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Piteous en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He asked in a hesitating, piteous voice.
  2. It was most piteous, that last expiring spout.
  3. Piteous, helpless, animal moans came through the door.
  4. Instinctively she shut out these more piteous aspects.
  5. I looked at him and noticed how piteous his condition was.
  6. The piteous cries coming from the boxcars broke her heart.
  7. She met this new demand with a piteous look, but he was adamant.
  8. There was piteous Wailing and Weeping, and piteous Pleas for Mercy.
  9. I was however already so moved at the piteous sight, that I from my.
  10. Because an illustrious client has placed her piteous case in my hands.
  11. Suddenly Norma gave a piteous whine; the reptile had bitten her tongue.
  12. Ikonin renewed his humble, piteous appeals, but the professor was inexorable.
  13. Please get it for me and put it under for a moment, he pleaded in a piteous voice.
  14. This unexpected and piteous exclamation, almost a sob, was almost more than one could bear.
  15. His face was terrible and piteous to see, especially from its helpless efforts to seem calm.
  16. The poor helot came forward with a piteous look, cut herself a piece of bread, and took a pear.
  17. But ere he entered his cabin, light, unnatural, half-bantering, yet most piteous sound was heard.
  18. That careful, piteous look his entire family had been using since Melody walked away years before.
  19. She turned round and smiled, not a happy, joyful smile as before, but in a frightened, piteous way.
  20. ELF!!! his piteous cries hardly even echoed through the deep thicket of undergrowth in the near forest.
  21. The roar of guns, the whistling of projectiles, and the piteous moaning of the cook, which rose above the other.
  22. It spoke hurriedly, gaspingly for a few sentences, and then was silent—a piteous, breathless, imploring sort of voice.
  23. But Heidi, wanting to know something about the Hottentots herself, could only be kept back by piteous screams from Peter.
  24. The dog's endeavour to void him was unsuccessful; as I guessed by a scutter downstairs, and a prolonged, piteous yelping.
  25. The dog’s endeavour to avoid him was unsuccessful; as I guessed by a scutter down-stairs, and a prolonged, piteous yelping.
  26. With a piteous cry she tore away and threw herself on her knees before her implacable master, sobbing incoherently for mercy.
  27. But looking at the man at her feet, almost begging and pleading with tears streaming down his face, she felt even more piteous.
  28. But his face was so piteous, that she restrained her vexation, and flinging some clothes off an arm-chair, she sat down beside him.
  29. He did not look her in the face, and did not care to see that she in her condition was trembling all over, and had a piteous, crushed look.
  30. Stop that! he said roughly, and was about to lose his temper when she looked at him with such vulnerable, piteous eyes that he was thrown.
  31. The roar of guns, the whistling of projectiles, and the piteous moaning of the cook, which rose above the other sounds, did not cease for a moment.
  32. So vehement and so piteous were the lamentations of Claudia that they drew tears from Roque's eyes, unused as they were to shed them on any occasion.
  33. What’s been has been and is passed, she said; and, what he never expected, she looked at him and smiled in an unpleasantly luring, yet piteous, manner.
  34. Nowadays the typical patient was brought in by a mother or father, a husband or wife, who then simply walked away, ignoring the piteous cries that followed them out.
  35. A piteous Snap o’ his Neck told me that Martin had gone to his Reward with Merciful Dispatch—but I dangl’d in grievous Pain, unable to dye, yet unable to live.
  36. In short, Prudence was so fine a Genius in inspiring Guilt in others that the piteous Face she made whilst explaining this to me almost convinced me to give her another Chance.
  37. Images of tiny, sandaled feet, soiled with the city’s soot and grime shot through his head; a piteous street-child buried in the filth of the most merciless city in the world.
  38. But you no longer need toil under such a burden, piteous Galinda, as NorthMoon of the Cloistered Coven will call forth his White Magic to strip away the darkness that bedevils you!.
  39. On the Pratzen Heights, where he had fallen with the flagstaff in his hand, lay Prince Andrew Bolkonski bleeding profusely and unconsciously uttering a gentle, piteous, and childlike moan.
  40. On the Pratzen Heights, where he had fallen with the flagstaff in his hand, lay Prince Andrew Bolkónski bleeding profusely and unconsciously uttering a gentle, piteous, and childlike moan.
