.
  89. If soon after purchase at par we see the same rise in yield to 10%, our hapless investor has received a financial kick in the solar plexus—the bond is now worth less than 53 cents on the dollar.
  90. That was why he knew the hapless inmates of four of those camps were already marching across western Siddarmark towards the Border States, driven ruthlessly to keep them ahead of any possible rescue.
  91. His parents didn't look wealthy, but the pride of achievement shone from their faces; an achievement paid for by the hapless Smythe in years of degradation and humiliation, trapped in the wrong career.
  92. Yet look at what inflation did to the hapless T-bill investor—the maximum decline of the inflation-adjusted T-bill portfolio was 49 percent, the result of holding cash in an inflationary environment.
  93. To him, Camp Dynnys’ hapless inmates were no more important, no more human, than a farmer’s cattle or draft dragons, and Metyrnyk suspected that was exactly how he saw them … in more ways than one.
  94. I don’t suppose digress fully covers the magnitude of my detours to this point, does it? That frequently happens when I get kind of lost in my own thoughts, as I share them with the hapless reader.
  95. He sprang across the room, switched on the electric light, and in its white glare I saw him, his eyes gleaming with anger, his face twisted with passion, as the hapless charwoman may have seen him weeks before.
  96. However, the misplaced zeal of some of its proselytizers to rope in the hapless or gullible, and/or both, of alien faiths into the Christian fold, by means not always fair, places them in the company of the dubious.
  97. There these hapless beings are locked up in solitary confinement, or sent to the galleys, where they go desperate and put an end to themselves by starving themselves to death, by swallowing glass, or by some such means.
  98. It is incredibly easy to make a living there, for when you sell someone a map or a provision you merely wait for them to fall off the ladder, then collect your goods from the body and sell them again to the next hapless wanderer.
  99. Within the bosom of the encircling hills, an impenetrable darkness had already settled; and the plain lay like a vast and deserted charnel-house, without omen or whisper to disturb the slumbers of its numerous and hapless tenants.
  100. The massive brutes were in the business of excising tolls from those who sailed the river; the coin they bullied from such hapless travelers—one hundred years’ worth of ill-gotten gains—was hoarded in vast piles underneath the desert.

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