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    1. clearly we see Zitteraal with a pen light in his hand, looking down at John

    2. He switches off the pen light

    3. minutes of pregnant silence he reached for a pen and then spoke as he signed his

    4. ‘Have you got a pen and paper there? I’ll give you her address … it’s not easy to find, but I’ll give you directions

    5. pen, it is ours, but not God’s

    6. “Not as long as there’s an unclaimed soul, a red ink pen and an accounting

    7. Anyway, at a moment he found a black pen and the opportunity to smudge two of the three pages of my published story! When I saw that, I flew off the handle! The little monster managed to stain the only success I've had in my life insofar!

    8. I did ask the guards for pen and paper, but nothing materialised

    9. “Not as long as there’s an unclaimed soul, a red ink pen and an accounting ledger to hand”, said the other, reaching for another cigarette

    10. ’ He pushed a piece of paper and a pen across the desk towards her

    11. ’ Kara said with a smile, handing him the pen

    12. Kara laid down the pen she had been using and gazed out of the window into the darkness of the night outside her bedroom window

    13. Without comment, he pushed across a sheet of paper for her to write on; she waited while he dug in one of the drawers for a pen that worked

    14. “Try the other corner from the pen” said Bill Smythe

    15. shot over the heads of the wolves when they were near the pen

    16. “Yeah, but lets start at the pen then head down” said Joe

    17. They reached the pen; Joe took a backward look towards the

    18. words come with the silence of the pen

    19. no matter how firmly placed the cap is upon the pen,

    20. I tried to write down the name of the street where the flat was but my new pen had lost its point so I threw it away

    21. ‘We write on the back of the message with an implement called a pen

    22. He stands poised, pen in hand, clearly thinking

    23. "Hemp was used for rope for at least a thousand years before the first pen strokes of the Bible were put to papyrus

    24. the pen back on the table

    25. her pen again and opened the cap in disgust

    26. Ben’s stretched out on his bed, pen in hand, he’s working on something which looks mathematical

    27. end of his pen

    28. Master Seatac held the reins as he walked Patton out of the stable pen

    29. Simply grab your journal and a pen and start writing your thoughts about the experience(s), how they made you feel when they happened, and how they still affect you now

    30. As I start unfolding the sheet using a pen in one hand and the letter opener in the other, it becomes obvious that this is another like yesterday

    31. She went to the far pen and found Star there waiting for her

    32. Large bales of hay were spread about their pen; it was going to be a very cold night

    33. Who was the Ambassador at that time? Any mileage in chasing that in the hope someone might remember Bunty? I sit back, chewing my pen and revising my vision of Bunty sitting alone in her flat, moping

    34. There was a sheet of papyrus and an inkwell with a reed pen in it

    35. ’ I invited, pen and pad ready

    36. Around that pen was a large space filled with all sorts of men, each holding small pieces of parchment and making a racket

    37. It was all lit by torches in sconces on the pillars and walls, and by great braziers on the corners of the bull pen

    38. The musicians are in a holding pen above the dance floor, the music flows about the room and all are affected by it

    39. Chewing on my pen, I stare at the wall in front of me trying to work out where this money is coming from

    40. What’s the name and address?” I asked, reaching for a pen and my order pad

    41. Shopping list – files and marker pen

    42. Conveniently for me, the post includes a copy of Lizzie Goulden’s speech at the operatic society last Friday … I spend the morning writing my article about the society, then sit thinking about Jo Liddington, pen in mouth, gently chewing the top

    43. She handed it to him carefully, aligning the fiddly pieces of paper, and indicated the pen on the counter

    44. I grabbed a pen and paper off the desk in the front of the room

    45. What about this man here?’ a pen waves in Chas’s general direction

    46. The scratching of the ballpoint pen on the paper irritating to the point of explosion as far as Andy was concerned

    47. ‘So who were the other members of the team?’ Williams asked, pen at the ready

    48. The pen scribbled on the paper

    49. The Sergeant made a note, the scratching of the pen on the paper extremely loud to Andy’s ears

    50. the desk, poring over some papers with a fountain pen in his hand and

    1. coming of the Savior, that not a single book was penned by a woman!