  41. They forgot that the frightened face and the figure could not be altered, and that however they might change the setting and adornment of that face, it would still remain piteous and plain.
  42. She reiterated these last words with a piteous look of entreaty into the kind gray eyes bent upon her, repeated them as a little child repeats a lesson which has been laboriously taught to it.
  43. Ah! She glanced at him as she bent forward quickly, a pathetic little glance of piteous protest, of shy reproach under which he coloured like a girl He was leaning back against the rock behind.
  44. Had some one chanced to take pity on him and given some help at the time when poverty made them send him to town, it might have been sufficient, Nekhludoff thought, looking at the boy’s piteous face.
  45. Not to insult over him will the vision come as over one that lies under her wrath, not for vengeance to cut him off from the living but shrouded in the piteous vesture of the past, silent, remote, reproachful.
  46. Well, it has been a pleasant interlude, and I who first saw Vicki steeped in despair, red-eyed, piteous, slighted, talked about, shall see her at last departing down the hill arrayed in glory as with a garment.
  47. Thrusting both her hands into a white pillow-case, and taking hold of two corners of the pillow, she turned her head and looked at him smiling, but it was not the old, cheerful, happy smile, but a frightened, piteous smile.
  48. It was piteous to hear the cries the two good ladies raised, how they beat their breasts and poured out fresh maledictions on those accursed books of chivalry; all which was renewed when they saw Don Quixote coming in at the gate.
  49. I ran above to see a Pandemonium of Pyrates, and in the midst of all, Whitehead stripp’d naked and ty’d now to the Mizzenmast, not the Fore, and his Back a piteous Wreck of Blood and Gore where he had been mercilessly flogg’d.
  50. At the thought her legs refused to support her, and she collapsed in a shuddering heap, clasping Conan's knees and mingling incoherent pleas for mercy and protection with piteous protestations of her innocence of any malign intention.
  51. The agonised, wasted, consumptive face, the parched blood-stained lips, the hoarse voice, the tears unrestrained as a child's, the trustful, childish and yet despairing prayer for help were so piteous that everyone seemed to feel for her.
  52. The agonised, wasted, consumptive face, the parched blood-stained lips, the hoarse voice, the tears unrestrained as a child’s, the trustful, childish and yet despairing prayer for help were so piteous that everyone seemed to feel for her.
  53. The agonised, wasted, consumptive face, the parched blood‐ stained lips, the hoarse voice, the tears unrestrained as a child's, the trustful, childish and yet despairing prayer for help were so piteous that everyone seemed to feel for her.
  54. Here it is that this creature takes his daily seat, cross-legged with his tiny stock of matches on his lap, and as he is a piteous spectacle a small rain of charity descends into the greasy leather cap which lies upon the pavement beside him.
  55. Her eyes were red, her eyelids heavy with tears, her face was pinched and narrower, the corners of her mouth had a most piteous droop, her very hair, pushed back off her forehead, seemed sad, and hung in spiritless masses about her neck and ears.
  56. And Beloved Boss here has fallen under her dark spell same as Ash Templeton apparently, who forswore her for his species and failed to save them for Morrigan's jealousy of her, Oh, Darkness, Oh, Piteous Darkness; Lestat, how can you find her glacial heart!.
  57. In this manner they proceeded in uninterrupted silence, except when Heyward addressed some solitary word of comfort to the females, or David gave vent to the moanings of his spirit, in piteous exclamations, which he intended should express the humility of resignation.
  58. There was something so unusual in the expression of her face—something so terrible and piteous in the meaning of her words, in that smile, that quick glance which she cast over the court-room—that the justiciary hung his head, and for a moment there was perfect silence.
  59. Seduced by this Success, thinking that the World at last had recogniz’d my Goddess-given Gift, I dreamt of leaving my Solitary Chamber, journeying up to London, and revealing myself as Fanny Jones, the Author of the Epick! ’Twas a piteous, tho’ natural enough Mistake.
  60. I was terror-stricken, my voice stuck in my throat, and I was in the deepest distress; nevertheless I summoned up my strength as well as I could, and in a trembling and piteous voice I addressed such words to him as induced him to stay the infliction of a punishment so severe.
  61. I was however already so moved at the piteous sight, that I from my heart repented the undertaking, and would willing had given over, thinking he had full enough; but, he encouraging and beseeching me earnestly to proceed, I gave him ten more lashes; and then resting, surveyed the increase of bloody appearances.
  62. We were not far outside Taunton and we had been speaking amongst ourselves of Inns where we might pass the next Night, and of the advisability of stealing Horses if we could not buy ’em—when we came upon the most piteous Sight the Eyes may behold: that of a furious Man beating an Animal within an Inch of its Life.
  63. Nekhludoff listened, and at the same time kept looking around him—at the low bedstead with its straw mattress, the window and the dirty, damp wall, and the piteous face and form of this unfortunate, disfigured peasant in his prison cloak and shoes, and he felt sadder and sadder, and would have liked not to believe what this good-natured fellow was saying.
  64. Strange, piteous conflict in the soul of this unhappy man, who had longed for years to be better than he was—who had taken his selfish passions into discipline and clad them in severe robes, so that he had walked with them as a devout choir, till now that a terror had risen among them, and they could chant no longer, but threw out their common cries for safety.
  65. Well, it runs through his books, through all their serenity and sunlight, through exquisite descriptions of summer, of beautiful places, of heat and life and youth and all things lovely, like a musty black riband, very poor, very mean, very rotten, that yet must bind these gracious flowers of light at last together, bruising them into one piteous mass of corruption.
  66. Wemyss's wonderful and unselfish motives in suggesting the continent, but she and Lucy were in that state when the idea of an hotel and waiters and a band was simply impossible to them, and all they wished was to creep into the quiet and privacy of their own nest,--'Like wounded birds,' said poor Miss Entwhistle, looking up at him with much the piteous expression of a dog lifting an injured paw.
  67. Sancho regarded Don Quixote earnestly while he was giving him this rating, and was so touched by remorse that the tears came to his eyes, and in a piteous and broken voice he said to him, Master mine, I confess that, to be a complete ass, all I want is a tail; if your worship will only fix one on to me, I'll look on it as rightly placed, and I'll serve you as an ass all the remaining days of my life.
  68. When I thought I had seen the Worst and could bear to look no more, one of the ugliest of the Lot, a Rogue with a Strawberry Nose and the slitty Eyes of a Pig, extracted his Scimitar from its Scabbard, and, ignoring her most piteous Screams and the Pleadings of the other Members of the Coven, carv’d a Cross into the Flesh of her Forehead, and carv’d it so deep that her whole Face ran red with Blood, and soon she swoon’d in his Arms and expir’d.
  69. Jones had just enough of the strength of fear left to keep quite still while the vicar's wife read the Gospel in a voice that anger made harsh; but when she had gone, after a parting admonition and a dreadful assurance that she would come again soon, the tears rolled unchecked and piteous, and it was a mercy that Priscilla also took it into her head to look in on her way to church, for if she had not I don't know who would have dried them for this poor baby of eighty-five.
  70. The song ended with a deep sigh, and again the listeners remained waiting attentively for the singer to resume; but perceiving that the music had now turned to sobs and heart-rending moans they determined to find out who the unhappy being could be whose voice was as rare as his sighs were piteous, and they had not proceeded far when on turning the corner of a rock they discovered a man of the same aspect and appearance as Sancho had described to them when he told them the story of Cardenio.
  71. At the sound of his piteous cry and of the stroke of the cruel lash, Don Quixote ran to him at once, and seizing the twisted halter that served him for a courbash, said to him, Heaven forbid, Sancho my friend, that to please me thou shouldst lose thy life, which is needed for the support of thy wife and children; let Dulcinea wait for a better opportunity, and I will content myself with a hope soon to be realised, and have patience until thou hast gained fresh strength so as to finish off this business to the satisfaction of everybody.
  72. Don Quixote recognised him, and taking his hand he turned to those present and said: That your worships may see how important it is to have knights-errant to redress the wrongs and injuries done by tyrannical and wicked men in this world, I may tell you that some days ago passing through a wood, I heard cries and piteous complaints as of a person in pain and distress; I immediately hastened, impelled by my bounden duty, to the quarter whence the plaintive accents seemed to me to proceed, and I found tied to an oak this lad who now stands before you, which in my heart I rejoice at, for his testimony will not permit me to depart from the truth in any particular.

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