    2. One day, while reading one of his master’s gardening magazines, which just happened to have an article about cottage gardens in it penned by the famous television gardener himself, old Ted read about a great national competition

    3. No one had ever been able to tame a Snotig; they were a feral animal, deadly when penned in; they always reverted to their wild nature

    4. As she penned in the margin, “B-O-D-Y:

    5. The neighs and whinnies of penned ponies jolted her from her trance and she returned her focus to the grand city ahead

    6. Carius was frustrated that the courier had arrived and went before he had penned the final draft of his message to the headquarters in Solitude

    7. And here it was, officially penned on Thalmor stationary

    8. Furthermore that the scriptures in the original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek were truly supernaturally inspired, letter-for-letter, although penned by more than 40 different people

    9. It also seems as if the knowledge of the structure of this passage was known to the author in a dimension outside of time, since the names given to the children when they were born, would have had to be inspired, to meet the requirements of the design that is found in the text at the time it was penned

    10. These include the design constraints that have to be met once the information is penned; the language and its properties that will be used when it is captured, including numerical associations with characters of the alphabet that will be used

    11. D: -- finding that the life of a person who will exist at some point in the future, after the text was penned, would form an integral part of the design that is encountered in the Bible, is completely outside of the realms of occurring by chance alone

    12. B: -- To make this ELS possible, would logically require knowledge of the future - during the time that the Old Testament was written - since Buddhism did not exist when the Old Testament was penned

    13. Alexis de Tocqueville"s master work, penned in 1835 after a few years he spent wandering among the new United States

    14. Qui Constodies Constodiet? Interesting question that has been with us since Plato put pen to parchment and penned his „Republic

    15. Larocka had penned that message

    16. She sat at a counter and penned a note:

    17. William collected all of the penned sheets and stacked them in order

    18. Next to a triangular stamp labeled Venezuela was a penned notation, Estudiante Turista

    19. street, and penned in

    20. The name Homo Australopithecines was penned to describe this animal

    21. He may have thought of these words that he penned: "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee

    22. Did Virgil recover from the blow on the head enough to hike back to his cabin and Jasper? Or was Jasper still penned up, neglected and alone?

    23. They would have been of little real use on a steep mountain assault; penned in on the narrow track they would have only been a hindrance

    24. Taliesin quickly penned copies of his request for the Leaders of the regions of Gaea

    25. I penned a bit of amusing doggerel to read out just before the finale

    26. Penned in by the mountains on both sides and unable to escape, many Marines died in the conflagration as the shuttle broke up cart wheeling across the battlefield spreading its incendiaries in a wide spray

    27. when Moses penned the first five books under the inspiration of the

    28. seals that were trying to eat penned salmon

    29. Since none of the ships that had penned down the Queen Elizabeth were hyper capable and they could not enter the planet’s atmosphere without burning up, their pilots were condemned to a slow death in their ships

    30. They were Penned in

    31. Speaking with such good sense that to Fernanda he was like a sacrilegious parody of Jews among the wise men, the child described with precise and convincing details how the army had machine-gunned more than three thousand workers penned up by the station and how they loaded the bodies onto a two-hundred-car train and threw them into the sea

    32. Those that are not penned up have been known to

    33. In contrast, Paul penned the

    34. When John penned the

    35. She’d penned it with her own hand

    36. Years passed and many versions of the story were penned as he learned to overcome his dyslexia

    37. Penned in a fine hand on a faded preface page was the inscription “To our beloved granddaughter Yvonne on her fifth birthday

    38. He was made better by his contemporaries like the Spaniards Lope de Vega who penned as many as 1500 plays, and the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes

    39. When Henry got his wits back about him he was penned to the ground again, this time

    40. Penned deer and goats often approach the “hunters” thinking that it’s feeding time, only to be chased around the enclosures by bow and arrow wielding idiots that are all excited about having the opportunity to kill something

    41. Keep them alive and penned up, ready for one’s dining pleasure

    42. journalistic potential was an article penned when I was about fifteen years old and

    43. ‘How can I ever show you,’ she said leaning on him, ‘the volume in my heart that I’ve penned with your name

    44. Needless to say, I no longer eat or make anything with butterscotch in it, unless Scottie is penned up

    45. Is conception the beginning of life? Not according to the poet Wordsworth who penned it this way:

    46. Guest penned it this way:

    47. letter along with his penned scratching of ‘Cull ma USUP!!’ note

    48. She could stay there and wait for Brock, but the landscape penned her in and provided little chance of escaping if the wrong person were to discover her, so she trudged onward toward the bank, between the rocky cliff-edges on either side, and out onto a sandy embankment leading, in the distance, to a another pier

    49. “What proof is there that the pastor penned this letter?”

    50. The demands had been penned in elegant crimson calligraphy

    1. H: -- Penning prophecies of future events before they happen, ensuring that in all cases each prophecy is fulfilled with 100% accuracy and immaculate timing in every respect

    2. He had tried penning it

    3. Though let it not be assumed that this is the penning of a pianist who struggles with his own self-worth, nor do we wish to tell the story of one who is caught in some sexual vice or the chronicling of global domination

    4. Penning lines that would one day bring tears of joy and elation to women both older and young; he reached into the depths of his being to find the perfect words in which to tell someone that they are more so unique and unparalleled than even they could ever have imagined

    5. draw, mentally penning the lines, starting with Mount Shasta in the

    6. After penning the missive that night, he thought about the mode of its delivery, ‘If I try to give it at her home, she might refuse to take it

    7. penis penning with caliber and urethroplasty to prevent any proble when the

    8. "� Interestingly, the very act of writing or penning in the voice of the times, in these words, David, or Charles himself, becomes that hero

    9. "I do, but I hardly think Paul and Timothy had slaying vampires in mind during the penning of 2 Corinthians

    10. Linton complied; and had he been unrestrained, would probably have spoiled all by filling his epistles with complaints and lamentations: but his father kept a sharp watch over him; and, of course, insisted on every line that my master sent being shown; so, instead of penning his peculiar personal sufferings and distresses, the themes constantly uppermost in his thoughts, he harped on the cruel obligation of being held asunder from his friend and love; and gently intimated that Mr

    11. He often left Phil sprawled on his bed, penning letters to Cecy on an upturned box, as he headed out to run off his worries on the mile-long course that he had measured in the sand around the runway

    12. Give me a condor's quill! Give me Vesuvius' crater for an inkstand! Friends, hold my arms! For in the mere act of penning my thoughts of this Leviathan, they weary me, and make me faint with their outreaching comprehensiveness of sweep, as if to include the whole circle of the sciences, and all the generations of whales, and men, and mastodons, past, present, and to come, with all the revolving panoramas of empire on earth, and throughout the whole universe, not excluding its suburbs

    13. She would infinitely prefer to have him out winning the bread and butter and jam than sitting at her feet, penning sonnets to her eyebrow

    1. Do not clean the ears with pins, keys, pens, etc

    2. The desk was filled to overflowing with paper, pens, clipboards, used coffee mugs, and a large, old computer

    3. Lo and behold, it's like a completely different place -- the farmhouse is completely rebuilt and in excellent condition, there are plenty of cattle and other livestock happily munching on feed in well-fenced pens, and the fields are filled with crops planted in neat rows

    4. Having no paper, nor pens, I adopted a simple procedure

    5. The cattlemen of this planet just financed a gang of cowboys to go out and drive a herd to their pens to slaughter, others were sent out to the open range to keep down the predators

    6. these same hands hold pens, broad tipped

    7. She started to head in the direction of the horse pens when Michael called to her

    8. and he pens stylistic couplets

    9. She kept two pens

    10. During the night the Hausa left their pens and came to the fire pit in search of their riders

    11. Armed with a pad of paper and a couple of pens, we turn up at the vicarage just before eight

    12. He had livestock in pens made of woven brush and stores in big urns in a lean-to behind the cabin

    13. Their first task was to herd the cattle to the stock pens

    14. town, with an admonishment to meet back at the stock pens by five

    15. stock pens had been constructed from the same stones used for the

    16. hustle them into the safety of their pens when they see

    17. If you remember ink cartridge pens, they were the rage back in the late 60s, early 70s basically they had the local clear plastic chamber

    18. Businesses are always hated ballpoint pens oil was used these type of cartridge ink pens

    19. " The parents agreed and their children were given brand new marker pens

    20. Because of this, he had decided to issue newcomers marker pens of different colors instead of the standard black color, so as to supplement the creativity of his visitors

    21. From the cabins we took a nice windowed bookcase, a beautifully crafted wood dresser, a large sturdy trunk, a world globe, game boards, books, clothes, shoes, pistols and sabers, towels, blankets, pillows, soaps, lanterns, lantern oil, matches, a clock, pocket watches, writing paper, pens, ink, and wine skins

    22. They strolled around the animal pens for some time

    23. No loose papers littered the top, a wood caddy restrained pens, and, when she peered in a drawer, rows of alphabetized files peered back

    24. When Richmond fell, American troops found slaves still in the slave pens and auction houses

    25. As his notes came together, forming in his mind a congruent thought or picture, he drew images with felt-tip pens on the board to represent it

    26. marking pens on a table next his rotating chair

    27. There were also tubs in which fresh vegetables and herbs were grown and pens with various animals for the table, although the cargo holds contained both grain and dried meat or smoked fish as well as trade goods

    28. Job writing under the inspiration of God, pens these words in his book at Chapter

    29. The cameras flashed and the pens scribbled and roving

    30. 20 They said, and proved, that paper and pens had failed them for the carrying

    31. pens, but you cannot find out why a thing is as it is

    32. ” This requires that the “victims” upon whom black identity politics depend be kept in the holding pens of a new plantation of the mind

    33. Establish a place in your kitchen to keep 1) a message center and/or paper-related items, like a note pad and pens near the phone, 2) cookbooks and recipe boxes, 3) a mail center

    34. pens as if there is a mysterious power that creates and moves

    35. pens in consciousness and you are the root, the source, the

    36. appliances, gas stoves, fountain pens, or modern vehicles, which had all been developed after the

    37. pens, including the fruits of the work

    38. pens, you are he to whom it happens

    39. Once Kelly’s steps had traveled far enough, Gorton arranged all the pens and pencils flat on the desk

    40. Charlie has gone to fetch some paper and pens

    41. 20 They said and proved that paper and pens had failed them for the carrying out of their purpose

    42. When we were told to put down our pens I felt confident that I had done

    43. His place was filled with carvings from Africa, masks from Thailand, starter pistols (with real ones hidden under the table, I’m sure), curare-tipped blow arrows from the Amazon, totems from the Queen Charlotte Islands, painted turtles from Indonesia and switchblades and classy lighters and exorbitantly priced aftershave lotion and expensive fountain pens from everywhere else

    44. Our harvested mistletoe hung on the support posts of our clan homes for protection, and, to bring fertility, in the animal pens and stables

    45. Other premium tactics include promotional products and items; the pens, caps, mugs

    46. “I did it in second period, all free hand, I didn’t have any blue pens though, but these black ones kind of have a metallic look to them right? Like ground copper, doesn’t smear either

    47. were all in tears with their pens down on the table, completely

    48. It would shatter all writing pens

    49. There was no longer any trace of the wooden rails and holding pens, but on one of his early exploratory hikes in the area, Jarek had discovered that the dip itself, a concrete-sided hole three metres deep, ten long and two wide had never been filled in, only covered with concrete slabs, and apparently forgotten

    50. the burnt out shelves of books, toys and games; blue and green pens were dazzling around and

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